Saturday, January 1, 2022

Color Coded "Map" of 32 All-Time Great Teams in the 4 Regions

We finally calculated the four additions from the 2021 season, which leaves us with 32 teams in each of four regions, as shown on this grid roughly laid out like a US map.

States that did not have any of our great teams are left off the map.

The 32 Blue Teams are in our Western Region, which includes Texas Western/UTEP team on the western edge of Texas.

The 32 Bolded Teams are in our Midwestern Region, which includes Tennessee but no the other team from the state Memphis, and includes Indiana, Indiana State and Purdue, but not the other teams from the state - Notre Dame and Butler. It also includes the closest team from Texas, Texas Tech.

Those two are among the 32 Green Teams in our Eastern Region.

The 32 Red Teams are in our Southern Region, which includes the rest of the Texas teams as well as Memphis due to it being a little further south then Knoxville but also so close to Arkansas.

We are not limiting teams to playing team in their region, but might use this if we have a future tournament.

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