Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Patriot All-League Team Based on Value Add Ratings Through January 17

We updated the Value Add Basketball All-Conference teams initially posted at Christmas. Note that we list the number of games played and started for each player, so you know if a particular game performance was included, and find all 4000+ players listed at www.valueaddbasketball.com

Colgate has 3 of the top 7 players in the Patriot League according to the Value Add Rankings, giving them a good chance to make it five straight years finishing 1st or 2nd. However, the top 2 players both have their teams 5-1, with Loyola's Cam Spencer is the top player in the conference so far and in the top 3% of all players in the country. John Carter is ranked 3rd as he tries to lead Navy to a repeat title, while two Boston University players rank 2nd and 4th.

Click on Top 25 Value Add Basketball Players & Top 15 in Each Conference to see the top 25 players in the country and links to the other 31 conference lists like the one below.

RnkPat All-ConferenceTeamValueHtClAdjOAdjDGms, Starts
1Cam Spencer #12Loyola MD6.446'4"Jr5.95-0.48GP,GS: 16, 16
2Sukhmail Mathon #41Boston University4.966'10"Sr4.40-0.56GP,GS: 18, 18
3John Carter #1Navy4.236'4"Sr3.36-0.87GP,GS: 16, 16
4Javante McCoy #30Boston University3.886'5"Sr3.60-0.28GP,GS: 18, 18
5Ryan Moffatt #4Colgate3.816'6"Jr3.68-0.13GP,GS: 15, 15
6Jack Ferguson #13Colgate3.206'3"Sr3.10-0.11GP,GS: 15, 15
7Nelly Cummings #0Colgate3.206'0Sr3.510.31GP,GS: 12, 12
8Jaylen Walker #11Navy3.116'5"Jr2.35-0.76GP,GS: 16, 0
9Neal Quinn #45Lafayette3.027'0Jr2.47-0.56GP,GS: 14, 13
10Matt Rogers #15American2.836'9"So2.74-0.09GP,GS: 14, 9
11Evan Taylor #5Lehigh2.726'6"Jr2.24-0.47GP,GS: 17, 17
12Richard Njoku #55Navy2.686'7"Sr2.01-0.67GP,GS: 16, 8
13Keegan Records #14Colgate2.666'10"Jr2.25-0.41GP,GS: 15, 15
14Tyler Nelson #5Navy2.536'6"Jr1.62-0.91GP,GS: 16, 16
15DaJion Humphrey #3Holy Cross2.216'4"So3.010.80GP,GS: 13, 3

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