Sunday, January 9, 2022

UCLA (Kareem) Thriller at Buzzer vs. Arkansas (moncrief)-Michigan (Cazzie) Game

 We are working through a few items to get the current player rankings at updated this week (right now they are just through Christmas). But while we are waiting on final programming, we played a couple of more old-times games:

We decided to play the first round game between 17-seed Arkansas vs. 16-seed Michigan and then have the winner 1-seed UCLA.

In the first game Michigan's 1965 forwards simply dominated with Cazzie Russell (26 points) and Bill Buntin (22 points, 13 rebounds, 2 blocked shots) fouling out their opposing forwards. The Arkansas (1978) guards played well (Sidney Moncrief 12 points and Ron Brewer 15) but with the front line domination it was not close with Michigan running away 79-58 to advance to play Kareem and UCLA (see below).

UCLA vs. Michigan

Michigan 1965 kept the momentum from the first game against Arkansas with Cazzie Russell (33 points, 9 rebounds) again dominating. There were 8 lead changes including when Michigan's other forward Bill Bunting having and and-one to give Michigan a 74-72 lead, followed by Cazzie Russell to make it 77-74 with 2:44 (5 possessions) to play.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar then scored twice in a row to cut it to 79-78 having scored 15 points in 7 minutes. UCLA point guard Mike Warren then hit a 3-pointer to tie it 81-81 with 1:30 to play. 

With 16 seconds left Michigan missed and Abdul-Jabbar grabbed the rebound and fed ahead to Shackleford to dunk before the buzzer - letting UCLA escape 85-83 to advance. 

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