Sunday, August 28, 2022

Orioles Blow Kremer's great start in Statis-Pro Opener

 The Orioles projected 2022 cards did not look nearly as good as their incredible play this season. However, Dean Kremer opened their first Statis-Pro game since being added to the league with a great 7 innings to leave with a 5-3 lead over the red hot Astros.

However, the pen could not hold it as the Astros rallied to win 9-5 in 11 innings, and then scored 6 runs in the first inning of the nightcap en route to a 10-1 sweep.

The Orioles officially start 1-5.

Statis-Pro Orioles Added as Series 10 for all 10 Teams

In light of the stunning and fantastic season, the Baltimore Orioles were added to our Statis-Pro League. We were in the 8th series for each team, meaning the 3rd and 4th starters for each team.

The Orioles home run ball park factor is 11-43, so 44-88 is a deep sac fly.

Each team was scheduled to play their 9th and final opponent in our 10 team league in a final series, but we wanted to round it out at 10 series to allow each team to run through it's 4-man rotation in the game five times.  We went ahead and figured out the starters for each game to make sure all teams also faced the fair number of Aces, as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th best starters on opponents teams.

We updated our table of games and all results on this sheet, Here is the whole Orioles scheduled on top, following up with every teams remaining schedule before the playoffs.

Now that we know the schedule, we will play the 2-game series in any order. In our game relievers are allowed to pitch in one game in every two game series, so it doesn't matter the order of games.
Kremer (Bal)Pivetta (Bos)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Hill (Bos)Series 10
Means (Bal)Giolito (CWS)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Kopech (CWS)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Mckenzie (Cle)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Plesac (Cle)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Garcia (Hou)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Javier (Hou)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Sandoval (LAA)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Detmers (LAA)Series 10
Means (Bal)Gray (Min)Series 10
Wells (Bal)Bundy (Min)Series 10
Means (Bal)Cole (NYY)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Montas (NYY)Series 10
Means (Bal)Ray (Sea)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Castillo (Sea)Series 10
Means (Bal)Kluber (TBR)Series 10
Akin (Bal)Romero (TBR)Series 10
Kremer (Bal)Gausman (Tor)Series 10
Wells (Bal)White (Tor)Series 10
Pivetta (Bos)Detmers (LAA)Series 8
Hill (Bos)suarez (laa)Series 8
Eovaldi (Bos)Manoah (Tor)Series 9
Hill (Bos)Berrios (Tor)Series 9
Cease (CWS)McClanahan (TBR)Series 8
Lynn (CWS)Rasmussen (TBR)Series 8
Cease (CWS)Gilbert (Sea)Series 9
Lynn (CWS)Boyd (sea)Series 9
Mckenzie (Cle)Gilbert (Sea)Series 8
Plesac (Cle)Boyd (sea)Series 8
Bieber (Cle)King (NYY)Series 9
Quantrill (Cle)German (NYY)Series 9
Verlander (Hou)McClanahan (TBR)Series 9
McCullers (Hou)Rasmussen (TBR)Series 9
Ohtani (LAA)Ryan (Min)Series 9
suarez (laa)Ober (Min)Series 9
Ober (Min)Gausman (Tor)Series 8
Bundy (Min)White (Tor)Series 8

If both teams are mathematically eliminated from finishing in the top 6, then the series will not be played.

First Wild Card series will be 6th vs 3rd, and the other will be 5th vs. 4th.  = 3 game series.

The higher seed that advances will then play the 2nd seed, and the higher winner will play the regular season winner. = 7-game series.

Stat Check on Statis-Pro Season, and Pitcher Stats with Bieber as Cy Young Favorite

We have played 36 American League doubleheaders since created the 2022 projected Statis-Pro cards for this season. We track the results on this google sheet.

We double check a couple of things to see if the cards seem skewed to the offense or defense each year.

The most important stat we monitor is "sweeps." The MLB average is that 28% of all 3-game series are swept, while 72% are won by a team 2 games to 1. We try to mirror that with a league rule that if a team wins after leaving by at least 5 runs after 8 innings without using their best reliever, then they get credit for a 3-game sweep, while all other wins count as 2 games to 1 wins.

The good news on the sweeps is that they line up within 2%. In our 72 games to date, 19 were counted as sweeps - so 26.3% of all games.

The runs per game has been slightly high, with 679 runs scored in our 72 games for a total of 4.7 runs per game. That is higher than this seasons actual average of 4.3 runs per game, and even more than last year's 4.53 runs per game. 

2021 MLB2022 MLBStatis-Pro
3-game sweeps:28% 26.3%

We do not keep individual stats from our season, but based on our google sheet, we do run a pivot table to calculated each starting pitchers starts. The following table shows how many games each pitcher started, the average score of each game (Our top Cy Young candidate is likely Cleveland's Shane Bieber who averages winning 5.50 to 3.25). Then it lists each teams record in games in which that pitcher starter (Bieber's Guardians have been 8-4). 

In his four starts, the Guardians had two 3 games to 0 sweeps for a 10-3 win over Minnesota and 6-0 win over Tampa, another 6-3 win over the LA Angels to get credit for 2 wins and 1 loss, however he then lost a start against Houston 7-0 to absorb credit for 3 losses and 0 wins.
Row LabelsStartsRuns Sc    Runs AllWinsLosses
Eovaldi (Bos)44.50    5.7557
Hill (Bos)34.001.7763
Houck (Bos)45.002.0084
Pivetta (Bos)34.336.3336
Bieber (Cle)45.503.2584
Mckenzie (Cle)34.775.3345
Plesac (Cle)33.005.7736
Quantrill (Cle)44.504.0066
Banks (CWS)25.503.0042
Cease (CWS)35.336.0045
Cueto (CWS)12.007.0003
Giolito (CWS)26.506.0024
Keuchel (CWS)22.002.0024
Kopech (CWS)15.004.0021
Lopez (CWS)24.003.5033
Lynn (CWS)13.005.0012
Abreu (Hou)111.007.0021
Garcia (Hou)45.753.5084
Javier (Hou)110.001.0030
McCullers (Hou)13.004.0012
Odorizzi (Hou)32.778.0018
Uriquidy (Hou)14.006.0012
Valdez (Hou)15.003.0021
Verlander (Hou)45.255.7566
Detmers (LAA)38.335.7772
Loup (LAA)10.002.0012
Ohtani (LAA)45.508.7548
Sandoval (LAA)33.334.0045
Syndergaard (LAA)32.003.7745
Bundy (Min)31.332.7745
Gray (Min)45.507.0057
Ober (Min)111.005.0030
Paddack (Min)21.505.0033
Ryan (Min)49.003.0093
Cole (NYY)46.754.5084
German (NYY)33.333.7745
King (NYY)24.503.0042
Montas (NYY)12.000.0021
Montgomery (NYY)33.338.0045
Severino (NYY)35.002.3363
Castillo (Sea)12.009.0003
Flexen (Sea)35.005.0054
Gilbert (Sea)33.005.3336
Gonzalez (Sea)32.336.3327
Kirby (Sea)110.008.0021
Ray (Sea)46.755.2566
Baz (TBR)11.000.0021
Kluber (TBR)43.006.5039
McClanahan (TBR)35.334.7745
Rasmussen (TBR)32.772.7745
Romero (TBR)33.775.7736
Berrios (Tor)45.254.5075
Gausman (Tor)34.333.0054
Kukuchi (Tor)17.0011.0012
Manoah (Tor)38.005.3372
Ryu (Tor)25.502.0051

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Astros Blast Yankees Out of 1st with 25 hits, dominant starters

 The new additions to the Astros line-up gave some punch with Vazquez singling his first two at bats in the no. 9 Spots, as they tagged the Yankees for 25 hits in two games. The Astros went 8-3 in their last 2 series.

The results are from the free Statis-Pro baseball game using the 2022 Batters cards, 2022 Pitcher cards from Arizona to Miami, and 2022 Pitcher cards from Milwaukee to Washington. When you see the term "sweep" in these accounts, it refers to our league rule that a team that wins a game in which they led by at least 5 runs without using their reliever with the best PB (2-9 is best, then 2-8, 2-7, 4-7, 2-6, 2-5 and the worst is 2-4). In our records, a SWEEP gives the team credit for 3 wins and 0 losses, while any other win is 2 games to 1. 

However, the bigger addition was pb 2-8 Lance McCullers finally off the 60 day DL to allow his card for the 1st time. He and Javier both had 11 strikeouts and only one run allowed between them in 12 innings. 

Javier's start resulted in a 10-1 sweep. McCullers had hard luck ad his relievers let the lead slip due to a Jose Altuve error (below average cd2) starting a 3-run rally in the 8th for a Yankees 4-4 win.

However, the Astros are the hottest team in the league, and after starting in 10th place have rallied to be in the playoffs for the first time if the season ended today.

The Astros would now be 5th and play the 4th place Twins, with the winner advancing to play the same Yankees, who fell to 2nd with the loss.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Giolito Tough Luck Loss, then ChiSox rally in nightcap with 3 late HRs

White Sox ace Lucas Giolito finally debuted in our game, but had a tough luck loss as Toronto moved into 1st place with a 7-4 sweep win (led by 5 runs after 8 innings). 

Giolito should have had a 1-0 lead after 3 innings, but 2nd baseman Harrison (below average CD2) misplayed a grounder into a hit, and Guerrero then hit a 3-run homer.

More bad luck in the next inning, as Jansen hit a deep drive, and the 62 on the next card would have been a deep fly out in most parks, but was a HR in Toronto (an 11-68 home run park range). The Blue Jays received credit for a 3 games to 0 sweep for leading by 5 runs after 8 innings without using their closer.

The White Sox did rally in the second game to get credit for a 2 games to 1 win and thus lost the series just 2-4.

Trailing 3-0 in the top of the 7th, the Sox hit 3 homers in 8 batters (Grandal, Sheets and Anderson) for the win.

note - To make it easier to print Statis-Pro player cards based on 2022 projected stats, we broke the pitchers cards in half and changed everything to a PDF. To print player cards with each sheet containing only one team, click for the 2022 Batters, 2022 Pitchers from Arizona to Miami, and 2022 Pitchers from Milwaukee to Washington.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Twins Blast Mariners in my return from a wedding and election win

Well, after being completely sidetracked by winning the Governor's primary in Wisconsin, and then a daughter getting married, I finally got back to the important things - Statis-Pro baseball!

Luis Castillo's Statis-Pro debut for Seattle  was a tough luck loss (5.2 IP, 2 ER), as the Mariners continue to joining Tampa Bay at the bottom of the 10-team league 10 games out of first.

The top of the Twins lineup, Buxton and Correa, started 6 of 7 to lead a 9-2 sweep in the opener. In the second game Joe Ryan gave a second straight quality start for the Twins to win 3-1. Sonny Gray won the opener, and the Twins Achilles heel of a very week bullpen did not cost them either game.

The twins are now just 2 games out of 1st. Here are the standings and score sheet for the 2 game series.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

PDF Versions of Statis-Pro Player Cards for 2022 Rosters

To make it easier to print Statis-Pro player cards based on 2022 projected stats, we broke the pitchers cards in half and changed everything to a PDF. To print player cards with each sheet containing only one team, click for the 2022 Batters, 2022 Pitchers from Arizona to Miami, and 2022 Pitchers from Milwaukee to Washington.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Reprint of Statis-Pro Baseball Instructions with Current Links to all Player Cards

 The old instructions are below, but first the new suggested playing instructions:

Click for the free Statis-Pro Master Baseball Game. Click here for 60 of the all-time great MLB teams, or on teams of many of the all-time great players on teams by nation or state with one sheet for each team. Or click on the 2023 pitchers and 2023 batters in card form. You simply print two teams cards and then either print the master link above and fast action cards in master link or buy the dice to start playing.

For batters you can check to see if they were calculated on this chart of inactive players or just look up their projected OPS and pick the closest one to make a simple card based on this chart.

For pitchers you can check to see if they were calculated on this chart of inactive players or just look up their projected ERA or FIPs and pick the closest one to make a simple card based on this chart.

 The flow of the game with new simple Fast Action Cards on this pdf:

1. Read top line of first card for 2-12 number to see if action is on the pitcher or batter card.

2. On the 2nd card, read the second number (Random Number 11-88) to see what happens on that card. (If noone is one base, change any BK, WP or CD on line 2 to an OUT).

3. If the result is an OUT, check the third number on the next card to see where the ball is hit.

4. The Error Reading on the 4th card is only used if; there is a hit on the BATTER card on line 2 OR, there is a possible error (e?) on line 3 with an out. If the fielder's E number is in the range on this 4th line then everyone is safe in an out or gets an extra base on a hit. Flip for another 11-88 and if the number is 61-88 give batter and runners one additional base for a throwing error.

BD or CD exception instead of 2-12 on top line. Ignore these if noone on base. If at least one runner is on base, BD means to use the clutch batting at the bottom of the batter card  use tto determine if it is a base clearing double (BD-2B), home run, or just a foul ball. If you get a CD with a position, then look up the fielders CD (clutch defense) 1-5 and use the chart at the bottom of this blog for result.

Old instructions

Our second most read blogs are the quick rules on how to play Statis-Pro baseball, along with free player cards. This week I watched a 9 year old pick up our 30 sets of cards and figure out the game and play a bunch of games.

To do the same, all you need is two 6-sided dice, two 8-sided dice of different colors, and then to print out Statis-pro cards for the teams you want from the following links.

Click on the pitcher cards on this google drive, and printing the pages with the teams you want to play, then clicking on these batters cards and printing the batters on the same teams. Then you can cut the player cards from each page. I had actually printed the player cards for all 30 teams in and the 9 year old started picking teams and playing using the following process:

1. Take a stack of a team's cards and pick the pitcher you want to use. A PB 2-9 is the best, a PB 2-4 is the worst, and you need to start with a pitcher with a number other than "0" after the letters S/R and before the dash (so 13/4 can start with a 13, but 0/4 can only come in the game in relief).

2. Then pick 9 batters for the team, but look at the positions they can play under their name, and pick one of each of the following: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF and one extra player from any position to be the Designated Hitter (DH), then put them in order and write their names in that order to keep score. (if the player prefers to let pitcher's hit, my cards have the pitcher hitting at the bottom of their cards, or you can use the average hitters card, 1Bf = 11, 1B7 = 12, 1B8 = 13, 1B9 = 14, K = 15-48, W = 51, HPB = 52, Out = 53-88.)

3. Starting with the first batter on the visiting team, roll the two six-sided dice to get a total from 2 to 12. We will use the Nationals Max Scherzer against Mookie Betts, with the Red Sox at the time. Look at the pitcher's number by his PB, a 2-8 for Scherzer, and if the roll is between those numbers (2-8) then we will use Scherzer's card for this at bat, but if the roll is higher than that (9-12) we will use Betts card.

4. Next take two 8-sided dice and pick which one will be the 10s (10, 20, 30 all the way to 80) and which will be the ones to get a total from 11-88 and then look at the card being used. For example, if the roll was 36 and you were using Scherzer's card based on the PB then that would be a strikeout in his 22-52 range, but if you were using Betts card then that would be a home run in his 35-43 range.

If any of the following things happen the pitcher gets a little more tired, so we start with his SR (or with for a reliever his RR) of 13 for Scherzer, and any time one of the following things happen his SR goes down by 1 until he goes all the way down from 13 to 0 and has to come out of the game.

1B - is a single and the batter goes to 1st base, and any other runners move up a base, but if their are two outs then any other runners move up two bases. (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 for each runner that scores).

2B - is a double and the batter goes to 2nd base, and any runners move up two bases, but if their are 2 outs then any runner on base scores. (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 for each runner that scores).

3B - is a triple, and any runners score. (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 for each runner that scores).

HR - is a home run and the batter and any runners score. (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 for each runner that scores, so on a home run the SR or RR is reduced by at least 2 because the runner gets on base AND he scores, but if any other runners score subtract an extra one).

W - walk, the batter gets 4 balls to walk and goes to first base (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 if a run scores because the bases are loaded).

HPB - the batter is Hit By a Pitched Ball and goes to first base (reduce pitcher SR or RR by 1, and by an extra 1 if a run scores because the bases are loaded).

These plays do NOT reduce the pitcher's SR or RR unless a runner is on third base, in which case the run scores and the pitcher's SR or RR is reduced by one.

BK - Balk, any runners on base move up a base and the batter is still at bat.

WP - Wild Pitch, any runners on base move up a base and the batter is still at bat.

CD-C or on other cards another "PB" - Passed Ball, any runners on base move up a base and the batter is still at bat. (the 9 year old actually did start to use the clutch defense chart for the catcher when the CD-C on my cards came up, but to keep it simply you can just score these all as passed balls, which is what still appears in this spot on all cards except the ones I make).

These plays do NOT reduce the pitcher's SR or RR, unless they are the third out of the inning. If they are the third out of the inning the pitcher's SR or RR is reduced by one for the end of the inning.

K - Strikeout.

Out - Out. When playing this basic game, just treat runners as though all outs are infield fliers - the same runners stay on the base they are on, and the batter is out. (for a more advanced game you use a 20-sided die on these charts to determine what kind of out, from a double play, to runners advancing while the batter is out, etc., but to just get a youngster playing they seemed comfortable just recording an "O" for out and moving to the next batter).

When the pitcher's SR or RR reaches 0, pick a new pitcher to take his place and use the RR, which is reduced the same way until he is also out of the game.

Here is how the 9 year old wrote out his line-ups and recorded the result for each batter with an "O" for out, "K" for stikeout, or a 1, 2, 3 or HR for single, double, triple or homer, or W for walk and then tracing a diamond to track that player around the bases. The small "O" by Tatis after his walk in the 7th wqs his note that Tatis was out trying to steal second.

We found the youngsters also wanted to see who can steal bases. When someone gets on base you can choose to try to steal either 2nd base or 3rd base by rolling one 6-sided die instead of both dice.

For the runner you want to steal, look at the letter by the SP (or if the card reads OBR/SP then look at the second letter, so Betts is an "A" but a card with an OBR/SP: A/B is a "B" because we use the second number.

Usually you only steal with an "A", but sometimes with a "B." When you roll the one dice:

1 = SP: AA, A, B or C steals the next base (2nd or 3rd), but D or E stays on the base.
2 = SP: AA, A or B steals the next base (2nd or 3rd), but C, D or E stays on the base.
3 = SP: AA or A steals the next base, but all others stay on the base.
4 = SP: AA steals the base, but all others stay on the base.
5 = The runner stays on the base and cannot steal.
6 = The runner is out trying to steal the next base.

Everything above lets you play any match-up you want.

You can add other things from the main game as you go, including adding a 20-sided die to determine what kind of out on these charts, but these simple steps allow you to play off entire Statis-Pro games or season. The nine year old and his brother actually played almost a dozen games in a couple of days.

Once the basic game is down if you want to play the more advanced game, I encourage you to find the Statis Pro Baseball Advanced Facebook page, where you can order charts, Fast Action Cards to replace the dice, and neat player cards as pictured. I do not have anything to do with the Advanced page, I just highly recommend it.

All 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) and All 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) is the only other thing needed to play the game, though more detailed instructions appear in this Statis-Pro baseball Game Rules.


2nd to home on 1b T2                            T3                           T4                           T5                        
OBR A11'-87 / out 8811'-77 / out 85-8811'-67 / out 83-8811'-57 / out 81-88
OBR B11'-77 / out 87-8811'-67 / out 85-8811'-57 / out 83-8811'-47 / out 81-88
OBR C11'-67 / out 87-8811'-57 / out 85-8811'-47 / out 83-8811'-37 / out 81-88
OBR D11'-57 / out 87-8811'-47 / out 85-8811'-37 / out 83-8811'-27 / out 81-88
OBR E11'-47 / out 87-8811'-37 / out 85-8811'-27 / out 83-8811'-17 / out 81-88
1st to home on 2bT2T3T4T5
OBR A11'-73 / out 87-8811'-63 / out 85-8811'-53 / out 83-8811'-43 / out 81-88
OBR B11'-63 / out 87-8811'-53 / out 85-8811'-43 / out 83-8811'-33 / out 81-88
OBR C11'-53 / out 87-8811'-43 / out 85-8811'-33 / out 83-8811'-23 / out 81-88
OBR D11'-43 / out 87-8811'-33 / out 85-8811'-23 / out 83-8811'-13 / out 81-88
OBR E11'-33 / out 87-8811'-23 / out 85-8811'-13 / out 83-88Cannot attempt
1st to 3B on 1B9T2T3T4T5
OBR A11'-73 / out 87-8811'-63 / out 85-8811'-53 / out 83-8811'-43 / out 81-88
OBR B11'-63 / out 87-8811'-53 / out 85-8811'-43 / out 83-8811'-33 / out 81-88
OBR C11'-53 / out 87-8811'-43 / out 85-8811'-33 / out 83-8811'-23 / out 81-88
OBR D11'-43 / out 87-8811'-33 / out 85-8811'-23 / out 83-8811'-13 / out 81-88
OBR E11'-33 / out 87-8811'-23 / out 85-8811'-13 / out 83-88Cannot attempt
1st to 3B on 1B8T2T3T4T5
OBR A11'-63 / out 87-8811'-53 / out 85-8811'-43 / out 83-8811'-33 / out 81-88
OBR B11'-53 / out 87-8811'-43 / out 85-8811'-33 / out 83-8811'-23 / out 81-88
OBR C11'-43 / out 87-8811'-33 / out 85-8811'-23 / out 83-8811'-13 / out 81-88
OBR D11'-33 / out 87-8811'-23 / out 85-8811'-13 / out 83-88Cannot attempt
OBR E11'-23 / out 87-8811'-13 / out 85-88Cannot attemptCannot attempt
1st to 3B on 1B7T2T3T4T5
OBR A11'-53 / out 87-8811'-43 / out 85-8811'-33 / out 83-8811'-23 / out 81-88
OBR B11'-43 / out 87-8811'-33 / out 85-8811'-23 / out 83-8811'-13 / out 81-88
OBR C11'-33 / out 87-8811'-23 / out 85-8811'-13 / out 83-88Cannot attempt
OBR D11'-23 / out 87-8811'-13 / out 85-88Cannot attemptCannot attempt
OBR E11'-13 / out 87-88Cannot attemptCannot attemptCannot attempt

Decide before the game if you want these optional adjustments to the ranges above.

Optional AdjustmentsUse 1st that appliesif 0 or 1 outsif 2 outs
Regular Hitany odd number RNSameadd 20
Texas Leaguercan divide RN by 12add 40add 60
Bloopcan divide RN by 4add 20add 40
Line Drivecan divide RN by 2subtract 20Same

The numbers above are based on these numbers.
Random Number 11-88                1st to 3rd on 1B2nd to home on single1st to home on double
Advances Extra Base11-3311-5711-43
Only advances same as hitter34-8758-8544-86
Out trying to Advance8886-8887-88
Based on actual occurances through 7/4  1st to 3rd on 1B2nd to home on single1st to home on double
Advances Extra Base252428871062
Only advances same as hitter569117071420
Out trying to Advance10919162

Below are the Clutch Defensive Charts so you have them in one place.

C-CD (Catcher)CD1      CD2      CD3      CD4    CD5
Foul Out11'-1812'-1811'-3811'-4811'-58
Passed Ball21-5831-5841-5851-5861-64
Infield single61-8861-7861-6861-6465-66
Lead runner out 81-8871-8865-8867-88
1st Base & 3rd BaseCD1CD2CD3CD4CD5
Line Out, Lead Runner Doubled off11'-1811'-2811'-3811'-4811'-58
Grounder, lead runner thrown out even if no force21-2831-4841-5851-6861-78
Line Drive single, advance 2 bases31-5851-6861-7871-8481-88
Double down line, runners score61-8871-8881-8885-88 
Shortstop, 2nd Base or PitcherCD1CD2CD3CD4CD5
Line Out, Lead Runner Doubled off11'-1828-Nov11'-3811'-4811'-58
Grounder, lead runner thrown out even if no force21-2831-4841-5851-6851-78
Hard Grounder through for Single, runners advance 2 bases31-8851-8861-6871-8881-88
Line Out, Lead Runner Doubled offNoneNone11'-1411'-1811'-24
Nice catch of line drive, runners hold11'-1811'-2815-3821-4825-48
Nice catch of deep drive, runner on 2nd and/or 3rd advance21-2831-4841-5851-6851-78
Line drive single, advance 1 base31-5851-6861-7871-8481-88
Line drive double, runners score61-7871-8281-8685-88 
Line drive triple81-8883-8887-88 

Here is the updated Steal Chart.

Results (not odd RN never out stealing, worst case holds)                       Steal 2b     Steal 3b
Steal unless SP: E11'-1411'-14
Steal if AAA, AA, A, B or C15-2315-17
Steal if AAA, AA, A or B24-3218-28
Steal if AAA, AA or A33-4631-38
Runner Out Stealing (odd number holds)47-5241-52
Runner Out if Catcher TA or TB (steal if TC, if out on odd RN holds)53-5653-55
Runner Out if Catcher TA (steal if TB or TC, if out on odd RN holds)57-6356-61
Holds, cannot get break64-6862-67
TA picks off catcher, otherwise hold71-7168-68
TA or TB picks off catcher, otherwise hold72-7271-71
Steal if AAA or AA73-7872-76
Steal if AAA81-8877-82
Runner Holds 83-88

Here are the Z-Plays so you have all in one place.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Montas debuts, Yankees move into tie for 1st

 The Yankees new 1-2 pitching rotation punch of Gerrit Cole (pb 2-9) and former Athletics ace Frankie Montas (pb 2-8) helped the Yankees beat the Angels 2-0 and 9-5 in 11 innings.

The game was the first using the updated Statis-Pro Cards.

However, the second game it took the batting duo of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, who hit back to back homers to force extra innings. Newly acquired Andrew Benintendi then doubled in the winning run in the top of the 11th when Mike Trout was injured diving for the drive on a z play.

The Yankees moved into a 1st place tie with the Twins, who now face the Twins. The Angels drop below .500.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Statis-Pro Batters Cards Reprinted by Team after Trade Deadline - 52 New Batter Cards

 Here are the Statis-Pro Batters Cards sorted by team where they landed after the trade deadline. We have now set these up so the players for each team are completely on two pages with no players from other teams, so you can print just those two pages before cutting the cards out. As you can see from the two sheets of Yankees, the first card for a new team starts with the full name, then up to 17 batters on the team.

The "NYY fr KCR" indicates Andrew Benintendi's card was with Kansas City at the beginning of the season but now is with the New York Yankees. If there is a question mark after a team, it means we did not see them listed on the current roster but we didn't see them anywhere else either, so are leaving the card there. 

Below the Yankees page, we show two of the 52 players with "new" by their name - meaning they did not have a card at the beginning of the season because they were not on the team. Ronald Acuna did not come back from last year's injury until the end of April with this monster game. Meanwhile Arizona's Alek Thomas was still in the minors for the first 24 games of the year before making his MLB debut.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

deGrom, all Pitchers Cards update by Post-Trade Deadline Team

In celebration of Jacob deGrom returning to Citifield to strike out 12 of the first 17 Atlanta Braves he faced without allowing a baserunner, you can now click on our updated (post trade deadline) Statis-Pro Pitching Cards by Aug. 7 2022 team. Each page now contains pitchers from only one team - so you only need to print two or three pages for each team starting with the page with the team name in the upper left corner.

The changes from the previous set of 2022 Projected Cards are the following:

1. We updated each player's team and resorted so the players on each team are together (e.g. page 36 of 63 below includes 9 of the Mets pitchers, starting with deGrom and ending wiht David Peterson).

2. If a player did not have a card (as deGrom did not in our early season run since he was on 60-day DL) then they were added and the word "new" appears by their team name.

3. If a player changed teams, then we indicated were he was in the original set near the beginning of the year. For example, the "NYM fr CHC" indicates Mychal Givens is with the Mets but came from (fr) the Cubs in the original deck.

4. If a player had a card in the original set, but we do not see him on the roster or on any other MLB roster, then we put a question mark by the team name in case he re-emerges. 

5. In our league we do not use any player card if the player is suspended or on 60-day DL. On the page below the one player we are not currently using is Joey Lucchesi due to being on 60-day DL, which is indicated in this blog on which players by team are on DL.

We will try to do the batters, but the matching requires a lazy afternoon with baseball on in the background. 

For now to use batters, check first on the projected 2022 batters cards from the beginning of the season.  If a key batter was traded who did not have an opening week card, go to this sheet of all batters to either find the player or use a cards based on his OPS. We have updated the data for the batters, which you can find on this sheet, but it has not been merged into cards yet.

Checklist all Pitchers on MLB Rosters

The following is the checklist of pitchers on MLB Rosters that we used after the draft deadline to update our Statis-Pro Baseball cards. We found the easiest list to use was this NBC Sports Link.

Whether you use Statis-Pro or some other game, if you want to update your rosters, you can just check the set of cards from any game against this list. I do not use players if they are on the 60-day DL. Also while I check the cards I already have, and keep any that are on the roster, I only add a player if they are on one of the top 5 starting pitchers or one of the top 5 relievers. By each player I list a number indicating where they are either in the starting rotation or depth chart of relievers. I do not distinguish which is which - for this purposes I wanted to keep the checklist as simple as possible.

ARIJB Bukauskas560-Day IL
ARIMadison Bumgarner1 
ARIHumberto Castellanos5 
ARIZach Davies4 
ARIChris Devenski8 
ARIZac Gallen3 
ARITyler Gilbert960-Day IL
ARIKevin Ginkel10 
ARITommy Henry8 
ARITyler Holton9 
ARIMerrill Kelly2 
ARIIan Kennedy2 
ARIJoe Mantiply4 
ARIMark Melancon1 
ARIKeynan Middleton715-Day IL
ARIKyle Nelson6 
ARINoe Ramirez3 
ARICaleb Smith715-Day IL
ATLMax Fried1 
ATLRaisel Iglesias2 
ATLLuke Jackson860-Day IL
ATLKenley Jansen1 
ATLDylan Lee12 
ATLTyler Matzek4 
ATLCollin McHugh3 
ATLAJ Minter5 
ATLCharlie Morton2 
ATLDarren O'Day6 
ATLJake Odorizzi5 
ATLMike Soroka6 
ATLJackson Stephens11 
ATLSpencer Strider3 
ATLKyle Wright4 
ATLKirby Yates9 
ATLHuascar Ynoa8 
BALKeegan Akin8 
BALBryan Baker5 
BALFelix Bautista2 
BALKyle Bradish4 
BALChris Ellis660-Day IL
BALLouis Head12 
BALJoey Krehbiel4 
BALDean Kremer5 
BALTravis Lakins1060-Day IL
BALJordan Lyles2 
BALJohn Means160-Day IL
BALCionel Perez3 
BALBeau Sulser11 
BALDillon Tate1 
BALNick Vespi13 
BALAustin Voth7 
BALSpenser Watkins9 
BALTyler Wells315-Day IL
BALAlexander Wells660-Day IL
BOSMatt Barnes15 
BOSBrayan Bello12 
BOSRyan Brasier22 
BOSKutter Crawford10 
BOSTyler Danish2115-Day IL
BOSAustin Davis19 
BOSNathan Eovaldi1 
BOSRich Hill5 
BOSTanner Houck14 
BOSJames Paxton8 
BOSNick Pivetta2 
BOSChris Sale6 
BOSHirokazu Sawamura23 
BOSJohn Schreiber20 
BOSMatt Strahm1815-Day IL
BOSJosh Taylor1760-Day IL
BOSMichael Wacha3 
BOSGarrett Whitlock16 
BOSJosh Winckowski11 
CHCAdbert Alzolay960-Day IL
CHCSteven Brault1110-day
CHCKervin Castro12 
CHCAnderson Espinoza10 
CHCKyle Hendricks3 
CHCCodi Heuer560-Day IL
CHCBrandon Hughes6 
CHCMark Leiter9 
CHCWade Miley6 
CHCAlec Mills815-Day IL
CHCSean Newcomb13 
CHCEthan Roberts460-Day IL
CHCManuel Rodriguez1060-Day IL
CHCMichael Rucker11 
CHCAdrian Sampson7 
CHCDrew Smyly5 
CHCJustin Steele2 
CHCMarcus Stroman1 
CHCKeegan Thompson2 
CHCErich Uelmen8 
CHCRowan Wick1 
CHCBrad Wieck360-Day IL
CHWAaron Bummer415-Day IL
CHWDylan Cease3 
CHWKyle Crick1115-Day IL
CHWGarrett Crochet560-Day IL
CHWJohnny Cueto7 
CHWJake Diekman2 
CHWMatt Foster10 
CHWLucas Giolito1 
CHWKendall Graveman3 
CHWLiam Hendriks1 
CHWJoe Kelly6 
CHWMichael Kopech4 
CHWJimmy Lambert12 
CHWReynaldo Lopez8 
CHWLance Lynn2 
CHWJose Ruiz7 
CHWJonathan Stiever660-Day IL
CHWVince Velasquez515-Day IL
CINTejay Antone960-Day IL
CINGraham Ashcraft7 
CINLuis Cessa5 
CINRoss Detwiler13 
CINAlexis Diaz10 
CINDaniel Duarte1160-Day IL
CINRobert Dugger9 
CINJustin Dunn8 
CINBuck Farmer16 
CINIan Gibaut15 
CINHunter Greene2 
CINVladimir Gutierrez160-Day IL
CINRyan Hendrix17 
CINJeff Hoffman715-Day IL
CINJoel Kuhnel12 
CINNick Lodolo4 
CINMike Minor5 
CINConnor Overton660-Day IL
CINReiver Sanmartin14 
CINTony Santillan860-Day IL
CINLucas Sims160-Day IL
CINHunter Strickland4 
CINArt Warren2 
CINJustin Wilson660-Day IL
CLEShane Bieber1 
CLEAaron Civale4 
CLEEmmanuel Clase1 
CLEEnyel De Los Santos8 
CLEJustin Garza7 
CLEAnthony Gose460-Day IL
CLESam Hentges6 
CLEJake Jewell11 
CLEJames Karinchak9 
CLEKirk McCarty10 
CLETriston McKenzie6 
CLEEli Morgan7 
CLECody Morris860-Day IL
CLEZach Plesac3 
CLECal Quantrill2 
CLENick Sandlin3 
CLEBryan Shaw2 
CLETrevor Stephan5 
CLEGavin Williams9 
COLDaniel Bard1 
COLJake Bird9 
COLJhoulys Chacin415-Day IL
COLAlex Colome3 
COLCarlos Estevez2 
COLRyan Feltner9 
COLKyle Freeland2 
COLLucas Gilbreath8 
COLAustin Gomber4 
COLTyler Kinley660-Day IL
COLChad Kuhl5 
COLDinelson Lamet11 
COLGermán Márquez1 
COLScott Oberg760-Day IL
COLHelcris Olivarez860-Day IL
COLRyan Rolison760-Day IL
COLAntonio Senzatela3 
COLRobert Stephenson5 
COLJose Urena10 
DETTyler Alexander11 
DETBeau Brieske7 
DETLuis Castillo13 
DETAndrew Chafin2 
DETJose Cisnero3 
DETJason Foley10 
DETKyle Funkhouser460-Day IL
DETRony Garcia915-Day IL
DETGarrett Hill9 
DETDrew Hutchison12 
DETJoe Jimenez6 
DETAlex Lange5 
DETMatt Manning4 
DETCasey Mize260-Day IL
DETWily Peralta7 
DETMichael Pineda515-Day IL
DETEduardo RodriguezSuspended1 
DETTarik Skubal315-Day IL
DETGregory Soto1 
DETSpencer Turnbull660-Day IL
DETWill VestPaternity8 
HOUBryan Abreu11 
HOULuis Garcia4 
HOUJosh James1060-Day IL
HOUCristian Javier6 
HOUSeth Martinez9 
HOUPhil Maton5 
HOULance McCullers5 
HOURafael Montero8 
HOUHector Neris3 
HOURyan Pressly1 
HOUAlex Santos7 
HOUWill Smith2 
HOURyne Stanek4 
HOUBlake Taylor760-Day IL
HOUJose Urquidy3 
HOUFramber Valdez1 
HOUJustin Verlander2 
KCRScott Barlow1 
KCRJake Brentz460-Day IL
KCRKris Bubic5 
KCRTaylor Clarke7 
KCRDylan Coleman9 
KCRAmir Garrett3 
KCRZack Greinke1 
KCRBrad Keller2 
KCRDaniel Lynch3 
KCRWyatt Mills10 
KCRJoel Payamps6 
KCRBrady Singer4 
KCRJosh Staumont2 
KCRLuke Weaver5 
KCRAngel Zerpa1160-Day IL
KCRTyler Zuber860-Day IL
LAAJaime Barria7 
LAAArchie Bradley360-Day IL
LAAGriffin Canning4 
LAAJesse Chavez4 
LAATucker Davidson8 
LAAReid Detmers7 
LAAJimmy Herget6 
LAAMichael Lorenzen2 
LAAAaron Loup2 
LAAMike Mayers11 
LAAJose Quijada5 
LAAChris Rodríguez8 
LAAPatrick Sandoval1 
LAAJose Suarez6 
LAARyan TeperaSuspended1 
LAAAndrew Wantz10 
LADYency Almonte15 
LADTyler Anderson9 
LADTrevor BauerSuspended9 
LADPhil Bickford17 
LADWalker Buehler160-Day IL
LADDanny Duffy1060-Day IL
LADCaleb Ferguson16 
LADTony Gonsolin6 
LADVictor Gonzalez1460-Day IL
LADBrusdar Graterol5 
LADAndrew Heaney5 
LADDaniel Hudson460-Day IL
LADTommy Kahnle1160-Day IL
LADClayton Kershaw2 
LADCraig Kimbrel1 
LADChris Martin7 
LADDustin May7 
LADReyes Moronta18 
LADJames Pazos13 
LADEvan Phillips12 
LADDavid Price10 
LADBlake Treinen2 
LADJulio Urías4 
LADAlex Vesia8 
MIASandy Alcantara1 
MIAAnthony Bender5 
MIARichard Bleier6 
MIAHuascar Brazoban10 
MIAJeff Brigham9 
MIAEdward Cabrera7 
MIAPaul Campbell660-Day IL
MIADaniel Castano1210-day
MIADylan Floro3 
MIABraxton Garrett8 
MIASean Guenther860-Day IL
MIAElieser Hernandez13 
MIAJordan Holloway1160-Day IL
MIAPablo Lopez2 
MIAJesus Luzardo4 
MIAMax Meyer960-Day IL
MIASteven Okert7 
MIACody Poteet560-Day IL
MIATrevor Rogers315-Day IL
MIATanner Scott4 
MIACole Sulser1 
MILJason Alexander8 
MILAaron Ashby7 
MILBrad Boxberger5 
MILCorbin Burnes1 
MILMatt Bush3 
MILJean Carlos Mejia10Susp.
MILJake Cousins660-Day IL
MILTrevor Gott7 
MILJandel Gustave1215-Day IL
MILAdrian Houser4 
MILEric Lauer6 
MILHoby Milner9 
MILFreddy Peralta3 
MILTaylor Rogers1 
MILTrevor Rosenthal1115-Day IL
MILMiguel Sanchez1360-Day IL
MILBrent Suter4 
MILJustin Topa860-Day IL
MILDevin Williams2 
MILBrandon Woodruff2 
MINJorge Alcala4 
MINChris Archer6 
MINDylan Bundy4 
MINDanny Coulombe960-Day IL
MINRandy Dobnak1160-Day IL
MINJhoan Duran6 
MINMichael Fulmer3 
MINSonny Gray3 
MINGriffin Jax12 
MINJorge Lopez1 
MINKenta Maeda860-Day IL
MINTyler Mahle1 
MINTrevor Megill13 
MINBailey Ober560-Day IL
MINChris Paddack760-Day IL
MINEmilio Pagan2 
MINJhon Romero1060-Day IL
MINJoe Ryan2 
MINCole Sands9 
MINCody Stashak860-Day IL
MINCaleb Thielbar7 
NYMChris Bassitt3 
NYMCarlos Carrasco4 
NYMJohn Curtiss1060-Day IL
NYMJacob deGrom1 
NYMEdwin Díaz1 
NYMMychal Givens2 
NYMTommy Hunter12 
NYMJoey Lucchesi860-Day IL
NYMSeth Lugo5 
NYMTrevor May3 
NYMAdonis Medina11 
NYMTylor Megill6 
NYMAdam Ottavino4 
NYMDavid Peterson9 
NYMSean Reid-Foley860-Day IL
NYMJoely Rodríguez7 
NYMMax Scherzer2 
NYMDrew Smith615-Day IL
NYMTaijuan Walker5 
NYMTrevor Williams9 
NYYAlbert Abreu13 
NYYZack Britton1260-Day IL
NYYMiguel Castro660-Day IL
NYYAroldis Chapman1 
NYYGerrit Cole1 
NYYNestor Cortes4 
NYYScott Effross8 
NYYDomingo Germán6 
NYYChad Green460-Day IL
NYYClay Holmes2 
NYYMichael King1060-Day IL
NYYJonathan Loáisiga3 
NYYLucas Luetge9 
NYYFrankie Montas3 
NYYWandy Peralta7 
NYYStephen Ridings1160-Day IL
NYYLuis Severino260-Day IL
NYYJameson Taillon5 
NYYLou Trivino5 
OAKDomingo Acevedo5 
OAKPaul Blackburn3 
OAKBrent Honeywell5 
OAKCole Irvin2 
OAKZach Jackson3 
OAKDaulton Jefferies460-Day IL
OAKDany Jiménez1 
OAKJames Kaprielian1 
OAKAdrian Martinez8 
OAKSam Moll4 
OAKAdam Oller7 
OAKAustin Pruitt6 
OAKSam Selman7 
PHIJosé Alvarado9 
PHIAndrew Bellatti7 
PHIConnor Brogdon8 
PHISam Coonrod460-Day IL
PHIHans Crouse860-Day IL
PHISeranthony Domínguez3 
PHIZach Eflin660-Day IL
PHIKyle Gibson3 
PHIBrad Hand5 
PHIDamon Jones1060-Day IL
PHICorey Knebel2 
PHIJames McArthur760-Day IL
PHIFrancisco Morales11 
PHINick Nelson6 
PHIAaron Nola1 
PHIDavid Robertson1 
PHIRanger Suárez5 
PHINoah Syndergaard4 
PHIZack Wheeler2 
PITManny Banuelos12 
PITDavid Bednar1 
PITTyler Beede9 
PITJT Brubaker1 
PITBlake Cederlind6 
PITWil Crowe3 
PITChase De Jong8 
PITYerry De Los Santos10 
PITColin Holderman13 
PITMitch Keller3 
PITMax Kranick1160-Day IL
PITNick Mears560-Day IL
PITDillon Peters4 
PITYohan Ramirez14 
PITEric Stout15 
PITZach Thompson2 
PITDuane Underwood4 
PITBryse Wilson6 
SDPAustin Adams6 
SDPMike Clevinger5 
SDPNabil Crismatt10 
SDPYu Darvish2 
SDPLuis García5 
SDPJosh Hader1 
SDPTim Hill8 
SDPPierce Johnson460-Day IL
SDPSean Manaea3 
SDPNick Martinez6 
SDPAdrián Morejón11 
SDPJoe Musgrove1 
SDPDrew Pomeranz360-Day IL
SDPTayler Scott12 
SDPBlake Snell4 
SDPCraig Stammen915-Day IL
SDPRobert Suarez2 
SEAAndrew Albers7 
SEARyan Borucki9 
SEAMatthew Boyd6 
SEAMatt Brash11 
SEALuis Castillo1 
SEADiego Castillo115-Day IL
SEAMatt Festa10 
SEAChris Flexen5 
SEALogan Gilbert4 
SEAKen Giles315-Day IL
SEAMarco Gonzales3 
SEAGeorge Kirby8 
SEAAndrés Muñoz4 
SEAPenn Murfee8 
SEARobbie Ray2 
SEACasey Sadler660-Day IL
SEAPaul Sewald2 
SEAErik Swanson5 
SFGJose Alvarez560-Day IL
SFGJohn Brebbia6 
SFGAlex Cobb4 
SFGAnthony DeSclafani660-Day IL
SFGCamilo Doval1 
SFGJarlín García4 
SFGJakob Junis5 
SFGDominic Leone3 
SFGZack Littell815-Day IL
SFGMauricio Llovera760-Day IL
SFGYunior Marte9 
SFGCarlos Rodón2 
SFGTyler Rogers2 
SFGCarson Seymour7 
SFGLogan Webb1 
SFGAlex Wood3 
SFGAlex Young10 
STLGénesis Cabrera3 
STLJack Flaherty9 
STLGiovanny Gallegos2 
STLRyan Helsley1 
STLJordan Hicks5 
STLDakota Hudson6 
STLSteven Matz715-Day IL
STLTJ McFarland4 
STLMiles Mikolas2 
STLJordan Montgomery4 
STLPacky Naughton6 
STLAndre Pallante8 
STLJosé Quintana3 
STLAlex Reyes1060-Day IL
STLChris Stratton7 
STLDrew VerHagen8 
STLAdam Wainwright1 
TBRJason Adam2 
TBRNick Anderson11 
TBRShawn Armstrong10 
TBRShane Baz560-Day IL
TBRJalen Beeks9 
TBRJT Chargois760-Day IL
TBRYonny Chirinos860-Day IL
TBRPete Fairbanks5 
TBRJP Feyereisen860-Day IL
TBRJosh Fleming1015-Day IL
TBRTyler Glasnow6 
TBRAndrew Kittredge1360-Day IL
TBRCorey Kluber2 
TBRShane McClanahan1 
TBRBrendan McKay960-Day IL
TBRColin Poche1 
TBRBrooks Raley3 
TBRDrew Rasmussen4 
TBRJeffrey Springs3 
TBRRyan Thompson4 
TBRMatt Wisler615-Day IL
TBRJimmy Yacabonis14 
TBRRyan Yarbrough11 
TEXJoe Barlow115-Day IL
TEXBrock Burke4 
TEXDane Dunning3 
TEXMitch Garver160-Day IL
TEXJon Gray215-Day IL
TEXTaylor Hearn9 
TEXJonathan Hernández6 
TEXSpencer Howard7 
TEXJosé Leclerc5 
TEXBrett Martin2 
TEXMatt Moore5 
TEXGlenn Otto6 
TEXMartín Pérez1 
TEXCole Ragans8 
TEXGarrett Richards7 
TEXDennis Santana3 
TEXJosh Sborz10 
TEXJesus Tinoco8 
TORAnthony Bass3 
TORJosé Berríos3 
TORAdam Cimber7 
TORYimi García2 
TORKevin Gausman1 
TORYusei Kikuchi5 
TORAlek Manoah2 
TORTim Mayza4 
TORJulian Merryweather1260-Day IL
TORNate Pearson660-Day IL
TORDavid Phelps6 
TORZach Pop8 
TORTrevor Richards9 
TORJordan Romano1 
TORHyun Jin Ryu460-Day IL
TORTayler Saucedo1160-Day IL
TORRoss Stripling1015-Day IL
TORTrent Thornton14 
TORMitch White13 
WSNCory Abbott16 
WSNVictor Arano6 
WSNSteve Cishek7 
WSNTyler Clippard13 
WSNPatrick Corbin1 
WSNSean Doolittle860-Day IL
WSNCarl Edwards Jr11 
WSNPaolo Espino7 
WSNErick Fedde4 
WSNKyle Finnegan1 
WSNMacKenzie Gore5 
WSNJosiah Gray3 
WSNWill Harris360-Day IL
WSNHunter Harvey15 
WSNEvan Lee960-Day IL
WSNAndres Machado12 
WSNTanner Rainey260-Day IL
WSNErasmo Ramirez10 
WSNSeth Romero960-Day IL
WSNJoe Ross860-Day IL
WSNAníbal Sánchez4 
WSNStephen Strasburg260-Day IL
WSNJackson Tetreault1060-Day IL
WSNMason Thompson17