Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pac-12 All-Conference Team Based on Value Add Ratings Through January 17

We updated the Value Add Basketball All-Conference teams initially posted at Christmas. Note that we list the number of games played and started for each player, so you know if a particular game performance was included, and find all 4000+ players listed at www.valueaddbasketball.com

Talk about the Conference of Champions, five Pac-12 teams have a player in the top 1% of all players in the nation based on the new Value Add Rankings. The conference boosts a 2nd Team All-American (top 10 player) who is not from one of the teams expected to compete for the title (Washington's Terrell Brown). 

Another unlikely contender in Cal boasts one of the other top 1% (Cal's Andre Kelly). The other three in the top 1% are from big contenders, but it is Arizona who has three of the top eight to seem to have a little edge even over the great UCLA, Oregon and USC players. Isaiah Mobley, the brother of the No. 1 player in the country last year according to Value Add Evan Mobley, is USC's player in the top 1%.

Click on Top 25 Value Add Basketball Players & Top 15 in Each Conference to see the top 25 players in the country and links to the other 31 conference lists like the one below.

RnkP12 All-ConferenceTeamValueHtClAdjOAdjDGms, Starts
1Terrell Brown #23Washington9.306'3"Sr7.45-1.84GP,GS: 15, 15
2Tyger Campbell #10UCLA7.675'11"Jr6.81-0.86GP,GS: 13, 13
3Isaiah Mobley #3USC7.676'10"Jr5.69-1.97GP,GS: 16, 16
4Andre Kelly #22California7.516'9"Sr6.05-1.46GP,GS: 18, 18
5Will Richardson #0Oregon7.516'5"Sr7.560.05GP,GS: 16, 16
6Bennedict Mathurin #0Arizona6.836'6"Fr5.39-1.44GP,GS: 15, 15
7Christian Koloko #35Arizona6.737'1"So3.75-2.98GP,GS: 15, 15
8Azuolas Tubelis #10Arizona6.056'11"Fr3.95-2.10GP,GS: 15, 15
9Jaime Jaquez #24UCLA5.966'7"Jr3.06-2.90GP,GS: 12, 12
10Jules Bernard #1UCLA5.946'7"Sr5.00-0.94GP,GS: 13, 13
11Michael Flowers #12Washington St.5.916'1"Sr5.20-0.71GP,GS: 17, 17
12Chevez Goodwin #1USC5.656'9"Sr4.78-0.86GP,GS: 16, 16
13Johnny Juzang #3UCLA5.476'7"Jr4.29-1.18GP,GS: 13, 13
14Harrison Ingram #55Stanford5.126'8"Fr4.20-0.93GP,GS: 15, 14
15Dalen Terry #4Arizona5.096'7"Fr3.14-1.95GP,GS: 15, 15

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