Saturday, January 15, 2022

Iowa (POY Garza 30 pts, 14 reb, 4 blocks) crushes 1967 Dayton (Don May 24 pts)

Garza started by avoiding a turnover only a few could have (a 41 roll while his range of 41-40 means he avoids all turnovers on his card) and the. Getting fouled on a "13" on the 20-sided die, and Iowa dominated 88-69.

Great chance to match up the 2021 National Player of the Year Luka Garza and Iowa, and Don May who made 13 straight shots against UNC to lead 1967 Dayton the the title game, where they lost to Kareem and UCLA (see footage). Before we give the account of our game, here is the documentation of the 13 straight from this great story.

Here is the sheet for the game. Note one reason we are making sure each team has played once, is so we can add or doubled check our suggested possessions for each player to add.

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