Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Big Ten All-Conference Team Based on Value Add Ratings Through January 17

We updated the Value Add Basketball All-Conference teams initially posted at Christmas. Note that we list the number of games played and started for each player, so you know if a particular game performance was included, and find all 4000+ players listed at www.valueaddbasketball.com.

Last season Iowa's Luka Garza was nudged out for 1st place in the Value Add Rankings by USC's Evan Mobley, so it is ironic that this season Iowa's star Keegan Murray has moved into the No. 1 spot not only in the Big Ten, but in the entire conference. The Big Ten has a second 1st Team All-American (top 5) with Indiana's Trayce Jackson-Davis now ranking No. 4. 

Perhaps even more amazingly, all 15 players listed below as the top 15 players in the conference also rank in the top 2% of all players - down to Northwestern's Pete Nance who ranks 80th in the nation of 4000+ players.

Click on Top 25 Value Add Basketball Players & Top 15 in Each Conference to see the top 25 players in the country and links to the other 31 conference lists like the one below.

RnkB10 All-ConferenceTeamValueHtClAdjOAdjDGms, Starts
1Keegan Murray #15Iowa11.086'8"So8.97-2.12GP,GS: 16, 16
2Trayce Jackson-Davis #23Indiana10.126'9"So7.21-2.91GP,GS: 16, 16
3EJ Liddell #32Ohio St.8.936'7"Jr6.86-2.07GP,GS: 15, 15
4Trent Frazier #1Illinois8.236'2"Sr4.61-3.62GP,GS: 14, 13
5Hunter Dickinson #1Michigan7.957'1"So6.17-1.78GP,GS: 13, 13
6Jaden Ivey #23Purdue7.826'4"So5.91-1.91GP,GS: 16, 16
7Kofi Cockburn #21Illinois7.807'0Jr5.44-2.36GP,GS: 13, 13
8Brad Davison #34Wisconsin7.656'4"Sr6.78-0.87GP,GS: 16, 16
9Johnny Davis #1Wisconsin7.596'5"So5.14-2.45GP,GS: 14, 14
10Ron Harper #24Rutgers7.486'6"Sr6.00-1.49GP,GS: 16, 16
11Trevion Williams #50Purdue7.306'10"Sr5.06-2.24GP,GS: 16, 4
12Jamari Wheeler #55Ohio St.7.026'1"Sr3.83-3.19GP,GS: 15, 15
13Zach Edey #15Purdue6.787'4"So4.97-1.81GP,GS: 16, 12
14Payton Willis #0Minnesota6.746'4"Sr5.32-1.42GP,GS: 15, 15
15Pete Nance #22Northwestern6.656'10"Sr5.13-1.52GP,GS: 13, 13

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