Sunday, August 29, 2021

Reds Clinch With Blowout + 8 2-3 No Hit Ball

 Our most "boring" three series of the year wrapped up our NL inter division round robin. Basically the Reds and Brewers still needed the chance to beef up their records against the hapless Pirates, and the now depleted Nats against the also relegated Marlins.

However, the first of these final games yielded some suspense, as the Reds needed to go at least 2-4 vs. the Pirates, or the Phillies would snatch the last qualifying spot and the Reds would drop to relegated.

The Reds clinched with a 10-3 sweep in the first game, as rookie of the year candidate Jonathan India reached base 4 of 10 times in the series in which 12 of the Reds 13 hits went for extra bases. The Reds then passed 5 other teams when Mahle, Sims and Garrett went through the line-up 3 times allowing only one baserunner, a walk. Polanco then spoiled the no-hitter with a 2 out double in the 9th off Garrett, but the Reds won 4-0 to take the series 5 games to 1 and improve to 44-40. 

With that win we have a phenom in the standings below - all 10 teams would make the 6-team playoffs if the season ended today. The 5 teams the Reds passed are all 2 games above .500, meaning they are all in a tie for 6th place. The Nats and Cubs likely fall now that they are playing with their depleted rosters, but still a thrilling final run.

Here are the final records for the relegated teams and then those that will continue in our 2 divisions. Results of the final 2 relegated series below.

The best in our game played the worst, so no surprise the Brewers won 5 games to 1 to knock the Pirates below a .300 winning percentage to end their season.

Four Pirates errors resulting 2 unearned runs to waste a great outing by Keller in a 3-1 Brewers win. In the second game former Rays SS Adames had 2 doubles and 2 homers in his last 4 at bats and led a 9-0 sweep. The Brewers will enter divisional play with a 3 game lead over any other team in either division.

Marlin Bryan de la Cruz debuted with a double on a 2 of 5 game and 12-11 win in 11 innings the nightcap after Corbin pitched the Nats to a 1-0 win in 10 innings in the opener.

Now thar these "boring" three series are over the 5 relegated teams are done for the season. The actual contenders start to go through 20 divisional series (4 for each qualifier, one each against each of their "South & East" and "North & West" Divisional foes).

At that point the 2 divisional champs get byes and the next four best records overall play wild card series, while the worst 4 records will be dropped. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Phillies Close vs. Mets and Braves Trying to Catch Reds for Last Spot

 The Phillies entered their last two series with an outside chance to catch the Reds or someone for the last qualifying spot for divisional play.

Our process this NL Statis-pro season was:

1. All 15 teams played 36 games, at which time the bottom 5 were relegated meaning the would not play each other, but still play so the 10 advancing teams could play all 14 other teams. The Giants, Pirates, Rockies, Phillies and Marlins were initially relegated.

2. However, if a relegated team passed one if the top 10 teams while playing out the games they had, they could bump them. This happened as the Giants (now 43-41) blew past the Diamondbacks (now 42-48). Heading into the final series the Reds were still in danger at 39-39, though their last series will be against the worst relegated team, the Pirates. The Phillies were the best relegated team at 28-32, but their final two series were tough against the Braves and the Mets.

3. The Phillies hosted both, and if they could move up then they would advance to take the Reds place in the "South-East" division for four final series against the other divisional teams - the Mets and Braves again as well as the Cardinals and much weakened Nats.

4. We will update the four remaining games in order in this blog, then put pictures of the two series and the updated standings at the bottom.

Game 1 - Harper's 3-run triple in the bottom of the 8th rallied the Phillies to ultimately force extra innings. On of only a few SP: AA base theoves, Roman Quinn, made the last out of the 9th and the started the bottom of the 10th on second base. He stole third on a "72" - a number on which only 4 players in the game could steal third, and then tagged and scored the game-winner on McCutchen's sac fly. Phillies 6, Braves 5 in 10 innings, and at 30-33 they pull within a game and a half of the Reds.

Game 2 - The thrilling series continued with a second extra inning game. In the top of the 10th Freeman hit a 2-run homer, but in the bottom Miller hit a 2-run homer to force the 11th. Then d'Arnaud hit a 2-run homer and the deeper Nraves pen won out as Wilson continued his 3rd inning out of the pen for the win. Braves 7, Phillies 5 in 11 innings, and  the Phillies drop two games behind the Reds and desperate to sweep the Mets or otherwise need to count on the lowly Pirates to beat the Reds for them to get in.

Game 3 - The Phillies played their third straight extra inning game, but wasted 7 scoreless innings by Nola to fall on 3 straight singles in the 10th. Mets 2, Phillies 0 in 10 innings. Phils fall ti brink of elimination at 32-37.

Game 4 - Velasquez not inly win, but hit a 3-run homer as part of a crazy 16-9 win over the mets. Hoskins went 5 of 7 with 2 doubles and a homer.  The sweep for being ahead 5+ after 8 innings keeps the Phils mathematically alive at 35-37, but they would need the Pirates to get sweep credit in one of the 2 games and win both games against the Reds for the Phillies to claim the 10th spot away from them for divisional play. Even if the Reds lose the Series 2 games to 4 they would remain in the 10 teams advancing with a 41-43 record. Phillies 16, Mets 9 (sweep).

Fountain of Youth: Cueto, Posey, Longoria Blast Rockies to Tie for Playoff

 Posey's hits in his first four at bats included a homer and 2 doubles, Longoria added 3 homers, and Cueto pitched well in homer friendly Coors Field in the 6th with a 7-1 lead en route to a 9-3 sweep.

In the nightcap the Giants rallied against Rockies closer for a 4-3 lead. Longoria hit a 3-run homer earlier, then Ruf singled to start the 9th with the score tied 3-3. He moved to second on Longoria's grounder, Yaz singled him ti third, and LaStella brought him home with a sac fly.

The 5 games to 1 series gives the Giants a 43-41 record and puts then in a virtual 5-way tie for the last 2 playoff spots.

Colorado finishes 27-39, as the second relegated team to finish the season (Arizona 36-42). The three other relegated teams still have games against the 10 advancing teams who must finish playing all of the other 14 NL teams. Philadelphia is 28-32, Miami 26-34 and Puttsburgh 21-45. At the 36-game mark tge Giants were relegated, but they played themselves ahead of the DBacks to replace them in the 10 advancing teams.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Padres Win top .500 for first time at altitude

 The Padres finally broke .500 with two wins in Colorado, entering a 4-way tie for the last two wildcard spots.

Musgrove was the star of the series. He pitched the only quality start in the series at hitter friendly Coors Field (6 innings, 3 runs) and more impressively did something we dont remember in years of Statis-Pro - hit two extra base hits as a pitcher.

Tatis, Myers and former Pirates All-Star 2md baseman Frazier.

The Rockies are finishing the last three series of the year at home as a relegated team. They beat the Cubs 4 games to 2, lost this series 4 games to 2, and close with the Giants.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rockies wrap play hosting Cubs, Giants and Padres

We are wrapping up our NL inter divisional play with the series of relegated teams who have yet to play another NL team. At the end of this 14th series for each team that advanced those teams will have played all 14 other NL teams and next play their four divisional foes (see bottom photo) below.

We start by having the Rockies wrapping up their season by hosting the Cubs, Padres and Giants.

The Cubs came in only 23-31 against the other 9 teams to advance, but were actually in playoff position due to an incredible 20-4 mark against the other relegated teams.

However, with the new depleted roster, they blew a potential 5-0 sweep and barely hung on 5-4 when Story and Blackmon were out to leave bases loaded (the combined to go 8 of 19 with 5 doubles and 2 homers).

The Rockies then had a sweep of their own with a 10-4 win to take the series 4 games to 2.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Kershaw , Price lead Shutouts of Cards in Last Inter-Division

 Despite a slow start early this year, the Dodgers look like the NL team to beat. The Cards fell from the playoffs (if season ended today) but were beaten as badly as you can while still getting credit for only losing the series 2 games to 4.

The Dodgers outhit the Cards 18-7 and 29 bases to 8 as their No. 3 and 4 pitchers (albeit Kershaw and Price) led consecutive 4-0 shutouts. Seager led the way with a 4 of 9 series and homer. We play a team needs a 5-run win to get credit for a 3 games to 0 series sweep.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Statis-pro AL Set for Fantastic Finish

 We poised for a fantastic finish in the Statis-Pro American League. The AL is played in Montana this year while our previous blog covered the NL being played in Alabama. 

After all the trades, it is still about the returning injured players. The White Sox just got two huge outfielders back from the 60-day IL.

The big question might be which dominant pitchers will return to impact the race?

Boston already has Chris Sale back, will the Rays get Tyler Glasnow back?  Or the Yankees get Luis Severino or Cory Kluber back?

The Red Sox and Yankees continue to battle for the division lead in the east. (means a first round bye in this format)

Meanwhile the Rays have finally gotten above .500 and are trying to move up in the wildcard seedings.

Out west, the Astros (with a revamped bullpen) maintain the best record but the White Sox are gaining ground.

However, the Angels and A’s picked a bad time to go into a tailspin, each losing 5-straight and opening the door for that final spot.

As for the individual awards, the Cy Young is just as wide open as the playoff chase.  There still is no clear leader.

There are three strong contenders for the MVP, with Alex Verdugo of the Red Sox, Alex Bregman of the Astros, and Gleyber Torres of the Yankees.

Here are the standings and individual statistics with 35-games in the books. Note while the NL standings appear to be further into the season, that is because that season is played which each game as a 3-game series while the standings below are based on each game counting as one game. Also keep in mind these AL teams have tougher schedules since they play none of the 5 relegated AL teams. The NL teams won .599 of their games against relegated teams.

AL “East”

Boston               22-13

New York          21-14

Tampa Bay       18-17

Cleveland         15-19

Toronto             14-20


AL “West”        

Houston            23-12

Chicago             21-14

Los Angeles      17-18

Oakland            15-20

Minnesota       11-24



LeMahieu, NY  (48-147)             .327

Verdugo, Bos   (51-157)             .325

Arraez, Min      (36-111)             .324


Hits  (35 games)

Verdugo, Bos   51

LeMahieu, NY  48

Engel, Chi          45


Extra Base Hits (2B, 3B, HR)

Verdugo, Bos   (13, 1, 12)         26

Bregman, Hou (11, 1, 10)         22

Devers, Bos      (13, 0, 9)            22


Home Runs

Verdugo, Bos   12

Abreu, Chi        11

Arozarena, TB 11

Four tied at      10


Runs Batted In

Arozarena, TB 31

Torres, NY        30

Verdugo, Bos   29


Runs Scored

Verdugo, Bos   33

Anderson, Chi 30

Torres, NY        29


Earned Run Average

Quintana, LA    5-1        2.21      (8 starts)

Ray, Tor             5-1        2.41      (8 starts)

Rodriguez,Bos 5-3        2.48      (9 starts)


Relief Man                      Sv-Opp

R.Igesias, LA     0-0        11-11

Pressly, Hou     1-1        11-13

Barnes, Bos      0-1        11-13


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Statis-Pro Baseball Wrap 5 Series Left - And Links if You Want to Play

With the Major League Baseball pennant races heating up, you can catch up on rosters or play your own Statis-Pro mini season to see how the season stacks up. We are in the stretch run for our seasons with the NL season being played out of Alabama and the AL season by my best friend in Montana (we first rotated Statis-Pro leagues in 1980).  We track our league bracket on this google sheet, and included a snap shot of the grid of games played and still remaining through the playoffs.

In addition to listing our Statis-Pro standings here at the 78-game mark, we compared each team to their actual record at the 78-game mark of the MLB season. Washington and Cincinnati have the exact same records they had after 78 games this season, Chicago and Milwaukee are one game better in Statis-Pro, making 4 of 10 teams within one game of their actual record. Four more teams are within 3 to 5 games of their actual record at the 78-game mark. That leaves only two of 10 that have been quite a bit different, with the Padres 7 games worse in Statis-Pro then their actual 78-game mark, and the Giants (the team that has shocked everyone) are 12 games worse in Statis-Pro then their actual season, so two of 10 outliers. We have found our rule about counting blowouts as 3-game sweeps and other wins as two games to one sweep makes the record more accurate when playing shorter seasons, since a team has a 14% chance of sweeping a 3-game series and a 14% chance of winning by at least 5 runs (see league rule below), but this is purely our fun rule and you do not need to play it in your games.

The following runs through the league rules we use, but none of these are mandatory.

League Rules

·         We play using the Statis-Pro 2021 Projected Cards and rules on that same link.

·         Change cards if they change teams, and use all players unless they on on 60 day DL or missing 2 months.

·         Adjust any batters here or pitchers here for players who had huge changes in OPS or ERA from the projections on which the Statis-Pro cards were based.

·         Pick 4 starting pitchers (list as A, B, C, D) and try to match the same place in the rotation for two teams playing, but if the two teams have played a different number of games then you can pitch the A & D starter for one team vs. the other team's B & C starter.

·         All 2-game series, and each reliever can pitch 1 of 2 games in each series.

·         The Montana league (NL this year) counts each game as a typical game.

·         The Alabama league (AL this year) plays each game counts as a 3 game series with wins awarded:

·         Typically the winning team is credited with winning 2 games to 1 for that game, but sweeps if both:

o   Winning team was ahead by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning.

o   Winning team also did not use the card for whichever reliever card had the best ERA in the 1st 8 innings.

·         We played a couple of interleague series earlier in the year, but changed them to exhibitions for balanced schedules.

·         This year we had time for all 15 NL teams to play the other 14 teams in one two game series each.

·         We relegated 5 teams and broke the other 10 into 2 divisions, so each team can play each division foe again.

·         At that point each remaining NL team will have completed 18 two-game series, counting as 108 games.

Story's Little League HR Salvages Win for Rockies Gray Over Mets

 After being swept 9-3 in the opener, the Rockies salvaged a 2 games to 4 series against the Mets without scoring an earned run.

Trevor Story drove a double to left and Nimmo's poor fielding rating (E5) was just bad enough to let the ball skip past him and Story's OBR A allowed him to come all the way around to score and register a 2-1 win.

The other run was scored when McMahon reached on an error on Biaz at 2nd base, the Carrasco threw two wild pitches ane Nunez singled him home. Nunez also used his CD-4 to make a grewt game ending play with Maybin on in the 9th.

Davis homered for the only Mets run.

In the first game Marquez was untouchable for 3 innings, with 8 strikeouts and only one single allowed. However, in the 4th the Mets clearly enjoyed going from their home best pitchers' park to the Rockies best hitters park as Pillarz Alinso and Nimmo all homered to rally the Mets from down 0-3 to an eventual 9-3 win.

Braves Bunt, Homers, 2 New OFs Propel Toward Playoffs

If the season ended today, the Braves would make the playoffs both in real baseball and in our Statis-pro season.

How can that be when their ace pitcher and two all-star outfielders are lost for the season?

I saw the blue print in the most recent Statis-pro series, and have 3 photos to illustrated.

First a fun note, Max Fried has the third best pitcher hitting card in my game behind Ohtani and Lorenzen. Fried actually has hits from 11-26 on his card, with a 26 being a homer. As the bunt chart indicates, a card that good also gives him an AA Sac Bunt rating, so when he came up with the speedy Almonte on 3rd base, we chose to bunt. If Fried could lay down what would normally be a successful bunt, a runner on third must still then use the chart above the bunt ranges to beat the throw home - and for an on-base running (OBR:A) like Almonte that is a 50-50 shot with 11-48 safe and 51-88 out at home. Instead something I'd never had never seen in decades of playing Statis-pro...

... in fact, the Random Number was a 81, meaning Almonte not only scored but Fried was safe on a perfect bunt for an actual RBI single on a bunt. With an OBR A or B batter that could happen because they can beat it out on other counts, but for a pitcher or slower player even with a Sac:AA that would haooen inly once overy 32 times on a squeeze play.

Pederson hit a homer later after the inning would have ended if Fried's bunt had not been perfect, meaning both former Padre Almonte (4 of 7, 2 triples and a double) and former Cub Pederson (3 of 7, homer and double) continue to give the Braves enough when they seemed dead after Ozuna and Acuna were lost for the season.

Here are the scoresheet for the 9-0 sweep and rally to only lose 4-6  in the second game and win the series 4-2. This was important because they've played well against good teams, but were the only of the 10 teams with a losing record against the relegated teams until this series.

Here is the scoresheet followed by the new standings.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Brewers Extend Lead in North/West With 1 Series Left

 The Brewers edged the Phillies 4 games to 2 to extend their lead in the North-West division. Each team now has one NL series left to have played all 14 other NL teams (plus 2 AL teams each).

The Brewers are 53-37 in first place with only the Pirates left to play in the 15-team leafue wide round robin before the divisional teams start playing only the other 4 in their division.

The only team the Dodgers (50-40) have not played yet is the Cardinals (44-40) while the other three teams to make the "North/West" division (SF, SD and ChC) all still only need to play Colorado before divisional play.

The Cubs team is 50-40 starting with the roster that started 38-27 in real baseball, but their remaining divisional games will be played with their depleted roster after most of their stars were traded away.

Padres-Dodgers: Deep Drives, Frazier-Machado Gloves Key

Former Pirates 2nd baseman Adam Frazier made three great fielding plays for a Statis-pro Padres team that has lost numerous games with errors (E) or not coming up with clutch defensive (CD) plays (see CD chart at bottom of blog)

Twice Frazier (top fielding ranking with an E1, CD5) turned double plays on balls that would have been errors before he was traded to the Padres (E2-10 and E3-10 were the error readings). Even more spectacular his CD5 turned a 76 from a run scoring single like it would have been for a CD1, 2, 3 or 4 at second base. An 11-78 is at least one out for a cd5 while only an 81-88 is a singke that would have scored Trea Turner from second base in the top of the 5th in the nightcap, which woukd have given the Dodgers a 3-2 lead. Machado also had a cd5 play and hit two homers, including a game winning 3-run homer in the nightcap for a 5-3 win.

In the first game the Padres lost a 5-1 lead and lost 6-5 due to the result of 3 late deep drives.

In the top of the 6th Bellinger looked out to end the inning on an  FD9 (deep drive to right) but Marisnik dropped it for a 2 base error that let Seager score the game-tying run. Taylor, inly in the game because Justin Turner was injured on a z-play, the tripled him home for the 6-5 lead.

The Padres had two DEEP drives late, but in bith cases their spacious park (11-34 homer, 35-88 sac fly) held the ball. Profar's deep drive ended the 6th, and Marisnik's would have redeemed him as a 2-run homer in the bottom of the 9th but instead was the last out.

Tatis and Machado combined for a 7-18 series with 2 Machado homers.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Reds Go Above .500 Behind Castillo, Gray 14 Scoreless

 The Reds were .500 with only the two worst teams in the NL remaining.

Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo both pitched 7 scoreless innings, and rookie of the year candidate Jonathan India robbed would be RBI hits in both games.

The Reds were one out away from consecutive shutouts, but Doolittle surrendered a 3-run homer to Alfaro in the bottom of the 9th in the first game, but rookie Antone came in for the last out in a 4-3 win. The Reds then won 2-0 to improve to 46-44 with only a series against the Pirates before Statis-pro breaks into divisional play.

Both 5 team divisions are likely to have one team to beat up on, with both the Nats and Cubs losing most of their star player cards at the trade deadline so expected to fall dramatically.

Giants Subbed Back Into Statis-Pro League for Divisional Run

With the Giants improving to 46-44 and the Diamondbacks in free fall at 42-50, we did sub the Giants in as the fifth "North/West" division before we break into divisional play in a few weeks.

We were prepared to also sub the Phillies in for the woeful Cubs, who played almost all of their 50-40 Statis-Pro season with the players who went 38-27 to start the real season before the utter collapse and not firesale of their players. Both the Nats and Cubs Statis-Pro cards now look like they will get beaten up with their stars elsewhere, so we will watch the Phillies since they still have a lot of games left to see if they make the case for inclusion.

Below is the grid of games played and below that the remaining games we need to play out before breaking into divisional play for the stretch run.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Giants stay above .500

 Giants improve to 46-44, make case to return after relegation with formee Cub Bryant hitting 3-run homer then double off former Cub Lester.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Cubs Rally After Death Exaggerated

 In looking at what is left of the Cubs cards aftrt their fire sale, it is easy to see how the real Cubs have lost 11 straight in real baseball. However, in statis-pro they caught a break from a z-play injury ...

The Phillies were relegated long ago, but actually had climbed back to a 24-24 record to come to Wrigley with a chance to beat up on what was left of the Cubs and make the case they should be put back in the 10-team league.

However an early collision between Gregorius and McCutchen made them miss almost the entire two games.

A trio of Cubs took advantage with 5 homers and incredible defense in 4-3 (11 innings) and then 10-5 wins. Heyward had 2 homers and threw 2 Phils out at home, Contreras hit a homer and made a clutch defensive play few catchers could have made (clutch defense 5) in extra innings, and new power phenom Patrick Wisdom added 2 homers.

It was also fun to make a card for speedy center fielder Rafael Ortega who has popped up to the majors several times in the last 10 years and has a spot to play after the Cubs firesale.

Statis-Pro NL Final Series of Round Robin with Phillies and Giants Knocking to get Back In

With Statis-Pro cards update in the last couple of blogs, we finally have time to continue to play out our NL season. After six series each (36 games) we relegated five teams and have them now divided into two divisions.

The five teams that were relegated continued to play the 10 teams that survived, in order to get to a point where each team will have played all 14 other NL teams as well as two AL teams each. However, the relegated teams did not play each other or play an AL series.

The schedule of the two series below will wrap up the round robin series. However, one twist is that both San Francisco (43-41) and Philadelphia (24-24) could be pass some of the current teams, so once we are done with the games listed below we will decide if we need to sub any team out and continue games within a division (e.g. both Washington and Chicago had fire sales of players, and the Padres continue to be the big disappointment with a seemingly killer line-up.

Here are the remaining games and the grid of how the 10 have done against each other.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

BATTERS: Dramatically improved and new Statis-Pro Batter Cards Listed by Team

Click here for the list of updated pitchers' cards from the previous blog.

As they battle for the MVP award in real baseball, two home run numbers were added to the Statis-Pro cards of both Shohei Ohtani (now 24-33 is a home run) and Vlad Guerrero Jr. (now 28-27 is a home run).

These are among the 102 updates to Statis-Pro batters cards from among the 2021 projected cards you can get by clicking here. To determine which batter cards should be updated, we matched batter's current ERA (adjusted slightly for ballpark) against the Ballpark Neutral OPS resulting from the projected stats used to create their 2021 projected cards. 

When playing the Statis-Pro baseball game, if you would like to update those cards to more accurately reflect this season's stats, then look down the teams you are playing in alphabetical order and adjust his Home Run range accordingly, by leaving the rest of the card the same except for changing the Home Run range. If the Home Run range is made smaller, then move the DEEP numbers down to the next number or numbers after the HR, and then the strikeout range begins. If the Home Run range gets larger, then move the DEEP numbers up and then start the strikeout range.

In addition, we noted seven other strong new batters that did not have a card. You can always make a new batter's card based on their OPS. If you do this the player gets a standard card with singles on 11-17, doubles on 18-24, a triple on 25 and then home runs starting with a 26. If a player's OPS is closest to .550, his only home run number is a 26. If .600 he hits a homer on 26-27, if .650 then 26-28, if .700 then 26-31 and then keep adding one more home run number for every .050 OPS higher than .700. The rest of his card includes one DEEP number one higher than the top Home Run number, then strikeouts up to 48, a Walk from 51-54, Hit by Pitch on 55 and out on 56-88.

However, in the case of the seven new players below, we also calculated the batter cards for the seven new players below.

In most cases with new cards assume an E5 and OBR/SP of C/D, but we noted a couple of new players below who are either an A/B or in one case an A/A. Here are the adjustments cards of players who are either much better or worse than their projected card, followed by what team you can go to in order to find the original 2021 projected card and what that card's home run range was.

NameTeamHR card (OBR/SP)Old CardOld HR
Christian WalkerARI26-28ARI26-32
Domingo LeybaARI27-27ARI28-32
Kole CalhounARI22-26ARI22-27
Wyatt MathisenARI22-24ARI22-27
Austin RileyATL24-32ATL24-31
Freddie FreemanATL31-35ATL31-36
Kevan SmithATL27-27TBR31-32
Marcell OzunaATL28-33ATL28-36
Cedric MullinsBAL27-34BAL27-31
Maikel FrancoBAL28-32KCR28-33
Pat ValaikaBAL25-27BAL25-31
Marwin GonzalezBOS26-27MIN26-31
Ian HappCHC23-26CHC23-28
Rafael OrtegaCHC26-33 (A/B)New 
Andrew VaughnCHW26-33New 
Billy HamiltonCHW26-28CHC11-13
Luis GonzalezCHW24-32CHW24-26
Jesse WinkerCIN26-33CIN26-32
Joey VottoCIN25-32CIN25-28
Jonathan IndiaCIN26-33 (A/B)New 
Nicholas CastellanosCIN26-34CIN26-33
Nick SenzelCIN26-28CIN26-31
Eddie RosarioCLE28-34MIN28-35
Charlie BlackmonCOL33-36COL33-37
Matt AdamsCOL18-23ATL18-25
Trevor StoryCOL27-34COL27-35
Akil BaddooDET26-32 (OBR/SP: A/A)New 
Eric HaaseDET17-25DET17-24
JaCoby JonesDET25-33DET25-28
Jake RogersDET17-24DET17-23
Nomar MazaraDET26-28CHW26-31
Wilson RamosDET31-33NYM31-34
Alex BregmanHOU25-31HOU25-32
Chas McCormickHOU26-32New 
Yuli GurrielHOU31-34HOU31-33
Hunter DozierKCR24-28KCR24-31
Ryan McBroomKCR25-28KCR25-31
Anthony RendonLAA26-32LAA26-33
Kurt SuzukiLAA31-32WSN31-33
Max StassiLAA22-28LAA22-27
Shohei OhtaniLAA24-33LAA24-31
Yoshi TsutsugoLAA22-24TBR22-27
AJ PollockLAD26-34LAD26-32
Cody BellingerLAD24-31LAD24-33
Gavin LuxLAD27-32LAD27-33
Max MuncyLAD18-28LAD18-26
Sheldon NeuseLAD27-28OAK27-31
Isan DiazMIA25-26MIA25-27
Jazz ChisholmMIA15-22MIA15-18
Lewis BrinsonMIA23-27MIA23-25
Christian YelichMIL25-28MIL25-32
Jace PetersonMIL25-27MIL25-26
Jackie Bradley JrMIL25-28BOS25-31
Keston HiuraMIL24-27MIL24-32
Omar NarvaezMIL25-31MIL25-28
Travis ShawMIL22-26TOR22-26
Willy AdamesMIL26-33TBR26-31
Andrelton SimmonsMIN35-35LAA35-36
Jake CaveMIN26-27MIN26-31
Miguel SanoMIN17-26MIN17-27
Mitch GarverMIN23-28MIN23-27
JD DavisNYM26-33NYM26-32
Jeff McNeilNYM34-36NYM34-37
Michael ConfortoNYM25-28NYM25-32
Aaron HicksNYY22-25NYY22-26
Gleyber TorresNYY26-32NYY26-34
Luke VoitNYY24-31NYY24-33
Tim LocastroNYY31-31ARI31-32
Austin AllenOAK25-32OAK25-31
Matt OlsonOAK18-28OAK18-27
Seth BrownOAK26-32New 
Starling MarteOAK33-37MIA33-36
Alec BohmPHI32-34PHI32-35
Andrew KnappPHI24-24PHI25-27
Didi GregoriusPHI28-34PHI28-35
Bryan ReynoldsPIT26-32PIT26-28
Kevin NewmanPIT32-32PIT33-33
Todd FrazierPIT25-25NYM25-28
Adam FrazierSDP31-34PIT31-33
Jake CronenworthSDP31-33SDP31-32
Luis CampusanoSDP23-23SDP26-28
Dylan MooreSEA22-25SEA22-26
Jake FraleySEA24-28SEA24-27
Brandon BeltSFG25-32SFG25-31
Brandon CrawfordSFG27-33SFG27-31
Buster PoseySFG33-37SFG33-34
Curt CasaliSFG22-27CIN22-26
Evan LongoriaSFG27-34SFG27-32
LaMonte Wade JrSFG25-28MIN25-26
Steven DuggarSFG27-31SFG27-28
Thairo EstradaSFG27-33NYY27-31
Ali SanchezSTL26-32NYM26-26
Andrew KniznerSTL28-31STL28-32
Justin WilliamsSTL26-27STL26-31
Tyler O'NeillSTL21-28STL21-27
Mike BrosseauTBR27-28TBR27-32
Mike ZuninoTBR16-25TBR16-23
Adolis GarciaTEX26-31 (A/B)New 
Andy YoungTEX22-28ARI22-26
Jose TrevinoTEX28-28TEX28-32
Nate LoweTEX25-28TBR25-31
Ronald GuzmanTEX23-24TEX25-28
George SpringerTOR24-33HOU24-32
Rowdy TellezTOR24-27TOR24-31
Vladimir Guerrero JrTOR28-37TOR28-35
Andrew StevensonWSN31-31WSN31-32
Josh BellWSN24-28PIT24-31
Juan SotoWSN26-33WSN26-34
Victor RoblesWSN27-28WSN27-31

PITCHERS: Dramatically improved and new Statis-Pro Pitcher Cards Listed by Team

For the first time since late May, we matched pitcher's current ERA (adjusted slightly for ballpark) against the Ballpark Neutral ERA used to create their 2021 projected cards. We did this in May, but since then most ERAs (and OPS we will use in the next blog) have levelled out toward the projections.

In most cases the pitcher's card you get when you click here is still relatively close to this year's performance. However, in the case of 54 player cards we found a starting pitcher's PB would be at least two better (or worse) than the projected card, or a relievers PB would be at least three better (or worse) than their projected card. 

When playing the Statis-Pro baseball game, if you would like to update those cards to more accurately reflect this season's stats, then look down the teams you are playing in alphabetical order and adjust his PB accordingly. For example, the first pitcher listed is Stefan Crichton, who players for Arizona and his PB should be adjusted to a PB: 2-5. The rest of the row reveals his player card from the link above was also with the Arizona cards, but it was a projected PB: 2-7. Continue to use the projected card, but note that he is now only in control on dice rolls (or fast action PB numbers) of 2-5, while the batter will be in control on rolls or PB on the card of 6-12.

We updated more cards in May, but if the card is no longer listed below then you should return to using the PB printed on the card..

In addition, we noted nine pitchers who did not have projected cards, but have put up excellent stats and now can be used with a PB: 2-8 and the standard new player cards while allows singles on 11-23, balks on 24, strikeouts on 25-41, walks on 42-48, WP on 51, CD-C on 52-54 and and out on 55-88. You can created a new card for any pitcher, using those same numbers and with an ERA closest to 2.50 (PB 2-9), closest to 3.00 (2-8), closest to 3.50 (2-7), closest to 4.00 (4-7), closest to 4.50 (2-6), closest to 5.00 (2-5) or if 5.26 or higher at 2-4.

Most of the new pitchers with PB 2-8 are relievers, however we listed the average innings pitched for the new pitchers to let you know how to long to use them in the game. You will not that Alek Manoah of the Blue Jays averages more than five innings, so gives a great PB: 2-8 starter to the team.

NameTeamNew PBOld CardProj PB
Stefan CrichtonARIPB: 2-5ARIPB: 2-7
Chris MartinATLPB: 2-8ATLPB: 2-9
Shawn ArmstrongBALPB: 2-6BALPB: 2-7
John MeansBALPB: 4-7BALPB: 2-5
Yu DarvishCHCPB: 2-8CHCPB: 2-9
Keegan ThompsonCHCPB: 2-81.4 IPnew
Jake ArrietaCHCPB: 2-5PHIPB: 2-6
Craig KimbrelCHWPB: 2-8CHCPB: 2-7
Michael KopechCHWPB: 2-7CHWPB: 2-6
Carlos RodonCHWPB: 2-7CHWPB: 2-5
Luis CastilloCINPB: 2-8CINPB: 2-9
Amir GarrettCINPB: 4-7CINPB: 2-7
Tejay AntoneCINPB: 2-81.5 IPnew
James KarinchakCLEPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Shane BieberCLEPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Bryan GarciaDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 4-7
Casey MizeDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Tarik SkubalDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Tyler AlexanderDETPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-5
Joe SmithHOUPB: 2-6HOUPB: 4-7
Rafael MonteroHOUPB: 2-6TEXPB: 2-7
Kendall GravemanHOUPB: 2-7SEAPB: 2-4
Phil MatonHOUPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-9
Brad KellerKCRPB: 2-6KCRPB: 4-7
Greg HollandKCRPB: 2-7KCRPB: 2-8
Danny DuffyKCRPB: 2-7KCRPB: 2-6
Dylan BundyLAAPB: 2-6LAAPB: 2-7
Alex ClaudioLAAPB: 2-7MILPB: 2-8
Raisel IglesiasLAAPB: 2-8CINPB: 2-9
Jimmy NelsonLADPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Trevor RogersMIAPB: 2-7MIAPB: 2-6
Anthony BenderMIAPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Daniel NorrisMilPB: 2-6DETPB: 2-7
John CurtissMilPB: 2-7TBRPB: 4-7
Taylor RogersMINPB: 2-8MINPB: 2-9
Drew SmithNYMPB: 2-81.3 IPnew
Steven MatzNYMPB: 2-6NYMPB: 2-4
Edwin DiazNYMPB: 2-8NYMPB: 2-9
JA HappNYYPB: 2-5NYYPB: 2-6
Jonathan LoaisigaNYYPB: 2-7NYYPB: 4-7
Aroldis ChapmanNYYPB: 2-8NYYPB: 2-9
Lou TrivinoOAKPB: 2-8OAKPB: 4-7
Aaron NolaPHIPB: 2-7PHIPB: 2-8
Ranger SuarezPHIPB: 2-8PHIPB: 4-7
Ian KennedyPHIPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Chad KuhlPITPB: 2-6PITPB: 2-5
Daniel HudsonSDPPB: 2-7WSNPB: 2-5
Zack LittellSFGPB: 2-80.9 IPnew
Anthony DeSclafaniSFGPB: 2-6CINPB: 2-5
Dominic LeoneSFGPB: 2-8CLEPB: 2-6
Anthony MisiewiczSEAPB: 2-5SEAPB: 2-4
Justus SheffieldSEAPB: 2-5SEAPB: 2-6
Kevin GausmanSFGPB: 2-8SFGPB: 2-7
Tyler RogersSFGPB: 2-8SFGPB: 2-7
Johnny CuetoSFGPB: 4-7SFGPB: 2-5
Collin McHughTBRPB: 2-8BOSPB: 2-7
Aaron LoupTBRPB: 2-8TBRPB: 2-7
Joely RodriguezTEXPB: 4-7TEXPB: 2-8
Dane DunningTEXPB: 2-6CHWPB: 2-5
Alek ManoahTORPB: 2-85.4 IPnew
Jordan RomanoTORPB: 2-81.0 IPnew
Tanner RaineyWSNPB: 2-5WSNPB: 4-7
Patrick CorbinWSNPB: 2-6WSNPB: 2-8

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Brewers Rally After 2 Injuries to Stay 2 Aheqd of Dodgers

Cain and Vogelbach collided in the first inning of the first game to leave the Brewere short-handed for both games.

Mikolas threw 7 innings to lead the Cards to a 3-0 win in the first game as they stayed in the wild card position.

However the top of the shiffled Brewers line-up went 9 of 14 in the second game, led by Yelich 4 of 5 with a homer and double, for a 4-0 Brewers win in the second game to stay 2 games ahead of the Dodgers for 1st place in the Northwest Division.

Padres Add All-Star Statis-Pro Card at Philly (both teams add 2 players)

After a long lay off due to a ton of work, we finally were able to get back and resume our 12th NL series between teams. Both the Padres and Phillies have new players, and the Padres got the big boost with two players whose cards were improved when we updated based on OPS numbers through the first couple of months of the season.

All-Star Pirate Adam Frazier now has a 31-34 home run ranged to go along with his top defensive ratings at 2nd base, so steps into the No. 6 spot in the line-up. Meanwhile recently acquired Jake Marisnick is now a 25-33 home run range and batting second between Tatis and Machado.

The Phillies pickups of pitcher Kyle Gibson and shortstop Freddie Galvis are not as dominant cards, and actually do not break into the Statis-Pro starting line-up or 4-man rotation we use. The results of the two game series will appear below under the four new cards.

The results of the series will be added here.

Despite a killer top if the line-up and deepest pen in the NL Statis-pro league, two more short starts by both Snell and Lamet led to a 5-3 loss to the Phillies, then 13-4 sweep.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

3 Key Posts - Hoops and Baseball Game and Player Ratings

 I have been swamped at work so no blogs for a bit. Hope to be back at it soon, but in the meantime - a good gap to repost these.

The key three links for this blog site the links to two free 

games with player cards - Statis-Pro Baseball Game and 

the Value Add Basketball Game - and the database rating 

all the college basketball players of this century