Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Votto keeps Reds Alive, After Mets Blow Out

Joey Votto homered early then doubled and scored the game-winning run against the Mets in 6-5 win. However, Castillo's collapse in the first game (3.1 innings, 7 earned runs allowed) gave the Mets a first game "sweep." The Mets led 8-2 after 8 innings to qualify for the sweep, and the Hand came in to save it in the 9th after three straight homers by Winkler, Moustakas and Suarez.

The Mets clinch the division unless they are swept twice by the Cardinals to count as a 6game to none series. The Cardinals need to at list split to carch the Reds at 55-53. The Padres could finish with anywhere from 49 to 61 wins, and two of those three teams will be the final two wild card teams baring very strange finishes by other teams.

The Padres still need to play the top 2 teams in our Statis-pro league, the Brewers and Dodgers.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Crazy 4-way 1st Place Tie Scenario in Statis-pro Baseball South and East

The Braves won their final 3 games if the season by one run, including a 5-4 win over the Nats, and then their deep pen closed the season with 13 straight scoreless innings to pull off 4-3 amd in 14 innings a 3-2 win over the Cards.

They finish the season 57-51, which should secure one of the 4 wild card spots as we finish other teams seasons. 

With the only South and East Division series left being Mets 6-game series against both the Cardinals and Reds, there remains one crazy scenario. If the Reds beat the Mets 4 games to 2 and the Cardinals beat the Mets 5 games to 1 then all 4 teams would finish at the same 57-51 to tie for 1st.

We will figure that out if it happens, but outside of that exacto someone will finish ahead of the Braves for the division and the Braves will be a wildcard.

Braves Still Tied for Last Playoff Spot after Disappointing Split wuth Nats

Robles and Soto and the top of the line-up combined for a 8 of 19 series to hand the Braves a disappointing split in a wild twin bill. The Nats won 10-9 in 11 innings, then the Braves survived 5-4 when Albies (Clutch defense 5) turned a line drive into a double play to erase a 9th inning leadoff double by Mercer.

Smyly had thrown 6 shutout innings to stake the Braves to a 5-0 lead only to have the Nats score 4 in the bottom of the 7th off Ynoa. Albies went 4 of 10 with 2 homers in the series.

The Braves are in a virtual 3-way tie for the last 2 playoff spots with the Reds and Cards, which both still need to play the Mets. The Braves will wrap up against the Cards.

The Nats are barely mathematically alive to back into the playoffs at 53-55, but it is pretty unrealistic:

Only one of the following 5 things can happen. If at least 2 happen the Nats are eliminated:

  1. Braves go at least 1-5 vs cardinals
  2. Cardinals go at least 4-8 (which they will do if no. 1 does not happen, so at this step the nats will either be eliminated or alive but any if the following eliminate them)
  3. Reds go at least 1-5 (if Reds also go 0-6 at this step and Nats still alive the 2 more things could eliminate them)
  4. Padres go at least 5-7
  5. Cubs go at least 4-2.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Reds Beat Nats to Tie for Last Playoff Spot, But Had Chance for More

Lorenzen won the game with 2 scoreless innings, and in between doubled in the winning run in the top of the 7th to give the Reds a 1-0 en route to a 2-0 win. 

The Reds won the series 4 games to 2 to get back in a tie for the final playoff spot. Sonny Gray's 7 IP, 1R allowed in the first game was almost enough to give them a 5 games to 1 series win. In fact the score if the game was 5-1, but it was 5-0 after 3 innings after a 2-run homer by Aquino and the Reds could not ever get one more run for the 5+ margin to get credit for a 3 game sweep vs. The 2 games to 1 credit the received for each of the two actual game wins.

The series took only 41 minutes to play - hardly a workout on my treadmill desk.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Biggest Statis-pro Shocker: Giants-Cubs Biggest Series Flip of Season

With their ace Hendriks throwing a 2-hit the Cubs led 5-0 and were 4 outs from leading 5 at the end of 8 innings to qualify for a sweep and move them into an improbable playoff spot while the Giants playoff hopes were in peril.

Crawford then homered off Hendrik, who arill led 5-1 when he left after 8. However, the Cubs staff since Kimbrel has no pitcher better than a PB2-7, and the Giants exploded for 5 runs in the 9th to win 6-5 on 2 walks, a double by Yaz, single by Crawford, triple by Dubon and pinchhit double by pinch hitter Flores.

The Giants kept rolling with an 11-4 sweep in the second game off No. 4 starter Williams, a PB 2-4. The top two in the line-up, Slater and Posey combined to go 7 of 16 with five doubles and a homer after neither had a hit in the first game.

The Giants improve to +2 games above the last wildcard spot with only 6 games to play, while the Cubs are now a longshot as they host the Brewers in the season finale.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Final 10 NL Statis-pro Series (Giants split with Padres)

After the Padres-Giants Series (see below), each team has two 2-game series remaining, counting as a total of 12 games. Here is our grid of all games.

Here are the final 10 total series remaining before the playoffs, with a note of how many games out (negative number) or ahead of the last playoff spot each team is. The series can be played in any order with each team startinf their 1st and 4th best pitchers or the 2nd and 3rd best in each series.

North and West - Padres have toughest schedule, a game out of the playoffs and needing to play the top 2 teams in the NL.

Brewers +6 vs Cubs -1

Brewers +6 vs. Padres -1

Dodgers +5 vs. Padres -1

Dodgers +5 vs. Giants +0

Giants +0 vs. Cubs -1

North and South - Mets have a 4-game cushion, while Braves vs. Cards features the 2 divisional teams tied for the last playoff spot.

Mets +4 vs. Cardinals +0

Mets +4 vs. Reds -1

Braves +0 vs. Cardinals +0

Braves +0 vs. Nationals -2

Reds -1 vs. Nationals -2

Padres vs. Giants

Padres Musgrove (7 IP, 1 R), Melancon and Adams combined for a 3-1 win in the nightcap to salvage a split. 

Tatis led the Padres bats woth a 4 of 8 series including 3 homers and a double.

However, the Giants stayed ahead in the standings with 12 hits in the 6th through 9th innings alone to rally from down 3-1 to a 9-4 win. It was not a sweep because they led by only 3 at the end if the 8th inning.

LaStella went 6 of 9 with a double and homer and Posey went 3 of 8 including a double.


Cards 19-7 Thrashing of Nats Finally Clarifies Playoff Picture

For weeks all 10 Statis-Pro NL qualifiers have been at least tied for one of the 6 playoff spots. That changed when Bader reached base his first 6 times at bat including 3 doubles and a homer and Arenado finished a 7 of 11 series with 3 doubles in a 19-6 sweep over the Nats.

The one key pitcher was recemtly acquired JA Happ. Since we only use 4 starting pitchers, pitchers like Happ can pitch long relief for up to 3 innings, and after Soto blasted his 3rd homer of the twin bill to cut the deficit to 10-7 and chase mikolas in the 4th, Happ came in for a scoreless 2 1-3 for the win.

If the playoffs were help now, we finally have 6 teams that would make it. 

6-seed Giants at 3-seed Dodgers, with a Dodgers win sending them to play 2-seed Mets or Giants win sending them to face 1-seed Brewers.

5-seed Cardinals at 4-seed Braves with winner getting the other 1 or 2 seed.

The 4 through 6 are tied, but Braves are 10-2 in the head-to-head between the 3 due to a 6-0 series sweep over the Giants and 4-2 series over the Cards, who they must play again.

Here are the standings before the Cards-Nats series, with every team at least a 0 for no games out of the last wild card spot.

Here are the after standings with the Cards win bumbing 4 teams out of the playoffs with minus signs. The Nats are in last at 2 games out (-2) while the Cubs, Reds and Padres are 1 game out (the Padres still need to play the Giants, so this could flip).

Steals Tops Power, Mets Maintain 1st Place Lead After Ejection

 Rarely in modern baseball is the stolen base more important than power hitting, but that was the case today in Statis-pro as the Mets used speed to win 1-0 as their stadium robbed homers.

They took advantage of the lowest rating for a catcher's arm, a TC for Braves' slugging catcher d'Arnaud. Veterans Morton and Hill dueled to leave a scoreless tie in the bottom of the 8th, when Smith pinch hit and delivered a one out pinch hit single.

Peraza stepped in to pinch run with a speed B/B (first number is baserunning and 2nd is stealing, with E the worst and A the best, except for a few AA on the second). Peraza attempted to steal, and while a TA or TB would have thrown him out, he beat the TC throw. 

The things went crazy. With Lindor at the plate, reliever Minter argued over a ball call and was ejected. Martin came in from the pen and allowed a single to Lindor  and Peraza raced home. Lindor then stole second but did not score.

Diaz and Brad Hand pitched a perfect 8th and 9th, combining to strikeout 5 of 6 get the win and save.

The Mets almost took the nightcap with speed over power as well. Albies and Pederson hit deeo drives in the first that would have been homers in atlanta but were long flyouts in the ultimate pitcher's park.

With the Braves leading 2-1 in the 8th, Lindor (A/B) doubled and the took the unusual step of stealing 3rd base. Baez then hit a fly ball only deep enough to score an on-base running A (the number before the slash), to tie the game 2-2.

The Braves did eventually erupt in the 10th inning to win, but the split left them still 4 games behind the Mets for the NL South & East title and a bye.

After the Cards play the Nationals, we will see what the Mets magic number is with two sereis or 12 "games" left to play.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Statis-Pro Play-by-play cards - Dodgers at Brewers for 1st Place

For our biggest series of the NL Statis-Pro season to date, we decided to score the game on a table to show readers new to Statis-Pro how to play the game. 

Here is the first of the two games. We will insert a table after 3 innings, and then a picture of the cards during a big moment during those three innings:

1st to 3rd Inning Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37
      Top 1st - Burns (SR 12,PB2-9) vs. Dodgers
T. Turner (2b)No8-P67Out12grounder SS to 1b
Betts (rf)No7-P111bf11infield single (SR drop 1 allow runner)
      Failed to steal (Betts SP B, Narvaez TC)
Muncy (1b)1st6-P87Out11grouder 5-3, Betts to 2nd base
Smith (c) 2nd7-P73Out10F7 (SR drop 1 for end of inning)
      Middle 1st, Brewers 0, Dodgers 0
      Bot 1st - Buehler (SR 14, PB2-8) vs. Brewers
Yelich (lf)No11-B54W13Walk
 1st 28  Steals (Yelich SP B, Smith TB)
Cain (rf)2nd11-B34HR10Homer, SR minus for hit and 2 runs allowed
Adames (ss)No9-B141B89Single to CF
Vogelbach (1b)1st8-P62Out9Deep fly left
Escobar (3b)1stBD65 9Foul, still at bat (11-32 needed for clutch hit)
Wong (2b)1st6-P86Out8F8 - lose 1 off SR for end of inning
      End 1st - Brewers 2, Dodgers 0
      Top 2nd- Burns (SR 10) vs. Dodgers
Pollack (lf)No10-B75Out10G 1-3
Seager (ss)No7-P111bf9infield single (SR drop 1 allow runner)
J. Turner (3b)1st5-P41K9strikeout
Bellinger (cf)1stBD132B7Clutch Batting RBI Double, Seager scores
Buhler (p)2nd 82Out6G3. If no batter hits in 20s, skip PB, use bat
      Middle 2nd, Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Bottom 2nd - Buehler (SR8)
Bradley (cf)No5-P84Out8G1-3
Narvaez (c) No5-P27K8strikeout
Burnes (p)  65Out7G5-3
      End 2nd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Top 3rd- Burns (SR 6) vs. Dodgers
T. Turner (2b)No4-P66Out6F4
Betts (rf)No9-P82Out6L1
Muncy (1b)No5-P45K5Strikeout
      Middle 3rd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1
      Bottom 3rd - Buehler (SR7)
Yelich (lf)No9-B66Out7Grounder 1st
Cain (rf)No7-P25K7strikeout
Adames (ss)NoCD   CD (clutche def) ignored, noone on base
 No5-P211B96single to RF
Vogelbach (1b)1st7-P83Out6G5-3
      End of 3rd - Brewers 2, Dodgers 1

As an example, the first line shows that Brewer Corbin Burns started the game with a PB2-9 (the best possible), and an SR (endurance) of 12. Any time a pitcher lets a runner on base that is his fault (not an error) the SR (or RR for relievers) is lowered by 1, if that runner scores it drops another 1, and at the end of every inning it drops 1. Once a pitcher runs out of endurance and his PB starts to drop 1 for every further reduction if he stays in the game. If Burns 12 was reduced to 0, then his PB would drop to PB2-8, then 2-7, 4-7, 2-6, 2-5, 2-4, 2-3, 2-2 and then you would skip the PB and go straight to the 11-88 random number on the opposing batter's card.

The first batter in this game was Trea Turner, so the columns include his name and position, then what bases had a runner when he came up (No = No one on base). The next column shows the PB roll of 2-12 (or in our case on the fast action card instead of dice) was an 8 and we put 8-P to note that the 8 kept the card on the pitcher's card (Burnes) whereas if it were a 10 we would type 10-B to show it was on Turner's card.

The random number (11-88 dice roll or in our case on fast action cards) was a 67, which is an "Out" on the card. Because Turner did not reach base, Burns is still a "12" as shown on the last card. If you are using a 20-sided dice and the out chart in the game, or if you have fast action cards like shown in the picture, then you can determine the type of out (if not, just record an OUT and leave every on base as though it were a popout). In this case the type of out on the random card was a grounder to shortstop.

Here is the photo when the Random Number of 34 resulted in Cain's homer off Buhler in the 1st inning.

4th to 6th Inning Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37

Here are the results of the middle three innings.
      Top 4th- Burns (SR 5) vs. Dodgers
Smith (c) No7-P28K5strikeout
Pollack (lf)No7-P62CD-C5FD7 (CD-C with none on base = Out)
Seager (ss)No10-B37Deep Deep drive means check ball park
   36 336 is homer (Mil 11-48 homer, 51-88 out)
J. Turner (3b)No7-P31K2strikeout
      Middle 4th - Brewers 2, Dodgers 2
      Bottom 4th - Buehler (SR6)
Escobar (3b)No10-B61Out6F8
Wong (2b)No9-B36W5walk
Bradley (cf)1st5-P51W4walk,now 1st and 2nd base
Narvaez (c) 1,2Z73  Z-play fielding chart
   612B71Pollack (E5) misplays fly into 2-run double
Burnes (p)2nd 58Out1G4-3, Narvaez to 3rd
Yelich (lf)3rd9-B78Out0G6-3
      End 4th - Brewers 4, Dodgers 2
      Top 5th- Burns (PB8) vs. Dodgers
      Burns ave. 3 IP, lower PB by 1 to pitch past 4
Bellinger (cf)No7-P26K0strikeout
Taylor (ph)No2-P82Out0G5-3
T. Turner (2b)No5-P42Out0F7
      Middle 5th - Brewers 4, Dodgers 2
      Bottom 5th - Urias (PB4-7, RR6) vs. Brewers
Cain (rf)NoBD   ignore BD (clutch bat), no one on base
  7-P67Out6L3 - liner to 1st
Adames (ss)No5-P161b95single to right
Vogelbach (1b)1st4-P131b74single to left
Escobar (3b)1,28-B172b72double to left, Adames scores
Wong (2b)2,36-P71Out1infield back: G6-3, Vogelbach scores
Bradley (cf)3rd6-P64Out0G6-3
      End 5th - Brewers 6, Dodgers 2
      Top 6th- Suter (PB2-8, RR 4) vs. Dodgers
Betts (rf)No8-P75Out4Error SS, Betts to 2nd
Muncy (1b)2nd10-B27HR3Homer, Betts and Muncy Score
Smith (c) No6-P65Out3F3
Pollack (lf)No7-P171b82single to center
   52  Pollack (Steal B) out stealing (Narvaez TC)
Seager (ss)No5-P54Out1G1-3
      Middle 6th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 6th - Knebel (PB2-7, RR3) vs. Brewers
Narvaez (c) No10-B44K3strikeout
Suter (p)No4-P41K3strikeout
Yelich (lf)No7-P86out2F9
      End of 6th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4

Here is the 37, which resulted in a DEEP drive for Seager. At that point we looked at the Milwaukee ballpark factor which is 11-48 = HR, and 51-88 = deep drive with any runners advancing. The next card after this photo was a 36, meanign the drive went out of the ballpark to cut the Brewers lead to 6-4.

7th Inning through end of Game 1 - 2nd Place Dodgers 52-38 at 1st Place Brewers 53-37

Here is the finale in the first game for 1st place in the entire NL as well as the NL East.

      Top 7th- Suter (RR 1) vs. Dodgers
J. Turner (3b)No5-P47walk0Walk, Suter PB drops to PB2-7
Bellinger (cf)1st4-P211b8 single center, J. Turner to 3rd, Suter PB4-7
Barnes (ph)1,23-B34K strikeout
T. Turner (2b)1,25-P47walk walk, bases loaded 1 out, Suter replaced
      Yardley (PB4-7, RR 3) replaces Suter
Betts (rf)LoadCD   2B Wong (CD5) chance for clutch defense
   23  Wong diving catch of line drive, 4-6 DP
      Middle 7th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 7th - Treinen (PB2-7, RR3) vs. Brewers
Cain (rf)No8-B171b82single to center
Adames (ss)1st7-P72Out2F7
Vogelbach (1b)1st9-B121b81single CF
      Bellinger (CF, T5) throws out Cain at 3rd
Escobar (3b)1st7-P46walk0Walk, Treinen PB4-7
Wong (2b)1,27-P73Out ground second to shortstop
      End of 7th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4
      Top 8th- Williams (PB2-8, RR 3) vs. Dodgers
Muncy (1b)No5-P42K3strikeout
Smith (c) No5-P111bf2infield single
Pollack (lf)1st8-P26K2strikeout
Seager (ss)1st6-P55walk1walk, Smith to 2nd base
J. Turner (3b)1,25-P84Out0grounder to 2nd base
      Middle 8th, Brewers 6, Dodgers 4
      Bottom 8th - Kelly (PB2-8, RR2) vs. Brewers
Bradley (cf)No6-P57WP2L3. with noone on base, WP, PB or BK = Out
Narvaez (c) No12-B151b91single to right
Garcia (ph)1st8-P61CD-C Muncy (c) chance clutch defensive play
   51  Passed ball Muncy, Narvaez to 2nd base
 2nd4-P68Out G6-3
      End of 8th, Brewers 6,Dodgers 4
      Top 9th- Hader (PB2-9, RR 2) vs. Dodgers
Bellinger (cf)No6-P51K strikeout
Pujols (ph)No8-P43K strikeout
T. Turner (2b)NoBD   BD, ignore when noone on base
  5-P141b8 singled to center field
   11  Turner (Speed A) steals 2nd of Narvaez (TC)
Betts (rf)2nd5-P22K strikeout
      FINAL - Brewers 6, Dodgers 4

Here is a photo of the play of the game. 

With the Brewers winning in the top of the 7th inning, the Dodgers loaded the bases with one out to bring Mookie Betts to the plate. If playing with dice the PB is always a 2-12 result. This is the case almost all the time when the Fast Action Cards are used in place of dice, there are occasions when a Z (unusual plays), BD (clutch batting), or CD (clutch fielding). The latter two are ignored if noone on base.

On this occasion, a CD came up instead of a 2-12 number that would have put the Random Number of 11-88 on either Betts card or the reliever Yardley (PB4-7).

The next card indicated the player with the chance at the Clutch Defensive play was the Brewers excellent 2nd baseman Wong. whose CD5 (the highest of 5 defensive ratings) means on the chart that an 11-48 is a line drive out with the lead runner doubled off, a 51-78 is a great play on a grounder and throw to force the lead runner (whether or not he is forced) and an 81-88 would have been a single up the middle to score two runs and tie the game. 

In the play of the game, Wong grabbed a line drive and turned it into an inning ending double play to end the bases loaded threat with the score still 6-4, which the Brewers maintained to win.

Here is a photo of the 3 Fast Action Cards and Wong and Betts at the top of their stacks. 

The Dodgers dropped to 53-40 and 1st Place Brewers improved to 55-38, meaning the Dodgers needed to win the nightcap and lead by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning without using their best pitcher available (Jansen) by the 8th. 

Here is the traditional scoresheet from that 2nd game. We did not do the play by play like above for that game.

Kershaw dominated for 8 shutout innings in the nightcap. Smith's double keyed a 3-run 1st inning, and after another double in the 5th his rbi single capped a 3-run 9th for a 6-0 win.

Unfortunately this does not count as a sweep because the Dodgers did not lead by 5 at the end of the 8th, but the win did give them a 3 games to 3 split to leave them just one game behind the Brewers at 55-41 (Milwaukee is 56-40).

If the Dodgers do at least one game better that the Brewers in the last 2 series then they would actually win the division and bye because at that point they would have a 1 game better record against the 10 teams that were not relegated.

The two teams finish the season 6-6 in the head-to-head (first tie-breaker) and both are 37-29 against the 10 teams who made the cut, so if the Dodgers win at least 1 more game then the Brewers the rest of the way, they would be ahead in the 2nd tie-breaker to take the division.

Brewers, Dodgers, Mets the 7 Teams Within a Game

With the top 2 teams in each division faving off next, our grid of Statis-pro results shows our tightest wild card race ever.

A minus signs under GB (games back) would indicate how many games out of the last wild card spot a team is, but no team currently is out of the playoffs - five teams are tied for the last wild card spot so have a "0" and the other teams have a + to indicate how many games ahead of the last spot they are.

Here are the next games with how many games ahead of the last playoff spot each team is as their No. 2 and No. 3 starters square off.

North and West Division:

Dodgers (+6) at Brewers (+7). If the Dodgers can win the series 4-2 then they have the inside track for the division because they would win the season series 7-5 over the Brewers to officially move into first. If the Brewers split 3-3 they would keep the 1-game lead. Both teams are a near lock for the playoffs, but whoever wins the division gets the crucial 1st round bye. Buhler (pb2-8) and Kershaw (2-7) at Burnes (2-9) and Peralta (2-7).

Giants (+1) at Padres (+0). Everyone scrambing for the final wild card spots. If teams end up tied for MAKING the playoffs then playin game(s) are played, but for winning the division or home advantage the tie-breakers are head-to-head, in division if same division, against qualifiers, and then against the top team in the whole league, 2nd best team etc. Wood (pb 4-7) and Cueto (4-7) at Lamet (2-8) and Musgrove (2-7).

Cubs (+0) done for this round so only 2 series, once through rotation, remaining.

South and East Division

Braves (+1) at Mets (+5). Perhaps last chance to threaten the Mets for the division. With Mets pitcher injuries, if the Braves won 5 games to 1 they would actually move into first by tying the Mets at 52-44 and wimning the season series to own the tie breaker. Mets stay in first if they gi at least 2 and 4. Morton (pb2-7) and Anderson (4-7) at Carrasco (2-7) and Lucchesi (2-7).

Cardinals (+0) at Nationals (+0). Cardinals need to dominate the Nats trade depleted pitching staff because the Braves and Reds srill get to play the Nats in the final two series. Kim (pb 4-7) and Mikolas (4-7) at Fedde (4-7) and Corbin (2-6).

Reds (+0) only 2 series left.

For those who dont know, the PB range by the pitchers are the numbers on which he controls the action and can allow no worse than a single on a roll of two dice from 2-12. A pb 2-9 is best (30 of 36 dice combinations), 2-8 (26 of 36), 2-7 (21 of 36), 4-7 (18 of 36 or a 50-50), 2-6 (15 of 36), 2-5 (10 of 36) and 2-4 (6 of 36).

Reds Split With Cards, Salvage 2 of 6 Vs. Braves

Votto exploded for 5 hits and reached 7 times in two games in hitter friendly Atlanta, but the Reds were shut down by two Cardinals result.

The incredible log jam continued as the Braves sweep for an 11-5 win gave them credit for 4 games to 2 over the Reds despite losing the nightcap 10-9. The moved the Braves into a tie for the second of 4 wildcard spots. The Reds dropped to a 5-way tie for the 6th and final spot.

The Cardinals split with the Reds to also be in the 5-way tie, as all 10 teams who advanced have had their rosters double checked and started divisional play.

We use a rotation that lets each team start either their No.1 and No.4 starter or their No.2 and No.3 starters so one team never has the advantage of their top two starters against the other team's 3rd and 4th.

Teams actually use 5- or even 6-man rotations in modern baseball, but we let extra starters come in and pitch up to 3 innings in one of every 2 game series. This was key when the Reds fell behind 7-3 to risk being swept for a 2nd straight game by the Braves, but Sims came in to pjtch the 5th through 7th innings, allowing only one run to not only avoid the sweep but help the Reds rally fir the win.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Nats, Mets Sweep Each Others Depleted Pitching Staffs

Just like real action tonight, a split. More to come.

The Nats pitching is decimated between the trade deadline - so their 12-6 loss counting as a sweep (5+ run lead after 8 innings without losing closer) is no surprise. Lindor hit a double and 2 homers in the nightcap to fuel the win, as opposed to the real double header between the same 2 teams last night where he and Baez were given the game off in a 4-3 loss. Hugh? Lindor scores 6 runs in the two games.

The Mets season of injuries has hit theor pitcjing the hardest,.so when their best remaining starter Stroman was beaten up in the first game the 10-5 sweep. Soto hit 2 homers.

Score this series a 3-3 tie due to both teams getting credited with 3-0 sweeps.

Final Statis-Pro Rosters and Transactions: Braves, Mets, Cardinals, Nationals and Reds

The following are the rosters of Statis-Pro baseball cards we are using for the divisional games in our "South & East" Division. During the season we keep up with big trades, to keep the rosters pretty close, but we don't move the players cards in and out with all the changes in modern Major League Baseball.

1. If a player is on the roster and we already had a Statis-Pro card (or temporary card) in our deck for the games we'd been playing, then obviously the remain in the game and under "Last Update" it simply says "Roster."

2. If a player we had on the team was injured but is at least rehabbing (including in the minors) to prepare to play again we keep him in the game and note the last transaction update below.

3. If a player was sent to the minors or injured within the last two months then we leave them in the game.

4. We ditch a player if they were released or traded, were not on the roster and are on 60-day DL and not yet rehabbing, or if they were sent to the minors more than 2 months ago and have not returned. Most if these players we ditch, but a key player like deGrom we keep in the stack and just mark them to check the tramsactions wires regularly to see if they start pitching again.

5. "Temporary Card" indicates the player did not actually have a projected 2021 card, but due to playing a good bit we added a temporary "fringe" card for the player. Fringe cards appear after these 5 rosters - and entail using a pitcher's projected ERA or a batter's projected OPS and the corresponding card at the end of this blog.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Padres Struggle to Split After Rosters Updated

Each team in our "North and West" division has now played, as the Padres bats continued to struggle amd waste great pitching. They traded 2-1 wins with the depleted cards.

We double checked rosters prior to starting divisional play with the rule if thumb that if the player is off the mlb roster for 60 days die to being sent to the minors, suspended or 60-day DL, then theur card is not used.

The Padres lost Pomeranz to 60-day DL, but luckily for them a second pb2-9 reliever, Austim Adams, came in with bases loaded in the 8th and retired Cubs cleanup hitter Contreras then pitched the 9th for the save.

A Cubs line-up with new cards based on ops or era, such as Matt Duffy's card in the ohoto that delivered the game-winning double in the 10th inning.

Best Real Team (Giants) Beat Best Statis-Pro Team (Brewers), Weakened Yelich

Earlier in the year Yelich Statis-Pro 2021 Projected Card would have hit a game-winning homer. However, he is one of a handful of batters to have cards adjusted, and his 25-28 HR range made a 32 a deep drive, which waa caught for a sac fly as the Giants held on for a 5-4 win.

The improved Giants' card for Brandon Crawford (27-33 though far fewer walks then Yelich) resulted in 3 homers in a 9-6 win in the nightcap, and Longoria's (27-34) had a single, double and triple and threw out two runners at home (CD5). LaStella did him one better with a cycle over the course of 2 games.

The Giants, who were initially dropped as a relegated team but played themselves back into the top 10 teams, move into 4th place for the second wild card team with home advantage based in games back. The win the tie breaker with the Reds due to a better record against qualified teams (Reds beefed up 21-9 against relegated teams to 18-12 for the Giants).

The losses drop the Brewers to 53-37, just one game ahead of the Dodgers for the best record in the NL. The Giants wins moved them past 5 teams tied for 6th place foe the last playoff spot.

The AL uses the same Staris-pro cards but does not use the adjustments, which are optional. The pitchers' card adjustments are here.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dodgers Blast Cubs Out of Playoffs

The Cubs split their early season series with the Dodgers, but their depleted roster lost 7-1 and 4-1 against Scherzer and Buhler to officially lose this series 5 games to 1.

This was the first "divisional series' after each NL team played the other 14 in one series, then divided into 5 relegated teams and two 5-team divisions. Each team now plays only divisional foes in a 2nd game series. The series shot the Dodgers to the second best record in the league, ans dropped the Cubs to 10th of 10 remaining teams.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Reds Clinch With Blowout + 8 2-3 No Hit Ball

 Our most "boring" three series of the year wrapped up our NL inter division round robin. Basically the Reds and Brewers still needed the chance to beef up their records against the hapless Pirates, and the now depleted Nats against the also relegated Marlins.

However, the first of these final games yielded some suspense, as the Reds needed to go at least 2-4 vs. the Pirates, or the Phillies would snatch the last qualifying spot and the Reds would drop to relegated.

The Reds clinched with a 10-3 sweep in the first game, as rookie of the year candidate Jonathan India reached base 4 of 10 times in the series in which 12 of the Reds 13 hits went for extra bases. The Reds then passed 5 other teams when Mahle, Sims and Garrett went through the line-up 3 times allowing only one baserunner, a walk. Polanco then spoiled the no-hitter with a 2 out double in the 9th off Garrett, but the Reds won 4-0 to take the series 5 games to 1 and improve to 44-40. 

With that win we have a phenom in the standings below - all 10 teams would make the 6-team playoffs if the season ended today. The 5 teams the Reds passed are all 2 games above .500, meaning they are all in a tie for 6th place. The Nats and Cubs likely fall now that they are playing with their depleted rosters, but still a thrilling final run.

Here are the final records for the relegated teams and then those that will continue in our 2 divisions. Results of the final 2 relegated series below.

The best in our game played the worst, so no surprise the Brewers won 5 games to 1 to knock the Pirates below a .300 winning percentage to end their season.

Four Pirates errors resulting 2 unearned runs to waste a great outing by Keller in a 3-1 Brewers win. In the second game former Rays SS Adames had 2 doubles and 2 homers in his last 4 at bats and led a 9-0 sweep. The Brewers will enter divisional play with a 3 game lead over any other team in either division.

Marlin Bryan de la Cruz debuted with a double on a 2 of 5 game and 12-11 win in 11 innings the nightcap after Corbin pitched the Nats to a 1-0 win in 10 innings in the opener.

Now thar these "boring" three series are over the 5 relegated teams are done for the season. The actual contenders start to go through 20 divisional series (4 for each qualifier, one each against each of their "South & East" and "North & West" Divisional foes).

At that point the 2 divisional champs get byes and the next four best records overall play wild card series, while the worst 4 records will be dropped. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Phillies Close vs. Mets and Braves Trying to Catch Reds for Last Spot

 The Phillies entered their last two series with an outside chance to catch the Reds or someone for the last qualifying spot for divisional play.

Our process this NL Statis-pro season was:

1. All 15 teams played 36 games, at which time the bottom 5 were relegated meaning the would not play each other, but still play so the 10 advancing teams could play all 14 other teams. The Giants, Pirates, Rockies, Phillies and Marlins were initially relegated.

2. However, if a relegated team passed one if the top 10 teams while playing out the games they had, they could bump them. This happened as the Giants (now 43-41) blew past the Diamondbacks (now 42-48). Heading into the final series the Reds were still in danger at 39-39, though their last series will be against the worst relegated team, the Pirates. The Phillies were the best relegated team at 28-32, but their final two series were tough against the Braves and the Mets.

3. The Phillies hosted both, and if they could move up then they would advance to take the Reds place in the "South-East" division for four final series against the other divisional teams - the Mets and Braves again as well as the Cardinals and much weakened Nats.

4. We will update the four remaining games in order in this blog, then put pictures of the two series and the updated standings at the bottom.

Game 1 - Harper's 3-run triple in the bottom of the 8th rallied the Phillies to ultimately force extra innings. On of only a few SP: AA base theoves, Roman Quinn, made the last out of the 9th and the started the bottom of the 10th on second base. He stole third on a "72" - a number on which only 4 players in the game could steal third, and then tagged and scored the game-winner on McCutchen's sac fly. Phillies 6, Braves 5 in 10 innings, and at 30-33 they pull within a game and a half of the Reds.

Game 2 - The thrilling series continued with a second extra inning game. In the top of the 10th Freeman hit a 2-run homer, but in the bottom Miller hit a 2-run homer to force the 11th. Then d'Arnaud hit a 2-run homer and the deeper Nraves pen won out as Wilson continued his 3rd inning out of the pen for the win. Braves 7, Phillies 5 in 11 innings, and  the Phillies drop two games behind the Reds and desperate to sweep the Mets or otherwise need to count on the lowly Pirates to beat the Reds for them to get in.

Game 3 - The Phillies played their third straight extra inning game, but wasted 7 scoreless innings by Nola to fall on 3 straight singles in the 10th. Mets 2, Phillies 0 in 10 innings. Phils fall ti brink of elimination at 32-37.

Game 4 - Velasquez not inly win, but hit a 3-run homer as part of a crazy 16-9 win over the mets. Hoskins went 5 of 7 with 2 doubles and a homer.  The sweep for being ahead 5+ after 8 innings keeps the Phils mathematically alive at 35-37, but they would need the Pirates to get sweep credit in one of the 2 games and win both games against the Reds for the Phillies to claim the 10th spot away from them for divisional play. Even if the Reds lose the Series 2 games to 4 they would remain in the 10 teams advancing with a 41-43 record. Phillies 16, Mets 9 (sweep).

Fountain of Youth: Cueto, Posey, Longoria Blast Rockies to Tie for Playoff

 Posey's hits in his first four at bats included a homer and 2 doubles, Longoria added 3 homers, and Cueto pitched well in homer friendly Coors Field in the 6th with a 7-1 lead en route to a 9-3 sweep.

In the nightcap the Giants rallied against Rockies closer for a 4-3 lead. Longoria hit a 3-run homer earlier, then Ruf singled to start the 9th with the score tied 3-3. He moved to second on Longoria's grounder, Yaz singled him ti third, and LaStella brought him home with a sac fly.

The 5 games to 1 series gives the Giants a 43-41 record and puts then in a virtual 5-way tie for the last 2 playoff spots.

Colorado finishes 27-39, as the second relegated team to finish the season (Arizona 36-42). The three other relegated teams still have games against the 10 advancing teams who must finish playing all of the other 14 NL teams. Philadelphia is 28-32, Miami 26-34 and Puttsburgh 21-45. At the 36-game mark tge Giants were relegated, but they played themselves ahead of the DBacks to replace them in the 10 advancing teams.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Padres Win top .500 for first time at altitude

 The Padres finally broke .500 with two wins in Colorado, entering a 4-way tie for the last two wildcard spots.

Musgrove was the star of the series. He pitched the only quality start in the series at hitter friendly Coors Field (6 innings, 3 runs) and more impressively did something we dont remember in years of Statis-Pro - hit two extra base hits as a pitcher.

Tatis, Myers and former Pirates All-Star 2md baseman Frazier.

The Rockies are finishing the last three series of the year at home as a relegated team. They beat the Cubs 4 games to 2, lost this series 4 games to 2, and close with the Giants.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rockies wrap play hosting Cubs, Giants and Padres

We are wrapping up our NL inter divisional play with the series of relegated teams who have yet to play another NL team. At the end of this 14th series for each team that advanced those teams will have played all 14 other NL teams and next play their four divisional foes (see bottom photo) below.

We start by having the Rockies wrapping up their season by hosting the Cubs, Padres and Giants.

The Cubs came in only 23-31 against the other 9 teams to advance, but were actually in playoff position due to an incredible 20-4 mark against the other relegated teams.

However, with the new depleted roster, they blew a potential 5-0 sweep and barely hung on 5-4 when Story and Blackmon were out to leave bases loaded (the combined to go 8 of 19 with 5 doubles and 2 homers).

The Rockies then had a sweep of their own with a 10-4 win to take the series 4 games to 2.