Sunday, July 31, 2022

Rays last ranked offense adds 2 sluggers, but stays one of 2 Statis-Pro disappointments

 The Rays hoped the return of Brandon Lowe's card from the 60-day DL and acquisition of the David Peralta from Arizona would bolster the worst of 10 teams in our AL Statis-Pro league.

The Rays have averaged only 3.4 runs per game (1st chart) while the Red Sox have had the 2nd best pitching in the league (3.9 runs per game allowed). But J. Lowe hit a 2-run homer and B. Lowe singled and eventually scored to make it 3-0 over Eovaldi in the first inning. That was enough for Corey Kluber, who allowed only 6 baserunners and 1 run over 7 innings in a 5-1 win.

However, Eovaldi and 8 other pitchers allowed only 4 Rays runs in the next 17 innings to prevent them from scoring another run to get the 5-run sweep, and then falling 2-6 in the second game for a split.

Trevor Story was the Red Sox hero in the nightcap, hitting two home runs, one of them an in-the-parker off a Z-play (center fielder crashing into wall).

On the 2nd chart, you can see Tampa is one of two teams with a red percentage indicating their Statis-Pro cards have a winning record 10% below their real season record vs. the top 10 AL teams (the Astros are the other. The two tams that have won 10% more in Statis-Pro are the Blue Jays and despite being only .500, the Angels. The majority of teams are about the same in Statis-Pro and the real season.

The scoresheet and key cards in the game are on the 3rd image.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Top 10 Statis-Pro Cards Added to New Team July 1- 30

Here are the top 10 Statis-Pro cards picked up by new teams in trades from July 1 to July 30.

The big names will likely move in the final couple of days before the trade deadline the evening of August 2.

For pitchers, go tot the projected 2022 pitchers cards. However, in the case of the biggest pitcher acquisition Luis Castillo, who went from the Reds to the Mariners, he did not have a pitching card because he was not on the opening week roster. When that happens, go to thespreadsheet of all pitchers to find the player or if you do not see one, pick the ERA closest to his projected ERA or FIPs to pick a card.

In this case we pulled both Castillo, and the Mets Jacob deGrom, who is finally being activated. The bottom two lines of this table show their numbers on the inactive sheet.

Normally you would just write up a card for Castillo as well as deGrom, however we actually typed out their numbers and added them to the bottom of the sheet and below.

#1 trade pick-up so far - Luis Castillo from the Reds to Mariners (we just added deGrom here too so the Mets can use him now).

With a batter, check first on the projected 2022 batters cards from the beginning of the season. The biggest batter pick-ups in order of who good the Statis-Pro card appears to be. If a key batter was traded who did not have an opening week card, go to this sheet of all batters to either find the player or use a cards based on his OPS.

#2 pickup so far is the Yankees picking up Andrew Benintendi from the Royals to replace Joey Gallo, who actually had a strong hitting card in our game but was having a terrible actual season for the Yankees.

#3 pickup is the Rays getting David Peralta.

The Rays picked up Peralta, who gives them another great fielding outfielder (E1, CD4, T5 is the best rating an outfielder can have), decent speed (OBR: B, though not a steal threat at D), and above average (OPS.749) hitter who also makes good contact if the Ray need a runner in from 3rd base (only strikes out 37-43).

#4 pickup is the Dodgers getting Chris Martin.

A PB 2-8 is the second best ranking, indicating he is one of the 15% most effective Statis-Pro cards in the game. While Castillo above is one worse at PB2-7, it is more important to have a starting pitcher like Castillo who can pitch up to 7 innings, vs. a pitcher like Martin who normally pitches just 2 innings every 4 games.

#5 pickup is the Mets getting Daniel Vogelbach.

Not much defense from the big guy, but he can slug and gets on base an incredible 41-64 for a walk.

#6 pickup is the Yankees getting Tyler Wade.

At first glance Wade is a weak fielding third baseman (E5, CD2) with an even weaker bat (.619 OPS, and actually does not have any home run range (26-25 backward range means no numbers in the range, though a deep drive of 26-28 could go out based on the ballpark).

However, the Yankees do not need another bat or glove. Wade's OBR and STL (Steal) numbers of A/AA make give him the best numbers when the team needs a pinch runner to come in and steal 2nd base and likely even 3rd base, before racing home on a single.

#7 pickup is the Pirates getting Yohan Ramirez.

his 3 Max IP means he can pitch in part or all of 3 innings if his RR 5 holds up, band while we do have a typo on 1b8 (should be 13-14) a pitcher who is average overall (PB 4-7 controls the action 50% of the time) and only allows hits on 11-15 while in control can be a valuable middle reliever.

#8 pickup is the Mets getting Tyler Naquin.

The Mets picked up Tyler Naquin from the Reds, a slightly better hitter that Peralta, but only a slightly above average fielder who hits well against righties but definitely very weak against lefties (LP 14/ 88).

#9 pickup is the Braves getting Robinson Cano.

No longer a star, but Cano's hit range goes up to 34, making him a great guy to deliver a game-winning hit with a runner on second base. The fact that he only has two strikeout numbers (38-41) means he should actually be a hit & run 1 on the card - also valuable and just a typo that we have him as a 0. If a player has no strikeouts on his hitter card, then it should be a hit & run 2.

#10 pickup is the Blue Jays getting Banda.

Below average at a PB 2-6, but with the high scoring Blue Jays ballpark, and extra decent pitcher to eat up a few extra innings can be key, and he gives them a lefty.

Other pickups -  Sosa to the Phillies and Romero to the Cubs.

The Phillies picked up shortstop Edmundo Sosa, who is a fairly light hitting batter, but decent in the field at an important position of shortstop.

The Cubs picked up JoJo Romero back from the Phillies for Sosa (see above). Really only a mop up role pitcher in the game as a PB 2-5).

Friday, July 29, 2022

Verlander 15k, 1w; Astros Erupt to crush Guardians

 Shane Bieber is still the Cy Young favorite, but the Houston Astros finally erupted after a disappointing Statis-Pro starts with 3 successful hit and run plays in the first inning to score 3 runs on Bieber.

Tucker singled to start the game, then the Astros took advantage of being the team that strikes out the least and thus his several HR (hit and run) 1s and 2s while almost all players are 0s in the modern game. Brantley and Bregman followed with hit and run singles, then Gurriel had a hit and run rbi ground out all in the first inning.

In between Austin Hedges, with the best CD of 5 and catcher drew a 65, one of only 2 numbers on which he cannot get to a ball quickly to allow a single. The Astros won 7-0 for a sweep, and then in the second game Alvarez 2-run homer in the 8th gave them a 4-3 win and credit for a 5 games to 1 series win.

Verlander pitched the best game of any pitcher in this Statis-Pro seasons with 15 strikeouts and one walk in 7.2 scoreless innings before Neris came in to finish. Overall the Indians managed no extra base hits in 2 games, striking out 31 times as Javier won the second game in relief with 4 shut out innings behind 7 strikeouts and 0 walks.

Cy Young Leader Bieber Hosts Astros' Verlander

 We have updated the log of all Statis-Pro games played this season. We don't really keep stats, but we run a quick pivot table for each Starting Pitcher and calculated how many runs his team averages in his starts, how many are allowed (like an ERA but counts relievers runs allowed as well), then his team's record in his starts - keeping in mind a win with a 5-run lead after 8 innings count as a win.

Looking at the numbers, our next starter Shane Bieber of the Indians would need to be the Cy Young Leader. The Indians have averaged winning his games 7.3 to 2.0, and have gone 8-1 in his starts. 

His next game is against Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros. Verlander has been unlucky so far as his relievers have falled apart for an average loss of 4.7 to 7.7. However, some of the Astros pitchers were the ones corrected to a PB one better than their card at the beginning of the season.

The next start will feature Verlander with his PB 2-8 card against Bieber with his even better PB 2-9 card as the Astros try to rally as the biggest disappointment so far in our season as they challenge the Yankees for the best record in the AL in real baseball.

The new sharper and corrected 2022 Projected Pitchers are here. Use thProjected Batters and the free Statis-Pro baseball Game if you do do not already have a game, but if you like it we suggest going on line to find real fast action cards and an entire game.

Row LabelsAbreuAve ScoreAve AllowedWinsLosses
BazTampa Bay1.00.0021
Germanny yankees4.50.5042
KeuchelChicago WS2.02.0024
severinony yankees5.02.3363
RasmussenTampa Bay2.72.6745
banksChicago WS5.53.0042
Kingny yankees5.03.0121
LopezChicago WS4.03.5033
SyndergaardLA Angels2.03.6745
SandovalLA Angels3.34.0045
coleny yankees6.04.3363
McClanahanTampa Bay5.34.6745
GiolitoChicago WS9.05.0021
LynnChicago WS3.05.0012
RomeroTampa Bay4.55.5024
DetmersLA Angels8.35.6772
CeaseChicago WS5.36.0045
CuetoChicago WS2.07.0003
Montgomeryny yankees3.38.0045
KluberTampa Bay2.38.3318
OhtaniLA Angels5.78.6736

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

9th inning pinch runner, defensive switch in Twins vs. Rays

 The Twins blasted the Rays 11-5 for a "sweep" in the opener, then the teams had a 9th inning of strategy that shows why baseball makes the best board games.

The Twins Emilio Pagan waled the Rays Mike Zununo to start the bottom of the 9th with the Twins clinging to a 3-3 lead.

The Rays replaced the Zununo with the speedy (obr-sp A-A) Brett Phillips at 1st base.

The Twins responded by replacing the weak defensive catcher Gary Sanchez (e3, cd2, TC) with the decent defensive catcher Ryan Jeffers (e2, cd3, TB).

Phillips attempted to steal and the random number was 55, which on the chart the runner is out stealing if the catcher is a TA but otherwise steals - so Jeffers defense was not enough and Phillips stole. Pagan then three a wild pitch on a 61, putting the speedy Phillips on 3rd with no outs and a tying run 90 feet away.

The infield played in, meaning even on a hard grounder, Phillips would have a 50-50 chance of scoring - unless the grounder was hit back to the pitcher. And that's exactly what happened twice in a row, with Diaz and Kiermeier hitting back to back grounders right back to Pagan.

Josh Lowe then came up and had an out - F2 - which is normally a foul out to catcher, but with our old 1978 out charts and 1st and 3rd would have fallen into the stands if Sanchez was still in the game (the cd1 and cd2 on the 1-5 scale counts as the old CD 0 on the old 0-2 scale), but was caught by Jeffers CD3 (a 3 sounds as cd1 on the old scale and a cd4 or 5 count as a cd2 on the old scale).

The defensive switch wasn't enough to stop the stolen base, but it was enough for the final catch and game over. At the end of 6 series for each team, the Twins are 19-17 and in 4th place of 10 teams.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Trout tying HR Foul, the Sewald Strikes Him Out to End Series

Seattle's new super star Julio Rodriguez was as bad as you can be in a Mariners 5-2 loss to the Angels, with 2 strikeouts and hitting in to 3 double plays in 4 trips to the plate.

Then he was as good as he could be in the 2nd game, setting the tone by leading off the game with a Homer to set the tone for a wild 10-8 win on a 4 for 5 game with 2 homers and being hot by a pitch.

Yet the wild affair was not over until his counter part slugging center fielder in the leadoff spot,  Mike Trout, had one last chance. Trout came to the plate as the tying run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and drew a BD (clutch batting) for a free shot at a Homer on a 13-28 - but drew a 51 for a foul homer. With reliever Paul Sewald tiring from a PB 2-8 to a PB 2-7, he did manage to control with a PB 7 and registered a strikeout on a 46, which would have actually been a strikeout even in a trout's card.

Still, the Angels are a surprising 18-18 for a .500 mark, almost .100 better then their disappointing actual season.

Meanwhile Tampa and Houston are the two disappointing seasons so far in Statis-Pro, though the Dodgers were disappointing at this point last year in Statis-Pro and the destroyed everyone the rest of the year. The good news is my friends will know I don't cheat since the Astros are my favorite team and family in Florida are huge Rays fans :-).

Here are the standings and grid of games which shows either how many games the team won out if 6 in that series, so the box starts with an "s" it indicates and upcoming series (eg s7 = 7th series of the season). After that is the photo of the box score between Seattle and LAA.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Potential 2nd Statis-Pro World Baseball Classic

No firm plans yet for our next Statis-Pro World Baseball Classic, but I'm consider a new set of cards representing 16 states or countries of birth. Here is how the seeds set up as a preliminary perhaps 2 out of 3 in each round. If I get further, I will produce a new set of Statis-Pro cards grouped by these 16 teams based on place of birth.

I had to do some coupling to feel confident I'd have both enough pitchers and batters on each team, so below you can see all the states and countries, but also how I grouped them. Seattle is a gateway to to Asia in some ways, so couple players from Washington State with the Eastern Hemisphere. New York has the biggest Puerto Rican population, so coupled them. The only other is the three Central America teams (Mexico, Panama and Curacao) all on the same team.

If I were seeding them just by number of MLB players then this would be the order.

CountryCountTeamTotal Team CountSeed
 Dominican Republic169 Dominican Republic1692
 Venezuela101 Venezuela1014
New York53 Puerto Rico and New York836
 Puerto Rico30 Puerto Rico and New York83 
Washington26Eastern Hemisphere & Washington448
 Japan8Eastern Hemisphere & Washington44 
 South Korea7Eastern Hemisphere & Washington44 
 Australia3Eastern Hemisphere & Washington44 
North Carolina32North Carolina3211
 Mexico17Central America3112
 Panama9Central America31 
 Curaçao5Central America31 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Statis-Pro Indians 3rd in AL off Ramirez Grandslam

 Jose Ramirez's grandslam in the second inning started a 14-2 route of the Red Sox, and the Indians finished the series in 3rd place at 21-15, behind only the Blue Jays and Yankees.

Based on our league rules, the Indians received credit for a 3-game sweep for that win (ahead by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning), and led 3-1 for most of the second game to have the chance for a 5 games to 1 series win. However, Enrique Hernandez hit a 2-run homer in the top of the 8th inning to tie it 3-3.

In a battle of closers, both the Sox Matt Barnes and Indians Emmanuel Clase pitched scoreless 9ths, but then had to both pitch the 10th despite both tiring (reduced PB). 

Hernandez came through again with a deep drive to left that was caught, but allowed Bogaerts (who started the inning at 2nd base) to score the winning run, and Dalbec added a 3-run homer later in the inning for a 7-3 win.

The Sox credit for 2 wins and 1 loss for the second game let them salage a 2 games to 4 loss in the series to finish the day at .500 - 18-18.

BoSox and Indians - how we update Statis-Pro rosters with new cards

Setting up for my Red Sox vs Indians series - I printed out the new sharper and corrected 2022 Projected Pitchers. I only require a player still be on the 40-man roster and not on the 60-day injured list for his card to be used.

I put an X is the card cannot be used due to not being on the roster, and a 60d if the player cannot be used due to being on the 60 day DL (most notably Chris Sale).

To keep them in order I mark the rotation I chose A, B, C, D and then the relieves from best to worst 1, 2, 3, 4 ... Here they are before I cut them.

Use thProjected Batters and the free Statis-Pro baseball Game if you do do not already have a game, but if you like it we suggest going on line to find real fast action cards and an entire game.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sharper Statis-Pro Cards Debut in Yankees Blowout of ChiSox

What started as a  simple correction on many of the 2022 Projected Pitcher cards, resulted in much easier to read pitcher cards. 

This picture is of the first game using these cards - and if you look closely you will see the new 2022 Projected Pitchers  are much easier to read then the Projected Batters. We play with our 1978 Board and Fast Action Cards, but you can also play for free using this Statis-Pro baseball Game

In this two-game series, the New York Yankees blasted the Chicago White Sox 7-2 and then 5-3. The reason the dueling ace closers Liam Hendriks and Aroides Chapman are both in the game is that we play two game series with each reliever allowed to be used in one of the two games, so this was a use them or lose them. In addition we count a 5-run win as a 3-game sweep - so Hendriks was in to stop the Yankees from winning by five, and Chapman was in to save the win.

Unrelated to the new cards, the White Sox received a huge boost when we checked rosters and added three White Sox pitcher's who did not have cards. We just hand wrote these new additions. For Giolito, we copied his 2021 projected cards, and for Cueto and Lynn we used the standard replacement card for a pitchers with an ERA of 4.01 to 4.59.

To insert the other new pitcher cards for both teams before the series, we laid them out in alphabetical order to replace them for where they were in the rotation or bullpen. You can see the different in how easy it is to read Cole's new card.

Here are all the new pitcher cards for both teams, though some are not currently on the 40-game roster and thus will not be used in our game.

As for the actual results of these first two games with the new pitcher cards, the Yankees have not run away with it like in real baseball, but they are in 2nd in the 10-team league and one game behind the Blue Jays.

Giancarlo Stanton looked like the sure series MVP when he hit a 3-run homer to chase Cueto as part of hits in his first four bats. However leadoff hitter Joe Gallo hit 3 homers after that. Both finished 5 for 9 for the two games. The Yankees are now 22-14, not as good as in real baseball but still just one game behind first place Toronto - and in our league teams do not get to stack up wins against the bottom five teams in the league, since we only include the top 10 teams in the league.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Link to All Corrected Statis-Pro Pitcher Cards for 2022 - Images of Yankees and Mets

Sorry for the delay in actually producing the corrected Statis-Pro pitchers cards for 2022. I finally figured out I was just missing this New Record code.

Here are the corrected 62 pages of pitchers' cards. I went ahead and inserted the images of all the corrected New York pitchers below so you can look at them even before going into google docs to retrieve all 30 teams.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Corrections to PBs of Projected 2022 Pitchers Cards

Click here for corrected Statis-Pro 2022 Projected Cards. If you printed out pitcher cards before July 22, 2022, and do not want to reprint, then you can go to this blog to see which cards should be adjusted by one PB.

Some of the 2022 Projected Statis-Pro pitchers cards need a simple adjustment of one PB number to be accurate. This google sheet of pitchers cards are all updated an corrected.

On the printed pitchers’ cards, you can simply update the PBs of each pitcher based on the team listed on their card (usually the team on which they now play, but if they were traded then still go by the team listed on the card.

The teams in hitters park we improved the pitchers’ card anticipated FIP and ERA slightly too much in the original 2022 cards, so the PD on the pitchers for these teams should be lowered by 1. Therefore, any pitcher on these teams with a PB 2-9 should be lowered to a 2-8; a 2-8 to a 2-7; a 2-7 to a 4-7; a 4-7 to a 2-6; a 2-6 to a 2-5, or a 2-5 to a 2-4:


Blue Jays

Red Sox




Likewise with the cards in the pitchers’ parks, adjust any PB 2-4 to 2-5; 2-5 to 2-6; 2-6 to 4-7; 4-7 to 2-7; 2-7 to 2-8 and; 2-8 to 2-9.
















Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Springer 3 HRs Destroy former Astros Teammates ain Statis-Pro Baseball

The Houston Astros continued to be the biggest disappointment in the Statis-Pro baseball as George Springer took his former teammates deep three times in 2 games to improve to 23-13 in the game.

The reason for the Astros terrible season while the actual team is very good this year is quite simple, their pitching cards and in particular their relievers (outside of PB 2-9 Pressly at closer) are poor to mediocre. That was a recipe for disaster playing in homer friendly Toronto as the Blue Jays took credit for a three-game sweep with an 11-4 win in the opener, the stayed within 11-7 in the second game to avoid the sweep to count as a one-game-to-two lost in the second game.

The only solace the Astros could take is Pressly did induce a fly ball from Springer to preserve the second game, but Springer finished 5 of 8 with 3 homers.

The Astros drop to 15-21 - and while the records are overall lower in our league because teams to not get to play the bottom 5 in the league for easy wins, that still leaves the Astros a distant 8th place of ten teams.

All 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) and All 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) are needed to play the Statis-Pro baseball Game. If you printed the pitcher cards before July 22, 2022, we did catch one adjustment to the PB rating of pitchers based on the team on which they played. You can either use this link which has the correct numbers for all the pitcher cards or print out the cards from the link above and then adjust all the pitchers on certain teams by referencing this blog.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

New AL Statis-Pro Cards - 11 New Batters and 8 New Pitchers

The following are the numbers for 11 new Statis-Pro batting cards of AL players that were NOT included in the initial set of 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) used to play the Statis-Pro baseball Game. These will let you fill in rosters for the 10 teams we are using in our 2022 season (we track our game results here).

Note: All 2022 Projected Batters (49 pages, 9 cards to a page) and All 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) are needed to play the Statis-Pro baseball Game, but we did catch one adjustment to the PB rating of pitchers based on the team on which they played. You can either use this link which has the correct numbers for all the pitcher cards or print out the cards from the link above and then adjust all the pitchers on certain teams by referencing this blog.

The following is a list of 8 new players who were not included in the 2022 Projected Pitchers (62 pages, 9 cards to a page) for the game, but are now either in the starting rotation or the closer.

You can decide which players you want to lose. For example, you could use all 2022 projected batters and pitchers to have a "what if" season to see how the Red Sox would have played with Chris Sale or the Padres would have played with Fernando Tatis for the whole season.

The league rules we play are to check the 40-man roster. In addition to finding the new cards pictured above we also remove cards if the Statis-Pro card is for a player who no longer shows up on the roster. If a player is listed on the roster but on the 60-day DL we leave his card with the team but write "60 day" on him and do not use him until we check the next time and see if he is off.

We do continue to use cards for players who are in the minors or on the shorter injured list (IL-15 or IL-10) as long as they are still on the 40-main roster.

Here is the alphabetical list for every player card for all 10 teams in our league.
TeamPlayer & StatusStatusB/TBat/Pit
BOSChristian Arroyo 39had cardR/RBat
BOSMatt Barnes 32 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
BOSXander Bogaerts 2had cardR/RBat
BOSJackie Bradley Jr. 19had cardL/RBat
BOSRyan Brasier 70had cardR/RPitch
BOSKutter Crawford 50 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
BOSBobby Dalbec 29had cardR/RBat
BOSTyler Danish 60had cardR/RPitch
BOSAustin Davis 56had cardL/LPitch
BOSRafael Devers 11had cardL/RBat
BOSJake Diekman 31had cardR/LPitch
BOSJarren Duran 40add CFL/RBat
BOSNathan Eovaldi 17 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
BOSEnrique Hernández 5 IL-10had cardR/RBat
BOSRich Hill 44 IL-15had cardL/LPitch
BOSTanner Houck 89had cardR/RPitch
BOSJ.D. Martinez 28had cardR/RBat
BOSNick Pivetta 37had cardR/RPitch
BOSKevin Plawecki 25had cardR/RBat
BOSRob Refsnyder 30add RFR/RBat
BOSHansel Robles 57had cardR/RPitch
BOSHirokazu Sawamura 18had cardR/RPitch
BOSTrevor Story 10had cardR/RBat
BOSMatt Strahm 55had cardR/LPitch
BOSChristian Vázquez 7had cardR/RBat
BOSAlex Verdugo 99had cardL/LBat
BOSMichael Wacha 52had cardR/RPitch
BOSGarrett Whitlock 72 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
BOSConnor Wong 74 MINORShad cardR/RBat
CHWJosé Abreu 79had cardR/RBat
CHWTim Anderson 7had cardR/RBat
CHWTanner Banks 57had cardR/LPitch
CHWAaron Bummer 39 IL-15had cardL/LPitch
CHWJake Burger 30had cardR/RBat
CHWDylan Cease 84had cardR/RPitch
CHWKyle Crick 59 IL-15had cardL/RPitch
CHWJohnny Cueto 47add SPR/RPitch
CHWJohnny Cueto 47add SPR/RPitch
CHWAdam Engel 15 IL-10had cardR/RBat
CHWMatt Foster 63had cardR/RPitch
CHWLeury García 28had cardS/RBat
CHWLucas Giolito 27add SPR/RPitch
CHWLucas Giolito 27add SPR/RPitch
CHWYasmani Grandal 24 IL-10had cardS/RBat
CHWKendall Graveman 49had cardR/RPitch
CHWJosh Harrison 5had cardR/RBat
CHWAdam Haseley 51had cardL/LBat
CHWLiam Hendriks 31 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
CHWEloy Jiménez 74 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
CHWMichael Kopech 34had cardR/RPitch
CHWJimmy Lambert 58had cardR/RPitch
CHWReynaldo López 40had cardR/RPitch
CHWLance Lynn 33add SPS/RPitch
CHWLance Lynn 33add SPS/RPitch
CHWReese McGuire 21had cardL/RBat
CHWDanny Mendick 20 IL-10had cardR/RBat
CHWYoán Moncada 10add 3BS/RBat
CHWYoán Moncada 10add 3BS/RBat
CHWAJ Pollock 18had cardR/RBat
CHWLuis Robert 88had cardR/RBat
CHWJosé Ruiz 66had cardR/RPitch
CHWAnderson Severino 62 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
CHWGavin Sheets 32had cardL/LBat
CHWBennett Sousa 67 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
CHWAndrew Vaughn 25had cardR/RBat
CHWVince Velasquez 23had cardR/RPitch
CLEGabriel Arias 8had cardR/RBat
CLEShane Bieber 57had cardR/RPitch
CLEAaron Civale 43had cardR/RPitch
CLEEmmanuel Clase 48had cardR/RPitch
CLEErnie Clement 28had cardR/RBat
CLEEnyel De Los Santos 62had cardR/RPitch
CLEAndrés Giménez 0had cardL/RBat
CLEOscar Gonzalez 39 IL-10add RFR/RBat
CLEAustin Hedges 17 IL-7had cardR/RBat
CLESteven Kwan 38had cardL/LBat
CLEBryan Lavastida 10 MINORShad cardR/RBat
CLELuke Maile 12add CR/RBat
CLETriston McKenzie 24had cardR/RPitch
CLEOwen Miller 6had cardR/RBat
CLEJosh Naylor 22had cardL/LBat
CLEZach Plesac 34had cardR/RPitch
CLECal Quantrill 47had cardL/RPitch
CLEJosé Ramírez 11had cardS/RBat
CLEFranmil Reyes 32had cardR/RBat
CLEAmed Rosario 1had cardR/RBat
CLENick Sandlin 52 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
CLETrevor Stephan 37had cardR/RPitch
CLEMyles Straw 7had cardR/RBat
HOUBryan Abreu 52had cardR/RPitch
HOUJose Altuve 27had cardR/RBat
HOUYordan Alvarez 44had cardL/RBat
HOURonel Blanco 56 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
HOUMichael Brantley 23 IL-10had cardL/LBat
HOUAlex Bregman 2had cardR/RBat
HOUJason Castro 18 IL-10had cardL/RBat
HOUAledmys Díaz 16had cardR/RBat
HOULuis Garcia 77had cardR/RPitch
HOUNiko Goodrum 11 MINORShad cardS/RBat
HOUYuli Gurriel 10had cardR/RBat
HOUCristian Javier 53had cardR/RPitch
HOUTaylor Jones 28 MINORShad cardR/RBat
HOUMartín Maldonado 15had cardR/RBat
HOUPhil Maton 88had cardR/RPitch
HOUChas McCormick 20had cardR/LBat
HOURafael Montero 47had cardR/RPitch
HOUHéctor Neris 50had cardR/RPitch
HOUJake Odorizzi 17 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
HOUJeremy Peña 3had cardR/RBat
HOUJoe Perez 31 MINORShad cardR/RBat
HOURyan Pressly 55had cardR/RPitch
HOUJose Siri 26 MINORShad cardR/RBat
HOURyne Stanek 45had cardR/RPitch
HOUBlake Taylor 62 IL-6060dayDLL/LPitch
HOUKyle Tucker 30had cardL/RBat
HOUJosé Urquidy 65had cardR/RPitch
HOUFramber Valdez 59had cardR/LPitch
HOUJustin Verlander 35had cardR/RPitch
LAAJo Adell 7 MINORShad cardR/RBat
LAAJaime Barría 51had cardR/RPitch
LAAArchie Bradley 23 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
LAAGriffin Canning 47 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
LAACooper Criswell 56 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
LAAReid Detmers 48 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
LAAMatt Duffy 5 IL-10had cardR/RBat
LAADavid Fletcher 22 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
LAAJimmy Herget 46 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
LAARaisel Iglesias 32had cardR/RPitch
LAAMichael Lorenzen 25had cardR/RPitch
LAAAaron Loup 28had cardL/LPitch
LAADavid MacKinnon 39add 3BR/RBat
LAADavid MacKinnon 39add 3BR/RBat
LAABrandon Marsh 16had cardL/RBat
LAAJack Mayfield 9 MINORShad cardR/RBat
LAAShohei Ohtani 17had cardL/RBat
LAAOliver Ortega 62had cardR/RPitch
LAAJosé Quijada 65had cardL/LPitch
LAAAnthony Rendon 6 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
LAALuis Rengifo 2add 2BS/RBat
LAALuis Rengifo 2add 2BS/RBat
LAAChris Rodriguez 73 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
LAAPatrick Sandoval 43had cardL/LPitch
LAAMax Stassi 33had cardR/RBat
LAAJosé Suarez 54had cardL/LPitch
LAAKurt Suzuki 24had cardR/RBat
LAANoah Syndergaard 34had cardL/RPitch
LAARyan Tepera 52had cardR/RPitch
LAAMike Trout 27had cardR/RBat
LAAAndrew Velazquez 4had cardS/RBat
LAATyler Wade 14had cardL/RBat
LAAJared Walsh 20had cardL/LBat
LAAAndrew Wantz 60had cardR/RPitch
LAATaylor Ward 3had cardR/RBat
LAAAustin Warren 61 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
MINJorge Alcala 66 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINChris Archer 17had cardR/RPitch
MINLuis Arraez 2had cardL/RBat
MINDylan Bundy 37had cardS/RPitch
MINByron Buxton 25had cardR/RBat
MINGilberto Celestino 67had cardR/LBat
MINCarlos Correa 4had cardR/RBat
MINDanny Coulombe 53 IL-15had cardL/LPitch
MINRandy Dobnak 68 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINTyler Duffey 21had cardR/RPitch
MINJhoan Duran 59had cardR/RPitch
MINKyle Garlick 30had cardR/RBat
MINNick Gordon 1had cardL/RBat
MINSonny Gray 54had cardR/RPitch
MINGriffin Jax 65had cardR/RPitch
MINRyan Jeffers 27had cardR/RBat
MINMax Kepler 26had cardL/LBat
MINAlex Kirilloff 19had cardL/LBat
MINTrevor Larnach 13 IL-10had cardL/RBat
MINKenta Maeda 18 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINBailey Ober 16 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
MINChris Paddack 20 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINEmilio Pagán 12had cardL/RPitch
MINJorge Polanco 11had cardS/RBat
MINJhon Romero 50 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINJoe Ryan 41had cardR/RPitch
MINGary Sánchez 24had cardR/RBat
MINMiguel Sanó 22 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
MINDevin Smeltzer 31add SPR/LPitch
MINJoe Smith 38 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
MINCody Stashak 61 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
MINCaleb Thielbar 56had cardR/LPitch
MINGio Urshela 15had cardR/RBat
MINJosh Winder 74 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
NYYZack Britton 53 IL-6060dayDLL/LPitch
NYYMiguel Castro 30had cardR/RPitch
NYYAroldis Chapman 54had cardL/LPitch
NYYGerrit Cole 45had cardR/RPitch
NYYNestor Cortes 65had cardR/LPitch
NYYJosh Donaldson 28had cardR/RBat
NYYJoey Gallo 13had cardL/RBat
NYYDomingo Germán 55 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
NYYMarwin Gonzalez 14had cardS/RBat
NYYChad Green 57 IL-6060dayDLL/RPitch
NYYAaron Hicks 31had cardS/RBat
NYYKyle Higashioka 66had cardR/RBat
NYYClay Holmes 35had cardR/RPitch
NYYAaron Judge 99had cardR/RBat
NYYIsiah Kiner-Falefa 12had cardR/RBat
NYYMichael King 34had cardR/RPitch
NYYDJ LeMahieu 26had cardR/RBat
NYYJonathan Loáisiga 43 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
NYYTim Locastro 33 MINORShad cardR/RBat
NYYLucas Luetge 63had cardL/LPitch
NYYRon Marinaccio 97had cardR/RPitch
NYYJordan Montgomery 47had cardL/LPitch
NYYWandy Peralta 58had cardL/LPitch
NYYStephen Ridings 88 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
NYYAnthony Rizzo 48had cardL/LBat
NYYClarke Schmidt 86 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
NYYJP Sears 92 MINORShad cardR/LPitch
NYYLuis Severino 40had cardR/RPitch
NYYGiancarlo Stanton 27had cardR/RBat
NYYJameson Taillon 50had cardR/RPitch
NYYGleyber Torres 25had cardR/RBat
NYYJose Trevino 39had cardR/RBat
SEAMatt Brash 47 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
SEADiego Castillo 63had cardR/RPitch
SEAJ.P. Crawford 3had cardL/RBat
SEAMatthew Festa 67 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
SEAChris Flexen 77had cardR/RPitch
SEATy France 23 IL-10had cardR/RBat
SEAAdam Frazier 26had cardL/RBat
SEALogan Gilbert 36had cardR/RPitch
SEAMarco Gonzales 7had cardL/LPitch
SEAMitch Haniger 17 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
SEAJarred Kelenic 10 MINORShad cardL/LBat
SEAGeorge Kirby 68add spR/RPitch
SEAKyle Lewis 1 IL-7add lfR/RBat
SEAAnthony Misiewicz 18 MINORShad cardR/LPitch
SEADylan Moore 25had cardR/RBat
SEAAndrés Muñoz 75had cardR/RPitch
SEATom Murphy 2 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
SEACal Raleigh 29had cardS/RBat
SEARobbie Ray 38had cardL/LPitch
SEAJulio Rodríguez 44had cardR/RBat
SEACasey Sadler 65 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
SEACarlos Santana 41add rfS/RBat
SEAPaul Sewald 37had cardR/RPitch
SEAJustus Sheffield 33 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
SEAEugenio Suárez 28had cardR/RBat
SEAErik Swanson 50had cardR/RPitch
SEAAbraham Toro 13had cardS/RBat
SEALuis Torrens 22 IL-10had cardR/RBat
SEATaylor Trammell 20 IL-10add rfL/LBat
SEAJesse Winker 27had cardL/LBat
TBRJason Adam 47had cardR/RPitch
TBRNick Anderson 70 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
TBRRandy Arozarena 56had cardR/RBat
TBRShane Baz 11add SPR/RPitch
TBRJalen Beeks 68had cardL/LPitch
TBRVidal Bruján 7add 2BS/RBat
TBRJT Chargois 84 IL-6060dayDLS/RPitch
TBRYonny Chirinos 72 IL-60had cardR/RPitch
TBRJi-Man Choi 26had cardL/RBat
TBRYandy Díaz 2had cardR/RBat
TBRPete Fairbanks 29 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
TBRJ.P. Feyereisen 34 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
TBRJosh Fleming 19 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
TBRWander Franco 5had cardS/RBat
TBRRalph Garza Jr. 61had cardR/RPitch
TBRTyler Glasnow 20 IL-6060dayDLL/RPitch
TBRJavy Guerra 25had cardL/RPitch
TBRKevin Kiermaier 39had cardL/RBat
TBRAndrew Kittredge 36 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
TBRCorey Kluber 28add SPR/RPitch
TBRDusten Knight 76 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
TBRJosh Lowe 15had cardL/RBat
TBRManuel Margot 13 IL-6060dayDLR/RBat
TBRShane McClanahan 18had cardL/LPitch
TBRBrendan McKay 49 IL-6060dayDLL/LPitch
TBRFrancisco Mejía 21had cardS/RBat
TBRLuis Patiño 1 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
TBRBrett Phillips 35had cardL/RBat
TBRColin Poche 38add CLL/LPitch
TBRLuke Raley 55 MINORShad cardL/RBat
TBRHarold Ramírez 43had cardR/RBat
TBRDrew Rasmussen 57had cardR/RPitch
TBRTommy Romero 52 MINORShad cardR/RPitch
TBRPhoenix Sanders 80had cardR/RPitch
TBRJeffrey Springs 59had cardL/LPitch
TBRTaylor Walls 6had cardS/RBat
TBRMatt Wisler 37had cardR/RPitch
TBRMike Zunino 10 IL-10had cardR/RBat
TORJosé Berríos 17had cardR/RPitch
TORBo Bichette 11had cardR/RBat
TORCavan Biggio 8had cardL/RBat
TORMatt Chapman 26had cardR/RBat
TORAdam Cimber 90had cardR/RPitch
TORZack Collins 21had cardL/RBat
TORSantiago Espinal 5had cardR/RBat
TORYimi Garcia 93 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
TORKevin Gausman 34had cardL/RPitch
TORVladimir Guerrero Jr. 27had cardR/RBat
TORLourdes Gurriel Jr. 13had cardR/RBat
TORTeoscar Hernández 37had cardR/RBat
TORDanny Jansen 9 IL-10had cardR/RBat
TORAnthony Kay 47 MINORShad cardL/LPitch
TORYusei Kikuchi 16had cardL/LPitch
TORAlejandro Kirk 30had cardR/RBat
TORAlek Manoah 6had cardR/RPitch
TORTim Mayza 58had cardL/LPitch
TORJulian Merryweather 67 IL-6060dayDLR/RPitch
TORDavid Phelps 35had cardR/RPitch
TORTrevor Richards 33 IL-15had cardR/RPitch
TORJordan Romano 68had cardR/RPitch
TORHyun Jin Ryu 99 IL-6060dayDLR/LPitch
TORTayler Saucedo 46 IL-6060dayDLL/LPitch
TORGeorge Springer 4had cardR/RBat
TORRoss Stripling 48had cardR/RPitch
TORRaimel Tapia 15had cardL/LBat
TORTrent Thornton 57had cardR/RPitch
TORBradley Zimmer 7had cardL/RBat