Monday, August 31, 2020

Statis-Pro Baseball Playoff: Cubs and White Sox grab final playoff spots

Both Chicago teams - the Cubs and White Sox - grabbed the 6th and final playoff spots in their leagues in the final Series in our Statis-pro baseball season that started way before the real season started. 

The AL playoff matchups are set:

6-seed White Sox vs. 3-seed Yankees, winner plays 2-seed Astros

4-5 seeds, Twins vs. A's, winner plays 1-seed Rays

 The following is the grid of each of the 10 teams who advanced in the AL overall and in each 6-game series. 

The division titles went as expected, but it was an exciting ending for the wildcard race.
The Cubs had just enough to get into the playoffs.  The Reds won 5-straight, while the Diamondbacks 
lost 4-straight to close the season and shake up the first round matchups.

Here are the final standings/statistics/awards.  Plus first round playoff matchups.

The major individual awards:
Ronald Acuna, Jr. [Atl]
He ended up 3-HR's shy of a quadruple crown.
Batting [1st] .344  (41-119)
RBI's [T-1st]   30
Runs [1st]      29
HR's  [3rd]     10

Cy Young
A surprising finish pushed the Cubs' Kyle Hendricks into the award.
Two sub-par starts at the end by Max Scherzer took him out of what appeared to be a guaranteed award.
Hendricks numbers over last seven starts.
5-0, 1.59 ERA.  [51 IP, 9 ER]

NL "East"
Washington    19-11
Atlanta             18-12
Chicago            14-16
Philadelphia    10-20
New York           8-22

NL "West"
Los Angeles      21-  9
Cincinnati         18-12
Arizona             17-13
St. Louis            13-17
Milwaukee       12-18

Atlanta              18-12
Cincinnati         18-12
Arizona             17-13
Chicago            14-16
St. Louis           13-17
Milwaukee      12-18

Individual Stats
Acuna, Atl               .344
Peralta, Arz             .340
Castellanos, Cin     .339

Home Runs
Pederson, LA        12
Muncy, LA             11
Acuna, Atl             10

Acuna, Atl               30
Suarez, Cin              30
KMarte, Arz            28
Goldschmidt, Arz   28

Starting Pitching
Hendricks, Chi     5-0, 1.59
Bumgarner, Arz   4-0, 1.75
Flaherty, Stl.        4-1, 2.12

Relief Pitcher 
WSmith, Atl       1-0, 9-10 Sv-Opp
Doolittle, Wsh   0-0, 9-10 Sv-Opp

Statis-Pro National League
Wildcard Round Playoffs 
[Best of 5]

Arizona vs. Cincinnati (winner faces LA Dodgers)
Regular season series tied 2-2 [road team won each game]
Game 1
Bumgarner [4-0, 1.75] vs. Gray [4-2, 3.25]
Game 2
Weaver [2-3, 3.69] vs. Miley [4-2, 4.53]
Game 3
AYoung [4-2, 4.38] vs. Bauer [2-2, 2.41]

Chicago vs. Atlanta (Winner faces Washington)
Regular season series tied 2-2
Game 1
Hendricks [5-0, 1.59] vs. Soroka [3-2, 4.28]
Game 2
Darvish [2-1, 2.68] vs. Fried [5-1, 4.32]
Game 3
Quintana [3-3, 5.29] vs. Tomlin [3-2, 7.88]

Next the AL picture (while the NL games each count as one game, while the AL plays each game counts as three games. The winner gets credit for winning 2 of 3 games unless they led by at least 5 runs at the end of 8 innings, in which case they get credit for a 3-0 sweep. The chance of winning a game by 5 or sweeping a series 3-0 are both 14%.

Brewers 3, Yankees 2 - playoff match-ups set

Yelich started the 8th with a double, then Urshela threw away a ground ball that led to a rare blown save for the Yankees. The loss clinched the AL East and No. 1 seed for the Rays, who will get the winner of the Twins-A's playoff series (A's final series will determine which is the 4-seed and which is the 5-seed, but regardless they play each other).

Despite still having the second best record ahead of the AL West champion Astros, the Yankees go into the playoffs as the top wildcard and 3-seed, playing the 6-seed White Sox with the winner getting the Astros.

Red Sox 11, Astros 5 (no sweep since 5-5 after 8, so ChiSox clinch playoffs

The Red Sox 1 in 10,000 chance of finishing 12-0 to make the playoffs is officially over and the ChiSox claim the last spot, but only in perhaps the worse clinching game ever. The Astros needed only to not be down by 5 runs after 8 innings to assure they would not be swept 3 games to none and both clinch the AL East and clinch the final spot for the ChiSox.

Against the last place Red Sox, the Astros had three players ejected, one injured running into a wall (Altuve) and their ace reliever gave up 5 runs in the 9th, luckily an inning to late to give the Red Sox credit for the sweep they needed to stay mathematically alive and give the A's a chance to catch the Astros.

Phillies 13-4 (no sweep) and 6-2 to eliminate Angels

Baring the last place Red Sox pulling off an unfathomable 12-0 finish to the season, four home runs by the Phillies Jay Bruce just sent the White Sox to the playoffs. We placed the quick card produced for the Phils 3rd baseman Bohm based on his on-base percentage.

McCutchen's 2-run triple in the second made it 3-0 Phillies, but the Angels cut it back to 3-2 and later to 5-4 on an Ohtani HR. However the Phils speed paid off as Quinn and Segaura took extra bases on the base paths and then both scored on Hoskins single to make it 7-4. The 13-4 win was not a sweep because it was just 8-4 after 8 innings, meaning the Angles did get credit for going 1-2. 

Going into the final game, the Angels were still alive but only if they won after leading by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning, which seemed possible since starter Velasquez is a PB 2-5. However, he allowed only 3 hits and 2 runs in 5.1 innings, and the bullpen made it hold up as Bruce hit 3 of his 4 homers in the second game.

The White Sox grab the 6th and final playoff spot unless the Red Sox pull off their last 4 games after leading by at least 5 runs at the end of the 8th inning each time to get credit for four 3-0 series sweeps and a 12-0 mark. If they did that they would finish with the same 49-47 record and win the tie breaker due to having a one game better record against the other 9 AL qualifiers.

TB sweeps 7-2, then wins 5-1 vs CWS

Two more dominant Rays pitching performance and a costly 8th inning error by the Chi Sox let the Rays finish 61-35. Rays leadoff hitter Lowe reached 5 if 8 times with a double and home run. The win ensured Oakland a playoff spot, leaving just one spot open for LAA or CWS. 

Twins win 4-2 to eliminate Jays, then win 5-4 to clinch playoff spot

Rosario greeted Jays closer Giles with a walk off HR to send the Twins to a playoff.

Jays win 5-4 and sweep 5-0 Indians

Toronto basically eliminated Cleveland. The 2 extra bats and 2 starting pitchers probably arrived too late to make the Top 6 AL teams for the Statis-pro playoffs, but if they were to go 6-0 vs. the Twins they would likely make the playoffs.

AL West 

The Astros hold the tie-breaker vs. the A's die to winning the series 4 games to 2, so they will grab the bye for the AL West unless they go 0-6 against the Red Sox (lose both games after trailing by at least 5 at the end of the 8th inning) and Oakland goes 6-0 in the same manner in their final two game series against the Cubs.

AL East

The Yankees hold the tie-breaker vs. the Rays, but both are 56-34, so if the Rays do just one game better in their final series against the White Sox to claim the bye.

4 Wild Cards

With the Rays or Yankees falling to the top wild card spot, there are basically 5 teams fighting for the final three playoff spots and they are each one game apart. The A's (50-40), Twins (49-41), White Sox (48-42 and final team in if season ended today), Indians (47-43) and Angels (46-44). If two teams are tied then the head-to-head is the tie-breaker, and if the teams went 3-3 against each other then the next tie-breaker is the record in the 54 games against the other 9 AL qualifiers (the Yankees finished with the best record against the other nine at 30-24, but 4 teams still have a chance to surpass them in their final 6 games).

The Red Sox (37-47) and Blue Jays (38-46) are mathematically alive but one of them would need to go 12-0 and get help from other teams.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Key Baseball Roster Updates - Statis-Pro Baseball Resumes; 7 Yankees hit Homers to catch Astros, Braves try to catch Nats

After shifting to basketball for a month to play off the 2020 NIT, we returned to our baseball season. 

Note that if a key player was subtracted we put a minus sign (e.g. -Vargas for Arizona) and take that Statis-Pro card off their team, or added (e.g. +Vargas for Minnesota) then the card was added to their team for the game. We move player cards if a player is lost for the season due to injury (we are leaving them on the team if they just left for Covid since this is our "what if there was no Covid" season), or if a key player is traded.

The Yankees won 13-2 to catch the Astros right after they lost Alvarez for the season, and in the NL East the Braves hope to catch the Nats after they lost Strasburg. We use player cards unless the player is injured for the year (we keep players who choose not to play because of covid).

The Oakland A's have not been as dominant in Statis-Pro as they have been on the field this season, but they rallied twice past a tough Chicago White Sox team to most into the 2nd wild card spot. The score sheet and updated standings are below.

To play Statis-pro baseball just click on the score sheet for each of the 30 teams, which now includes cards for all 30 teams based on Zips projections. See the (free game here). Search "new games" to find where newest game score sheets start.

This blog includes the games we have played. In our season five teams from each league were relegated, while the 10 AL teams below and 10 NL teams being played separately continue to play for four division Championship byes and eight wild card spots. The NL plans to play 30 games, while the AL plans to play 32 but counts each game as 3-games (sweep if 5+ run lead after 8 innings) so will show 96 games.

SeedNL TeamWinsLossesAbove 500DivisionNotes + key addition, - key loss
1LA Dodgers1679WestRun differential tie-breaker
3Arizona1679West -Vargas
4Atlanta12102East +Markakis, -Soroko +Puig -Alonso
5Cincinnati12111West +N.Williams
6St. Louis1112-1West - Mikolas
outChicago1013-3East +Herrera
outMilwaukee914-5West -Black
outPhiladelphia715-8East -N.Williams 
outNY Mets617-11East +Hamilton -Lowrie +workman +hembree
SeedNL TeamWinsLossesAbove 500DivisionNotes + key addition, - key loss
1Houston553520West- Alvarez; Bos
2NY Yankees563422EastMil -Kahne
3Tampa Bay563422EastCWS
4Oakland504012West ChC
5Minnesota49418West Tor,+Vargas
6ChiSox48426West TB -Herrera
outLA Angels4644

2West-Ohtani pitching; Phi
outCleveland47434EastTor - Hoyt +Rojas
outBoston3747-10EastHou, Pit-workman, hembree
outToronto3846-8EastCle, Min, +vogelback
Relegated teams (continue to play AL but not eligible for playoffs): PIT 16-14 53%, SD 17-19 47% (+ Alonso), Tex 11-13 46%, Col 8-10 44% (-Oberg), Balt 14-28 33% (+Lopez), Det 10-20 33%, KC 10-20, 33% (-J.Lopez -Montgomery -Sparkman), Sea  9-21 30%, SF 7-17 29% (-Hamilton), Mia 6-18 25%. (+Hoyt)

The grid of all series are in this google sheet. Bold opponents indicates games against a relegated (therefore easier opponent). After all series above, each team will have played two games against the other 9 teams in these AL standings, two NL qualifiers, and 5 relegated teams.

Twins 8-4, then Yankees 6-5 in 10 innings

Yankees went up 3-0 off a Judge HR on their 3rd batter of the game before the Twins roared back with 14 hits to win 8-4. Incredible defense on both sides kept this from being a slugfest. For the Twins Donaldson turned a double play on a grounder that would have been an error for most 3rd baseman, and reliever Wisler ended the game with a clutch defense double play.  For the Yankees both Judge and Hicks caught z-Play drives that would have been extra bases against most, and Ursela turned a clutch DP at 3rd. In the nightcap the Twins rallied again to chase PB2-9 Cole with 4 runs in 5 innings plus. They then scored on PB 2-9 Britton to tie it again in the 8th and force extra innings, but a 3rd PB 2-9 Chapman slammed the door with 5 Ks in the 9th and 10th. With an OBR A pinch runner placed on 2nd base to start the bottom of the 10th, Donaldson could not come up with a clutch defensive play on a  Gardner smash down the third base line to give the Yankees the split. 

A's win 8-6, but the Indians sweep 7-0

Indians huge 2nd game sweep means the final playoff spot likely comes down to three teams. ChiSox 48-42 plays 6 vs TB, Cleveland 47-43 plays 6 v Toronto, LAA 46-44 plays 6 v Phil.

White Sox stun Astros 6-2 and 5-2

The ChiSox seemed to be in the toughest spot with only games left against the Astros and Ray's and a 1 game lead over the Angels and Indians for the last playoff spot. However, their suspect pitching shocked the Astros. Giolito (who in real life threw a no hitter) threw and 8-inning, 2 hitter in the first game. After spotting Verlander a 2-0 lead in the nightcap, the ChiSox chased Verlander in the fifth with a 2-2 tie. After 8 innings, the ace relievers squared off with Aaron Bummer vs. Roberto Osuna. In our games short relievers can only pitch to 4 batters or finish a complete inning at full strength unless the game goes extra innings. Bummer's RR 4 held up for three innings as he set down all 9 he faced with 6 strikeouts, a pop up to catcher and grounders to second and first base. Osuna allowed a single to start the 11th which ran out his RR endurance and left men on the corners die to extra innings starting with a man on second. Jimenez then greeted Devinski with a triple, his fourth hit if the day, and later scored for the 5-2 win to put the White Sox two games up in the Indians and Angels.

Angels win 4-2, then Rays 4-0

The Rays dominated the Angels with a 30-15 edge in baserunners, but the Angels clung to a split to keep within a game of the playoffs. The Rays stranded 12 runners without scoring in the first 6 innings of the first game before falling 4-2. Then with Blake Snell only allowing 3 baserunners in 8 shutout innings, the Rays could never push across a 5th run for a 2nd game sweep.

All AL teams have 2 series, 12 games, to play before the playoffs.

Yankees own tie-breaker over Rays since they won season series 4-2.

Rays sweep 9-4 then win 3-2 in 11 innings over Cards to catch Yankees

The Rays dominated the Cards in the 1st game to get credit for a 3-0 sweep, then used their deep pen to outlast the Cards to tie for the best record I'm the AL 53-31.

Blue Jays win 8-5, then blow 14-4 lead in Astros 16-15 win

Former Seattle cleanup hitter Dan Vogelbach added yet another bat to help the Blue Jays pound out 23 runs - but after they needed their top 5 relievers to secure the 8-5 win they blew a 19-run lead in the second game.

A's sweep 11-2 and win 4-3 vs. Red Sox

With a 5-1 series win, Oakland practically clinched a playoff spot will finish with a winning record if they finish 0-12. The last-place Red Sox were practically eliminated and can only finish with a winning record if they close the season 12-0.

Twins split - 0-3 loss then 6-2 win vs Rangers

Ildemaro Vargas had hits and runs his first two at bats since coming over from the DBacks but Twins missed a chance to move up in their last series against a relegated team with a split.

Angels win 4-2, then Yankees sweep 13-2 to catch Astros

After a slow start, the Yankees are now at the top of the AL.

Astros (7-0) and Indians (11-0) take turns crushing each other

Verlander and Carrasco both threw shutouts.

Oakland Wins 7-5 and 5-4 against Chicago White Sox

Oakland has not been the dominant Statis-Pro team we've seen in real action this year, and they were in danger of falling out of the playoffs when they trailed 5-1 in the eighth against the talented young White Sox. However, if you look at the red results in the top of the 7th on the scoresheet below, Piscotty hit a 2-run homer to cut it to 5-3, and then after a Murphy double, Laureno hit a second 2-run homer in the inning to tie the team. Two innings later, Siemien hit yet another 2-run win for the 7-5 win. Siemien had a second straight game-winning homer in game two in the eighth inning. Once again the White Sox led 2-0 into the 4th, but Canha got things going in the 4th with a 2-run homer.

Games will be added.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

NIT Championship Play-by-Play - Each Dice Roll

We recorded every dice roll of the NIT championship game between Minnesota and Xavier below to give examples of every possible combination. We also recorded these rolls on this google sheet, which also has notes by various rolls to explain the result. We also kept a detailed box score for this game and put it at the bottom of the blog in case you want to review line by line.

The one result that did not occur in the game was an offensive foul, which can happen on a 43 or 46 if the play is a turnover. A 43 was rolled once, but Minnesota's Marcus Carr is one of the few point guards in the country who would not be called for an offensive foul as his turnover range is 41-42. A 46 was rolled three times, but Xavier's Paul Scruggs (41-45 turnovers) , Jason Carter (41-44), and Zach Freeman (41-41) do not turn the ball over on a 46 and since it is not a turnover it is not an offensive foul.

Here is every dice roll of the game.

Pos1st HalfMinnesotaXavierRebound8-sidedtwo 6-sided20-sidedPlayerTeResult
 7:172020Start  0   
446:4122 Check Rebound chart85313OturuMNDunk-2 pts
   20 7347NooneXavViolation, shot clock
436:0524 Defensive C75313OturuMNDunk-2 pts
     82515FreemantleXavMiss 2 pt
   20   0OturuMNRebound
425:29  Check Rebound chart72513FreemantleXavFoul
  25    9OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
  26    8OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
     65616TandyXavMiss 2 pt
   20  26KalscheurMNRebound
414:5028 Defensive PF5562OturuMNShot-2 pts
   22 75218TandyXavDunk-2 pts
404:2228 Check Rebound chart41315CarterXavSteal
   24 8254CarterXavShot-2 pts
393:45  Defensive SF84217NooneXavNoone
  28  64218NooneMNturnover
   26 8366FreemantleXavShot-2 pts
       20FreemantleXavNG, FT missed
383:07  Check Rebound chart33111KalscheurMNTrey missed
      616KalscheurMNOffensive reb
  30  8144KalscheurMNShot-2 pts
   27   3TandyXavFT Made - 1 pt
   28   11TandyXavFT Made - 1 pt
372:3033 Defensive SG2623WilliamsMN3-pt made
   28 85117NooneXavNoone
     3569TandyXavMiss 2 pt
361:52  Check Rebound chart53614FreemantleXavFoul
  34    11OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
  35    6OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
     44212FreemantleXavMiss 2 pt
      62FreemantleXavOffensive reb
   30 5463FreemantleXavShot-2 pts
351:15  Defensive PG3459KalscheurMNTrey missed
     11417MooreXavMiss 2 pt
340:3737 Check Rebound chart35315KalscheurMNDunk-2 pts
     15318ScruggsXavMiss 2 pt
      14JonesXavOffensive reb
  3730   0   
3320:00  High Defense64319CarrMNMiss 2 pt
  37    0JonesXavRebound
   32 4753FreemantleXavShot-2 pts
3219:1737 Check Rebound chart24213KalscheurMNturnover
   34 6168ScruggsXavShot-2 pts
3118:41  Defensive C12420CarrMNMiss 2 pt
  37    0JonesXavRebound
   36 5346JonesXavShot-2 pts
3018:04  Check Rebound chart1339ScruggsXavFoul
  37    15CarrMNNG, FT missed
  38    7carrMNFT Made - 1 pt
     3323MarshallXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
      25FreemantleXavOffensive reb
     72313FreemantleXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
      32JonesXavOffensive reb
   38 3256FreemantleXavShot-2 pts
2917:28  Defensive PF  0   
  40  3616WilliamsMNShot-2 pts
     21510GoodinXavTrey missed
   38   0DemirMNRebound
2816:51  Check Rebound chart53416OturuMNMiss 2 pt
       0DemirMNOffensive reb
       0KalscheurMNMiss 2 pt
  40    0JonesXavRebound
   40 8145JonesXavShot-2 pts
2716:14  Defensive SF56117OturuMNMiss 2 pt
  40    0MarshallXavRebound
     35318MarshallXavMiss 2 pt
   40   0WillisMNRebound
2615:38  Check Rebound chart62116CarrMNMiss 2 pt
       0JonesXavBlocked Shot
  40   114CarterXavRebound
     6239CarterXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
      510JonesXavOffensive reb
   42 8565JonesXavShot-2 pts
2515:0140 Defensive SG11110ScruggsXavSteal
     82311ScruggsXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
   42   0KalscheurMNRebound
2414:25  Check Rebound chart44413DemirMNMiss 2 pt
      520OturuMNOffensive reb
  43  1163CarrMN3-pt made
   45 2451GoodinXav3-pt made
2313:50  Defensive PG5246OturuMNMiss 2 pt
       0JonesXavBlocked Shot
  43    0ScruggsXavRebound
     14615ScruggsXavMiss 2 pt
   45   0CarrMNRebound
2213:11  Check Rebound chart41420DemirMNMiss 2 pt
  43    0GoodinXavRebound
       0JonesXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
      56MarshallXavOffensive reb
     56619JonesXavMiss 2 pt
   45  66WillisMNRebound
2112:35  High Defense42211DemirMNMiss 2 pt
       0CarterXavBlocked Shot
  43    0JonesXavRebound
     81615JonesXavMiss 2 pt
   45   0OturuMNRebound
2011:58  Check Rebound chart8348NooneMNNoone
  43  86217NooneMNViolation, shot clock
   47 55219JonesXavDunk-2 pts
1911:2245 Defensive C6515CarrMNDunk-2 pts
   47 74113MarshallXavturnover
1810:45  Check Rebound chart23410KalscheurMNTrey missed
      45DemirMNOffensive reb
  47  8326DemirMNShot-2 pts
   49 5626JonesXavShot-2 pts
1710:08  Defensive PF84512NooneMNNoone
     54415OturuMNMiss 2 pt
  47    0CarterXavRebound
   51 25117GoodinXavDunk-2 pts
169:3149 Check Rebound chart1556CarrMNShot-2 pts
   52   5ScruggsXavFT Made - 1 pt
   53   4ScruggsXavFT Made - 1 pt
158:5451 Defensive SF6325CarrMNShot-2 pts
   53 11314CarrMNSteal
148:1751 Check Rebound chart63119CarrMNMiss 2 pt
   55 5664JonesXavShot-2 pts
137:4051 Defensive SG61611CarrMNMiss 2 pt
   57 35117MarshallXavDunk-2 pts
127:03  Check Rebound chart12220CarrMNMiss 2 pt
       0ScruggsXavBlocked Shot
      12OturuMNOffensive reb
     82110OturuMNMiss 2 pt
       0JonesXavBlocked Shot
  51   219ScruggsXavRebound
     45312CarterXavTrey missed
   57  219CarrMNRebound
116:2651 High Defense4133CarterXavSteal
   59 8664CarterXavShot-2 pts
105:4953 Check Rebound chart4612DemirMNShot-2 pts
   59 3422MarshallXavturnover
9 56 Check Rebound chart6352CarrMN3-pt made
  57    11CarrMNFT Made - 1 pt
   61 55116JonesXavDunk-2 pts
     52520OturuMNMiss 2 pt
       0JonesXavBlocked Shot
9a 57   83GoodinXavRebound
     8214JonesXavMiss 2 pt
       0OturuMNBlocked Shot
   61  212OturuMNRebound
84:35  Defensive C35520WillisMNMiss 2 pt
  57    0JonesXavRebound
     55317JonesXavMiss 2 pt
   61   0OturuMNRebound
74:5859 Check Rebound chart65310OturuMNDunk-2 pts
     56415JonesXavMiss 2 pt
   61  56WillisMNRebound
63:21  Defensive SF43619MarshallXavFoul
       16WillisMNNG, FT missed
       20WillisMNNG, FT missed
  59    0MarshallXavRebound
   61   19JonesXavNG, FT missed
   62   9JonesXavFT Made - 1 pt
6a 61  5663OturuMNShot-2 pts
     42618CarterXavMiss 2 pt
   62   0WillisMNRebound
52:44  Check Rebound chart24519KalscheurMNMiss 2 pt
  61   59ScruggsXavRebound
   64 6535ScruggsXavShot-2 pts
42:0763 Defensive PF2666KalscheurMNShot-2 pts
     63118ScruggsXavMiss 2 pt
   64   0DemirMNRebound
31:30  Check Rebound chart8562NooneXavNoone
  63  41311CarterXavSteal
   66 8568JonesXavShot-2 pts
20:5365 Defensive C5345OturuMNShot-2 pts
       16ScruggsXavNG, FT missed
   67   15ScruggsXavFT Made - 1 pt
2a 65  2424KalscheurMNturnover
   69 65215ScruggsXavDunk-2 pts
10:1667 Check Rebound chart5317OturuMNShot-2 pts
 0:16 69Check Rebound chart3420MarshallXavturnover
 0:16  Check Rebound chart22420KalscheurMNMiss 2 pt
 0:16  Check Rebound chart 110OturuMNOffensive reb
1a 69 Check Rebound chart8251OturuMNShot-2 pts
  6969Check Rebound chart7427MarshallXavturnover
  OT     x x
9   Check Rebound chart55516OturuMNMiss 2 pt
      21OturuMNOffensive reb
     46618DemirMNMiss 2 pt
  69   37MarshallXavrebound
   72 4631CarterXav3-pt made
84:3571 Defensive C1244CarrMNShot-2 pts
   74 4167CarterXavshot-2 pts
74:5873 Check Rebound chart2538KalscheurMNdunk-2 pts
   77 1562ScruggsXav3-pt made
63:2175 Defensive SF7336OturuMNshot-2 pts
   77 12218ScruggsXavMiss 2 pt
52:4478 Check Rebound chart3254WillisMN3-pt made
     7328MarshallXavMiss 2 pt
        OturuMNBlocked Shot
      16MarshallXavOffensive reb
   77 21313KalscheurMNSteal
5a 80  3618WillisMNshot-2 pts
     44612CarterXavTrey missed
      21JonesXavOffensive reb
   78   6JonesXavFT Made - 1 pt
   79   4JonesXavFT Made - 1 pt
42:0782 Defensive PF1636CarrMNshot-2 pts
   82 7251MarshallXav3-pt made
31:30  Check Rebound chart56613JonesXavfoul
  83    5OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
  84    13OturuMNFT Made - 1 pt
   84 4519CarterXavdunk-2 pts
3a    32611WillisMNtrey missed
  84     MarshallXavrebound
   87 2523GoodinXav3-pt made
20:5387 Defensive C2514KalscheurMN3-pt made
       17ScruggsXavNG, FT missed
       16ScruggsXavNG, FT missed
   87    OturuMNrebound
2a 90  2161KalscheurMN3-pt made
     36318MarshallXavMiss 2 pt
   87    OturuMNrebound
10:1692 Check Rebound chart5317OturuMNshot-2 pts
     82314jonesXavmiss 2 pt
 0:16  Check Rebound chart   OturuMNBlocked Shot
 0:16  Check Rebound chart 52JonesXavOffensive reb
 0:169289Check Rebound chart7126MarshallXavshot-2 pts

And here is the final box score. We normally keep a much more simple box score, but did this for extra detail.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Updated Top 20 Blogs of all Time

We've really been stunned at how many people have clicked on our recent post on using the home court advantage in Value Add Basketball NIT Games. It topped 1,000 clicks, which for our little blog puts it on the edge of breaking our Top 20 most visited blogs of all time. Make no mistake though, the free game itself if by far our most visited blog ever - with more than 37,300 visits. 

The majority of the 233,000 who have visited the site simply click on and the most recent blogs come up, but of those who click on a specific blog link, here aer the top 20 as tracked by blogger.

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