Tuesday, January 18, 2022

CAA All-Conference Team Based on Value Add Ratings Through January 17

We updated the Value Add Basketball All-Conference teams initially posted at Christmas. Note that we list the number of games played and started for each player, so you know if a particular game performance was included, and find all 4000+ players listed at www.valueaddbasketball.com.

Cam Holden is narrowly winning the race for Player of the Year and likely makes Towson the best team in the Colonial Athletic Association, though Drexel did beat them 65-61 and James Butler is 1st team All-Conference despite missing the last few games. James Madison's 2nd team all-conference duo of Charles Falden and Justin Amadi helped the CAA get a huge win before conference play started when the defeated UVa.

Click on Top 25 Value Add Basketball Players & Top 15 in Each Conference to see the top 25 players in the country and links to the other 31 conference lists like the one below.

RnkCAA All-ConferenceTeamValueHtClAdjOAdjDGms, Starts
1Cam Holden #55Towson5.336'5"Sr3.66-1.68GP,GS: 17, 17
2Dylan Painter #42Delaware5.226'10"Sr4.58-0.64GP,GS: 16, 16
3Chris Doherty #33Northeastern4.716'7"Jr4.00-0.71GP,GS: 16, 16
4Reyne Smith #2Charleston4.426'2"Fr4.610.19GP,GS: 14, 13
5James Butler #51Drexel4.426'8"Sr3.62-0.80GP,GS: 10, 10
6Jason Gibson #11Towson4.226'1"Jr3.80-0.42GP,GS: 13, 3
7Nikola Djogo #13Northeastern3.926'8"Sr2.92-1.00GP,GS: 13, 12
8Charles Falden #11James Madison3.926'3"Sr3.980.07GP,GS: 12, 12
9Aaron Estrada #4Hofstra3.626'3"Jr3.38-0.24GP,GS: 15, 15
10Justin Amadi #0James Madison3.596'7"Fr3.42-0.17GP,GS: 12, 12
11Abayomi Iyiola #35Hofstra3.476'10"Sr2.82-0.65GP,GS: 12, 10
12Mike Okauru #4UNC Wilmington3.466'4"Sr3.24-0.22GP,GS: 11, 11
13Antonio Rizzuto #0Towson3.386'3"Sr2.43-0.96GP,GS: 13, 11
14Melik Martin #2Drexel3.196'6"Sr2.98-0.20GP,GS: 12, 9
15Nicolas Timberlake #25Towson3.016'4"Jr2.83-0.18GP,GS: 17, 17

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