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Back to Statis-Pro Baseball: Orioles vs. Guardians

 The Statis-Pro baseball projected 2024 MLB cards are still in sheet form here.  Some of the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Guardians cards are presented below for our next 2-game series. The HR-25 for Baltimore indicates that if a game is played at Oriole Park at Camden Yards a deep drive leaves the park on a 11-25 and the ball is caught at the wall with any baserunners advancing on a 26-88.

The suggested 9-main line-up is in bold, as is the suggested 4-man rotation.

The italicized players are on 60-day DL so we do not use those cards.

The red font indicates the closer, so the best reliever with the next best relievers in order after that closer.

Baltimore Batting

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Bats0PosOBR/SPH&RSac1Bf1b71b81b92b72b82b93b8HR-25
Cedric MullinsLN13/881CFA/AA0AA11'-1213-1415-1718-2122-2324-2526-2728-2831-33
Gunnar HendersonLP13/882ssA/B0BB11'-1213-1415-1617-1718-2122-2324-2526-2627-33
Adley RutschmanSN-/-3CE/D1BB 11-1314-1617-1821-2223-2526-2728-2831-34
Anthony SantanderSP-/-4RFD/D0DD 11-1213-1516-1718-2122-2324-2526-2627-33
Ryan MountcastleRP88/1151BD/C0CC 11-1314-1617-2122-2324-2526-2728-2728-34
Ryan O'HearnLP13/886dhD/D0DD 11-1314-1617-2122-2324-2526-2627-2728-34
Austin HaysRN88/117cfD/C0CC 11-1314-1617-2122-2324-2627-2831-2831-35
Ramón UríasRN88/1183bD/D0CC 11-1314-1617-2122-2324-2526-2728-2831-33
Jordan WestburgRN88/1192bB/C0BB11'-1112-1314-1617-1821-2223-2425-2627-2728-33
Colton CowserLN13/8810lfC/C0DD 11-1213-1516-1718-2122-2223-2425-2425-27
Heston KjerstadLN13/8810rfC/D0CC 11-1314-1718-2223-2425-2627-2728-2831-34
Jorge MateoRN88/1110cfA/A0CC11'-1213-1415-1617-1821-2223-2425-2627-2627-31
James McCannRN88/1110cD/D0CC 11-1314-1718-2223-2425-2526-2728-2728-32
Nick MatonLP13/8811ssD/E0DD 11-1112-1213-1213-1415-1617-1821-1821-26
Ryan McKennaRN88/1111lfB/B0DD11'-1112-1213-1415-1516-1718-2122-2324-2324-26
New Player based OPSSN-/-16 C/D0DD1112'-1314-1516-1718-2122-2324-2526-26below
New Player based OPSSN-/-17 C/D0DD1112'-1314-1516-1718-2122-2324-2526-26below

Baltimore Pitching

Baltimore                    Th  0   PB    SRRR  Max IP1Bf1B71B81B9     BalkKWalk
Corbin BurnesR12'-815071112'-1314-1718-212223'-4344'-47
Grayson RodriguezR22'-813061112'-1314-1718-212223'-4344'-48
Kyle BradishR32'-714061112'-1516-1821-242526'-4344'-48
Dean KremerR44'-715071112'-1516-1821-242526'-3738'-43
John MeansL54'-79541112'-1516-2122-252627'-3637'-38
Craig KimbrelRA4'-70221112'-1314-1516-171821'-4546'-55
Yennier CanoRB4'-70221112'-1415-1821-232425'-4142'-46
Tyler WellsRC4'-75331112'-1415-1821-232425'-4142'-45
Cade Povich D4'-75331112'-1314-1718-212223'-3738'-46
Danny CoulombeLE2'-60321112'-1415-1821-232425'-4344'-48
Keegan AkinLF2'-60321112'-1415-1821-232425'-4445'-48
Cole IrvinLG2'-60531112'-1516-2223-262728'-3637'-37
Bruce ZimmermannL 2'-60431112'-1516-2122-252627'-3841'-43
Chayce McDermott  2'-60431112'-1314-1718-212223'-4142'-53
Cionel PérezLJ2'-40321112'-1415-1718-222324'-3738'-47
Jacob WebbRK2'-40321112'-1415-1718-222324'-4243'-51
Bryan BakerR 2'-40321112'-1314-1718-212223'-4142'-51
Nick VespiL 2'-40321112'-1415-1821-232425'-3841'-45
Mike BaumannRN2'-40321112'-1415-1718-222324'-3841'-47
Tucker Davidson  2'-40321112'-1516-1821-242526'-3841'-47
Nathan Webb z2'-40321112'-1415-1821-232425'-3637'-48
Dillon TateRz2'-40321112'-1516-1821-242526'-3536'-42
Jonathan HeasleyRz2'-40321112'-1516-2122-252627'-3738'-44
Morgan McSweeney z2'-40321112'-1415-1821-232425'-3435'-45

Cleveland Guardians Batters

Progressive Field Bats0PosOBR/SPH&RSac1Bf1b71b81b92b72b82b93b8HR-36
José RamírezP-/-13bA/A2CC11'-1213-1415-1617-1821-2223-2526-2728-2831-35
Andrés GiménezN-/-22bA/A0AA11'-1213-1516-1821-2223-2425-2627-2831-2831-34
Josh NaylorP-/-31bE/C1DD 11-1314-1617-2122-2425-2627-3132-3132-36
Kyle ManzardoP-/-4DHE/D0CC 11-1213-1415-1516-1718-2122-2324-2425-28
Bo NaylorP-/-5CC/C0CC 11-1112-1314-1415-1617-1821-2122-2223-26
Steven KwanN-/-6LFA/B2AA11'-1213-1516-1821-2223-2425-2627-2831-3132-33
Ramón LaureanoN-/-7RFA/B0CC11'-1213-1314-1415-1516-1718-2122-2324-2324-27
Brayan RocchioN-/-8ssB/C0BB11'-1112-1415-1718-2122-2324-2526-2728-2831-32
Tyler FreemanN-/-9cfB/C1DD11'-1112-1516-2122-2425-2627-2831-3233-3233-33
Gabriel AriasN-/-10ssC/C0CC 11-1213-1516-1718-2122-2223-2425-2425-28
Will BrennanN-/-10lfC/C1DD 11-1415-1821-2425-2627-2831-3334-3334-35
Estevan FlorialN-/-10cfA/A0CC11'-1213-1314-1415-1415-1617-1821-2223-2324-27
Austin HedgesN-/-10cE/D0AA 11-1213-1415-1617-1718-1821-2122-2122-24
David FryN-/-111bD/C0CC 11-1112-1314-1415-1617-2122-2324-2425-28
Jean SeguraN-/-  C/C1CC 11-1415-1821-2425-2526-2728-2831-3132-33
New Player based OPSSN-/-  C/D0DD1112'-1314-1516-1718-2122-2324-2526-26below
New Player based OPSSN-/-  C/D0DD1112'-1314-1516-1718-2122-2324-2526-26below

Cleveland Guardians Pitchers

ClevelandTh  0   PB     SRRRMax IP1Bf1B71B81B9        BalkK          Walk
Shane Bieber 12'-816071112'-1516-1821-242526'-4344'-47
Triston McKenzie 22'-815071112'-1415-1718-222324'-4243'-46
Tanner Bibee 32'-714071112'-1415-1821-232425'-4142'-45
Logan Allen 42'-714061112'-1415-1718-222324'-3738'-44
Gavin Williams 54'-713061112'-1314-1718-212223'-4142'-48
Emmanuel Clase A2'-90221112'-1415-1718-222324'-4243'-46
Scott Barlow B4'-70221112'-1314-1617-182122'-4546'-54
Sam Hentges C4'-70221112'-1415-1718-222324'-4445'-52
Pedro AvilaRd4'-79541112'-1415-1718-222324'-3536'-45
Trevor Stephan E4'-70221112'-1314-1718-212223'-4344'-51
Eli Morgan F2'-50321112'-1415-1821-232425'-4445'-48
Hunter Gaddis G2'-50431112'-1516-1821-242526'-3738'-44
James Karinchak H2'-4022111213-14151617'-4546'-58
Cade Smith K2'-40321112'-1314-1617-182122'-4344'-54
Ben Lively L2'-40321112'-1516-2122-252627'-3841'-44
Tim Herrin M2'-40321112'-1314-1718-212223'-4243'-52
Nick Sandlin O2'-40321112'-1314-1718-212223'-4243'-52

Stockton, the Glove Payton Score 30 to Wrap Our Hoops Season of 234 All-Time Great Teams

 We have now played all 234 Value Add Basketball Game teams at least once, and we finished with two of our biggest offensive performances ever. "The Glove," Gary Payton, scored 31 points to lead Oregon State 1990 past Yale 2024 then John Stockton outdid him with 36 points to lead Gonzaga 1984 to an upset win over Grand Canyon 2024.(Box Scores Added at bottom from both games).

Click here for all our scores to date and our updated rankings.

The impressive 84-73 win for Oregon State moves them up from being ranked 170th to 140th in our all-time rankings, and they are now the 5th best of 11 teams who will compete in the Mountain West/Pac-12 next season. With Yale not able to repeat an upset like they had in the actual 2024 March Madness against Auburn, they dropped from 226th to 228th and to 13th of 18 all-time Mid-Major games.

Gonzaga is still 7th of 7 all-time West Coast Conference teams in the game, including three later teams from Gonzaga, but they moved up from 229th to 216th of the all-time teams in the game. Their 84-79 win dropped Grand Canyon 2024 from 217th to 225th overall, and one spot ahead of Yale in the all-time Mid-Major standings at 12th of 18.

The following is our all-time top 10 after all teams have played at least once and the better teams were in big tournaments we played. The biggest surprise is #10 Kansas 2008, who we ranked only at 51st overall before games were played. We do still have women's teams who have yet to play, and may pick that up later with the WNBA season starting May 14. Their scores and rankings are tracked here.

Rnk Pre  Team             Year  Player(s)                            WLScoreAllowSOSRatingConf Conf Rnk 
11UCLA1972Bill Walton #646072.062.02.816.2B101
217Kansas1997Paul Pierce #505076.862.4-1.012.8B121
36Ohio St.1960Jerry Lucas #72, John Havlicek #292184.
47Indiana1976Scott May3171.359.8-0.811.3B103
514Houston1968Elvin Hayes #413173.063.84.311.1B122
64Duke2001Shane Battier3178.372.53.511.1ACC1
78Connecticut2023Adama Sanogo2078.558.0-11.011.0BE1
812North Carolina1982Michael Jordan #1, James Worthy #595168.865.06.210.8ACC2
915North Carolina2005Sean May3272.264.43.810.4ACC3
1051Kansas2008Mario Chalmers5174.756.0-0.710.3B123

Gonzaga (1984) 84, Grand Canyon (2014) 79

Pos       Gonzaga 1984            Pts   3pt2pt   FTAtt     RebStlBlkFl  Actual Stats
1-PGJohn Stockton3641122220420.9 pts, 6'1
2-SGBryce McPhee190834530418.2 pts, 6'3
3-SFJeff Condill60300700212.1 pts, 6'3
4-PFJason Van Nort40202301211 pts, 6'9
5-CTim Ruff2010090219 pts, 6'10
PosBench PlayersPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGMark Matthews4020010014.8 pts, 6'4
4-PFJeff Reinert3011210026.7 pts, 6'7
5-CDave Clement2010010013.1 pts, 6'6
 Danny Roe2010011011.2 pts, 6'7
 Blair Anderson6030040017.3 pts, 6'9
 13 Turnovers84433610346319 
PosGrand Canyon 2024Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGRay Harrison130455220313.5 pts, 6'4
2-SGCollin Moore9114431038.2 pts, 6'4
3-SFTyon Grant-Foster243633515220.1 pts, 6'7
4-PFGabe McGlothan142244711212.8 pts, 6'7
5-CDuke Brennan6030050216.9 pts, 6'10
PosBench PlayersPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGJovan Blacksher2010010024.2 pts, 5'11
2-SGJosh Baker2010010012.6 pts, 6'4
3-SFIsaiah Shaw2010010012.3 pts, 6'8
4-PFSydney Curry2010010012.9 pts, 6'8
5-CLok Wur5021140215.4 pts, 6'9
 15 Turnovers7962217173051017

Oregon State (1990) 84, Yale (2024) 73

Pos     Yale 2024                Pts   3pt2pt   FTAtt    RebStlBlkFl   Actual Stats
1-PGBez Mbeng111322230111.2 pts, 6'4
2-SGAugust Mahoney71200230210.6 pts, 6'4
3-SFJohn Poulakidas102122300113.6 pts, 6'6
4-PFMatt Knowling120524600211.7 pts, 6'6
5-CDanny Wolf1724341003214.5 pts, 7'0
PosBench PlayersPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGYassine Gharram6030010012.5 pts, 6'3
2-SGNick Townsend2010020025.8 pts, 6'7
3-SFCasey Simmons4020010023.2 pts, 6'6
4-PFJack Molloy2010010011.2 pts, 6'8
5-CSamson Aletan2010010011.7 pts, 6'10
 16 Turnovers73623912296315 
PosOregon St. 1990Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGWill Brantley60300320212.5 pts, 5'5
2-SGGary Payton3131102251111.4 pts, 6'0
3-SFEarl Martin142400610210.9 pts, 6'0
4-PFTeo Alibegovic80322310317.1 pts, 6'4
5-CScott Haskin803221102415.2 pts, 6'7
PosBench PlayersPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGCharles McKinney4020010014.6 pts, 5'6
2-SGAllan Celestine8121211024.8 pts, 5'7
3-SFLaMont McIntosh2010010018.5 pts, 6'0
4-PFKarl Anderson3011220012.2 pts, 6'2
5-C 0         
 10 Turnovers846306103010317

Based on each team's cards, we assigned them a preseason ranking based only on the cards. That is their preseason ranking. We then adjust for the result of each game played.

The first list below is the list of the 10 biggest disappointments - teams who played much worst in the games we played then how good we believe they actually are. For example, we thought Kareem's UCLA as the third best team in the game, and Florida's repeat champs were the 13th best. But Florida is only 5-3 in the season, and UCLA was stunned by DePaul's 1980 team.

That leads to the flip side, which is that DePaul 1980 heads the list of our biggest surprises. That win over Kareem and two other big wins moved them up from our 124th preseason ranking to 28th of all time. Beneath them is the top 10 nicest surprises.

Rnk after gamesRnk based on cards10 DisappointmentsYearPlayer(s)WLScoreAllowSOS
20283Wake Forest2005Chris Paul #300364.385.34.0
234229Princeton2023Tosan Evbuomwan0150.0102.00.0
6813Florida2006Joakim Noah5374.472.0-5.1
343UCLA1967Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #32183.087.00.7
194122Creighton2014Doug McDermott0366.380.0-0.3
206141New Mexico1974Bernard Hardin0168.095.0-3.0
218181Butler2010Gordon Hayward0354.776.33.7
222193Texas2007Kevin Durant #130162.082.0-13.0
182Kentucky2012Anthony Davis #534272.265.7-3.5
190121Louisville1980Darrell Griffith0152.082.03.0
Rnk after gamesRank based cards/ how good we believe team is10 Nicest SurprisesYearPlayer(s)WLScoreAllowSOS
28124DePaul1980Mark Aguirre3176.868.85.3
56182Colorado2021McKinley Wright3082.378.01.3
2298Auburn2019Chuma Okeke8171.065.31.9
2499Western Kentucky1966Clem Haskins4079.869.3-0.3
1051Kansas2008Mario Chalmers5174.756.0-0.7
67183North Carolina2022Armando Bacot2080.568.0-2.5
1352Baylor2021Jared Butler2286.078.56.0
39100Rutgers1976Phil Sellers2090.575.5-4.0
2670Houston2021Quentin Grimes10102.050.0-16.0
1753Connecticut2004Ben Gordon5274.766.00.6

Last 4 Men's Game of Season Feature Stockton and the Glove Payton vs. 2024 Surprise Teams

 We looked over the last four all-time great men's teams to play a game in the Value Add Basketball Game, and all look in order. We just added the Suggested playing possessions to the bottom of each player's card, something you can do in pen if you've already printed the whole set of all 234 great teams.

For John Stockton's Gonzaga 1984 the rotations are pretty simple with him playing all 44 possessions (44-1) in their opener against Grand Canyon. Yale's opponent took a few more notes since they only have nine players:

Oregon State 1990 has only nine players, so we used the extra panel to note you can start Gary Payton and Earl Martin with 3 points on a 3-pointer rather than 2-pointers to get you to 20 points at the start of the 20-20 game with all other players still starting with just a 2-pointer. We'd add a third rebound for starting center Scott Haskin (front line starting players start with 2 rebounds and the other 7 players with 1 rebound each to get to 13 total at the start of the 20-20 game). Finally, we need to add a foul to get the team to 10 fouls (we consider all offensive fouls to be among these 10 in the 20-20 start of the game since offensive fouls cannot occur on the dice) - we 'd suggest adding a foul to Allan Celestine since his foul range is 34-36 (highest of the reserves).

These will be our final two games since the college basketball season has been over almost a month and we have normally switched to baseball by now but after having more than 50,000 unique visitors to this site, we are past 25,000 in April when it usually dies off after March Madness, so we extended the basketball portion of our season.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

38 in NBA Playoffs Also On All-Time Great College Team

 Only 1% of Division I college players make the NBA, so just sitting on an NBA bench in the playoffs is a huge accomplishment. The following are the 38 players who were on one of the all-time great college teams featured in our Value Add Basketball Game AND were on the floor for one of the last few NBA games as one of the 16 teams still alive. 

The earliest team represented is the 2006 Florida Gators with Al Horford still playing for the No. 1 seed Boston Celtics. Two of the all-time greats from 2007 teams in our game put up amazing numbers 17 years later with Kevin Durant of Texas putting up 25 points and Mike Conley of Ohio State having 15 points and seven assists for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Obviously it is more likely a more recent team will still have players in the NBA, and the 2018 and 2019 NCAA champs from Villanova and Virginia are the only two all-time great college teams with three players alive in the NBA playoffs. The best of those is Nova's Jalen Brunson who just put up 39 points and 13 assists.

The other great teams in our game with two players still alive in the NBA playoffs are UCLA 2008 (Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook still under the big lights 16 years later), Marquette 2011 (Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler), Iowa State 2014 (Monte Morris and Georges Niang) and finally UConn 2023 (already Jordan Hawkins and Andre Jackson since most stayed around for the 2024 title run).

Some players just got on the court (0 points), others did not get in the game either because they were injured (Jimmy Butler) or just didn't get on the rotation, but all of these are in the elite group that is coming out to warm up as one of the remaining 16 NBA Playoff teams and a member of an all-time great college team in our game.

The first 230 All-time great teams have already played at least one games, leaving only our 25th greatest player of all time John Stockton with his 1984 Gonzaga against the 2024 Grand Canyon team with Danny Wolf, and our 48th greatest player of all time Gary Payton leading his 1990 Oregon State team against the Yale 2024 team and Tyon Grant-Foster

While this is not as issue for the players alive in the playoffs below since they all played witha. College 3-point line, you will notice we include 3-point shots even for players who played before the line was there. This was estimated in various ways such as later mapping of Pistol Pete Maravich's shots to see which would have been 3-pointers to Stockton's card above based on him hitting more than 40 percent if his 3-pointers in 7 NBA seasons from the deeper line.

Team in Game     Year     Player                       NBA Playoff Team             Last Playoff Game
Florida2006Al HorfordBoston Celtics9 pts, 6 reb, +15
Ohio State2007Mike ConleyMinnesota Timberwolves15 pts, 4 reb, 7 ast
Texas2007Kevin DurantPhoenix Suns25 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast
Stanford2008Brook LopezMilwaukee Bucks14 pts, 4 reb
UCLA2008Kevin LoveMiami Heat2 reb
UCLA2008Russell WestbrookLos Angeles Clippers1 pt, 3 reb
Arizona State2009James HardenLos Angeles Clippers21 pts, 5 ast
Butler2010Gordon HaywardOklahoma City Thunder4 reb
Weber State2010Damian LillardMilwaukee Bucks28 pts, 8 ast
Duke2010Mason PlumleeLos Angeles Clippers7 pts
Marquette2011Jimmy ButlerMiami Heatdid not play
Marquette2011Jae CrowderMilwaukee Bucks0 pts
San Diego State2011Kawhi LeonardLos Angeles Clippers7 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast
Kentucky2012Anthony DavisLos Angeles Lakers33 pts, 15 reb
Creighton2014Doug McDermottIndiana Pacersdid not play
Iowa State2014Monté MorrisMinnesota Timberwolves2 pts
Iowa State2014Georges NiangCleveland Cavaliers2 pts
Oklahoma2016Buddy HieldPhiladelphia 76ers0 pts
SMU2017Shake MiltonNew York Knicksdid not play
Oregon2017Payton PritchardBoston Celtics7 pts, 3 reb
Villanova2018Jalen BrunsonNew York Knicks39 pts, 13 ast
Villanova2018Donte DiVincenzoNew York Knicks5 reb, 4 pts
Villanova2018Collin  GillespieDenver Nuggets0 pts
Virginia2019Mamadi DiakiteNew York Knicksdid not play
Virginia2019Jay  HuffDenver Nuggets0 pts
Virginia2019Braxton KeyDenver Nuggets0 pts
Auburn2019Chuma OkekeOrlando Magic3 pts
Dayton2020Obi ToppinIndiana Pacers15 pts, 6 reb
Iowa2021Luka GarzaMinnesota Timberwolves0 pts
UCLA2021Jaime JaquezMiami Heat12 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast
USC2021Evan MobleyCleveland Cavaliers14 pts, 9 reb
Duke2022Paolo BancheroOrlando Magic9 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast
Kansas2022Christian BraunDenver Nuggets5 pts, 2 reb
Duke2022Wendell MooreMinnesota Timberwolves0 pts
Connecticut2023Jordan HawkinsNew Orleans Pelicans1 reb
Connecticut2023Andre JacksonMilwaukee Bucks2 pts, 3 reb
Michigan2023Caris LeVertCleveland Cavaliers5 pts, 1 reb
Gonzaga2023Julian StrawtherDenver Nuggetsdid not play

Burns Leads NC State Past Lilliard, Leaving Just 2 Debut Games Left

 After the extensive preview, Weber State had an upset within reach at 47-47 with 16 possessions to play. However, D.J. Burns then scored on three straight possessions and on the fourth grabbed an offensive rebound and kicked the ball out to DJ Horne who nailed the 3-pointer with the benefit of Burns assist (the 20-sided die roll was lowered from 4 to 3 due to coming off an offensive rebound, and that fell just within Horn's 1-3 three-point made range. 

That made the score 56-51 NC State with 12 possessions to play. With six possessions to play, Burns scored and was fouled, hitting the free throw to make it 65-58 to put it out of reach en route to a 72-60 win.  NC State won the turnover battle 15-8, which could have been the difference in the game. Mohamed Diarra's five blocked shots were huge as well.

That leaves only four all-time great teams who have yet to be used in our Value Add Basketball Game, leaving two games between the new 2024 teams and new teams with a top 75 all-time player.  Right now it's three games a piece, so either the 2024 or all-time great players would need to win the remaining two games to take the series 5 games to 3.

The all-time great Oregon State 1990, ranked 153rd of all teams in the game, will be the favorite led by our 48th greatest player ever Gary Payton against Danny Wolf and 2024 Yale. It was actually John Poulakidas who scored 28 points to stun Auburn in this year's tournament to qualify this Yale team for the game with their first tournament win since upsetting Baylor in 2016. Yale is ranked 227th in our game.

In the other game it will be the 2024 team that is favored, with 212th Grand Canyon led by Tyon Grant Foster taking on 228th ranked Gonzaga 1981 lead by our 25th ranked player of all-time - John Stockton.

Pos      Weber State 2010     Pts  3pt  2pt  FT  Att  Reb  Stl  Blk  Fl    Actual Stats
1-PGDamian Lillard14224574026'2, 19.9 Pts
2-SGFranklin Session13053432116'3, 10.2 Pts
3-SFNick Hansen11310070116'4, 9.2 Pts
4-PFDarin Mahoney4020260426'8, 2.9 Pts
5-CSteve Panos8024480226'8, 10.6 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGLindsey Hughey4020410016'3, 7.8 Pts
4-PFKyle Bullinger2010012026'6, 8.7 Pts
5-CTrevor Morris4020030036'9, 4.9 Pts
 15 Turnovers605171119368814 
PosNC State 2024Pts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGMichael O'Connell4020033046'2, 5.7 Pts
2-SGDJ Horne16331122026'1, 16.9 Pts
3-SFCasey Morsell10050081046'3, 11.1 Pts
4-PFMohamed Diarra6030090516'10, 6.3 Pts
5-CD.J. Burns17081180236'9, 12.9 Pts
PosHome BenchPts3pt2ptFTAttRebStlBlkFlActual Stats
1-PGBreon Pass2010010016'0, 1.3 Pts
2-SGKam Woods2010010016'2, 1.2 Pts
3-SFJayden Taylor11051212026'4, 11.2 Pts
4-PFDennis Parker2010020026'6, 4.7 Pts
5-CBen Middlebrooks2010241016'10, 5.7 Pts
 8 Turnovers7233036399721