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UCLA at UNC All-Time Teams Goes Final - Scroll Down for Score

The All-Time UCLA at UNC game has gone final, and we will let you scroll down the results to see the winner. This was a revenge chance for James Worthy and Michael Jordan as their 1982 UNC champs lost our great team title to Bill Walton's champs from a decade early, 1972. This time the game features the greatest players from all UNC and UCLA teams in our round robin with Duke.

The only spoiler alert is that Michael Jordan and James Worthy dominated in the open court for UNC, while Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated inside for UCLA. You won't believe how much until you see the box score at the bottom and see who came out on top.
Pos       UCLA   UNC  UCLA                             Play      UNC                            Play
 2020First roll   
442222Bill Walton2Vince Carter2
43  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooreb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebMichael Jordanmiss
4224 Bill Walton2Billy Cunninghamfoul
   Bill Walton0Billy CunninghamReb
   Kevin LoveblockVince Cartermiss
     Michael JordanOreb
   Bill WaltonblockMichael Jordanmiss
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarReb  
4126 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  24  Bob McAdoo2
40  Russell Westbrook0Michael Jordanfoul
 27 Russell Westbrook1  
  25Kareem Abdul-JabbarfoulBob McAdoo1
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebBob McAdoo0
3929 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Kevin LoveRebJames Worthymiss
38  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
     Billy CunninghamReb
  27  James Worthy2
3731 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  29  James Worthy2
36  Bill Waltonmiss  
   Russell WestbrookOReb  
   Bill WaltonTOBilly CunninghamSteal
     James Worthymiss
     Vince CarterOreb
   Reggie MillerblockJames Worthymiss
   Bill WaltonReb  
3533 Bill Walton2  
  30Reggie MillerfoulJames Worthy1
  31  James Worthy1
3435 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Russell WestbrookRebMichael Jordanmiss
33  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
     Bob McAdooReb
  34  Michael Jordan3
3237 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2Bob McAdoofoul
 38 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1  
  36  James Worthy2
31  Kevin LovemissBob McAdooReb
   Bill WaltonblockMichael Jordanmiss
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarReb  
3040 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Russell WestbrookStealMichael Jordanto
2942 Bill Walton2Billy Cunninghamfoul
 43 Bill Walton1  
     Bob McAdooto
2845 Bill Walton2  
  38  James Worthy2
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
   Reggie MillerRebBob McAdoomiss
27  Russell WestbrookTOMichael JordanSteal
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
   Kevin Love   
2647 Bill Walton2  
  40  Michael Jordan2
25  Kareem Abdul-JabbarTOMichael JordanSteal
  42  Michael Jordan2
2449 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
   Bill WaltonblockBilly Cunninghammiss
     Billy CunninghamOreb
     James Worthyto
23  Russell WestbrookmissMichael JordanReb
  43  Michael Jordan1
     Michael Jordan0
   Bill Waltonto  
     Bob McAdooto
22  Kareem Abdul-JabbarmissBob McAdooblock
   Kevin LoveOReb  
   Kevin LoveTOVince CarterSteal
   Bill WaltonStealBilly CunninghamTO
21  Russell WestbrookmissBob McAdooReb
  44Bill WaltonfoulBilly Cunningham1
  45  Billy Cunningham1
20  Bill WaltonmissBob McAdooblock
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarOReb  
 51 Bill Walton2  
   Kevin LoveblockVince Cartermiss
     Michael JordanOreb
  47  Michael Jordan2
19  Reggie MillermissBob McAdooReb
  49  Michael Jordan2
185351Bill WaltonmissVince CarterReb
  52Kareem Abdul-JabbarfoulBob McAdoo1
  53  Bob McAdoo1
17  Russell WestbrookmissBilly CunninghamReb
  55  James Worthy2
16  Reggie MillermissJames Worthyblock
     Billy CunninghamReb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
     James WorthyOreb
  58  Michael Jordan3
1555 Bill Walton2  
  60  Michael Jordan2
14 62Kareem Abdul-JabbarTOBob McAdoo2
13  Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
   Reggie MillerReb  
1257 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
     Billy Cunninghammiss
     Bob McAdooOreb
   Bill WaltonRebJames Worthymiss
11  Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
  64  Michael Jordan2
10  Reggie MillertoJames WorthySteal
  66  Michael Jordan2
9  Kevin LovetoVince CarterSteal
  68  Bob McAdoo2
8  Kareem Abdul-Jabbarto  
   Bill WaltonblockBilly Cunninghammiss
7  Russell WestbrookmissMichael JordanReb
  69Russell WestbrookfoulMichael Jordan1
   Kevin LoveRebMichael Jordan0
659 Bill Walton2  
  71  Bob McAdoo2
560 Kevin Love1Vince Carterfoul
 61 Kevin Love1  
     Michael Jordanmiss
     James WorthyOreb
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarblockBob McAdoomiss
     Vince CarterOreb
  73  James Worthy2
4-2nd  Kareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss  
   Kevin LoveOReb  
 63 Kevin Love2  
   Bill WaltonStealBob McAdooto
465 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2  
  75  James Worthy2
3  Kevin LovemissVince Carterblock
   Bill WaltonOReb  
   Reggie MillermissJames WorthyReb
     James Worthymiss
2  Kareem Abdul-JabbartoBob McAdooSteal
   Kareem Abdul-JabbarRebJames Worthymiss
16775Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2mercy,no shot

With UNCs 75-67 win, UCLA is eliminated. UNC travels to Duke and based on our tie-breakers can win our round robin either by winning the game, or coming within 3 points since they are now a +8 and Duke is a -2 in margin.

UCLA led much of the game, but Jordan took over with some key baskets and then a couple of steals and feeds ahead to Worthy for scores.

UCLA                                   Pts   FGM  FGA  %       FTM  FTA  %RebStealBlockTOFoul
Russell Westbrook52922%1333%42023
Reggie Miller421020%000%41123
Kevin Love104944%22100%80232
Bill Walton23111765%11100%72423
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar25122157%11100%100544
UCLA Totals67316647%5771%335121315
UNC                                   PtsFGMFGA%FTMFTA%RebStealBlockTOFoul
Michael Jordan (2 3-pts)26112152%2450%63023
James Worthy2091850%22100%72122
Vince Carter63838%000%72113
Billy Cunningham62825%22100%91014
Bob McAdoo1771450%3475%101633
Sean May0000%000%00002
UNC Totals75326946%91275%3998917

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Line-ups for Late Night All-Time UCLA at UNC

Finally tipping off UCLA at UNC at 2:30 am on the East Coast - guess UCLA will have the edge since it will only feel like 11:30 pm back in Los Angeles. Mean to start at a reasonable hour, but was swamped testify in a legislative committee and work up our post. Yes, sometimes I wish the thousands of you who click on these blogs were matched by thousands each day likewise looking at my day jobs work on policy - but this is more fun. Did get done with work in time to watch replay of my Marquette playing Villanova on replay.

Back to the game, here is the line-up for the second of three games.
UCLA                           Yr     Dunk          Ball     Pos     UNC                      Yr        Dunk   Ball
Russell Westbrook200851-62 Stop11-PGMichael Jordan198251-521&6
Reggie Miller198751-56 Stop22-SGJames Worthy198251 Stop2&7
Kevin Love200851-5333-SFVince Carter199851-563
Bill Walton197251-634&64-PFBilly Cunningham196551 Stop4
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar196751-565,7&85-CBob McAdoo197251-53 Stop5&8
     Sean May200551-515

The first thing in the setup is all the "Stop" notes by positions that you did not see in the Duke at UCLA game. Michael Jordan and James Worthy only averaged 13 and 15 points per game in their championship game - they just never let anyone else score with incredible -12 Dunk Adj range. That takes most people dunk range below a 51-51 dunk range and into the negatives, which on the table in the Value Add Game creates instead a defensive stop range, which means an automatic missed shot and defensive rebound to the player on defense. 

With Jordan and Worthy giving Westbrook and Miller such big stop ranges, UCLA will definitely hope to get the ball to the twin towers most of the time - in fact they should get it there more than half the time with only 1-, 2- or 3- going to the other three players while Walton will get it on a 4&6 and Kareem on a 5, 7 or 8. 

Vince Carter has the best offensive match-up for UNC with a 51-56 dunk range, but he actually can only have the ball on one number based on his card not having a second number. Therefore UNC will use their extra numbers to try to get the ball to Jordan or Worthy, or down low to McAdoo.

With that we are about to cast our first roll, so will report the play by play when it is over.

If UCLA wins at UNC after winning with a little home cooking against Duke, then they win our round robin 2 games to 0 with UNC's trip to Duke being for second place.

If UNC wins, then they can wrap it up by also winning at Duke.

If UNC beats UCLA but then loses at Duke, then all three teams finish 1-1. In that case the best scoring margin for the two games is the champion, and if that is a tie then we go with fewest points allowed. If that is also tied then we just have a shared title.

All-time UCLA at UNC Hopefully Tonight

 We hope to get in the second game of our 3-game round robin tonight, with UCLA coming off the last second win over Duke with a little help from the officials now visiting UNC for Game 2. The three were the only teams with at least 5 players to make our all-time great players set, and UNC is the only team with 6 players - so Sean May will play a possession then turn it over to Michael Jordan - who has a Stamina of 43 so needs to sit one possession.

Results to follow.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Kareem Grabs 11 Boards, But Duke Roars Back Late in All-time Showdown

Our first game using all-time great players instead of teams could not have been better. The ultimate twin towers of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton dominated on the boards as expected, 

However Duke turned Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. over five times and help him to 6 of 14shooting while Duke hit some 3-pointers including Christian Laettner playing as an almost "stretch center" in an incredible game.

The game was so good we decided to give the actual play by play with the running score on the left. If any of the plays do not make sense, there is a key at the bottom. Below the running score we list the team box score.

Also, the plays in red indicate the referee made a bad call in favor of the home team, and unfortunately for Duke that happened three times - all sending 90 percent free throw shooter Reggie Miller to the line.
Duke    UCLA    Duke All-time team        Play            UCLA All-time team       Play
2020Score starts 20-20 All players with 4 pts 
  Shane BattiermissKevin LoveReb
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarTO
2220Justise Winslow2  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
2520Johnny Dawkins3  
    Reggie Millermiss
    Bill WaltonOreb
  Johnny DawkinsStealRussell WestbrookTO
  Christian LaettnermissBill WaltonReb
2522  Bill Walton2
  Johnny DawkinsmissKareem Abdul-JabbarReb
2524  Bill Walton2
2824Shane Battier3  
2825Justise WinslowFoulBill Walton1
2826  Bill Walton1
3127Christian Laettner3  
3127Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
  Christian LaettnerReb 0
  Johnny DawkinsmissReggie MillerReb
3129Christian LaettnerFoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar2
3130  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
3330Jon Scheyer2  
3332Justise WinslowFoulBill Walton2
3333  Bill Walton1
3533Christian Laettner2  
3535  Reggie Miller2
  Justise WinslowTOBill WaltonSteal
3537  Kevin Love2
  Christian LaettnermissKareem Abdul-JabbarReb
  Shane BattierRebRussell Westbrookmiss
  Jon ScheyermissBill WaltonReb
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
    Kevin LoveOreb
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarTO
3737Christian Laettner2  
3739Jon Scheyer foulReggie Miller2
3740  Reggie Miller1
3840Jon Scheyer1Reggie Millerfoul
3940Jon Scheyer1  
  Christian LaettnerblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
3942Christian LaettnerFoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar2
3943  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
4143Christian Laettner2  
4146Jon ScheyerfoulReggie Miller3
4147  Reggie Miller1
  Justise Winslow0Bill Waltonfoul
4247Justise Winslow1  
4249  Russell Westbrook2
4349Christian Laettner1Kareem Abdul-Jabbarfoul
4449Christian Laettner1  
4450Justise Winslow Bill Walton1
4451  Bill Walton1
  Christian LaettnerTO  
    Bill Waltonmiss
  Shane Battierreb  
  Christian LaettnermissReggie MillerReb
  Jon ScheyerRebReggie Millermiss
4551Shane Battier1Kevin Lovefoul
  Shane Battier0Kevin LoveReb
    Reggie Millermiss
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
  Justise WinslowRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
  Shane BattiermissRussell WestbrookReb
4553  Russell Westbrook2
  Christian LaettnermissKevin Lovereb
  Shane BattierblockKevin Lovemiss
    Russell WestbrookOreb
4555  Reggie Miller2
  Jon ScheyermissKareem Abdul-Jabbarreb
  Shane Battier Reggie Millermiss
4755Johnny Dawkins2  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
4955Justise Winslow2  
4956Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
4957  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
5157Johnny Dawkins2  
  Shane BattierblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
5257Jon Scheyer1Reggie Millerfoul
5357Jon Scheyer1  
5359  Bill Walton2
  Justise WinslowTOBill WaltonSteal
5362  Russell Westbrook3
  Justise WinslowTORussell WestbrookSteal
  Justise WinslowStealBill WaltonTO
  Shane Battiermiss  
  Jon ScheyerOreb  
5562Christian Laettner2  
  Jon ScheyerRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
5762Shane Battier2  
5764Jon ScheyerfoulReggie Miller2
5765  Reggie Miller1
  Justise WinslowTO  
5767  Bill Walton2
6067Justise Winslow3  
  Christian LaettnerStealKareem Abdul-JabbarTO
6367Jon Scheyer3  
  Christian LaettnerblockKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
  Jon ScheyerReb  
  Justise WinslowmissBill Waltonblock
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbarreb
6369  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2
6469Justise Winslow1Bill Waltonfoul
  Justise Winslow0  
6569Justise Winslow1  
6572  Reggie Miller3
  Shane Battier Reggie Millerreb
6772Christian Laettner2  
6773Shane BattierfoulKevin Love1
  Shane BattierRebKevin Love0
7073Jon Scheyer3  
    Bill WaltonTO
7273Christian Laettner2  
7274Christian LaettnerfoulKareem Abdul-Jabbar1
7275  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1
  Jon ScheyerTOBill WaltonSteal
    Reggie Millermiss
Qq    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
7277Shane BattierfoulKevin Love2
    Kevin Love0
    Kareem Abdul-JabbarOreb
    Reggie Millermiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
7279  Reggie Miller2
7479Justise Winslow2  
7481  Kevin Love2
  Shane BattiermissKevin Loveblock
  Christian LaettnerOreb  
7681Christian Laettner2  
    Russell Westbrookmiss
    Reggie MillerOreb
  Justise WinslowRebKareem Abdul-Jabbarmiss
7981Shane Battier3  
  Justise WinslowblockBill Waltonmiss
  Christian LaettnerReb  
  Justise Winslowmiss  
  Shane BattierOreb  
8181Shane Battier2  
8183  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar2

Here is the composite box score after Kareem shook off a tough game to score at the buzzer and deliver UCLA the 83-81 win. UCLA travels to UNC next.

While much if the game played out along the lines of what you'd expect, there were two surprises in the box. it was not a surprise that Laettner could score so much away from the basket in Kareem. However Kareem had the best offensive card in the game - with 1-15 either a basket or drawing a foul in the 20-sided and had the max dunk ranges of 51-66. Dukes ability to turn him over 5 times including the first two times he had the ball, and then hold him to 6 of 14 shooting kept the game close.

However, Kareem had the game high 11 rebounds,.including kicking the ball out to shooters off offensive rebounds, drew 7 fouls on Laettner since we played no foul outs with only 5 on 5, hit all 6 free throws and hit the game winner.

The other surprise of the dice was that UCLA had much better shot blocking cards, but it was Duke surprisingly getting the blocked shots.

Here is the key to the symbols in the running score. Remember based on the score sheet other plays have already happened before the first dice are rolled - accounting for the 20-20 start to the game. Also note since we only had five players each we played with no foul outs - which saved Christian Laettner since he committee 7 fouls trying to guard Kareem.

Yes, you read the scoreboard right. The three bad calls against Jon Scheyer gave Reggie Miller three "and-ones" as a 90 percent free throw shooter (1-18 on the 20-sided die) which is the average game (3 points home court advantage) and in this game that could have been the difference. 

UCLA won 83-81 when Kareem beat the buzzer, but take away those three extra free throws on a neutral court or this should have been a 81-80 upset by Duke. Duke will still get UNC at home and this round robin will be decided by total point margin so Duke only starts 2 points down in the round robin.
Symbol        Meaning of Symbol                        Total in Game
0Missed Free Throw - 0 points5
1Made Free Throw - 1 point26
2Made 2-Point Basket34
3Made 3-Point Basket10
blockBlocked Shot9
FoulCommittee Foul18
missMissed Field Goal33
OrebOffensive Rebound13
RebDefensive Rebound23
 Total Plays193

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Coach K Travels to Face Ultimate Twin Towers - Abdul-Jabbar and Walton ... developing

After playing a few hundred games to catch any kinks in our Value Add Basketball Game GREAT TEAMS, we decided to also test out some of the 120 GREAT PLAYERS cards. Rather than have a draft, we realized we had three schools with five players to make the all-time list of 120 great players, so will use them to set up a round robin and see if we have any issues to resolve. Here are our first line-ups: 

Duke                          Yr     Dunk   Ball     Pos     UCLA                          Yr        Dunk   Ball
Johnny Dawkins198651-5211-PGRussell Westbrook200851-531
Jon Scheyer201051-5322-SGReggie Miller198751-552&6
Shane Battier200151-543&63-SFKevin Love200851-533
Justise Winslow201551-524&74-PFBill Walton197251-664&6
Christian Laettner199251-545&85-CKareem Abdul-Jabbar196751-665&8

Our first of three games will feature Duke all-time great players coached by Mike Krzyzewski at UCLA against John Wooden's all-time greats. We will use the home advantage in all three of these games, meaning the home team can switch the result of 36 to a 66 or vice versa, which gives the home team the average three extra calls in their favor like happens in real games to give them about a 3 point home court advantage of average.

UCLA gets the home advantage in this first game. Then Duke gets the home advantage against their rival UNC, and finally the 3rd and final game will be Duke at UNC.

A couple of things that will be different playing with great players from different teams as we have set up the individual players include the following - and we will see if we come across any other variations playing these three games.

1. When playing great teams against each other, the Dunk Range of one team adjusted by the other teams Adj to get one figure for the whole team. This figure does not really calculate how well a player dunks, but rather is the overall adjustment for level of competition and era.

However, with individual players from different teams we match each player against the player at the same position. The two mismatches here are Bill Walton guarded by Justise Winslow and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guarded by Christian Laettner. As great offensive players as the two Duke players are, their +0 defense and -1 defense is just average, which in the game table increases the 51-65 and 51-62 all the way to the maximum 51-66 dunk range.

UCLA will want to get the ball into the ultimate twin towers.

2. The other thing that is different with all-time great players is deciding how to share the ball. Most players and every player in this game could get the ball on at least 1 extra roll on the 8-sided die, and Dawkins, Winslow, Walton and Abdul --Jabbar actually could get the ball on three of 8 rolls. Therefore before a game between great players you need to choose which players get the ball on the 6, 7 and 8.

As indicated in the box, with Duke it looks like the front line is still the best option on offense so we chose to have the 6, 7 and 8 rolls go to Battier, Winslow and Laettner. On the UCLA side they have the perfect combination of the outside shooter in Reggie Miller, so he gets the ball on 6, and then Walton on 7 and Kareem on 8.

3. Because we only have five players on each team and no subs, a player who runs out of stamina would have all dice rolls adjusted by 1 against him. However, if both players are tired (which is always the case in overtime) then neither player gets the disadvantage.

In this game, Winslow and Walton both have Stamina of 37, so since they would both be tired guarding each other for the last 7 possessions, neither has the disadvantage.

However, Duke's Battier does have the advantage with the max Stamina of 44, so when Love's Stamina of 37 runs out he will have all dice rolls adjusted against him by 1 for the last 7 possessions of the game.

Miller will have the fatigue adjustment only for the last possession since he has a 43 but current Duke coach Scheyer has a 44. Therefore, on the last possession of the game we will change to Kareem getting the ball on a 6, but Kareem on either a 7 or 8.

4. And finally with only five players, we will not play that you can foul out so players can hack away.

The UCLA team definitely looks stronger, but that's why they play the game, which we will do with the opening dice roll.

Results to follow:

Friday, January 26, 2024

Abdul-Jabbar to Worthy: Greatest 120 College Player Cards in Alpha Order

Click on this google doc or print out the screen shots below for cards of the 120 greatest college basketball players of all time listed in alphabetical order. Playing fantasy league Value Add Basketball Games is the same as the instructions for the regular game between the 226 great teams - with a few exceptions listed below the cards. The Basketball Reference College Basketball Stats are linked to each of the 120 greatest college players of all time.

Instructions for Playing Value Add Basketball Games using all-time great cards is the same as playing games between the great 226 team sheets in the game except for the following instructions.

1. When playing teams, each sheet of 10 cards is one team. When you choose individual players via fantasy league draft or some other message, you cut the 10 players out of each sheet to divide them up.

2. To start the game, lay out five players from left to right. You do not need to use the suggested position on the card (PG-1, SG-2, SF-3, PF-4, C-5) EXCEPT you need a PG-1 in the far left spot or else the defense steal ranges increase by 2 (a steal 11-12 becomes 11-14) for all 5 defenders, not just the opposing point guard.

3. When playing great players most players will have at least one extra number (a 6, 7 and/or 8) so you will have many options. Choose which player in each line-up will get the ball on a 6, 7 and 8 roll, picking the best offensive cards as well as a player being guarded by a higher Adj range. An optional additional adjustment, any player who has additional numbers but is not assigned one gets to lower his 20-sided die roll by 1 every time he does get the ball on his one number form 1-5.

4. You will not need to use reserves nearly as much in these games as in the team game, because many players have a Stamina of 44 to play the whole game or at least an number high to that number. You likely only need to use your sixth best player to sub a little bit to get enough of the 44 possessions covered.

5. Keep in mind the dunk range is adjusted by the player guarding him, rather than the whole team having the same dunk and adjust range in team games. For example, to match up one of the best offensive and defensive ratings in the game - Bill Walton's dunk range is 51-65, and if he were up against James Worthy's -12 Adj the table in the game instructions shows he dunks only on a 51-53 on Worthy. However, if he went up against a great offensive player but weak defensive player like Jerry West and his +5 Adj, then Walton dunks on any roll in the dunk range from 51-66, and Worthy completely erases the dunk range of any player with a 51-62 or lower dunk range and turns and negative number into a STOP range. E.g. a dunk 51-56 against Worthy's -12 would have a STOP range of 51-56 on which he misses and Worthy grabs the rebound.

The rest of the game process simply follows the regular instructions

We are tracking players other readers have suggested be added to the game for consideration in the next run. Feel free to email other suggestions to

Steve Alford Indiana 84-87
Kent Benson Indiana 74-77
Calbert Cheaney Indiana 90-93
Sean Elliott, Arizona 86 - 89
Hersey Hawkins Bradley 85-88
Keith Lee Memphis 82-85
Glen Rice Michigan 86-89
Jay Williams Duke 00-02