Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kentucky NBA Alumni Might Sweep Next Best 35 College Alumni Teams

Click here for the full story breaking down the 36 colleges that produce 47.3% of all NBA talent, and their projected records if they played as one NBA team.

That story is one of my stories for Breitbart, and the large table with breakdown of how many wins each player from these 36 colleges would add to his team appears here in an earlier Best Returning Players Post. The projections are based on Value Add Basketball and Hollinger's Estimated Wins Added (EWA).

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Calculating records of 36 colleges with a complete NBA alumni roster

After laying out the calculation of additional wins of all NBA Players in the previous post, If we go the next step and rank all NBA players by the same method and then group them by their colleges, we have 27 colleges that could put a starting five on the court. When we add D-League players we get to a perfectly round 36 colleges.

Better yet, these 36 fall pretty nicely into the six current NBA Divisions, going with six colleges each Division. Using ESPN's Extra Wins formula for current NBA players and Value Add Basketball's ranking minus two for each player coming out of college this year, we give each college credit for the number of extra wins each of their top five NBA players delivered in 2016. If they have more than five NBA players we give half credit for the next best five players from the college, but any beyond 10 from one college are not counted.

Here are the final records we would expect from all 36 NBA players teams of current college players, and each players estimated win value in that division. At the bottom of the table the resultant playoff match-ups are listed:

PlayerEast - Atlantic DivisionWinsLossesGBCurrent Team
Team RecordConnecticut59230
Team RecordSyracuse4636-13
Team RecordGeorgetown4141-18
Team RecordVillanova3844-21
Team RecordVirginia2854-31
Team RecordMaryland2458-35
Lowry, KyleVillanova15.9Toronto Raptors
Drummond, AndreConnecticut14.2Detroit Pistons
Walker, KembaConnecticut14.2Charlotte Hornets
Monroe, GregGeorgetown13.0Milwaukee Bucks
Anthony, CarmeloSyracuse12.4New York Knicks
Gbinije, MichaelSyracuse6.9Detroit Pistons
Brogdon, MalcolmVirginia6.9Milwaukee Bucks
Gay, RudyConnecticut5.9Sacramento Kings
Porter, OttoGeorgetown4.5Washington Wizards
Lamb, JeremyConnecticut3.3Charlotte Hornets
Green, JeffGeorgetown2.8Orlando Magic
Carter-Williams, MichaelSyracuse2.4Milwaukee Bucks
Grant, JeramiSyracuse2.2Philadelphia 76ers
Len, AlexMaryland1.7Phoenix Suns
Scott, MikeVirginia1.5Atlanta Hawks
Anderson, JustinVirginia1Dallas Mavericks
Blake, SteveMaryland1Detroit Pistons
Butler, CaronConnecticut1agreed buy out
Christmas, RakeemSyracuse1Indiana Pacers
Cunningham, DanteVillanova1New Orleans Pelicans
Foye, RandyVillanova1Oklahoma City Thunder
Hibbert, RoyGeorgetown1Charlotte Hornets
Hilliard, DarrunVillanova1Detroit Pistons
Layman, JakeMaryland1Portland Trail Blazers
Sims, HenryGeorgetown1Brooklyn Nets roster
Stone, DiamondMaryland1Los Angeles Clippers
Vásquez, GreivisMaryland1Milwaukee Bucks
Ennis, TylerSyracuse0.5Milwaukee Bucks
Hamilton, DanielConnecticut0.5Oklahoma City Thunder
Johnson, WesleySyracuse0.5Los Angeles Clippers
McCullough, ChrisSyracuse0.5Brooklyn Nets roster
Napier, ShabazzConnecticut0.5Portland Trail Blazers
Richardson, MalachiSyracuse0.5Sacramento Kings
Thompson, HollisGeorgetown0.5Philadelphia 76ers
Villanueva, CharlieConnecticut0.5Dallas Mavericks
Waiters, DionSyracuse0.5Oklahoma City Thunder
Atkins, DarionVirginia0D-League
Bowen, AaronGeorgetown0D-League
Daniels, DeAndreConnecticut0D-League
Fair, C. J.Syracuse0.0D-League
Farrakhan, MustaphaVirginia0D-League
Pinkston, JayVaughnVillanova0D-League
Smith, JoshuaGeorgetown0D-League
Trawick, JabrilGeorgetown0D-League
Whittington, GregGeorgetown0D-League
PlayerEast - Central DivisionWinsLossesGB
Team RecordMarquette52300
Team RecordMichigan State4933-3
Team RecordOhio State4141-11
Team RecordIndiana3448-18
Team RecordMichigan2854-24
Team RecordWisconsin2656-26
Butler, JimmyMarquette13.3Chicago Bulls
Wade, DwyaneMarquette11.1Chicago Bulls
Green, DraymondMichigan State10.9Golden State Warriors
Conley, MikeOhio State7.4Memphis Grizzlies
Oladipo, VictorIndiana7.4Oklahoma City Thunder
Valentine, DenzelMichigan State7.2Chicago Bulls
Randolph, ZachMichigan State6.9Memphis Grizzlies
Crowder, JaeMarquette6.1Boston Celtics
Sullinger, JaredOhio State5.9Boston Celtics
Zeller, CodyIndiana4.9Charlotte Hornets
Crawford, JamalMichigan3.7Los Angeles Clippers
Turner, EvanOhio State3.6Portland Trail Blazers
Koufos, KostaOhio State3.4Sacramento Kings
Leuer, JonWisconsin3Detroit Pistons
Harris, GaryMichigan State2.8Denver Nuggets
Russell, D'AngeloOhio State2.5Los Angeles Lakers
Gordon, EricIndiana2.2Houston Rockets
Burke, TreyMichigan2.1Washington Wizards
Kaminsky, FrankWisconsin1.6Charlotte Hornets
Harris, DevinWisconsin1.4Dallas Mavericks
Anderson, AlanMichigan State1Washington Wizards
Dekker, SamWisconsin1Houston Rockets
Ellenson, HenryMarquette1Detroit Pistons
HardawayMichigan1Atlanta Hawks
LeVert, CarisMichigan1Brooklyn Nets roster
Matthews, WesleyMarquette1Dallas Mavericks
McGary, MitchMichigan1Oklahoma City Thunder
Vonleh, NoahIndiana1Portland Trail Blazers
Davis, DeyontaMichigan State0.5Memphis Grizzlies
Dawson, BrandenMichigan State0.5Los Angeles Clippers
Novak, SteveMarquette0.5Milwaukee Bucks
Payne, AdreianMichigan State0.5Minnesota Timberwolves
RobinsonMichigan0.5Indiana Pacers
Stauskas, NikMichigan0.5Philadelphia 76ers
Appling, KeithMichigan State0D-League
Blue, VanderMarquette0D-League
Buycks, DwightMarquette0D-League
Carlino, MattMarquette0D-League
Craft, AaronOhio State0D-League
Hayward, LazarMarquette0D-League
Jackson, TraevonWisconsin0D-League
Jones, VerdellIndiana0D-League
Morgan, JordanMichigan0D-League
Morris, DariusMichigan0D-League
Scott, ShannonOhio State0D-League
Thomas, DeshaunOhio State0D-League
Thompson, SamOhio State0D-League
Trice, TravisMichigan State0D-League
Williams, AmirOhio State0D-League
PlayerEast - Southeast DivisionWinsLossesGB
Team RecordDuke60220
Team RecordWake Forest5428-6
Team RecordFlorida4933-11
Team RecordNorth Carolina4834-12
Team RecordGeorgia Tech4735-13
Team RecordLSU2953-31
Paul, ChrisWake Forest18.4Los Angeles Clippers
Horford, AlFlorida11.6Boston Celtics
Favors, DerrickGeorgia Tech10.1Utah Jazz
Johnson, BriceNorth Carolina7.9Los Angeles Clippers
Bosh, ChrisGeorgia Tech7.8Miami Heat
Teague, JeffWake Forest7.8Indiana Pacers
Irving, KyrieDuke7.4Cleveland Cavaliers
Redick, JJDuke7.4Los Angeles Clippers
Young, ThaddeusGeorgia Tech7.3Indiana Pacers
Plumlee, MasonDuke6.9Portland Trail Blazers
Davis, EdNorth Carolina6.8Portland Trail Blazers
Williams, MarvinNorth Carolina6.3Charlotte Hornets
Deng, LuolDuke5.4Los Angeles Lakers
Okafor, JahlilDuke5.2Philadelphia 76ers
Parsons, ChandlerFlorida5.2Memphis Grizzlies
Duncan, TimWake Forest4.9San Antonio Spurs
Beal, BradleyFlorida4.3Washington Wizards
Bass, BrandonLSU3.9Los Angeles Lakers
Lee, DavidFlorida3.7Dallas Mavericks
Henson, JohnNorth Carolina3.4Milwaukee Bucks
Speights, MarreeseFlorida2.7Los Angeles Clippers
Aminu, Al-FarouqWake Forest2.6Portland Trail Blazers
Thornton, MarcusLSU2.4Washington Wizards
Hood, RodneyDuke2.3Utah Jazz
Ingram, BrandonDuke2.3Los Angeles Lakers
Parker, JabariDuke2.0Milwaukee Bucks
Barnes, HarrisonNorth Carolina1.8Dallas Mavericks
Jack, JarrettGeorgia Tech1.8Free Agent
Plumlee, MilesDuke1.5Milwaukee Bucks
Johnson, JamesWake Forest1Toronto Raptors
Martin, JarellLSU1Memphis Grizzlies
Mickey, JordanLSU1Boston Celtics
Morrow, AnthonyGeorgia Tech1Oklahoma City Thunder
O'Bryant, JohnnyLSU1Free Agent
Henderson, GeraldDuke0.9Philadelphia 76ers
Zeller, TylerNorth Carolina0.9Boston Celtics
Carter, VinceNorth Carolina0.6Memphis Grizzlies
Noah, JoakimFlorida0.6New York Knicks
Bonner, MattFlorida0.5San Antonio Spurs
Brewer, CoreyFlorida0.5Houston Rockets
Bullock, ReggieNorth Carolina0.5Detroit Pistons
Ellington, WayneNorth Carolina0.5Brooklyn Nets roster
Felton, RaymondNorth Carolina0.5Dallas Mavericks
Finney-Smith, DorianFlorida0.5Dallas Mavericks
Haslem, UdonisFlorida0.5Miami Heat
Shumpert, ImanGeorgia Tech0.5Cleveland Cavaliers
Simmons, BenLSU0.5Philadelphia 76ers
Smith, IshWake Forest0.5Detroit Pistons
Temple, GarrettLSU0.5Sacramento Kings
Brand, EltonDuke0Philadelphia 76ers
Cook, QuinnDuke0D-League
Curry, SethDuke0Dallas Mavericks
Dawkins, AndreDuke0D-League
DunleavyDuke0Cleveland Cavaliers
Frazier, MichaelFlorida0D-League
Green, DannyNorth Carolina0San Antonio Spurs
Hairston, PJNorth Carolina0Memphis Grizzlies
Hansbrough, TylerNorth Carolina0Charlotte Hornets
Holsey, KammeonGeorgia Tech0D-League
Horford, JonFlorida0D-League
Jones, DahntayDuke0Cleveland Cavaliers
Jones, TyusDuke0Minnesota Timberwolves
Kelly, RyanDuke0Los Angeles Lakers
Lawson, TyNorth Carolina0Indiana Pacers
Marshall, KendallNorth Carolina0Philadelphia 76ers
McAdoo, JamesNorth Carolina0Golden State Warriors
McRoberts, JoshDuke0Miami Heat
Miller, MikeFlorida0Denver Nuggets
Paige, MarcusNorth Carolina0Utah Jazz
Plumlee, MarshallDuke0New York Knicks
Rivers, AustinDuke0Los Angeles Clippers
Singler, KyleDuke0Oklahoma City Thunder
Stringer, AndreLSU0D-League
Thomas, LanceDuke0New York Knicks
Tokoto, J. P.North Carolina0D-League
Walker, ChrisFlorida0D-League
Walker, TyWake Forest0D-League
Williams, CoronWake Forest0D-League
Williams, L. D.Wake Forest0D-League
Winslow, JustiseDuke0Miami Heat
Wright, BrandanNorth Carolina0Memphis Grizzlies
PlayerWest - Pacific DivisionWinsLossesGB
Team RecordUCLA7480
Team RecordSouthern California5131-23
Team RecordStanford4537-29
Team RecordWashington4240-32
Team RecordCalifornia3052-44
Team RecordGonzaga2854-46
Westbrook, RussellUCLA22.8Oklahoma City Thunder
DeRozan, DeMarSouthern California15.5Toronto Raptors
Thomas, IsaiahWashington13.9Boston Celtics
Lopez, BrookStanford13.7Brooklyn Nets roster
Vučević, NikolaSouthern California10.7Orlando Magic
Love, KevinUCLA9.1Cleveland Cavaliers
Holiday, JrueUCLA8.0New Orleans Pelicans
Lopez, RobinStanford7.8Chicago Bulls
Anderson, RyanCalifornia5.8Houston Rockets
Collison, DarrenUCLA5.4Sacramento Kings
Brown, JaylenCalifornia4.0Boston Celtics
Chriss, MarqueseWashington4.0Phoenix Suns
Gibson, TajSouthern California4.0Chicago Bulls
Muhammad, ShabazzUCLA4.0Minnesota Timberwolves
Olynyk, KellyGonzaga4.0Boston Celtics
Sabonis, DomantasGonzaga4.0Oklahoma City Thunder
Powell, DwightStanford2.7Dallas Mavericks
Ross, TerrenceWashington2.1Toronto Raptors
LaVine, ZachUCLA1.9Minnesota Timberwolves
Ariza, TrevorUCLA1.8Houston Rockets
Brown, AnthonyStanford1Los Angeles Lakers
Gutiérrez, JorgeCalifornia1Charlotte Hornets
Hawes, SpencerWashington1Charlotte Hornets
Holiday, JustinWashington1New York Knicks
Huestis, JoshStanford1Oklahoma City Thunder
Mayo, O.J.Southern California1Free Agent
Sacre, RobertGonzaga1Los Angeles Lakers
Wallace, TyroneCalifornia1Utah Jazz
Young, NickSouthern California1Los Angeles Lakers
Crabbe, AllenUCLA0.9Free Agent
Anderson, KyleUCLA0.8San Antonio Spurs
Barnes, MattUCLA0.7Sacramento Kings
Murray, DejounteWashington0.5San Antonio Spurs
Pondexter, QuincyWashington0.5New Orleans Pelicans
Wilcox, C.Washington0.5Los Angeles Clippers
Adams, JordanUCLA0Memphis Grizzlies
Afflalo, ArronUCLA0Sacramento Kings
Childress, JoshStanford0D-League
Christopher, PatrickCalifornia0D-League
Davis, BaronUCLA0D-League
Drew, LarryUCLA0D-League
Farmar, JordanUCLA0Memphis Grizzlies
Kemp, ShawnWashington0D-League
Looney, KevonUCLA0Golden State Warriors
MbahUCLA0Los Angeles Clippers
Powell, NormanUCLA0Toronto Raptors
Stepheson, AlexSouthern California0D-League
Stockton, DavidGonzaga0D-League
Suggs, ScottWashington0D-League
Wesley, ByronGonzaga0D-League
Woolridge, RenaldoSouthern California0D-League
PlayerWest - Southwest DivisionWinsLossesGB
Team RecordKentucky8020
Team RecordLouisville3646-44
Team RecordMemphis3151-49
Team RecordTennessee2953-51
Team RecordVanderbilt2755-53
Team RecordArkansas2458-56
Towns, Karl-AnthonyKentucky15.7Minnesota Timberwolves
Cousins, DeMarcusKentucky14.6Sacramento Kings
Davis, AnthonyKentucky14.6New Orleans Pelicans
Wall, JohnKentucky12.2Washington Wizards
Rondo, RajonKentucky7.5Chicago Bulls
Dieng, GorguiLouisville7.3Minnesota Timberwolves
Harris, TobiasTennessee7.2Detroit Pistons
Barton, WillMemphis6.5Denver Nuggets
Lee, DamionLouisville4.8Miami Heat
Baldwin, WadeVanderbilt4.0Memphis Grizzlies
Onuaku, ChinanuLouisville3.7Houston Rockets
Ulis, TylerKentucky3.7Phoenix Suns
Murray, JamalKentucky2.8Denver Nuggets
Evans, TyrekeMemphis2.8New Orleans Pelicans
Ezeli, FestusVanderbilt2.7Portland Trail Blazers
Rose, DerrickMemphis2.6New York Knicks
Bledsoe, EricKentucky2.4Phoenix Suns
Noel, NerlensKentucky2.4Philadelphia 76ers
Beverley, PatrickArkansas2.1Houston Rockets
Johnson, JoeArkansas2Utah Jazz
Knight, BrandonKentucky1.8Phoenix Suns
Portis, BobbyArkansas1.3Chicago Bulls
Harrell, MontrezlLouisville1Houston Rockets
Jenkins, JohnVanderbilt1Phoenix Suns
Jones, DamianVanderbilt1Golden State Warriors
McRae, JordanTennessee1Cleveland Cavaliers
Richardson, JoshTennessee1Miami Heat
Rozier, TerryLouisville1Boston Celtics
Watson, C.Tennessee1Orlando Magic
Bogans, KeithKentucky0D-League
Booker, DevinKentucky0Phoenix Suns
Brewer, RonnieArkansas0D-League
Cauley-Stein, WillieKentucky0Sacramento Kings
Crawford, ChrisMemphis0D-League
Douglas-Roberts, ChrisMemphis0D-League
Goodwin, ArchieKentucky0Phoenix Suns
Harris, RamonKentucky0D-League
Harrison, AaronKentucky0Charlotte Hornets
Harrison, AndrewKentucky0D-League
Hayes, ChuckKentucky0Free Agent
Johnson, DakariKentucky0D-League
Jones, TerrenceKentucky0Houston Rockets
Kidd-Gilchrist, MichaelKentucky0Charlotte Hornets
Labissière, SkalKentucky0Sacramento Kings
Liggins, DeAndreKentucky0D-League
Lyles, TreyKentucky0Utah Jazz
Meeks, JodieKentucky0Orlando Magic
Mohammed, NazrKentucky0Oklahoma City Thunder
Pargo, JanneroArkansas0D-League
Patterson, PatrickKentucky0Toronto Raptors
Prince, TayshaunKentucky0Minnesota Timberwolves
Prince, TayshuaunKentucky0Free Agent
Randle, JuliusKentucky0Los Angeles Lakers
Siakam, JamesVanderbilt0D-League
Stephens, D. J.Memphis0D-League
Stokes, JarnellTennessee0D-League
Teague, MarquisKentucky0D-League
Wade, MardracusArkansas0D-League
Young, JamesKentucky0Boston Celtics
PlayerWest - Western DivisionWinsLossesGB
Team RecordTexas68140
Team RecordKansas4240-26
Team RecordArizona3943-29
Team RecordUNLV3052-38
Team RecordOklahoma State2458-44
Team RecordColorado2359-45
Durant, KevinTexas22.8Golden State Warriors
Aldridge, LaMarcusTexas12.3San Antonio Spurs
Wiggins, AndrewKansas8.6Minnesota Timberwolves
Thompson, TristanTexas6.0Cleveland Cavaliers
McCaw, PatrickUNLV5.9Golden State Warriors
Gordon, AaronArizona5.2Orlando Magic
Hill, JordanArizona4.4Indiana Pacers
Aldrich, ColeKansas4.3Minnesota Timberwolves
Williams, DerrickArizona4.1Miami Heat
Chalmers, MarioKansas3.3waived
Bradley, AveryTexas2.8Boston Celtics
McConnell, T.J.Arizona2.8Philadelphia 76ers
Turner, MylesTexas2.7Indiana Pacers
Withey, JeffKansas2.3Utah Jazz
Allen, TonyOklahoma State2Memphis Grizzlies
Morris, MarcusKansas1.8Detroit Pistons
Burks, AlecColorado1.5Utah Jazz
Iguodala, AndreArizona1.5Golden State Warriors
Amundson, LouUNLV1New York Knicks
Anderson, JamesOklahoma State1Sacramento Kings
Anthony, JoelUNLV1Detroit Pistons
Bennett, AnthonyUNLV1waived
Brown, MarkelOklahoma State1Brooklyn Nets roster
Copeland, ChrisColorado1Free Agent
Dinwiddie, SpencerColorado1Chicago Bulls
Roberson, AndréColorado1Oklahoma City Thunder
Smart, MarcusOklahoma State1Boston Celtics
Vaughn, RashadUNLV1Milwaukee Bucks
Augustin, D.J.Texas0.9Orlando Magic
Joseph, CoryTexas0.8Toronto Raptors
Robinson, ThomasKansas0.7Brooklyn Nets roster
Bayless, JerrydArizona0.6Philadelphia 76ers
Hollis-Jefferson, RondaeArizona0.6Brooklyn Nets roster
Arthur, DarrellKansas0.5Denver Nuggets
Black, TarikKansas0.5Los Angeles Lakers
Budinger, ChaseArizona0.5Phoenix Suns
Collison, NickKansas0.5Oklahoma City Thunder
Diallo, CheickKansas0.5New Orleans Pelicans
Frye, ChanningArizona0.5Cleveland Cavaliers
Hamilton, JordanTexas0.5Free Agent
Hill, SolomonArizona0.5New Orleans Pelicans
Tucker, P.Texas0.5Phoenix Suns
Wood, ChristianUNLV0.5Philadelphia 76ers
Zimmerman, StephenUNLV0.5Orlando Magic
Booker, AskiaColorado0D-League
Cobbins, MichaelOklahoma State0D-League
Embiid, JoelKansas0Philadelphia 76ers
Henry, XavierKansas0D-League
Hinrich, KirkKansas0Atlanta Hawks
Jefferson, RichardArizona0Cleveland Cavaliers
Johnson, NickArizona0D-League
Johnson, StanleyArizona0Detroit Pistons
Kabongo, MyckTexas0D-League
Kaun, SashaKansas0Cleveland Cavaliers
McLemore, BenKansas0Sacramento Kings
Morris, MarkieffKansas0Washington Wizards
OubreKansas0Washington Wizards
Parrom, KevinArizona0D-League
Pierce, PaulKansas0Los Angeles Clippers
Rush, BrandonKansas0Minnesota Timberwolves
Terry, JasonArizona0Houston Rockets

The Eastern Conference Playoffs would then set up as:

No. 8 Georgia Tech at No. 1 Duke
No. 7 UNC at No. 2 UConn
No. 6 Florida at No. 3 Marquette
No. 5 Michigan State at No. 4 Wake Forest

The Western Conference Playoffs would set up as:
NO. 8 Arizona at overall No. 1 Kentucky
No. 7 Kansas at No. 2 UCLA
No. 6 Washington at No. 3 Texas
No. 5 Stanford at No. 4 USC

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

NBA Value Tracker: Team-by-team list of the 148 NBA Players worth 4 additional wins or more

The additional wins a team can expect from drafting or trading for an impact player can be measured by referring to this chart. We follow only the 148 players who played at a level worth at least four additional wins to an NBA team over what a replacement player would have done, based on:

  1. Value Added ratings for players in the NBA last year, as listed here on ESPN.
  2. Value Add Basketball ratings minus 2 for players who played college basketball last year. The ratings at www.valueaddbasketball.com actually measure how many points a college player impacts his team's scores each 100 trips down the court, but the projection to their value at the next level is roughly projected in this way.
  3. The assumption that international picks were taken in roughly the correct position in the draft relative to the Value Add ratings of the college players selected near them in the draft.

This table does not rate players who were injured, or adjust for age (a 20 year old will likely improve the next year, while a 30 year old will likely decline).

The Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls are the three teams who have improved by at least 15 games based on these analytics, but of course the Warriors cannot really improve that much with Kevin Durant since they were already 73-9. Click here for on John Pudner's stories on Breitbart Sports for team breakdowns and other updates.

Player20162017Extra Wins
Paul MillsapATLATL13.0
DeAndre BembrySt. Joseph'sATL5.5
Taurean PrinceBaylorATL4.0
Brook LopezBKNBKN13.7
Isaiah ThomasBOSBOS13.9
Al HorfordATLBOS11.6
Jae CrowderBOSBOS6.1
Jared SullingerBOSBOS5.9
Ben BentilProvidenceBOS5.7
Amir JohnsonBOSBOS4.1
Ante ZizicCroatiaBOS4.0
Guerschon YabuseleFranceBOS4.0
Jaylen BrownCaliforniaBOS4.0
Kelly OlynykBOSBOS4.0
Isaiah WhiteheadSeton HallBRK4.3
Kemba WalkerCHACHA14.2
Marvin WilliamsCHACHA6.3
Nicolas BatumCHACHA6.3
Cody ZellerCHACHA4.9
Al JeffersonCHACHA4.2
Jimmy ButlerCHICHI13.3
Dwyane WadeMIACHI11.1
Robin LopezNYCHI7.8
Rajon RondoSACCHI7.5
Denzel ValentineMichigan St.CHI7.2
Taj GibsonCHICHI4.0
LeBron JamesCLECLE23.1
Kevin LoveCLECLE9.1
Kyrie IrvingCLECLE7.4
Kahlil FelderOaklandCLE7.1
Tristan ThompsonCLECLE6.0
Dirk NowitzkiDALDAL8.9
Zaza PachuliaDALDAL5.6
Chandler ParsonsDALDAL5.2
AJ HammonsPurdueDAL4.2
Nikola JokicDENDEN9.5
Kenneth FariedDENDEN8.1
Danilo GallinariDENDEN7.8
Will BartonDENDEN6.5
Jamal MurrayKentuckyDEN5.7
Juan HernangomezSpainDEN4.0
Andre DrummondDETDET14.2
Reggie JacksonDETDET10.4
Tobias HarrisDETDET7.2
Michael GbinijeSyracuseDET6.9
Aron BaynesDETDET4.4
Stephen CurryGSGS27.6
Draymond GreenGSGS10.9
Klay ThompsonGSGS10.8
Kevin DurantOKCGSW22.8
Patrick McCawUNLVGSW5.9
James HardenHOUHOU23.1
Dwight HowardHOUHOU9.5
Ryan AndersonNOHOU5.8
Clint CapelaHOUHOU5.0
Paul GeorgeINDIND14.7
Jeff TeagueATLIND7.8
Thaddeus YoungBKNIND7.3
Georges NiangIowa St.IND7.0
Monta EllisINDIND4.5
Jordan HillINDIND4.4
Chris PaulLACLAC18.4
DeAndre JordanLACLAC13.0
Brice JohnsonNorth CarolinaLAC7.9
JJ RedickLACLAC7.4
Blake GriffinLACLAC6.2
Cole AldrichLACLAC4.3
Louis WilliamsLALLAL6.9
Luol DengMIALAL5.4
Brandon IngramDukeLAL4.6
Jordan ClarksonLALLAL4.2
Mike ConleyMEMMEM7.4
Zach RandolphMEMMEM6.9
Marc GasolMEMMEM6.4
Wade BaldwinVanderbiltMEM4.0
Hassan WhitesideMIAMIA16.0
Chris BoshMIAMIA7.8
Goran DragicMIAMIA5.4
Greg MonroeMILMIL13.0
Giannis AntetokounmpoMILMIL11.7
Khris MiddletonMILMIL9.0
Malcolm BrogdonVirginiaMIL6.9
Thon MakerAustraliaMIL6.0
Jabari ParkerMILMIL4.0
Karl-Anthony TownsMINMIN15.7
Andrew WigginsMINMIN8.6
Ricky RubioMINMIN7.7
Gorgui DiengMINMIN7.3
Kris DunnProvidenceMIN4.8
Shabazz MuhammadMINMIN4.0
Anthony DavisNONO14.6
Buddy HieldOklahomaNO8.6
Jrue HolidayNONO8.0
Carmelo AnthonyNYNY12.4
Kristaps PorzingisNYNY6.4
Derrick WilliamsNYNY4.1
Russell WestbrookOKCOKC22.8
Enes KanterOKCOKC11.6
Victor OladipoORLOKC7.4
Steven AdamsOKCOKC4.9
Domantas SabonisGonzagaOKC4.0
Nikola VucevicORLORL10.7
Evan FournierORLORL5.4
Aaron GordonORLORL5.2
Ben SimmonsLSUPHI8.1
Jahlil OkaforPHIPHI5.2
Nerlens NoelPHIPHI4.7
Ish SmithPHIPHI4.4
Furkan KorkmazTurkeyPHI4.0
Timothe LuwawuFrancePHI4.0
Tyler UlisKentuckyPHX7.3
Dragan BenderCroatiaPHX7.0
Eric BledsoePHXPHX4.8
Marquese ChrissWashingtonPHX4.0
Mirza TeletovicPHXPHX4.0
Damian LillardPORPOR15.0
C.J. McCollumPORPOR10.1
Mason PlumleePORPOR6.9
Ed DavisPORPOR6.8
Kobe BryantLALRet4.1
Kawhi LeonardSASA18.5
LaMarcus AldridgeSASA12.3
Tony ParkerSASA5.1
Tim DuncanSASA4.9
Boban MarjanovicSASA4.3
David WestSASA4.3
Manu GinobiliSASA4.2
DeMarcus CousinsSACSAC14.6
Rudy GaySACSAC5.9
Darren CollisonSACSAC5.4
Georgios PapagiannisGreeceSAC4.0
Pau GasolCHISAS12.7
Kyle LowryTORTOR15.9
DeMar DeRozanTORTOR15.5
Jonas ValanciunasTORTOR9.3
Pascal SiakamNew Mexico St.TOR7.0
Jakob PoeltlUtahTOR6.8
Gordon HaywardUTAHUTAH11.3
Derrick FavorsUTAHUTAH10.1
Rudy GobertUTAHUTAH6.6
Joel BolomboyWeber St.UTAH5.2
Rodney HoodUTAHUTAH4.6
Ian MahinmiINDWAS5.5
John WallWSHWSH12.2
Marcin GortatWSHWSH9.5
Otto Porter Jr.WSHWSH4.5
Bradley BealWSHWSH4.3
Ramon SessionsWSHWSH4.1