Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Goldschmidt 3 HRs Power Cards in NL 2022 Opening Series

 4 Series into our Statis-Pro AL Season, but with our NL Commissioner swamped with work for sometime, we decided to get a look at the NL Statis-Pro Cards with a 10-team tournament. We seeded based on Nate Silver's current projections as of May 17 to get this bracket with best-of-3 series. We do not use a player's Statis-Pro card if he is on the 60-day Disabled List.

It looked like our first series might be a tough draw fro the St. Louis Cardinals because the Miami Marlins have two PB 2-8 starting pitchers at the top of their rotation in the first series to determine who would play the No. 1 seed LA Dodgers.

However, that proved no problem for Paul Goldschmidt, who homered against both of them - three homers total - to power the Cardinals to 8-1 and 5-0 wins. Perhaps the most impressive homer was by Dickerson - the Cardinals No. 9 batter - who had a DEEP drive which in Miami is only a homer on an 11-14 and he drew a 14 to sneak the drive out of the park.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Rendon & Angels Defense Blows Game to Rays, the Rendon HRs Power Sweep

 The Angels weak defense misplaced four balls into hits on Clutch Defense plays  to lose 6-2 to the Rays.

 CD 5 is a gold glove nominee level fielder, and CD 1 is the weakest fielder. Right fielder Taylor Ward (cd1) could not get to a double and 3rd baseman Anthony Rendon (CD2) could not get to a grounder that went down the line for a double in a 3-run 4th inning to make it 4-1.

In the 8th Rendon failed to get to another grounder that went for a single, then Mike Trout (CD2) could not get to a line drive to seal a 6-3 Angels win.

However, Rendon more than made up for it in the second game with a solo homer in the 6th to give the Angels a 2-1 win, then added a 3-run homer the next inning to seal a 6-1 lead at the end of 8th innings to make it a sweep. The Rays scored twice in the 9th to make the final 6-3, but the win is still a sweep since it was 5+ runs at the end of 8th.

Reid Detmers pitched a brilliant game - 5 innings (his Max IP) with 9 strikeouts and 0 walks. The sweep concluded the first 4 rounds for our 10 teams - and 8 of the 40 (20%) resulted in 5+ run sweeps.

Statis-Pro 1978 Fielding Charts, Injuries, Steals, Clutch Defense etc.

 While we set up the new Fast Action Cards so you can get the results without the Statis-Pro fielding charts, we do still use these charts from the 1978 Statis-Pro game. There are more advanced charts, and in fact we added the Statis-Pro Advanced charts beneath these for Clutch Defense, Steals, Hit and Runs, Bunts, Runners Advancing and Hit & Run.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Hendriks Save, Pressley Rare blown Save Sinks Astros

 The Astros and White Sox boast two of the best reliever cards in our game. In two pitcher duels, Hendriks wrapped up a 2-0 win for the Sox in the first game.

Pressly in turn seemed set to wrap up a 4-2 win for the Astros in the 9th. Tim Anderson had his 6th hit of the two games to start the inning, but Pressly had a strike out and Maldonado made a clutch defense catch of a foul ball for two outs.

Grandalz with perhaps the best eye in the game, the drew a walk. Pressly's RR is 3, so he was still a pb2-9 for the next batter Abreu. However Abreu's bloop single made it three baserunners to burn out his 3rd and final rr to reduce his PB to 2-8, and Anderson raced home and since baserunners allowed or runs lower the RR by one, that run pushed Pressly down another number to a pb2-7.

That was key because when the next batter Sheets came up the PB number was an 8, this on his card instead of Pressly's 2-7 card, and the result was a 3-run homer on his card to win the game as opposed to what would have been a strikeout on Pressly's card to end the game with an Astros win.

Statis-Pro baseball tops Value Add Basketball for 1st Time

 Ever since we created the Value Add Basketball game a few years ago it has been our top blog month after month until now. While it is still first all-time with 59,000 visitors, our newest version of Statis-Pro Baseball has brought in more than 6,000 visitors the past 3 months (see last graphic) - still just more than one-tenth the All-time Value Add Basketball audience but actually 4 times the audience during those three months.

The middle graphic is of the only blog to pass the game for a month in the past - the blog from when covid shut down the NCAA tournament and we played in our.

Blue Jays Slug Past Indians into 1st Place

 The Blue Jays surged into 1st place in a pack AL with a 14-10 mark, one game ahead of the Yankees, Red Sox and Twins.

The middle three Jays, Guerrero, Chapman and Gurriel, all homered but Chapman homer d twice and used his top clutch defense 5 to snag a line drive and turn it into a double play.

The Jays received 3-0 sweep credit for an 8-3 win, and the 2-1 credit for a 5-4 win despite Hernandez and Biggio colliding to allow a 2-run first inning double and miss the rest of the game.

Cleveland started the season well due to two starts by Shane Bieber, with perhaps the best starting pitcher card in the game. Since he pitches one out of every four games to make Cleveland better in the game than real life - where he has started only 1 out of every 10 games for them the last two years. As noted below, they are 5-1 in the game with him on the mound, 7-11 when someone else starts.

Here is the scoresheet and standings. The game log google sheet includes this running tabulation, which also notes the average runs per game has surged from 4.4 to 4.7 the last three series due to some really bad No. 3 and No. 4 pitchers (4.5 was the actual average last year) and 19.4% of all games are ending in "sweeps" (5-run win margin). In order:

Toronton 14-10   ---

NY Yankees 13-11   1

Minnesota 13-11

Boston 13-11

Cleveland 12-12 (when Bieber starts 5-1, if not 7-11)

LA Angels 9-9

Seattle 11-13

Houston 8-10

Tampa Bay 8-10

Chicago White Sox 7-11

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Mariners Overcome Ejection, 4 Wind Blown HR and 5-0 Deficit in Fenway

Seattle watched four Red Sox wind blown homers (on DEEP card readings) that would have only left two other parks, and in the first inning the Mariners cleanup hitter France hit and apparent homer on a Z-play that was called foul, and he was the ejected for arguing. 

Ok, we could use Z-play charts invented since instant replay came to baseball, but on our 1978 charts that was the fun play.

By the end of the third inning, the Mariners were down 5-0 in our series between our two teams with the worst records in real MLB play this year.

The Red Sox have been great in their first six Statis-Pro games, but the exciting young Mariners led by Julio Rodriguez rallied for 11 runs in the middle three innings, and when Arroyo hit into a double play with bases loaded escaped with an 11-10 win.

Rich Hill threw 6 scoreless innings in the nightcap and the Red Sox secured a split with 3-1 win as closer Barnes retired Rodriguez (4 of 10 in the series) to end the series. 

All teams are within 4 games of each other in our season. Teams are averaging 4.6 runs per game (4.5 was the average last year) and 17% of our games have counted as sweeps for 5+ run wins).

Will see if Cleveland can stay in their surprise start with Lopez and Banks (and not Cy Young early favorite Bieber) going into Toronto to face a killer lineup in a hitters park.