Friday, July 23, 2021

Print Fast Action Cards for Value Add Basketball Game

Click on these Fast Action Cards to print them front-and-back (15 sheets of paper) to use them rather than dice to play the Value Add Basketball Game. If you cannot access google docs for any reason, you can print this blog front and back and the last 15 sheets of paper should be the cards as shown below.

Click here for full instructions for the game, however this blog gives basic instructions for printing these cards and using them to replace rolling dice.

If printing this blog instead of the google drive pdf, print at about 175%, front and back, it should print one front-and-back page of these instructions, and then another 15 pages front and back (30 pages total).

One you have printed the cards via either the google doc pdf for this blog, look to see if the horizontal lines on each page on the front and back line up fairly closely. If so, cut along those horizontal lines on each of the 15 pages, which leaves you a total of 144 cards - each card with a section with both black and red type on one side, and with blue and green type on the other side.

Now you are ready to use these cards instead of dice in the game. 

If you print on normal thin paper, the cards may be hard to shuffle like a deck of cards. We suggest you either flip cards one at a time on a bed or floor, or throw them into a salad bowl and flip them around.

To start the game you can either stack the cards or simply leave them scattered in a salad bowl.

Use BLACK, then BLUE then GREEN then RED sections of 144 FAST ACTION CARDS for results. However you initially set up the stack of cards, start the game by pulling out the first card and putting it down like the cards are pictured below. On the first time through the deck, always use the BLACK font type for the results. By the time you get through the deck the first time, all 144 cards will all be lined up with the section with the black font type in the top left. Simply slide the cards to the left and start to flip the cards over and now the side with the blue font will show up every time. Once you get through the deck again you can slide the deck to the left again, and flip it over this time, and start to flip again, and now the side with the green font will show up each time. One through this deck the final time, simply slide the deck to the left one more time, and as you start to flip the side with the red font will show up every time. Normally the game will end with plenty of red section results yet to be flipped over, however if a game with extra overtimes or many offensive rebounds leads to you going through the deck four times you can either reshuffle or begin to randomly pull cards out of the middle of the deck to finish the game.


If the sections with black font below appeared in order in a game, the game would start like this; 1) On the first Fast Action Card played refer only to the top two lines of the section with black font. On the first card pictured below, the top line indicates a blocked shot IF any defender has an (all) in the block section of his card, which on different sets of cards could be a block range that reads "21-26 (32)" or "21-26 (all)" or "21-30."

Most teams will not have a shot blocker this good, and the second line on the same card tells us who on the offense has the ball and can shoot if nothing happens on the top line. On the first card below, the ball goes to the "8" player (as indicated in the VABG Rules, while you should place a coin on each of the five players in the game at any point, the three players with a dime on their card get the ball in order as the "6," "7" or "8" number on the 8-sided die or on these cards, so the third player with a dime on his card would get the ball in this case if the shot was not blocked.

MIDDLE LINE ON CARD. If he gets to shoot, then flip to the next card to read the middle number of 1-20 to get one of five results on their card; making a 3-pointer, making a 2-pointer, getting fouled , missing a 3-pointer or missing a 2-pointer. In the case of the second card below, the middle number is "15" which will be a missed shot for almost every player.

BOTTOM LINE OF CARD. The bottom line of the card is only used if a shot or foul shot is missed and you need to determine which player got the rebound. Assuming a shot was missed on the 15 on the 2nd card below, the bottom line on the third card indicates that the defensive SF (small forward, third player from left to right in the game" gets the rebound IF a "5" is in his range of 1-6. If the Offensive SF has a lower range - e.g. Defensive Rebound 1-4 - the the opposing Offensive SF gets the rebound instead. Not that on the scoresheet provided in the VABG game, the bottom line is only used on the possessions that are shaded.  On the other possessions that are not shaded, the defense always gets the rebound and the scoresheet indicates which defender grabbed the rebound.

Once the possession ends for the team with the ball (made basket or free throw, turnover or defensive rebound), write down the updated score for that team at the end of that possession, and start the process over at the top of the next card to start the possession for the other team.

Sheet 12 front and back

Sheet 13 front and back

Sheet 14 front and back

Sheet 15, front and back

Lorenzen's Return Keeps Reds in Playoffs for Now

Our league rules dictate the only player cards we do not use are players not on the roster or players on the 60 day DL or who appear are in the process of missing 60 straight days.

Those rules helped the Reds against the Nats. Strasburg had a rehab set back making it apparent he would make 60 days without pitching, meaning in the game the Nats had to start Corbin as their No. 2 pitcher after Scherzer against the Reds. On the flip side, Lorenzen had missed most of our statis-pro season on the 60-day DL, but came back to pitch an inning qnd score the winning run (then pulling his hamstring).

In our game Lorenzen's return was key for the battered Reds bullpen, as he threw a key scoreless 8th inning to back up Gray's 2-0 win over Scherzer. Lorenzen also singled at the plate.

The Nats did beat their old teammate Doolittle 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th of game 2 that left the Reds in the playoff picture at 40-38- while the Nats are 38-40.

NL Northwest                   NL Southeast

Milwaukee 42-30  ---        New York  48-30  ---

Los Angeles 43-35 -2        St. Louis     39-33   -6

Chicago        43-35  -2        Cincinnati  40-38  -8

Arizona        39-39  -6        Atlanta      43-41  -8

San Diego     35-37  -8        Washington 38-40  -10

Wild card if today: StL at ChC and Cin at LAD

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Braves Bullpen Blows Chance at Revenge on Colorado in Pederson Debut

The Braves pen blew two chances to move into a playoff spot in their series against Colorado, where the all-star game was moved.

In their first Statis-pro series after Acuna's season ending injury (we leave players on 10-day DL in game but not if they hit 60-day DL or will miss the season), and the first game since they acquired Pederson of the Cubs.

Albies hit 2 homers and more shockingly Jackson hit 2 triples, and the Braves led 9-3 after 7 innings, needing only a scoreless inning or to hold the Rockies to 1 run, but Minter failed to wrap it up for the 5-run sweep credit, so they just received credit for a 2 games to 1 win.

The second game they wasted 7 scoreless innings from Ian Anderson in a 2-1 10 inning loss. The Rockie likely heading somewhere else in a trade in the week ahead, Trevor Story, homered int he first game ti start the rally of Minter then went 4 of 5 woth a double, and drove in the winning run in the 10th.

Marquez not only went 8 innings allowing only one run, but also doubled at the plate.

NL Northwest

Milwaukee 42-30  ---        New York  48-30  ---

Los Angeles 43-35 -2        St. Louis     39-33   -6

Chicago        43-35  -2        Cincinnati  37-35  -8

Arizona        39-39  -6        Atlanta      43-41  -8

San Diego     35-37  -8        Washington 35-37  -10

Wild card if today: StL at ChC and Cin at LAD

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Last Hoops Before Baseball: Nova 2018 Tops UVa 2019 for Title

 The day after the end if the NBA Finals, the 2018 national champions from Villanova and the  2019 champs from UVa played to a 62-62 tie in our title game with 5 minutes to play. At that point Nova had led only twice, briefly at 22-20 and 60-58.

Nova's NBA Finals duo of DiVincenzo and Bridges had both been playing with four fouls for a while by then.

Brunson hit a 3-pointer, then Bridges hit two 3-pointers to make it 71-62 Nova with 3:23 to play.

UVa's Hunter finally drew the 5th foul on Bridges seconds later and hit both free throws, and then Guy hit a 3-pointer and Hunter his final basket to finish with a game-high 23 points and pull UVa to 75-69 with 2:20 to play.

However, Crosby-Roundtree came in for Bridges to give Nova a big size advantage along with Paschall and Spellman and they finished out a dominant 38-27 edge on the board and 78-69 win.

It was only the second upset in our 8-team tournament. 5-seed Louisville upset 4-seed Wake Forest 2005 (Chris Paul) by one point, then the better seed won five straight until this game with the 2-seed Nova winning the championship game upset over 1-seed UVA to make the better seed 5-2 for the tournament.

Next blog will be back on our Statis-pro season with Joc Pederson's debut with the Braves.

We showed how to shuffle and stack the fast action cards to play. We used another option for the title game, putting them in a salad bowl and randomly pulling a card our for every play.

Suns' Bridges, Bucks' DiVincenzo Lead Nova Past Wisconsin, to Finals

 The Bucks' Donte DiVincenzo (19 points, 3 steals) and Suns' Mikal Bridges (18 points, 5 rebounds) led their 2018 Villanova team to an 84-58 win over the Suns' Frank Kaminsky.

Nigel Hayes kept Wisconsin close most of the ways, scoring to cut the deficit to 60-53 with 7:03 to play, but Nova pulled away late. 

Nova's unstoppable offense will face the toughest defense inbthe tournament in the 2019 UVa Cavaliersz so something has to give.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Giannis Bucks teammates Diakite (UVa 2019) and Nwora (Lville 2020) Star in Semifinal

There is a link between the championship celebrated by my UVa friends in my native Virginia, and the championship team being celebrated in my beloved college town of Milwaukee - and he has orange hair for easy identification, and had one of the greatest 6 seconds in March Madness history.

During breaks of the Milwaukee Bucks' Game 6 triumph and first NBA title in 50 years, we pitted two of their players in our Value Add Basketball Game. In real life the two Bucks' in our VABG game watched from the bench as their teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo ("the Greek Freak") delivered Milwaukee's first NBA title in 50 years with one of the greatest NBA Finals performances in history.

Mamadi Diakite did get in the TV screen coming off the bench with his orange hair as several Bucks' playfully tried to keep Chris Paul from getting to the ref to argue an out-of-bounds ball. In the Value Add Basketball Game he had 5 blocked shots, a steal and 7 rebounds to lead a 1-seed UVa defense that simply shuts everyone down, winning 71-58.

Jordan Nwora already led his 5-seed Louisville 2020 team to a 1-point upset of the 4-seed Wake Forest 2005 with Chris Paul. In the VABG he had a team-high 15 points, the only Louisville 2020 player in double digits as UVa forced 17 turnovers while only giving it up 8 times.

UVa's unmovable defense will either get the Villanova 2018 unstoppable offense, or the 2015 Wisconsin team that shocked the Kentucky team that was being called the best of all time. The 8 teams in our tournament are the only 8 in our game with a player in the NBA Finals. Villanova is in due to the Suns' Mikal Bridges, and Wisconsin due to Frank Kaminsky.

Monday, July 19, 2021

All-Star Game 2 Scoresheets and Statis-Pro Results

 Trout, LaMahieu and Judge had three hits each, including Judge's 2-run homer that gave the AL a 5-3 win and sweep of our 2-game All-Star series. (the results of Game 1 of our 2-game All-Star series are here, while the free player cards and games are here).

Like the first game, it ended with Chapman striking out all three that he faced in the bottom of the ninth.

The NL utilized their speed on the bases to execute the hit and run to perfection - going 2 of 4 and advancing runners the other two times including Posey's RBI single in the third and RBI groundout in the 5th. Betts drove in the third and final NL run with his second double and third hit of the game.

Overall there were more than twice as many hits as in the AL 1-0 win in game 1. In that game both teams had just five hits, but the AL outhit the NL 13-8 in the second game to sweep.

We joke about the "statis-pro gods" making things happen sometimes, and we had one if those funny moments. The AL Commissioner put Rays close Nick Anderson on his AL roster, even though I had left him out of my interleague play because he tore something in his elbow early in the season and has been out for months. I left him in the pen for the 1st all-star game, but in the second game brought him in after Ohtani's 5 innings. The very first card was a Z-play, and the result was Anderson had to leave the game before facing one batter. The official z-play was an ejection for arguing balls and strikes, but im considering it an injury. The AL's four relievers who stepped in went four scoreless innings, and in real baseball Anderson is throwing off a minor league mound for the first time in months, so hopefully he returns.

The AL does not have as long a winning streak in Statis-pro as in real baseball. The NL did win 1-0 last year, when we used the pb 2-9 cards that were too strong mathmatically. However, the AL did dominate our 2019 game 5-1 and won on back-to-back Astros homers in my first year back in 2018, making the AL 4-1 since i resumed playing.