Monday, October 31, 2022

3-time Champ A's Sweep, Bring Back Memories of 1st Board Game

I invented my first baseball game when I was 10
 I cut up 100 pieces of paper and numbered them 1 to 100. A players batting average determined how high his hits went (a .300 hitter got hits on numbers 1 to 30). 

Then I lowered that number one for every 10 points below a 3.00 ERA the pitcher was - and the star of my league was the 1973 Vida Blue card with his 1.82 ERA, this lowering opposing hitters by 12. Pitchers didn't adjust the extra base hits. If a batter had 500 at bats, with 10 homers and 5 triples them a 1 or 2 was a homer and a 3 was a triple.

Fast forward 52 years and I had Vida Blue back on the mound as a PB 2-8 as part of the 1972 Oakland A's. He gave up a double to the 2001 Mariner's Ichiro, but scattered 6 hits over 6 innings against the lineup that won 116 games that year in an 8-1 win to complete a sweep.

The first game took 10 innings for a 3-1 A's win, with Catfish Hunter and Rollie Fingers combining for 10 innings. 

The Mariners actually outhit the Mariners 15-13 in the two games, but Reggie Jackson had the first RBI singles in both games and Matty Alou hit homers in both games.

This was the first game in our all-time great teams Western Division, so the A's start 2-0

WS Rainout; 1972 A's vs. 2001 Mariners

 With the scheduled World Series Game in Philadelphia and the Dodgers winning our Statis-Pro season last night to end the 2022 Statis-Pro season - we kicked off our all-time Western Division play. 

The 1972 Oakland A's who went on to win 3 straight World Series put Catfish Hunter for a game played with pitchers hitting and 11-58 being a homer on a deep drive based on this chart. The 2001 Seattle Mariners which won the most regular season games in history lead off with Ichiro's .350 batting average and rare AAA sb (stolen base) rating.

One big advantage for the A's in the first game (home, though the same team still bats first both games) is that pitchers were still hitting even in the AL in 1972, so Edgar Martinez will pinch hit instead of batting cleanup.

Results to follow:

Sunday, October 30, 2022

2022 Statis-Pro Season Concludes: Dodgers Bull Pen Shuts Down Yankees for Title

The free Statis-Pro baseball season using the 2022 Protected Batters, and 2022 Projected Pitchers for Arizona to Miami and then Milwaukee to Washington is now complete! This blog will now turn for a brief focus on completed 60 team all-time great Statis-Pro baseball season (click on the players for all 60 great baseball teams)and then our most popular - the college basketball game for the start of college hoops in eight days.

The reminder I make periodically that I produce the game and some cards free to help more people keep the greatest sports board game live, so encourage you to try to links above to test it out yourself - but once you are used to the basic game consider buying the best cards and game set up out there at Statis Pro Baseball Advanced (I have no stake in that, just love his cards and layout).

Dodgers vs. Yankees 2022 Statis-Pro World Series

The World Series using these 2022 projected cards was an incredibly evenly played series - the average score at the end of the 9th inning in all World Series games was the LA Dodgers 3.0 and NY Yankees 2.7. The Yankees great rotation did the job in a season in which teams averaged 4.8 runs per game in Statis-Pro and 4.5 runs per game in actual MLB play.

Talk about an amazingly balanced series - both team had 167 at bats and were both held to exactly a .305 SLUGGING average.

The Yankees incredible starting rotation of Cole, Cortes, Montas and Severino (two PB 2-9s and two PB 2-8s) did their jobs with a 3.10 ERA and 30 strikeouts in 29 innings pitched.

The way the Dodgers emerged with a 4 games to 1 series win was the bullpen. The two Yankees PB 2-9 relievers, Loaisiga and the best young reliever in the game Holmes, allowed a combined 5 earned runs in 9 innings, including Holmes losing the first two games on walk-off homer by Justin Turner to break a scoreless tie in the 10th inning, and then the Yankees drawing 3 walks including a walk of walk by Bellinger in Game 2.

Meanwhile the Dodgers bullpen produced 17 1/3 innings in which they allowed only 1 run and 8 hits, and struck out 18 while only walking two.

Higashioka, who kills left-handed pitching, homered twice in Game 4 to back up Severino's win, and Bader homered twice in Game 5 to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead after six innings, but the Urias left after the second homer and the Dodgers bullpen retired the last 11 Yankees of the season. Muncy Homered in the 7th off Peralta to make the Yankees pen 0-3 in the series, and Justin Turner had his 3rd stolen base in the 9th inning (no other player had any steals for either team) and then scored on a sac fly by Smith in the 9th to make the final 6-4 in the 9th inning.

In the 2021 Statis-Pro World Series, the two League Runners-up met and the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in 7 games, thus preventing this World Series from being back-to-back for the Statis-Pro Red Sox.

Here is the Game 5 scoresheet and the stats for the World Series.

Graterol3200020.001-0, Holds (2)
Martin3200020.002-0 & Hold
Treinen4000070.00Saves (3)
Relievers17.38112180.523-0, 3H, 3S

Here are the Batters Stats

SSTurner, T2450.208000030.2080.2080.417
3bTurner, J1750.294101000.5290.2940.824
 Dodgers Team167370.2222041330.3050.2780.583
ssTorres (act HPB)1320.154000100.1540.2140.368
 Yankees Team167320.1921061300.3050.2500.555

And finally the final scoresheet of the season

Reactivated Severino, Grand Slam Keep keep Yankees Alive


The Dodgers did hold onto win the rain delayed first game of the day 3-1 to take a 3 games to 0 edge inhe Statis-Pro World Series.

However, the Yankees took advantage of a big pitching edge in Game 4 with Luis Severino, a PB 2-8 activated late in season, taking the mound and delivering a beautiful 7 inning gem in a 5-1 win to force a Game 5 in Yankee Stadium (home run 11-31, deep fly out,.runners advance 32-88).

Ironically all 3 hits allowed were back-to-back-to-back in the first inning by Freeman, Muncy and Smith to make it 1-0 Yankees. 

The Dodgers were at a disadvantage with PB 4-7 (allows action on the batters card 50% of the time) lefty Andrew Heaney put in the rotation due to Buehler's 60+day DL. We use cards as long as the players are on the roster - even if actually in the minors like David Price - unless they go 60 day DL or are out for the season.

The grandslam occurred after a PB card of 3, with Higashioka batting only because a lefty was pitching. While his OPS below .700, but 85/13 means against lefties (left number) an 85-88 changes from an out to a single, while the 13 means against righties an 11-13 changes from a single to a strikeout - and that adjustment is for both the batter and pitcher card.

The random number of 24 was therefore a grandslam homer.

Bowie "to the church on time" with Yanks desperate for a run

Our World Series Game 3 needed a quick "rain delay" with the Yankees trailing 2-1 after 7 innings.

The Dodgers already won two close games, so the Yanks need to pull this one out. Montas gave them a great 6-inning quality start with only a 2-run homer from Justin Turner.

The rain delay was actually the result of needing to "get to church on time" as David Bowie once sang. Will resume this afternoon and likely wrap up our 2022 season before finishing up our all time cards and switching to Value Add Basketball during the next week.

Thanks all who follow our Statis-Pro baseball and Value Add Basketball as we switch seasons!

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Statis-Pro Formula for Fielding Ratings - 60 Great Teams

What a great start to the World Series! 

After Jim Barnes released Statis-Pro Baseball in 1970 he included charts to calculate cards, including fielding stats. He was ahead of his time in not only listing a rating for how likely a player was to make an error (E-0 for a player with a 1.000 fielding average who would never make an error to E-10 for a player who made lots of errors). 

He also gave each player a Clutch Defensive Rating (CD 0-2 that later changed to CD 1-5), and throwing arms for catchers (T-A to T-C) and outfielders (T-5, T-4, T-3, T-2).

We recently our 60 all-time great teams, and have now calculated the cards for all 60 teams, which included a total of 2,187 players.

We started by categorizing the players for each team based on innings played, as calculated by Baseball Research. For each team we categorized each player as:



Few Innings Played

We then calculated the average fielding average of each of the starters (we sometimes categorized more than one starter if two players were close on innings, and half the teams had two catchers who split time so were both listed as starters. Here are the total number of starters at each position for the 60 teams, and their average fielding average.
PositionStartersFielding Ave

Player Error (E) Rating Calculation in Statis-Pro

We then used a chart very close to his original chart to assign each player an error rating. For catchers, outfielders or first basemen, the chart is different from the other positions. If a fielding average is at least the number listed on the chart, then that is the fielding average with the following exceptions; 1) only a "starter" could receive an E-0 or E-1. A "reserve" could be no better than an E-2 even if their fielding average was close to 1.000. A "few innings" player could be no better than an E-4.
ErrorC-OF-1B    Other Positions

Player Clutch Defense (CD) Rating and Throwing Arm Calculation in Statis-Pro

Baseball Reference lists a great "Rtot" rating than combines the best calculations of defensive players. For most of our 60 great teams we have those figures for each player, and a Rtot of 7 or higher is a CD-5 etc. down to a CD-1. The one exception is a catcher, who needs on a 4 or higher to be a CD-5 and a 1 or higher to be a CD-4. Also note that if the player is an outfielder, we have the throwing rating match the CD. So a CD-5 calculation also gives an outfielder a T-5, etc., except there is no T-1, so a CD-2 or CD-1 both give outfielder a T-2.

Def         Rtot any position         OF
CD-57 or higher (C = 4+)T-5
CD-44 to 6 (C = 1+)T-4
CD-33 to -3T-3
CD-2either -4 or -5T-2
CD-1worse than -5T-2

For earlier years in which the Rtot is not available, we use the RF/G of how many balls a player got to per game. This figure needs to be looked up based on the position of each player, so use the chart below.


Catcher's Throwing Arm

While we use the outfielder's CD to determine their throwing arm, we run a separate calculation for catchers. This calculation is based on the catcher's percentage throwing baserunners out minus the league percentage of throwing out base-runners.

If a starting catcher throws out runners even 1% more than the league average, we award a T-A. If the player was a reserve, then they need to have topped the league average by at least 6%. the rest of the catchers within at least 9% of the average (-9%) get a T-B, while any catcher at least 10% below the league average gets a T-C. We also award a T-C for all catchers who played low innings there.

Throws     Starters          Reserves
T-A1% + (35)6% + (13)
T-B-9% (33)-9% (21)
T-CLower (8)Lower (17)

These are the complete process used for our calculations. We would like to go back through and award all players a CD-5 if they won the gold glove, but have not done that yet.

We did not include "low innings" players, but here are the finalized fielding ratings for each player by position. Click here for the stats used to make these cards.

Team YearNamePosStatusErrorCDTh
Ana Angels 2002Scott Spiezio1B-3B-LF-RF-2BstartE-1CD-4 
Ana Angels 2002Shawn Wooten1B-C-3B-DHresE-0CD-3 
Ana Angels 2002Brad Fullmer1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Ana Angels 2002Adam Kennedy2B-CF-DHstartE-2CD-5 
Ana Angels 2002Benji Gil2B-SS-1B-DHstartE-3CD-4 
Ana Angels 2002Jose Nieves2B-SS-1B-3B-RF-CF-DHresE-6CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Troy Glaus3B-SSstartE-5CD-5 
Ana Angels 2002Bengie MolinaCstartE-1CD-5Th-A
Ana Angels 2002Jose MolinaCresE-4CD-4Th-A
Ana Angels 2002Jorge FabregasCresE-2CD-3Th-C
Ana Angels 2002Darin ErstadCF-1B-DHstartE-1CD-5T-5
Ana Angels 2002Garret AndersonLF-CF-DHstartE-2CD-5T-5
Ana Angels 2002Kevin AppierPstartE-0CD-2 
Ana Angels 2002Aaron SelePstartE-0CD-2 
Ana Angels 2002Jarrod WashburnPstartE-5CD-2 
Ana Angels 2002Ramon OrtizPstartE-10CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Scott SchoeneweisPstartE-5CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002John LackeyPresE-2CD-3 
Ana Angels 2002Ben WeberPresE-2CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Scot ShieldsPresE-2CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Al LevinePresE-2CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Brendan DonnellyPresE-2CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Troy PercivalPresE-2CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Lou PotePresE-7CD-1 
Ana Angels 2002Orlando PalmeiroRF-LF-CF-DHstartE-1CD-3T-3
Ana Angels 2002Tim SalmonRF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
Ana Angels 2002Julio RamirezRF-CF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Ana Angels 2002Jeff DaVanonRF-CF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Ana Angels 2002Alex OchoaRF-LFresE-3CD-3T-3
Ana Angels 2002David EcksteinSS-DHstartE-3CD-5 
ATL Braves 1995Fred McGriff1BstartE-1CD-3 
ATL Braves 1995Mark Lemke2BstartE-1CD-5 
ATL Braves 1995Mike Mordecai2B-3B-1B-SS-CFresE-2CD-3 
ATL Braves 1995Chipper Jones3B-LF-RFstartE-7CD-3 
ATL Braves 1995Jose Oliva3B-1BresE-10CD-1 
ATL Braves 1995Charlie O'BrienCstartE-2CD-3Th-B
ATL Braves 1995Javy LopezCstartE-3CD-2Th-B
ATL Braves 1995Marquis GrissomCFstartE-2CD-4T-4
ATL Braves 1995Mike DevereauxCF-LF-RFresE-2CD-4T-4
ATL Braves 1995Ryan KleskoLF-1BstartE-10CD-1T-1
ATL Braves 1995Luis PoloniaLF-CF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
ATL Braves 1995Mike KellyLF-RF-CFresE-10CD-1T-4
ATL Braves 1995Greg MadduxPstartE-0CD-5 
ATL Braves 1995Tom GlavinePstartE-2CD-5 
ATL Braves 1995Steve AveryPstartE-5CD-4 
ATL Braves 1995John SmoltzPstartE-7CD-3 
ATL Braves 1995Kent MerckerPstartE-4CD-2 
ATL Braves 1995Greg McMichaelPresE-10CD-1 
ATL Braves 1995Brad ClontzPresE-2CD-1 
ATL Braves 1995Mark WohlersPresE-2CD-1 
ATL Braves 1995David JusticeRFstartE-2CD-5T-5
ATL Braves 1995Brian KowitzRF-LF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
ATL Braves 1995Dwight SmithRF-LFresE-8CD-1T-3
ATL Braves 1995Jeff BlauserSSstartE-3CD-3 
ATL Braves 1995Rafael BelliardSS-2BresE-2CD-4 
AZ Dbacks 2001Mark Grace1BstartE-1CD-4 
AZ Dbacks 2001Erubiel Durazo1B-RF-DHresE-2CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Greg Colbrunn1B-3BresE-7CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Jay Bell2B-3B-DHstartE-2CD-2 
AZ Dbacks 2001Junior Spivey2B-SSresE-2CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Matt Williams3B-SSstartE-4CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Damian MillerCstartE-2CD-4Th-A
AZ Dbacks 2001Mike DifeliceCresE-4CD-4Th-A
AZ Dbacks 2001Chad MoellerCresE-2CD-3Th-B
AZ Dbacks 2001Rod BarajasCresE-2CD-3Th-C
AZ Dbacks 2001Danny BautistaCF-RF-LFstartE-0CD-4T-4
AZ Dbacks 2001Steve FinleyCF-PstartE-2CD-3T-3
AZ Dbacks 2001Luis GonzalezLFstartE-0CD-4T-4
AZ Dbacks 2001Brian AndersonPstartE-5CD-4 
AZ Dbacks 2001Curt SchillingPstartE-3CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Miguel BatistaPstartE-4CD-2 
AZ Dbacks 2001Randy JohnsonPstartE-10CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Robert EllisPresE-2CD-3 
AZ Dbacks 2001Albie LopezPresE-2CD-2 
AZ Dbacks 2001Bobby WittPresE-2CD-2 
AZ Dbacks 2001Bret PrinzPresE-2CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Erik SabelPresE-2CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Troy BrohawnPresE-2CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Greg SwindellPresE-2CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Byung-Hyun KimPresE-5CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Armando ReynosoPresE-8CD-1 
AZ Dbacks 2001Reggie SandersRFstartE-1CD-5T-5
AZ Dbacks 2001David DellucciRF-CF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
AZ Dbacks 2001Craig CounsellSS-2B-3B-1BstartE-2CD-5 
AZ Dbacks 2001Tony WomackSS-CFstartE-5CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1970Boog Powell1BstartE-2CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1970Davey Johnson2B-SSstartE-1CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1970Brooks Robinson3BstartE-4CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1970Elrod HendricksCstartE-3CD-4Th-A
Balt Orioles 1970Andy EtchebarrenCstartE-4CD-3Th-B
Balt Orioles 1970Clay DalrympleCresE-2CD-4Th-A
Balt Orioles 1970Johnny OatesCresE-10CD-1Th-A
Balt Orioles 1970Paul BlairCF-3BstartE-3CD-5T-5
Balt Orioles 1970Merv RettenmundCF-RF-LFstartE-5CD-5T-5
Balt Orioles 1970Don BaylorCF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1970Don BufordLF-3B-2BstartE-3CD-4T-4
Balt Orioles 1970Curt MottonLF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1970Jim PalmerPstartE-4CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1970Tom PhoebusPstartE-3CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1970Dave McNallyPstartE-3CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1970Mike CuellarPstartE-5CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1970Jim HardinPstartE-0CD-2 
Balt Orioles 1970Marcelino LopezPresE-10CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1970Eddie WattPresE-2CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1970Dick HallPresE-2CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1970Pete RichertPresE-2CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1970Frank RobinsonRF-1BstartE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1970Dave MayRFresE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1970Terry CrowleyRF-1B-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1970Mark BelangerSSstartE-3CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1970Bobby GrichSS-2B-3BresE-5CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1970Chico SalmonSS-2B-3B-1BresE-6CD-2 
Balt Orioles 1983Eddie Murray1B-DHstartE-2CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1983Rich Dauer2B-3BstartE-2CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1983Lenn Sakata2B-C-DHresE-2CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1983Todd Cruz3B-2BstartE-6CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1983Glenn Gulliver3BresE-2CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1983Aurelio Rodriguez3BresE-4CD-3 
Balt Orioles 1983Leo Hernandez3BresE-8CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Rick DempseyCstartE-1CD-5Th-A
Balt Orioles 1983Joe NolanCstartE-4CD-2Th-C
Balt Orioles 1983John ShelbyCF-LF-DHstartE-4CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1983Al BumbryCF-LF-DHstartE-3CD-1T-1
Balt Orioles 1983Ken SingletonDHstartE-10CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Gary RoenickeLF-RF-1B-CF-3B-DHstartE-3CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1983John LowensteinLF-2B-DHstartE-4CD-1T-1
Balt Orioles 1983Tito LandrumLF-RF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1983Benny AyalaLF-RF-DHresE-9CD-1T-3
Balt Orioles 1983Dennis MartinezPstartE-2CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1983Mike BoddickerP-DHstartE-6CD-5 
Balt Orioles 1983Scott McGregorPstartE-4CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1983Sammy StewartPstartE-0CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Mike FlanaganPstartE-9CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Storm DavisPstartE-9CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Allan RamirezPresE-2CD-4 
Balt Orioles 1983Tippy MartinezPresE-2CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Tim StoddardPresE-2CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Jim PalmerPresE-8CD-1 
Balt Orioles 1983Dan FordRFstartE-2CD-2T-2
Balt Orioles 1983Jim DwyerRF-1B-LF-DHresE-4CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1983Mike YoungRF-LF-DHresE-4CD-3T-3
Balt Orioles 1983Cal Ripken Jr.SSstartE-3CD-5 
Bost Braves 1914Charles Schmidt1BstartE-2CD-5 
Bost Braves 1914Johnny Evers2BstartE-3CD-5 
Bost Braves 1914Charlie Deal3B-SSstartE-6CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914Red Smith3BresE-7CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914Jack Martin3B-2B-1BresE-7CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914Bert WhalingCstartE-4CD-3Th-A
Bost Braves 1914Hank GowdyC-1BstartE-7CD-3Th-A
Bost Braves 1914Joe ConnollyOFstartE-6CD-2 
Bost Braves 1914George WhittedOF-2B-3B-1B-SSstartE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Les MannOFstartE-9CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Larry GilbertOFresE-5CD-2 
Bost Braves 1914Jim MurrayOFresE-10CD-1T-3
Bost Braves 1914Herbie MoranOFresE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Josh DevoreOFresE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Oscar DugeyOF-2B-3BresE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Ted CatherOFresE-9CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Dick RudolphPstartE-3CD-5 
Bost Braves 1914Lefty TylerPstartE-7CD-5 
Bost Braves 1914Dick CrutcherPstartE-2CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914Bill JamesPstartE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Hub PerduePresE-2CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914Otto HessP-1BresE-4CD-4 
Bost Braves 1914George DavisPresE-2CD-2 
Bost Braves 1914Paul StrandPresE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Gene CocrehamPresE-10CD-1 
Bost Braves 1914Rabbit MaranvilleSSstartE-7CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Rudy York1BstartE-2CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 1946Bobby Doerr2BstartE-2CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 1946Pinky Higgins3BstartE-6CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Rip Russell3B-2BstartE-6CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Ernie Andres3BresE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Leon Culberson3B-RF-CF-LFresE-5CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Eddie Pellagrini3B-SSresE-10CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Don Gutteridge3B-2BresE-9CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Hal WagnerCstartE-4CD-3Th-B
Bost Red Sox 1946Eddie McGahCresE-4CD-3Th-B
Bost Red Sox 1946Roy ParteeCresE-6CD-3Th-B
Bost Red Sox 1946Dom DiMaggioCFstartE-4CD-3 
Bost Red Sox 1946Andy GilbertCFresE-10CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Dave FerrissPstartE-2CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 1946Joe DobsonPstartE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Tex HughsonPstartE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 1946Mickey HarrisPstartE-3CD-3 
Bost Red Sox 1946Bill ZuberPresE-2CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 1946Clem DreisewerdPresE-6CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 1946Earl JohnsonPresE-6CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 1946Jim BagbyPresE-8CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Bob KlingerPresE-8CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946George MetkovichRF-LF-CFstartE-7CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Tom McBrideRF-LF-CFresE-2CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 1946Johnny PeskySSstartE-4CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Kevin Youkilis1B-3BstartE-1CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 2007Eric Hinske1B-LF-RF-DHresE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 2007David Ortiz1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Bost Red Sox 2007Dustin Pedroia2B-DHstartE-1CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 2007Alex Cora2B-SS-1B-DHresE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 2007Mike Lowell3BstartE-4CD-5 
Bost Red Sox 2007Jason VaritekCstartE-2CD-5Th-B
Bost Red Sox 2007Kevin CashCresE-3CD-3Th-B
Bost Red Sox 2007Doug MirabelliC-DHresE-2CD-2Th-B
Bost Red Sox 2007Coco CrispCFstartE-1CD-5T-5
Bost Red Sox 2007Manny RamirezLF-DHstartE-2CD-1T-1
Bost Red Sox 2007Jacoby EllsburyLF-CF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Bost Red Sox 2007Brandon MossLF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Bost Red Sox 2007Tim WakefieldPstartE-0CD-3 
Bost Red Sox 2007Daisuke MatsuzakaPstartE-0CD-3 
Bost Red Sox 2007Curt SchillingPstartE-0CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 2007Julian TavarezPstartE-5CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 2007Josh BeckettPstartE-7CD-2 
Bost Red Sox 2007Kason GabbardPresE-2CD-4 
Bost Red Sox 2007Jon LesterPresE-10CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Mike TimlinPresE-10CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Javier LopezPresE-2CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Hideki OkajimaPresE-2CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Manny DelcarmenPresE-2CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Jonathan PapelbonPresE-2CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007Kyle SnyderPresE-9CD-1 
Bost Red Sox 2007J.D. DrewRF-CF-DHstartE-3CD-4T-4
Bost Red Sox 2007Bobby KieltyRF-LFresE-2CD-4T-4
Bost Red Sox 2007Wily Mo PenaRF-LF-CF-DHresE-4CD-3T-3
Bost Red Sox 2007Julio LugoSS-DHstartE-4CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Gil Hodges1B-LF-RF-CFstartE-2CD-5 
Brook Dodgers 1955Frank Kellert1BresE-4CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Jim Gilliam2B-LF-RF-CFstartE-4CD-5 
Brook Dodgers 1955Don Zimmer2B-SS-3BstartE-3CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Jackie Robinson3B-LF-2B-1BstartE-4CD-4 
Brook Dodgers 1955Don Hoak3BresE-4CD-4 
Brook Dodgers 1955Roy CampanellaCstartE-2CD-4Th-A
Brook Dodgers 1955Rube WalkerCresE-3CD-3Th-C
Brook Dodgers 1955Dixie HowellCresE-4CD-3Th-C
Brook Dodgers 1955Duke SniderCFstartE-3CD-4T-4
Brook Dodgers 1955Sandy AmorosLF-CF-RFstartE-6CD-4T-4
Brook Dodgers 1955George ShubaLF-RFresE-10CD-1T-3
Brook Dodgers 1955Billy LoesPstartE-4CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Johnny PodresPstartE-4CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Clem LabinePstartE-2CD-2 
Brook Dodgers 1955Don NewcombePstartE-10CD-1 
Brook Dodgers 1955Carl ErskinePstartE-9CD-1 
Brook Dodgers 1955Russ MeyerPresE-2CD-3 
Brook Dodgers 1955Karl SpoonerPresE-2CD-2 
Brook Dodgers 1955Don BessentPresE-2CD-2 
Brook Dodgers 1955Roger CraigPresE-6CD-2 
Brook Dodgers 1955Ed RoebuckPresE-7CD-2 
Brook Dodgers 1955Sandy KoufaxPresE-10CD-1 
Brook Dodgers 1955Jim HughesPresE-9CD-1 
Brook Dodgers 1955Carl FurilloRF-LF-CFstartE-2CD-5T-5
Brook Dodgers 1955Walt MorynRF-LFresE-10CD-1T-3
Brook Dodgers 1955Pee Wee ReeseSSstartE-4CD-5 
Ch White Sox 2005Paul Konerko1B-DHstartE-1CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Ross Gload1B-LF-RFresE-3CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Geoff Blum1B-3B-SS-2BresE-4CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Tadahito Iguchi2BstartE-3CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Willie Harris2B-SS-DHresE-2CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Joe Crede3B-SS-DHstartE-3CD-4 
Ch White Sox 2005Pablo Ozuna3B-SS-LF-2B-1B-RF-DHresE-5CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005A.J. PierzynskiCstartE-1CD-3Th-B
Ch White Sox 2005Chris WidgerC-3B-1B-DHresE-4CD-1Th-C
Ch White Sox 2005Aaron RowandCFstartE-2CD-5T-5
Ch White Sox 2005Frank ThomasDHstartE-10CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Scott PodsednikLF-CFstartE-3CD-3T-3
Ch White Sox 2005Brian AndersonLF-CF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Ch White Sox 2005Carl EverettLF-RF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Ch White Sox 2005Timo PerezLF-RF-CF-1B-DHresE-9CD-1T-3
Ch White Sox 2005Mark BuehrlePstartE-4CD-5 
Ch White Sox 2005Freddy GarciaPstartE-0CD-4 
Ch White Sox 2005Jon GarlandPstartE-3CD-4 
Ch White Sox 2005José ContrerasPstartE-6CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Orlando HernandezPstartE-7CD-3 
Ch White Sox 2005Brandon McCarthyPresE-2CD-2 
Ch White Sox 2005Dustin HermansonPresE-10CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Cliff PolittePresE-10CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Neal CottsPresE-2CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Luis VizcainoPresE-2CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Damaso MartePresE-2CD-1 
Ch White Sox 2005Jermaine DyeRF-1B-SS-DHstartE-3CD-3T-3
Ch White Sox 2005Juan UribeSSstartE-3CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Frank Chance1BstartE-2CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Del Howard1B-OFresE-6CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1907Johnny Evers2BstartE-4CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Harry Steinfeldt3BstartE-4CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1907Johnny KlingC-1BstartE-3CD-3Th-A
Chicago Cubs 1907Pat MoranCstartE-6CD-3Th-A
Chicago Cubs 1907Jimmy SheckardOFstartE-5CD-2 
Chicago Cubs 1907Solly HofmanOF-SS-1B-3B-2BstartE-10CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1907Jimmy SlagleOFstartE-8CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1907Frank SchulteOFresE-6CD-2 
Chicago Cubs 1907Newt RandallOFresE-10CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1907Mordecai BrownP-OFstartE-1CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Carl LundgrenPstartE-2CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Orval OverallPstartE-4CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Ed ReulbachPstartE-7CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1907Jack PfiesterPstartE-10CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1907Jack TaylorPresE-2CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1907Chick FraserPresE-6CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1907Joe TinkerSSstartE-7CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1929Charlie Grimm1BstartE-2CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1929Charles Tolson1BresE-5CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1929Rogers Hornsby2BstartE-3CD-5 
Chicago Cubs 1929Norm McMillan3BstartE-6CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1929Clarence Blair3B-1B-2BresE-3CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1929Clyde Beck3B-SSresE-4CD-3 
Chicago Cubs 1929Mike GonzálezCstartE-2CD-3Th-A
Chicago Cubs 1929Zack TaylorCstartE-5CD-3Th-A
Chicago Cubs 1929Earl GraceCresE-2CD-3Th-A
Chicago Cubs 1929Johnny SchulteCresE-5CD-3Th-B
Chicago Cubs 1929Hack WilsonCFstartE-7CD-2 
Chicago Cubs 1929Riggs StephensonLFresE-4CD-2 
Chicago Cubs 1929Guy BushPstartE-2CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1929Sheriff BlakePstartE-4CD-4 
Chicago Cubs 1929Hal CarlsonPstartE-0CD-3 
Chicago Cubs 1929Art NehfPstartE-0CD-3 
Chicago Cubs 1929Pat MalonePstartE-3CD-3 
Chicago Cubs 1929Charlie RootPstartE-3CD-3 
Chicago Cubs 1929Mike CvengrosPresE-2CD-2 
Chicago Cubs 1929Kiki CuylerRF-LFstartE-3CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1929Cliff HeathcoteRF-CFresE-2CD-1 
Chicago Cubs 1929Woody EnglishSSstartE-5CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Tony Perez1BstartE-2CD-5 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Dan Driessen1B-LF-RFresE-3CD-2 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Joe Morgan2BstartE-2CD-5 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Doug Flynn2B-SS-3BresE-2CD-4 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Pete Rose3B-LFstartE-4CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975John Vukovich3BresE-8CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Johnny BenchC-LF-1B-RFstartE-3CD-5Th-A
Cincinnati Reds 1975Bill PlummerCstartE-2CD-2Th-C
Cincinnati Reds 1975Cesar GeronimoCFstartE-2CD-5T-5
Cincinnati Reds 1975George FosterLF-CF-RF-1BstartE-2CD-5T-5
Cincinnati Reds 1975Ed ArmbristerLF-RF-CFresE-10CD-1T-3
Cincinnati Reds 1975Don GullettPstartE-0CD-3 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Gary NolanPstartE-0CD-3 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Pat DarcyPstartE-7CD-3 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Jack BillinghamPstartE-0CD-2 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Fred NormanPstartE-7CD-2 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Pedro BorbonPstartE-4CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Clay KirbyPresE-10CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Tom CarrollPresE-2CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Clay CarrollPresE-2CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Will McEnaneyPresE-2CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Rawly EastwickPresE-2CD-1 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Ken GriffeyRFstartE-4CD-1T-1
Cincinnati Reds 1975Merv RettenmundRF-LF-CF-3BresE-2CD-3T-3
Cincinnati Reds 1975Dave ConcepcionSS-3BstartE-3CD-5 
Cincinnati Reds 1975Darrel ChaneySS-2B-3BresE-3CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Vic Wertz1B-RF-LFstartE-3CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Bill Glynn1B-RFresE-3CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Bobby Avila2B-SSstartE-3CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1954Hank Majeski2B-3BresE-3CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Al Rosen3B-1B-2B-SSstartE-3CD-2 
Cleve Indians 1954Rudy Regalado3B-2BresE-4CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Jim HeganCstartE-2CD-4Th-A
Cleve Indians 1954Hal NaragonCresE-2CD-4Th-B
Cleve Indians 1954Larry DobyCFstartE-1CD-5T-5
Cleve Indians 1954Al SmithLF-3B-RF-SSstartE-7CD-4T-4
Cleve Indians 1954Wally WestlakeLF-RF-CFstartE-8CD-1T-3
Cleve Indians 1954Dave PopeLF-RF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
Cleve Indians 1954Bob LemonPstartE-4CD-5 
Cleve Indians 1954Art HouttemanPstartE-4CD-5 
Cleve Indians 1954Mike GarciaPstartE-2CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1954Bob FellerPstartE-0CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Early WynnPstartE-5CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1954Ray NarleskiPresE-10CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1954Hal NewhouserPresE-2CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1954Don MossiPresE-2CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1954Dave PhilleyRF-LFstartE-2CD-4T-4
Cleve Indians 1954George StricklandSSstartE-4CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1954Sam DenteSS-2BresE-4CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1995Paul Sorrento1B-DHstartE-2CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Eddie Murray1B-DHresE-4CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1995Herbert Perry1B-3B-DHresE-0CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1995Carlos Baerga2B-DHstartE-3CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Billy Ripken2B-3BresE-2CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1995Jim Thome3B-DHstartE-6CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1995Alvaro Espinoza3B-SS-2B-1B-DHresE-4CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1995Sandy AlomarCstartE-1CD-3Th-B
Cleve Indians 1995Tony PenaCstartE-3CD-3Th-C
Cleve Indians 1995Eddie TuckerCresE-4CD-4Th-A
Cleve Indians 1995Jesse LevisCresE-2CD-3Th-B
Cleve Indians 1995Wayne KirbyCF-RF-LF-DHstartE-2CD-5T-5
Cleve Indians 1995Kenny LoftonCF-DHstartE-6CD-5T-5
Cleve Indians 1995Ruben AmaroCF-RF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Cleve Indians 1995Dave WinfieldDHstartE-10CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Albert BelleLF-DHstartE-4CD-3T-3
Cleve Indians 1995Charles NagyPstartE-2CD-5 
Cleve Indians 1995Orel HershiserPstartE-5CD-5 
Cleve Indians 1995Dennis MartinezPstartE-7CD-5 
Cleve Indians 1995Mark ClarkPstartE-0CD-3 
Cleve Indians 1995Ken HillPresE-2CD-4 
Cleve Indians 1995Chad OgeaPresE-2CD-2 
Cleve Indians 1995Bud BlackPresE-2CD-2 
Cleve Indians 1995Julian TavarezPresE-10CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Eric PlunkPresE-2CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Jose MesaPresE-6CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Jim PoolePresE-9CD-1 
Cleve Indians 1995Manny RamirezRF-DHstartE-3CD-1T-1
Cleve Indians 1995Omar VizquelSSstartE-2CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007Todd Helton1B-DHstartE-1CD-5 
Col Rockies 2007Jeff Baker1B-RF-LF-3B-DHresE-4CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007Kazuo Matsui2BstartE-1CD-5 
Col Rockies 2007Jamey Carroll2B-3B-SS-RF-CFresE-2CD-4 
Col Rockies 2007Omar Quintanilla2B-SSresE-2CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007Garrett Atkins3B-1BstartE-4CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007Ian Stewart3BresE-2CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007John Mabry3B-LFresE-10CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Chris IannettaCstartE-1CD-4Th-B
Col Rockies 2007Yorvit TorrealbaCstartE-2CD-4Th-B
Col Rockies 2007Ryan SpilborghsCF-RF-LF-DHstartE-2CD-4T-4
Col Rockies 2007Willy TaverasCF-DHstartE-4CD-3T-3
Col Rockies 2007Steve FinleyCF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Col Rockies 2007Cory SullivanCF-RF-LFresE-2CD-2T-2
Col Rockies 2007Matt HollidayLF-DHstartE-2CD-5T-5
Col Rockies 2007Aaron CookPstartE-0CD-5 
Col Rockies 2007Jeff FrancisPstartE-0CD-4 
Col Rockies 2007Josh FoggPstartE-0CD-3 
Col Rockies 2007Jason HirshPstartE-0CD-2 
Col Rockies 2007Rodrigo LopezPresE-2CD-4 
Col Rockies 2007Ubaldo JimenezPresE-10CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Brian FuentesPresE-10CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007LaTroy HawkinsPresE-2CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Matt HergesPresE-2CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Manny CorpasPresE-2CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Jeremy AffeldtPresE-2CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Jorge JulioPresE-2CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Taylor BuchholzPresE-8CD-1 
Col Rockies 2007Brad HawpeRFstartE-3CD-2T-2
Col Rockies 2007Troy TulowitzkiSSstartE-2CD-5 
Col Rockies 2007Clint BarmesSS-CF-2B-3BresE-7CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1909Claude Rossman1BstartE-4CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909Tom Jones1BresE-4CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Germany Schaefer2B-OFstartE-4CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Jim Delahanty2B-OFresE-6CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Red Killefer2B-OFresE-9CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1909George Moriarty3B-1BstartE-4CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Charley O'Leary3B-2B-SS-OFresE-7CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Oscar StanageCstartE-8CD-1Th-B
Detroit Tigers 1909Boss SchmidtC-OFstartE-9CD-1Th-A
Detroit Tigers 1909Henry BeckendorfCresE-9CD-1Th-B
Detroit Tigers 1909Matty McIntyreOFstartE-5CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1909Ty CobbOFstartE-10CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1909Sam CrawfordOF-1BstartE-7CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1909Davy JonesOFresE-4CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1909Ed KillianPstartE-2CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909Ed SummersPstartE-3CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909George MullinP-OFstartE-3CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909Bill DonovanPstartE-3CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909Ed WillettP-OFstartE-7CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1909Kid SpeerPresE-6CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909George SuggsPresE-2CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1909Ralph WorksPresE-10CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1909Donie BushSSstartE-8CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1968Norm Cash1BstartE-2CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1968Eddie Mathews1B-3BresE-4CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1968Dick McAuliffe2B-SSstartE-2CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1968Don Wert3B-SSstartE-4CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1968Bill FreehanC-1B-RFstartE-2CD-5Th-B
Detroit Tigers 1968Jim PriceCresE-2CD-3Th-C
Detroit Tigers 1968Mickey StanleyCF-1B-SS-2BstartE-2CD-5T-5
Detroit Tigers 1968Willie HortonLFstartE-6CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1968Wayne ComerLF-RF-CresE-2CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1968Gates BrownLF-1BresE-2CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1968Denny McLainPstartE-2CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1968Earl WilsonPstartE-7CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1968John HillerPstartE-0CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1968Pat DobsonPstartE-3CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1968Joe SparmaPstartE-7CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1968Mickey LolichPstartE-9CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1968Fred LasherPresE-8CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1968Daryl PattersonPresE-8CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1968Jim NorthrupRF-CF-LFstartE-3CD-5T-5
Detroit Tigers 1968Al KalineRF-1B-LFstartE-3CD-4T-4
Detroit Tigers 1968Ray OylerSSstartE-3CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1968Dick TracewskiSS-3B-2BresE-2CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1968Tommy MatchickSS-2B-1BresE-4CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Dave Bergman1B-LF-RFstartE-3CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1984Darrell Evans1B-3B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Barbaro Garbey1B-3B-LF-2B-CF-RF-DHresE-5CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Lou Whitaker2BstartE-3CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Scott Earl2BresE-5CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Howard Johnson3B-SS-CF-1B-LF-DHstartE-7CD-3 
Detroit Tigers 1984Tom Brookens3B-SS-2B-DHresE-4CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1984Lance ParrishC-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
Detroit Tigers 1984Marty CastilloC-3B-DHstartE-7CD-3Th-A
Detroit Tigers 1984Dwight LowryCresE-2CD-3Th-B
Detroit Tigers 1984Chet LemonCF-DHstartE-1CD-5T-5
Detroit Tigers 1984Ruppert JonesLF-CF-DHstartE-0CD-5T-5
Detroit Tigers 1984Larry HerndonLF-DHstartE-3CD-2T-2
Detroit Tigers 1984Johnny GrubbLF-RF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1984Dan PetryPstartE-2CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1984Jack MorrisPstartE-5CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1984Milt WilcoxPstartE-6CD-4 
Detroit Tigers 1984Willie HernandezPstartE-0CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1984Juan BerenguerPstartE-8CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1984Dave RozemaPresE-2CD-2 
Detroit Tigers 1984Glenn AbbottPresE-10CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1984Aurelio LopezPresE-10CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1984Doug BairPresE-2CD-1 
Detroit Tigers 1984Kirk GibsonRF-CF-DHstartE-5CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1984Nelson SimmonsRF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Detroit Tigers 1984Rusty KuntzRF-CF-LF-DHresE-2CD-1T-1
Detroit Tigers 1984Alan TrammellSS-DHstartE-2CD-5 
Detroit Tigers 1984Doug BakerSS-2B-DHresE-4CD-2 
FL Marlins 1997Jeff Conine1B-LFstartE-2CD-5 
FL Marlins 1997Darren Daulton1B-RF-LF-DHresE-4CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Luis Castillo2BstartE-3CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Kurt Abbott2B-SS-LF-3B-DHstartE-3CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Ralph Milliard2BresE-2CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Craig Counsell2BresE-2CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Bobby Bonilla3B-1B-DHstartE-7CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Alex Arias3B-SSresE-3CD-3 
FL Marlins 1997Charles JohnsonCstartE-0CD-5Th-A
FL Marlins 1997Gregg ZaunC-1BresE-5CD-3Th-B
FL Marlins 1997Devon WhiteCFstartE-3CD-4T-4
FL Marlins 1997Mark KotsayCFresE-2CD-3T-3
FL Marlins 1997Todd DunwoodyCF-LFresE-10CD-1T-3
FL Marlins 1997Jim EisenreichLF-1B-RF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
FL Marlins 1997Moises AlouLF-CF-RFstartE-3CD-2T-2
FL Marlins 1997John CangelosiLF-CF-RF-PresE-2CD-4T-5
FL Marlins 1997Cliff FloydLF-CF-1B-RFresE-6CD-3T-3
FL Marlins 1997Kevin BrownPstartE-2CD-5 
FL Marlins 1997Alex FernandezPstartE-2CD-5 
FL Marlins 1997Al LeiterPstartE-0CD-2 
FL Marlins 1997Tony SaundersPstartE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Liván HernándezPresE-4CD-4 
FL Marlins 1997Mark HuttonPresE-2CD-2 
FL Marlins 1997Pat RappPresE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Jay PowellPresE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Rick HellingPresE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Rob StaniferPresE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Felix HerediaPresE-10CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Dennis CookPresE-2CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Robb NenPresE-6CD-1 
FL Marlins 1997Gary SheffieldRF-DHstartE-2CD-1T-1
FL Marlins 1997John WehnerRF-LF-3B-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
FL Marlins 1997Edgar RenteriaSSstartE-3CD-3 
Hou Astros 1998Jeff Bagwell1BstartE-1CD-4 
Hou Astros 1998Jack Howell1B-3BresE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 1998J.R. Phillips1B-LFresE-8CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Craig Biggio2B-DHstartE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Sean Berry3B-DHstartE-5CD-3 
Hou Astros 1998Bill Spiers3B-2B-1B-SSstartE-4CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Brad AusmusCstartE-2CD-5Th-A
Hou Astros 1998Tony EusebioCstartE-2CD-3Th-A
Hou Astros 1998Richard HidalgoCF-LF-RFstartE-5CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 1998Carl EverettCF-RFstartE-3CD-4T-4
Hou Astros 1998Moises AlouLF-CF-DHstartE-4CD-4T-4
Hou Astros 1998Shane ReynoldsPstartE-3CD-5 
Hou Astros 1998Jose LimaPstartE-6CD-5 
Hou Astros 1998Mike HamptonPstartE-7CD-5 
Hou Astros 1998Sean BergmanPstartE-4CD-2 
Hou Astros 1998Pete SchourekPresE-2CD-2 
Hou Astros 1998Randy JohnsonPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Billy WagnerPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Mike MagnantePresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Scott ElartonPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Trever MillerPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998C.J. NitkowskiPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Doug HenryPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Derek BellRFstartE-3CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 1998Dave ClarkRF-LF-DHresE-10CD-1T-2
Hou Astros 1998Ricky GutierrezSSstartE-3CD-1 
Hou Astros 1998Tim BogarSS-2B-3B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Mike Lamb1B-3B-LF-RF-DHstartE-3CD-2 
Hou Astros 2005Lance Berkman1B-LF-RF-DHstartE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Jeff Bagwell1BresE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Craig Biggio2B-DHstartE-3CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Jose Vizcaino2B-SS-1B-3BresE-3CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Morgan Ensberg3BstartE-4CD-5 
Hou Astros 2005Brad AusmusC-SS-2BstartE-1CD-5Th-A
Hou Astros 2005Raul ChavezCresE-2CD-4Th-A
Hou Astros 2005Humberto QuinteroC-1BresE-3CD-3Th-B
Hou Astros 2005Willy TaverasCFstartE-2CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2005Eric BruntlettCF-2B-SS-LF-3B-RF-1BresE-4CD-4T-5
Hou Astros 2005Chris BurkeLF-2B-CFstartE-2CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 2005Orlando PalmeiroLF-RF-CFresE-3CD-1T-1
Hou Astros 2005Luke ScottLF-RF-CFresE-8CD-1T-3
Hou Astros 2005Roy OswaltPstartE-0CD-4 
Hou Astros 2005Andy PettittePstartE-2CD-4 
Hou Astros 2005Roger ClemensPstartE-3CD-4 
Hou Astros 2005Brandon BackePstartE-0CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Wandy RodriguezPstartE-7CD-3 
Hou Astros 2005Brad LidgePresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Chad QuallsPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Dan WheelerPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Russ SpringerPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Ezequiel AstacioPresE-9CD-1 
Hou Astros 2005Jason LaneRF-CF-LFstartE-3CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 2005Todd SelfRF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2005Adam EverettSSstartE-3CD-5 
Hou Astros 2022Yuli Gurriel1B-DHstartE-1CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022J.J. Matijevic1B-LF-DHresE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 2022Jose Altuve2B-DHstartE-3CD-3 
Hou Astros 2022Niko Goodrum2B-1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 2022Alex Bregman3BstartE-2CD-3 
Hou Astros 2022Martin MaldonadoCstartE-1CD-4Th-A
Hou Astros 2022Christian VazquezC-DHstartE-2CD-3Th-B
Hou Astros 2022Jason CastroCresE-3CD-3Th-B
Hou Astros 2022Korey LeeCresE-3CD-3Th-C
Hou Astros 2022Chas McCormickCF-LF-RF-DHstartE-1CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2022Jose SiriCF-RF-LF-DHresE-2CD-4T-5
Hou Astros 2022Jake MeyersCF-DHresE-4CD-4T-5
Hou Astros 2022Mauricio DubonCF-SS-2B-LF-RFresE-6CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2022Aledmys DíazLF-2B-SS-3B-1B-RF-DHstartE-3CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 2022Yordan AlvarezLF-DHstartE-5CD-4T-4
Hou Astros 2022Trey ManciniLF-1B-RF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2022Michael BrantleyLF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Hou Astros 2022Jose UrquidyPstartE-0CD-2 
Hou Astros 2022Framber ValdezPstartE-4CD-2 
Hou Astros 2022Justin VerlanderPstartE-5CD-2 
Hou Astros 2022Cristian JavierPstartE-0CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Luis GarciaPstartE-8CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Lance McCullers Jr.PresE-2CD-2 
Hou Astros 2022Jake OdorizziPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Phil MatonPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Rafael MonteroPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Hector NerisPresE-10CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Bryan AbreuPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Ryan PresslyPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Ryne StanekPresE-2CD-1 
Hou Astros 2022Kyle TuckerRF-DHstartE-1CD-5T-5
Hou Astros 2022Jeremy PenaSSstartE-4CD-5 
KC Royals 1985Steve Balboni1BstartE-2CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Frank White2BstartE-2CD-4 
KC Royals 1985Greg Pryor2B-3B-SS-1B-DHresE-4CD-3 
KC Royals 1985George Brett3B-DHstartE-4CD-3 
KC Royals 1985Jim SundbergCstartE-2CD-3Th-B
KC Royals 1985John WathanC-1B-DHresE-3CD-4Th-A
KC Royals 1985Jamie QuirkC-1BresE-3CD-4Th-A
KC Royals 1985Willie WilsonCFstartE-1CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Omar MorenoCF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Hal McRaeDHstartE-10CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Jorge OrtaDHstartE-10CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Lynn JonesLF-RF-CF-DHstartE-4CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Lonnie SmithLFstartE-9CD-1T-3
KC Royals 1985Mark GubiczaPstartE-0CD-5 
KC Royals 1985Charlie LeibrandtPstartE-2CD-5 
KC Royals 1985Bret SaberhagenPstartE-4CD-5 
KC Royals 1985Bud BlackPstartE-10CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Dan QuisenberryPstartE-6CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Danny JacksonPstartE-8CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Joe BeckwithPresE-10CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Mike LaCossPresE-2CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Mike JonesPresE-2CD-1 
KC Royals 1985Pat SheridanRF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Darryl MotleyRF-LF-DHstartE-4CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Dane IorgRF-LF-1B-3B-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
KC Royals 1985Dave LeeperRF-LFresE-8CD-1T-2
KC Royals 1985Onix ConcepcionSS-2BstartE-5CD-3 
KC Royals 1985Buddy BiancalanaSS-2B-DHresE-4CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1963Ron Fairly1B-CF-LF-RFstartE-2CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1963Lee Walls1B-LF-3B-RFresE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1963Bill Skowron1B-3BresE-2CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1963Jim Gilliam2B-3BstartE-3CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1963Marv Breeding2B-SS-3BresE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1963Nate Oliver2B-SSresE-4CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1963Ken McMullen3B-LF-2BstartE-7CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1963Don Zimmer3B-SS-2BresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963John RoseboroCstartE-2CD-3Th-A
LA Dodgers 1963Doug CamilliCresE-5CD-3Th-C
LA Dodgers 1963Willie DavisCFstartE-5CD-5T-5
LA Dodgers 1963Tommy DavisLF-3B-CF-RFstartE-10CD-1T-1
LA Dodgers 1963Al FerraraLF-RFresE-9CD-1T-3
LA Dodgers 1963Bob MillerPstartE-3CD-5 
LA Dodgers 1963Don DrysdalePstartE-5CD-5 
LA Dodgers 1963Johnny PodresPstartE-0CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1963Ron PerranoskiPstartE-4CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963Sandy KoufaxPstartE-8CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963Pete RichertPresE-2CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1963Dick CalmusPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963Larry SherryPresE-6CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963Frank HowardRF-LFstartE-4CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1963Wally MoonRF-LF-CFstartE-4CD-1T-1
LA Dodgers 1963Maury WillsSS-3BstartE-5CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1963Dick TracewskiSS-2BresE-5CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Franklin Stubbs1B-RF-LF-CFstartE-5CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Mickey Hatcher1B-RF-LF-3BresE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Steve Sax2BstartE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Mike Sharperson2B-SS-3BresE-4CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Jeff Hamilton3B-SS-1BstartE-6CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Tracy Woodson3B-1BresE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Pedro Guerrero3B-1B-RF-LFresE-6CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Mike SciosciaCstartE-2CD-5Th-A
LA Dodgers 1988Rick DempseyCstartE-3CD-4Th-B
LA Dodgers 1988John ShelbyCFstartE-4CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Mike DevereauxCF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Jose GonzalezCF-LF-RFresE-10CD-1T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Kirk GibsonLF-CFstartE-8CD-1T-4
LA Dodgers 1988Tim LearyPstartE-2CD-5 
LA Dodgers 1988Fernando ValenzuelaPstartE-3CD-5 
LA Dodgers 1988Orel HershiserPstartE-7CD-5 
LA Dodgers 1988Tim BelcherPstartE-0CD-2 
LA Dodgers 1988John TudorPresE-2CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Don SuttonPresE-6CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Shawn HillegasPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Alejandro PenaPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Tim CrewsPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Brian HoltonPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Jesse OroscoPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Jay HowellPresE-8CD-1 
LA Dodgers 1988Mike MarshallRF-1BstartE-2CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Mike DavisRF-CF-LFstartE-4CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Danny HeepRF-LF-1B-PresE-3CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 1988Alfredo GriffinSSstartE-4CD-3 
LA Dodgers 1988Dave AndersonSS-2B-3BresE-2CD-3 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Max Muncy1B-2B-3B-DHstartE-1CD-5 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Enrique Hernandez2B-CF-SS-RF-LF-1B-3BstartE-2CD-5 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Justin Turner3B-P-DHstartE-4CD-3 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Edwin Rios3B-1B-DHresE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Will SmithC-3B-1B-DHstartE-2CD-4Th-B
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Austin BarnesC-2BstartE-2CD-4Th-B
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Chris TaylorCF-2B-LF-SS-3B-RFresE-7CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 2019-2021AJ PollockLF-CFstartE-0CD-4T-4
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Joc PedersonLF-RF-1B-CF-DHstartE-6CD-1T-1
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Matt BeatyLF-1B-3B-RF-DHresE-3CD-4T-4
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Walker BuehlerPstartE-3CD-3 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Clayton KershawPstartE-0CD-2 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Julio UriasPstartE-0CD-2 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Ross StriplingPstartE-6CD-2 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Tony GonsolinPresE-2CD-2 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Dustin MayPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Mitch WhitePresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Joe KellyPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Dylan FloroPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Pedro BaezPresE-10CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Blake TreinenPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Caleb FergusonPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Kenley JansenPresE-2CD-1 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Mookie BettsRF-CF-2BstartE-2CD-5T-5
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Cody BellingerRF-1B-CFstartE-1CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Zach McKinstryRF-2B-3B-LFresE-5CD-3T-3
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Corey SeagerSSstartE-4CD-5 
LA Dodgers 2019-2021Gavin LuxSS-2B-LF-CF-3B-RFresE-4CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Frank Torre1BstartE-1CD-4 
MKE Braves 1957Nippy Jones1B-RFresE-2CD-4 
MKE Braves 1957Joe Adcock1BresE-2CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Red Schoendienst2B-CFstartE-2CD-5 
MKE Braves 1957Danny O'Connell2BresE-2CD-4 
MKE Braves 1957Bobby Malkmus2BresE-3CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Dick Cole2B-3B-1BresE-5CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Eddie Mathews3BstartE-4CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Del CrandallC-RF-LF-1BstartE-3CD-4Th-B
MKE Braves 1957Del RiceCresE-2CD-4Th-B
MKE Braves 1957Carl SawatskiCresE-3CD-4Th-A
MKE Braves 1957Bill BrutonCFstartE-4CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957John DeMeritCF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957Wes CovingtonLFstartE-4CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957Chuck TannerLFresE-2CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957Bobby ThomsonLF-CFresE-3CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957Warren SpahnPstartE-0CD-5 
MKE Braves 1957Lew BurdettePstartE-6CD-5 
MKE Braves 1957Bob BuhlPstartE-5CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Bob TrowbridgePstartE-0CD-2 
MKE Braves 1957Gene ConleyPstartE-3CD-2 
MKE Braves 1957Ray CronePresE-2CD-3 
MKE Braves 1957Taylor PhillipsPresE-2CD-2 
MKE Braves 1957Ernie JohnsonPresE-2CD-2 
MKE Braves 1957Juan PizarroPresE-7CD-2 
MKE Braves 1957Don McMahonPresE-10CD-1 
MKE Braves 1957Henry AaronRF-CFstartE-2CD-4T-4
MKE Braves 1957Andy PafkoRF-LF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
MKE Braves 1957Bob HazleRF-LFresE-10CD-1T-2
MKE Braves 1957Johnny LoganSSstartE-4CD-5 
MKE Braves 1957Felix MantillaSS-2B-3B-CFresE-6CD-2 
MKE Brewers 1982Cecil Cooper1B-DHstartE-1CD-4 
MKE Brewers 1982Jim Gantner2BstartE-2CD-4 
MKE Brewers 1982Ed Romero2B-SS-LF-3BresE-4CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Paul Molitor3B-SS-DHstartE-7CD-2 
MKE Brewers 1982Don Money3B-1B-2B-DHresE-4CD-3 
MKE Brewers 1982Ted SimmonsC-DHstartE-1CD-4Th-B
MKE Brewers 1982Ned YostC-DHresE-5CD-2Th-C
MKE Brewers 1982Gorman ThomasCFstartE-3CD-3T-3
MKE Brewers 1982Larry HisleDHstartE-10CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Ben OglivieLFstartE-4CD-4T-4
MKE Brewers 1982Mike CaldwellPstartE-2CD-5 
MKE Brewers 1982Moose HaasPstartE-0CD-2 
MKE Brewers 1982Jim SlatonPstartE-0CD-2 
MKE Brewers 1982Bob McClurePstartE-10CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Pete VuckovichPstartE-8CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Don SuttonPresE-2CD-4 
MKE Brewers 1982Doc MedichPresE-2CD-2 
MKE Brewers 1982Randy LerchPresE-10CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Rollie FingersPresE-2CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Dwight BernardPresE-2CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Jerry AugustinePresE-2CD-1 
MKE Brewers 1982Charlie MooreRF-C-2BstartE-2CD-4T-4
MKE Brewers 1982Marshall EdwardsRF-CF-LF-DHresE-2CD-4T-4
MKE Brewers 1982Kevin BassRF-CF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
MKE Brewers 1982Mark BrouhardRF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
MKE Brewers 1982Robin YountSS-DHstartE-4CD-5 
MKE Brewers 1982Rob PiccioloSS-2B-DHresE-4CD-3 
MN Twins 1991Kent Hrbek1BstartE-2CD-3 
MN Twins 1991Paul Sorrento1B-DHresE-0CD-3 
MN Twins 1991Chuck Knoblauch2B-SSstartE-3CD-3 
MN Twins 1991Mike Pagliarulo3B-2BstartE-4CD-5 
MN Twins 1991Scott Leius3B-SS-CFresE-4CD-3 
MN Twins 1991Brian HarperC-LF-1B-DHstartE-3CD-1Th-C
MN Twins 1991Junior OrtizCresE-2CD-4Th-A
MN Twins 1991Lenny WebsterCresE-3CD-3Th-B
MN Twins 1991Kirby PuckettCF-RFstartE-3CD-3T-3
MN Twins 1991Jarvis BrownCF-RF-LF-DHresE-9CD-1T-3
MN Twins 1991Dan GladdenLFstartE-3CD-5T-5
MN Twins 1991Jack MorrisPstartE-0CD-4 
MN Twins 1991Scott EricksonPstartE-2CD-4 
MN Twins 1991Kevin TapaniPstartE-2CD-4 
MN Twins 1991Allan AndersonPstartE-0CD-2 
MN Twins 1991Paul AbbottPresE-2CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Terry LeachPresE-2CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Steve BedrosianPresE-2CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Rick AguileraPresE-2CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Mark GuthriePresE-7CD-1 
MN Twins 1991David WestPresE-8CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Carl WillisPresE-8CD-1 
MN Twins 1991Shane MackRF-LF-CF-DHstartE-3CD-5T-5
MN Twins 1991Gene LarkinRF-1B-3B-2B-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
MN Twins 1991Randy BushRF-1B-LF-DHresE-3CD-3T-3
MN Twins 1991Pedro MunozRF-LF-DHresE-2CD-2T-2
MN Twins 1991Greg GagneSS-DHstartE-2CD-5 
MN Twins 1991Al NewmanSS-2B-3B-1B-LF-DHresE-2CD-3 
Montreal Expos 1994Cliff Floyd1B-LF-RFstartE-2CD-3 
Montreal Expos 1994Randy Milligan1BresE-5CD-3 
Montreal Expos 1994Mike Lansing2B-3B-SSstartE-3CD-5 
Montreal Expos 1994Juan Bell2B-SS-3BresE-2CD-3 
Montreal Expos 1994Freddie Benavides2B-3B-SS-1BresE-2CD-2 
Montreal Expos 1994Sean Berry3BstartE-7CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Jeff Gardner3B-2BresE-10CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Darrin FletcherCstartE-1CD-3Th-B
Montreal Expos 1994Lenny WebsterCresE-2CD-3Th-B
Montreal Expos 1994Tim SpehrC-LFresE-2CD-3Th-C
Montreal Expos 1994Marquis GrissomCFstartE-3CD-5T-5
Montreal Expos 1994Moises AlouLF-RFstartE-3CD-5T-5
Montreal Expos 1994Lou FrazierLF-CF-2B-1BresE-3CD-3T-3
Montreal Expos 1994Rondell WhiteLF-CFresE-10CD-1T-3
Montreal Expos 1994Jeff FasseroPstartE-0CD-5 
Montreal Expos 1994Ken HillPstartE-4CD-5 
Montreal Expos 1994Butch HenryPstartE-0CD-2 
Montreal Expos 1994Pedro MartinezPstartE-10CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Kirk RueterPresE-5CD-3 
Montreal Expos 1994John WettelandPresE-10CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Jeff ShawPresE-2CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Mel RojasPresE-2CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Tim ScottPresE-2CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Gil HerediaPresE-6CD-1 
Montreal Expos 1994Larry WalkerRF-1BstartE-2CD-4T-4
Montreal Expos 1994Wil CorderoSSstartE-5CD-1 
NY Giants 1954Whitey Lockman1B-CF-LFstartE-3CD-1 
NY Giants 1954Bobby Hofman1B-2B-3BresE-4CD-3 
NY Giants 1954Davey Williams2BstartE-2CD-5 
NY Giants 1954Hank Thompson3B-2B-LFstartE-6CD-4 
NY Giants 1954Billy Gardner3B-2B-SSresE-2CD-4 
NY Giants 1954Wes WestrumCstartE-3CD-4Th-A
NY Giants 1954Ray KattCstartE-6CD-3Th-A
NY Giants 1954Ebba St. ClaireCresE-5CD-3Th-C
NY Giants 1954Willie MaysCFstartE-3CD-5T-5
NY Giants 1954Monte IrvinLF-RF-3B-1BstartE-6CD-5T-5
NY Giants 1954Bill TaylorLF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Giants 1954Dusty RhodesLF-CF-RFresE-4CD-3T-3
NY Giants 1954Johnny AntonelliPstartE-3CD-5 
NY Giants 1954Ruben GomezPstartE-7CD-5 
NY Giants 1954Sal MagliePstartE-5CD-4 
NY Giants 1954Jim HearnPstartE-6CD-3 
NY Giants 1954Larry JansenPresE-2CD-3 
NY Giants 1954Hoyt WilhelmPresE-2CD-2 
NY Giants 1954Don LiddlePresE-4CD-2 
NY Giants 1954Windy McCallPresE-10CD-1 
NY Giants 1954Marv GrissomPresE-8CD-1 
NY Giants 1954Don MuellerRFstartE-3CD-3T-3
NY Giants 1954Al DarkSSstartE-5CD-4 
NY Mets1969Ed Kranepool1B-LFstartE-2CD-3 
NY Mets1969Donn Clendenon1B-LFresE-4CD-3 
NY Mets1969Ken Boswell2BstartE-5CD-2 
NY Mets1969Wayne Garrett3B-2B-SSstartE-3CD-3 
NY Mets1969Bobby Pfeil3B-2BresE-3CD-4 
NY Mets1969Ed Charles3BresE-6CD-3 
NY Mets1969Kevin Collins3BresE-8CD-1 
NY Mets1969Jerry GroteCstartE-2CD-5Th-A
NY Mets1969J.C. MartinC-1BstartE-1CD-3Th-C
NY Mets1969Duffy DyerCresE-2CD-3Th-C
NY Mets1969Tommie AgeeCF-RFstartE-3CD-5T-5
NY Mets1969Amos OtisCF-LF-3BresE-4CD-3T-3
NY Mets1969Cleon JonesLF-1BstartE-2CD-5T-5
NY Mets1969Tom SeaverPstartE-3CD-5 
NY Mets1969Don CardwellPstartE-6CD-5 
NY Mets1969Gary GentryPstartE-0CD-4 
NY Mets1969Jerry KoosmanPstartE-3CD-3 
NY Mets1969Jim McAndrewPstartE-0CD-2 
NY Mets1969Jack DiLauroPresE-2CD-2 
NY Mets1969Cal KooncePresE-2CD-2 
NY Mets1969Tug McGrawPresE-10CD-1 
NY Mets1969Nolan RyanPresE-10CD-1 
NY Mets1969Ron TaylorPresE-2CD-1 
NY Mets1969Ron SwobodaRF-LFstartE-2CD-3T-3
NY Mets1969Rod GasparRF-CF-LFresE-2CD-4T-4
NY Mets1969Art ShamskyRF-LF-1BresE-2CD-2T-2
NY Mets1969Bud HarrelsonSSstartE-4CD-5 
NY Mets1969Al WeisSS-2B-3BresE-4CD-3 
NY Mets1986Keith Hernandez1BstartE-1CD-5 
NY Mets1986Dave Magadan1BresE-0CD-3 
NY Mets1986Wally Backman2BstartE-4CD-3 
NY Mets1986Tim Teufel2B-1B-3BstartE-3CD-1 
NY Mets1986Ray Knight3B-1BstartE-6CD-2 
NY Mets1986Howard Johnson3B-SS-LFresE-10CD-1 
NY Mets1986Gary CarterC-1B-RF-LF-3BstartE-2CD-4Th-B
NY Mets1986John GibbonsCresE-2CD-3Th-C
NY Mets1986Ed HearnCresE-3CD-2Th-C
NY Mets1986Lenny DykstraCF-LFstartE-2CD-4T-4
NY Mets1986Mookie WilsonCF-LF-RFstartE-5CD-4T-4
NY Mets1986Stan JeffersonCF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Mets1986Kevin MitchellLF-RF-SS-CF-3B-1BstartE-9CD-1T-4
NY Mets1986Lee MazzilliLF-1B-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Mets1986Danny HeepLF-RFresE-3CD-3T-3
NY Mets1986George FosterLFresE-8CD-1T-3
NY Mets1986Dwight GoodenPstartE-3CD-5 
NY Mets1986Rick AguileraPstartE-0CD-4 
NY Mets1986Bob OjedaPstartE-3CD-4 
NY Mets1986Sid FernandezPstartE-5CD-2 
NY Mets1986Ron DarlingPstartE-9CD-1 
NY Mets1986Rick AndersonPresE-2CD-2 
NY Mets1986Roger McDowellP-LF-RFresE-2CD-1 
NY Mets1986Jesse OroscoP-RFresE-2CD-1 
NY Mets1986Doug SiskPresE-2CD-1 
NY Mets1986Darryl StrawberryRF-LFstartE-3CD-1T-1
NY Mets1986Rafael SantanaSS-2BstartE-3CD-5 
NY Mets1986Kevin ElsterSSresE-4CD-3 
NY Yankees 1927Lou Gehrig1BstartE-2CD-5 
NY Yankees 1927Tony Lazzeri2B-SS-3BstartE-4CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Ray Morehart2BresE-6CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Joe Dugan3BstartE-7CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Julie Wera3BresE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Mike Gazella3B-SSresE-5CD-3 
NY Yankees 1927Johnny GrabowskiCstartE-4CD-3Th-C
NY Yankees 1927Pat CollinsCstartE-5CD-3Th-B
NY Yankees 1927Benny BengoughCresE-3CD-3Th-C
NY Yankees 1927Earle CombsCFstartE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927Bob MeuselLF-RFstartE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927Wilcy MoorePstartE-1CD-5 
NY Yankees 1927Urban ShockerPstartE-2CD-5 
NY Yankees 1927Herb PennockPstartE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Dutch RuetherPstartE-0CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927Waite HoytPstartE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927George PipgrasPresE-3CD-4 
NY Yankees 1927Myles ThomasPresE-4CD-3 
NY Yankees 1927Bob ShawkeyPresE-7CD-2 
NY Yankees 1927Babe RuthRF-LFstartE-4CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927Ben PaschalRF-LF-CFresE-3CD-1 
NY Yankees 1927Mark KoenigSSstartE-7CD-1 
NY Yankees 1939Babe Dahlgren1BstartE-2CD-5 
NY Yankees 1939Lou Gehrig1BresE-6CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Joe Gordon2BstartE-4CD-5 
NY Yankees 1939Red Rolfe3BstartE-5CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Bill DickeyCstartE-3CD-3Th-A
NY Yankees 1939Buddy RosarCresE-4CD-3Th-C
NY Yankees 1939Joe DiMaggioCFstartE-3CD-2 
NY Yankees 1939George SelkirkLF-RFstartE-3CD-2 
NY Yankees 1939Jake PowellLF-RF-CFresE-2CD-2 
NY Yankees 1939Monte PearsonPstartE-0CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Lefty GomezPstartE-3CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Red RuffingPstartE-5CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Atley DonaldPstartE-0CD-3 
NY Yankees 1939Bump HadleyPstartE-9CD-1 
NY Yankees 1939Marius RussoPresE-3CD-4 
NY Yankees 1939Steve SundraPresE-2CD-3 
NY Yankees 1939Oral HildebrandPresE-5CD-3 
NY Yankees 1939Johnny MurphyPresE-7CD-1 
NY Yankees 1939Charlie KellerRF-LFstartE-4CD-1 
NY Yankees 1939Joe GallagherRFresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 1939Frankie CrosettiSSstartE-4CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Bill Skowron1BstartE-2CD-5 
NY Yankees 1961Bobby Richardson2BstartE-3CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Clete Boyer3B-SSstartE-3CD-5 
NY Yankees 1961Deron Johnson3BresE-2CD-3 
NY Yankees 1961Billy Gardner3B-2BresE-4CD-3 
NY Yankees 1961Elston HowardC-1BstartE-2CD-4Th-A
NY Yankees 1961Johnny BlanchardC-LF-RFstartE-2CD-3Th-C
NY Yankees 1961Mickey MantleCFstartE-4CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 1961Jack ReedCF-LF-RFresE-10CD-1T-3
NY Yankees 1961Yogi BerraLF-C-RFstartE-2CD-4T-4
NY Yankees 1961Bob CervLF-1B-CFresE-3CD-4T-4
NY Yankees 1961Hector LopezLF-RFresE-5CD-4T-4
NY Yankees 1961Ralph TerryPstartE-0CD-5 
NY Yankees 1961Rollie SheldonPstartE-0CD-3 
NY Yankees 1961Bill StaffordPstartE-3CD-2 
NY Yankees 1961Jim CoatesPstartE-7CD-2 
NY Yankees 1961Whitey FordPstartE-9CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Art DitmarPresE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 1961Bob TurleyPresE-2CD-2 
NY Yankees 1961Hal ReniffPresE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Luis ArroyoPresE-6CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Bud DaleyPresE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 1961Roger MarisRF-CFstartE-4CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 1961Tony KubekSSstartE-5CD-5 
NY Yankees 1961Joe DeMaestriSS-2B-3BresE-2CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998Tino Martinez1BstartE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 1998Dale Sveum1B-3B-DHresE-7CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998Chuck Knoblauch2B-DHstartE-2CD-2 
NY Yankees 1998Homer Bush2B-3B-SS-DHresE-3CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998Scott Brosius3B-1B-RFstartE-6CD-5 
NY Yankees 1998Mike Lowell3B-DHresE-2CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998Jorge PosadaC-1B-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
NY Yankees 1998Joe GirardiCstartE-1CD-3Th-B
NY Yankees 1998Bernie WilliamsCF-DHstartE-2CD-1T-1
NY Yankees 1998Chili DavisDHstartE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Chad CurtisLF-CF-RF-DHstartE-4CD-5T-5
NY Yankees 1998Ricky LedeeLF-RF-CFresE-4CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 1998Darryl StrawberryLF-DHresE-10CD-1T-3
NY Yankees 1998Tim RainesLF-DHresE-3CD-1T-1
NY Yankees 1998Orlando HernandezPstartE-0CD-4 
NY Yankees 1998Andy PettittePstartE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 1998David ConePstartE-3CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998David WellsPstartE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Hideki IrabuPstartE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Ramiro MendozaPresE-3CD-2 
NY Yankees 1998Darren HolmesPresE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Mariano RiveraPresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Mike BuddiePresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Mike StantonPresE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 1998Paul O'NeillRF-DHstartE-2CD-5T-5
NY Yankees 1998Shane SpencerRF-LF-1B-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 1998Derek JeterSSstartE-2CD-3 
NY Yankees 1998Luis SojoSS-1B-3B-2B-DHresE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 2022Anthony Rizzo1B-DHstartE-1CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Gleyber Torres2B-SS-DHstartE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 2022DJ LeMahieu3B-2B-1B-DHstartE-1CD-5 
NY Yankees 2022Josh Donaldson3B-DHstartE-4CD-5 
NY Yankees 2022Kyle HigashiokaC-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
NY Yankees 2022Jose TrevinoC-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
NY Yankees 2022Aaron JudgeCF-RF-DHstartE-0CD-5T-5
NY Yankees 2022Aaron HicksCF-LF-DHstartE-1CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Harrison BaderCFresE-2CD-4T-4
NY Yankees 2022Estevan FlorialCF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Joey GalloLF-RF-CF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Miguel AndujarLF-1B-DHresE-2CD-4T-5
NY Yankees 2022Andrew BenintendiLFresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Tim LocastroLF-CF-RF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Luis SeverinoPstartE-0CD-2 
NY Yankees 2022Gerrit ColePstartE-0CD-2 
NY Yankees 2022Jordan MontgomeryPstartE-0CD-2 
NY Yankees 2022Jameson TaillonPstartE-4CD-2 
NY Yankees 2022Nestor CortesPstartE-8CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Domingo GermanPresE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Michael KingPresE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Lucas LuetgePresE-10CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Clarke SchmidtPresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Jonathan LoaisigaPresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Clay HolmesPresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Ron MarinaccioPresE-2CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Wandy PeraltaPresE-6CD-1 
NY Yankees 2022Oswaldo CabreraRF-LF-SS-3B-2B-1BstartE-1CD-4T-4
NY Yankees 2022Matt CarpenterRF-1B-LF-3B-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Giancarlo StantonRF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
NY Yankees 2022Isiah Kiner-FalefaSS-3BstartE-4CD-4 
NY Yankees 2022Marwin GonzalezSS-RF-1B-LF-3B-2B-P-DHresE-2CD-4 
NY Yankees 2022Oswald PerazaSS-2BresE-2CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Mike Epstein1BstartE-2CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Mike Hegan1B-RFresE-0CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Don Mincher1BresE-3CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Tim Cullen2B-3B-SSstartE-5CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Ted Kubiak2B-3BresE-2CD-4 
Oakland A's 1972Larry Brown2B-3BresE-3CD-3 
Oakland A's 1972Sal Bando3B-2BstartE-5CD-5 
Oakland A's 1972Dave DuncanCstartE-2CD-4Th-B
Oakland A's 1972Gene TenaceC-RF-1B-3B-2BstartE-4CD-3Th-B
Oakland A's 1972Reggie JacksonCF-RFstartE-6CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Ollie BrownCF-RFresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972George HendrickCF-RF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Bobby BrooksCFresE-10CD-1T-4
Oakland A's 1972Joe RudiLF-3BstartE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Ken HoltzmanPstartE-2CD-4 
Oakland A's 1972Catfish HunterPstartE-4CD-4 
Oakland A's 1972Rollie FingersPstartE-0CD-1 
Oakland A's 1972Blue Moon OdomPstartE-10CD-1 
Oakland A's 1972Vida BluePstartE-9CD-1 
Oakland A's 1972Joe HorlenPresE-2CD-2 
Oakland A's 1972Darold KnowlesPresE-4CD-2 
Oakland A's 1972Dave HamiltonPresE-5CD-2 
Oakland A's 1972Bob LockerPresE-7CD-1 
Oakland A's 1972Angel MangualRF-CF-LFstartE-3CD-4T-4
Oakland A's 1972Bill VossRF-CF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Brant AlyeaRF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Matty AlouRF-LF-1BresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1972Bert CampanerisSSstartE-3CD-5 
Oakland A's 1989Mark McGwire1B-DHstartE-1CD-5 
Oakland A's 1989Tony Phillips2B-3B-LF-SS-RF-1BstartE-3CD-3 
Oakland A's 1989Lance Blankenship2B-RF-LF-DHresE-2CD-3 
Oakland A's 1989Glenn Hubbard2B-DHresE-4CD-3 
Oakland A's 1989Carney Lansford3B-1B-DHstartE-4CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Ron HasseyC-1B-DHstartE-2CD-3Th-B
Oakland A's 1989Terry SteinbachC-1B-RF-LF-3B-DHstartE-4CD-1Th-A
Oakland A's 1989Dave HendersonCF-DHstartE-5CD-5T-5
Oakland A's 1989Scott HemondDHstartE-10CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Rickey HendersonLF-DHstartE-3CD-5T-5
Oakland A's 1989Luis PoloniaLFresE-3CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1989Mike MoorePstartE-4CD-5 
Oakland A's 1989Curt YoungPstartE-0CD-2 
Oakland A's 1989Storm DavisPstartE-7CD-2 
Oakland A's 1989Bob WelchPstartE-8CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Dave StewartPstartE-8CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Todd BurnsPresE-10CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Gene NelsonPresE-2CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Dennis EckersleyPresE-2CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Rick HoneycuttPresE-5CD-1 
Oakland A's 1989Stan JavierRF-CF-LF-2B-1BstartE-1CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1989Jose CansecoRF-DHstartE-3CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1989Billy BeaneRF-LF-1B-3B-C-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1989Felix JoseRF-LFresE-3CD-3T-3
Oakland A's 1989Mike GallegoSS-2B-3B-DHstartE-4CD-3 
Oakland A's 1989Walt WeissSSresE-5CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Ryan Howard1B-DHstartE-3CD-5 
PH Phillies 2008Chase Utley2B-1BstartE-2CD-5 
PH Phillies 2008Pedro Feliz3B-SSstartE-3CD-4 
PH Phillies 2008Greg Dobbs3B-LF-1B-RF-DHresE-3CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Chris CosteC-1B-DHstartE-2CD-4Th-B
PH Phillies 2008Carlos RuizC-3BstartE-2CD-4Th-B
PH Phillies 2008Shane VictorinoCF-RFstartE-2CD-4T-4
PH Phillies 2008Pat BurrellLFstartE-2CD-1T-1
PH Phillies 2008So TaguchiLF-RF-CFresE-10CD-1T-3
PH Phillies 2008Kyle KendrickPstartE-3CD-4 
PH Phillies 2008Cole HamelsPstartE-7CD-4 
PH Phillies 2008Brett MyersPstartE-0CD-3 
PH Phillies 2008Jamie MoyerPstartE-5CD-3 
PH Phillies 2008Adam EatonPresE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2008Rudy SeanezPresE-10CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Joe BlantonPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Clay CondreyPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008J.C. RomeroPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Chad DurbinPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Ryan MadsonPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Brad LidgePresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2008Jayson WerthRF-CF-LFstartE-1CD-5T-5
PH Phillies 2008Geoff JenkinsRF-DHstartE-4CD-5T-5
PH Phillies 2008Jimmy RollinsSSstartE-2CD-4 
PH Phillies 2008Eric BruntlettSS-3B-LF-2B-1B-RFresE-4CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Rhys Hoskins1B-DHstartE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Jean Segura2B-SSstartE-1CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Yairo Munoz2B-3B-RF-LFresE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Alec Bohm3B-1B-DHstartE-4CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Edmundo Sosa3B-SS-LF-DHresE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022J.T. RealmutoC-1B-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
PH Phillies 2022Garrett StubbsC-P-LF-DHresE-2CD-3Th-B
PH Phillies 2022Matt VierlingCF-RF-LF-3B-2B-1B-DHstartE-1CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Odubel HerreraCF-LF-RFstartE-2CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Mickey MoniakCF-RF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Roman QuinnCF-RF-LFresE-7CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Bradley ZimmerCFresE-10CD-1T-3
PH Phillies 2022Brandon MarshCFresE-2CD-1T-1
PH Phillies 2022Kyle SchwarberLF-DHstartE-1CD-1T-1
PH Phillies 2022Ranger SuarezPstartE-0CD-4 
PH Phillies 2022Zack WheelerPstartE-0CD-2 
PH Phillies 2022Kyle GibsonPstartE-4CD-2 
PH Phillies 2022Aaron NolaPstartE-8CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Zach EflinPresE-2CD-2 
PH Phillies 2022Noah SyndergaardPresE-10CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Nick NelsonPresE-10CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Brad HandPresE-10CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Bailey FalterPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Corey KnebelPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Jose AlvaradoPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Seranthony DominguezPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Andrew BellattiPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Connor BrogdonPresE-2CD-1 
PH Phillies 2022Nick CastellanosRF-LF-DHstartE-0CD-1T-1
PH Phillies 2022Nick MatonRF-2B-LF-SS-3B-PresE-2CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Dalton GuthrieRF-3B-2BresE-2CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Bryce HarperRF-DHresE-2CD-3T-3
PH Phillies 2022Bryson StottSS-2B-3BstartE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Didi GregoriusSSresE-2CD-3 
PH Phillies 2022Johan CamargoSS-3B-2B-1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Phil Athletics 1910Harry Davis1BstartE-3CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Ben Houser1BresE-0CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Eddie Collins2BstartE-3CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Home Run Baker3BstartE-8CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1910Morrie Rath3B-2BresE-5CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1910Jack LappCstartE-4CD-3Th-B
Phil Athletics 1910Ira ThomasCstartE-7CD-3Th-A
Phil Athletics 1910Pat DonahueCresE-2CD-3Th-C
Phil Athletics 1910Paddy LivingstonCresE-7CD-3Th-B
Phil Athletics 1910Rube OldringOFstartE-5CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1910Danny MurphyOFstartE-6CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1910Topsy HartselOFstartE-10CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1910Bris LordOFresE-4CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1910Heinie HeitmullerOFresE-4CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1910Jack CoombsPstartE-1CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Eddie PlankPstartE-2CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Charles BenderPstartE-3CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Cy MorganPstartE-4CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1910Harry KrausePstartE-10CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1910Tommy AtkinsPresE-2CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1910Jimmy DygertPresE-5CD-3 
Phil Athletics 1910Jack BarrySSstartE-9CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1910Stuffy McInnisSS-3B-2B-OFresE-7CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1929Jimmie Foxx1B-3BstartE-1CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1929George Burns1BresE-0CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1929Max Bishop2BstartE-3CD-5 
Phil Athletics 1929Bud Morse2BresE-3CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1929Jim Cronin2B-SS-3BresE-5CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1929Sammy Hale3B-2BstartE-5CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1929Mickey CochraneCstartE-4CD-3Th-C
Phil Athletics 1929Cy PerkinsCresE-2CD-3Th-C
Phil Athletics 1929Mule HaasCF-LFstartE-4CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1929Al SimmonsLFstartE-3CD-2 
Phil Athletics 1929Rube WalbergPstartE-0CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1929Jack QuinnPstartE-3CD-3 
Phil Athletics 1929Lefty GrovePstartE-5CD-3 
Phil Athletics 1929George EarnshawPstartE-10CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1929Bill ShoresPstartE-8CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1929Howard EhmkePresE-6CD-4 
Phil Athletics 1929Eddie RommelPresE-3CD-3 
Phil Athletics 1929Bing MillerRF-LF-CFstartE-3CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1929Jimmy DykesSS-3B-2BstartE-7CD-1 
Phil Athletics 1929Joe BoleySS-3BresE-4CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Bill Abstein1BstartE-4CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Alan Storke1B-3BresE-4CD-4 
Pitt Pirates 1909Dots Miller2BstartE-5CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909William Barbeau3BstartE-10CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Bobby Byrne3BresE-2CD-4 
Pitt Pirates 1909George GibsonCstartE-4CD-3Th-A
Pitt Pirates 1909Mike SimonCresE-10CD-1Th-B
Pitt Pirates 1909Fred ClarkeOFstartE-3CD-2 
Pitt Pirates 1909Tommy LeachOF-3BstartE-7CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Owen WilsonOFstartE-9CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Ward MillerOFresE-7CD-2 
Pitt Pirates 1909Howie CamnitzPstartE-3CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Nick MaddoxPstartE-4CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Vic WillisPstartE-5CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Lefty LeifieldPstartE-5CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Deacon PhillippePstartE-0CD-4 
Pitt Pirates 1909Sam LeeverPresE-2CD-3 
Pitt Pirates 1909Chick BrandomPresE-10CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Babe AdamsPresE-9CD-1 
Pitt Pirates 1909Honus WagnerSS-OFstartE-6CD-5 
Pitt Pirates 1909Ed AbbaticchioSS-2B-OFresE-8CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Eric Hosmer1B-DHstartE-2CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Josh Bell1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Luke Voit1B-DHresE-7CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Brandon Drury1B-2B-3B-DHresE-2CD-2 
SD Padres 2022Jake Cronenworth2B-1B-SS-DHstartE-1CD-2 
SD Padres 2022Robinson Canó2B-DHresE-2CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Manny Machado3B-DHstartE-4CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Sergio Alcantara3B-SS-2B-DHresE-2CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Matthew Batten3B-2B-LF-P-DHresE-2CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Jorge AlfaroC-DHstartE-1CD-3Th-B
SD Padres 2022Austin NolaC-2B-3B-DHstartE-2CD-1Th-C
SD Padres 2022Luis CampusanoC-DHresE-3CD-3Th-C
SD Padres 2022Trent GrishamCFstartE-2CD-5T-5
SD Padres 2022Jose AzocarCF-RF-LF-DHstartE-5CD-3T-3
SD Padres 2022Esteury RuizCF-RF-LFresE-2CD-3T-3
SD Padres 2022Jurickson ProfarLF-DHstartE-4CD-1T-1
SD Padres 2022Joe MusgrovePstartE-3CD-3 
SD Padres 2022Blake SnellPstartE-0CD-2 
SD Padres 2022Yu DarvishPstartE-5CD-2 
SD Padres 2022Sean ManaeaPstartE-0CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Mike ClevingerPstartE-10CD-1 
SD Padres 2022MacKenzie GorePresE-2CD-2 
SD Padres 2022Nick MartinezPresE-10CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Tim HillPresE-10CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Luis GarciaPresE-10CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Steven WilsonPresE-10CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Nabil CrismattPresE-2CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Craig StammenPresE-2CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Taylor RogersPresE-2CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Robert SuarezPresE-2CD-1 
SD Padres 2022Wil MyersRF-1B-LF-CF-P-3BstartE-1CD-5T-5
SD Padres 2022Juan SotoRFresE-2CD-3T-3
SD Padres 2022Nomar MazaraRF-LFresE-2CD-1T-1
SD Padres 2022Ha-Seong KimSS-3BstartE-2CD-5 
SD Padres 2022CJ AbramsSS-2B-RF-DHresE-3CD-3 
SEA Mariners 2001John Olerud1BstartE-2CD-5 
SEA Mariners 2001Ed Sprague1B-3B-LF-RF-C-DHresE-5CD-3 
SEA Mariners 2001Bret Boone2B-DHstartE-2CD-5 
SEA Mariners 2001David Bell3B-1BstartE-4CD-5 
SEA Mariners 2001Dan WilsonC-1BstartE-1CD-5Th-B
SEA Mariners 2001Tom LampkinC-RF-DHstartE-1CD-4Th-B
SEA Mariners 2001Mike CameronCF-DHstartE-3CD-5T-5
SEA Mariners 2001Stan JavierLF-CF-RF-1B-DHstartE-2CD-5T-5
SEA Mariners 2001Mark McLemoreLF-SS-3B-2B-CF-RF-DHstartE-8CD-1T-3
SEA Mariners 2001Al MartinLF-CF-RF-DHresE-6CD-4T-4
SEA Mariners 2001Charles GipsonLF-CF-SS-RF-3B-2B-DHresE-6CD-3T-3
SEA Mariners 2001Freddy GarciaPstartE-2CD-5 
SEA Mariners 2001Jamie MoyerPstartE-0CD-4 
SEA Mariners 2001Paul AbbottPstartE-0CD-3 
SEA Mariners 2001Aaron SelePstartE-3CD-2 
SEA Mariners 2001John HalamaPresE-4CD-2 
SEA Mariners 2001Jeff NelsonPresE-10CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Kazuhiro SasakiPresE-10CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Jose PaniaguaPresE-10CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Joel PineiroPresE-2CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Ryan FranklinPresE-2CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Norm CharltonPresE-2CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Arthur RhodesPresE-2CD-1 
SEA Mariners 2001Ichiro SuzukiRF-DHstartE-1CD-5T-5
SEA Mariners 2001Carlos GuillenSS-DHstartE-2CD-5 
SEA Mariners 2001Ramon VazquezSS-2B-3B-DHresE-4CD-3 
SF Giants 2002J.T. Snow1BstartE-2CD-3 
SF Giants 2002Damon Minor1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
SF Giants 2002Jeff Kent2B-1BstartE-3CD-3 
SF Giants 2002David Bell3B-2B-SS-1BstartE-3CD-5 
SF Giants 2002Pedro Feliz3B-LF-SSresE-4CD-3 
SF Giants 2002Benito SantiagoCstartE-1CD-3Th-B
SF Giants 2002Yorvit TorrealbaCresE-2CD-4Th-B
SF Giants 2002Kenny LoftonCFstartE-0CD-5T-5
SF Giants 2002Tsuyoshi ShinjoCF-RF-LFstartE-4CD-5T-5
SF Giants 2002Tom GoodwinCF-LF-RFresE-2CD-4T-4
SF Giants 2002Barry BondsLF-DHstartE-7CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2002Shawon DunstonLF-RF-CF-1B-SS-DHresE-2CD-1T-1
SF Giants 2002Russ OrtizPstartE-2CD-5 
SF Giants 2002Liván HernándezPstartE-5CD-5 
SF Giants 2002Kirk RueterPstartE-0CD-4 
SF Giants 2002Ryan JensenPstartE-0CD-2 
SF Giants 2002Jason SchmidtPstartE-0CD-2 
SF Giants 2002Chad ZerbePresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Aaron FultzPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Robb NenPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Jay WitasickPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Tim WorrellPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Felix RodriguezPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2002Reggie SandersRFstartE-2CD-5T-5
SF Giants 2002Marvin BenardRF-LF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2002Rich AuriliaSSstartE-2CD-2 
SF Giants 2002Ramon MartinezSS-2B-1B-LF-3BresE-4CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Brandon Belt1B-LFstartE-2CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Aubrey Huff1B-LF-2BresE-2CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Brett Pill1B-LF-3BresE-3CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Ryan Theriot2B-LFstartE-3CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Charlie Culberson2BresE-2CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Marco Scutaro2B-3BresE-2CD-2 
SF Giants 2012Emmanuel Burriss2B-3B-SS-RFresE-4CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Pablo Sandoval3B-1B-DHstartE-5CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Joaquin Arias3B-SS-2BstartE-4CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Conor Gillaspie3BresE-10CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Buster PoseyC-1B-DHstartE-2CD-5Th-A
SF Giants 2012Hector SanchezC-DHstartE-4CD-2Th-B
SF Giants 2012Angel PaganCF-DHstartE-3CD-5T-5
SF Giants 2012Melky CabreraLF-RFstartE-4CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2012Xavier NadyLFresE-2CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2012Madison BumgarnerPstartE-5CD-4 
SF Giants 2012Tim LincecumPstartE-0CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Matt CainPstartE-6CD-3 
SF Giants 2012Ryan VogelsongPstartE-0CD-2 
SF Giants 2012Barry ZitoPstartE-4CD-2 
SF Giants 2012George KontosPresE-10CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Clay HensleyPresE-10CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Santiago CasillaPresE-10CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Sergio RomoPresE-2CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Jeremy AffeldtPresE-6CD-1 
SF Giants 2012Hunter PenceRFstartE-2CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2012Gregor BlancoRF-LF-CF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
SF Giants 2012Justin ChristianRF-LF-CF-DHresE-7CD-4T-4
SF Giants 2012Nate SchierholtzRF-DHresE-2CD-2T-2
SF Giants 2012Brandon CrawfordSSstartE-3CD-5 
St Louis Browns 1922George Sisler1BstartE-3CD-5 
St Louis Browns 1922Baby Doll Jacobson1B-CF-LFresE-7CD-4 
St Louis Browns 1922Marty McManus2B-1BstartE-4CD-4 
St Louis Browns 1922Frank Ellerbe3BstartE-5CD-4 
St Louis Browns 1922Jimmy Austin3B-2BresE-5CD-3 
St Louis Browns 1922Gene Robertson3B-SS-2BresE-8CD-1 
St Louis Browns 1922Eddie Foster3BresE-9CD-1 
St Louis Browns 1922Herman Bronkie3BresE-9CD-1 
St Louis Browns 1922Hank SevereidCstartE-4CD-3Th-A
St Louis Browns 1922Pat CollinsC-1BresE-4CD-3Th-C
St Louis Browns 1922Urban ShockerPstartE-2CD-5 
St Louis Browns 1922Dixie DavisPstartE-4CD-5 
St Louis Browns 1922Elam VangilderPstartE-2CD-4 
St Louis Browns 1922Rasty WrightPstartE-3CD-4 
St Louis Browns 1922Ray KolpPstartE-4CD-2 
St Louis Browns 1922Hub PruettPresE-3CD-3 
St Louis Browns 1922Dave DanforthPresE-2CD-2 
St Louis Browns 1922Bill BaynePresE-2CD-2 
St Louis Browns 1922Jack TobinRFstartE-7CD-1 
St Louis Browns 1922Wally GerberSSstartE-6CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Ray Sanders1BstartE-2CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Johnny Hopp1BstartE-4CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Jimmy Brown2B-3B-SSstartE-4CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Frank Crespi2B-SSstartE-4CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Whitey Kurowski3B-LF-SSstartE-6CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Ken O'DeaCstartE-5CD-3Th-A
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Walker CooperCstartE-6CD-3Th-A
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Stan MusialLF-CF-RFstartE-5CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Coaker TriplettLF-RFstartE-9CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Harry GumbertPstartE-0CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Johnny BeazleyPstartE-2CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Mort CooperPstartE-4CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Max LanierPstartE-5CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Ernie WhitePstartE-5CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Lon WarnekePresE-2CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Murry DicksonPresE-2CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Howie KristPresE-6CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Howie PolletPresE-10CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Enos SlaughterRFstartE-2CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Marty MarionSSstartE-4CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1942Buddy BlattnerSS-2BresE-9CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Orlando Cepeda1BstartE-3CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Julian Javier2BstartE-3CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Phil Gagliano2B-3B-LF-RFresE-2CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Mike Shannon3BstartE-5CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Johnny EdwardsCstartE-2CD-5Th-A
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Tim McCarverCstartE-3CD-3Th-B
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Curt FloodCFstartE-4CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Lou BrockLFstartE-9CD-1T-4
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Bob GibsonPstartE-2CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Ray WashburnPstartE-3CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Nelson BrilesPstartE-5CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Steve CarltonPstartE-7CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Larry JasterPstartE-0CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Dick HughesPresE-2CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Mel NelsonPresE-2CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Wayne GrangerPresE-10CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Joe HoernerPresE-10CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Ron WillisPresE-2CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Roger MarisRFstartE-2CD-4T-4
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Bobby TolanRF-1B-CF-LFstartE-2CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Dick SimpsonRFresE-2CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Ron DavisRF-CF-LFresE-3CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Dal MaxvillSSstartE-4CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1968Dick SchofieldSS-2BresE-3CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Keith Hernandez1B-RF-LFstartE-2CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Tom Herr2BstartE-2CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Mike Ramsey2B-SS-3B-LFresE-3CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Ken Oberkfell3B-2BstartE-3CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Julio Gonzalez3B-2B-SSresE-6CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Steve Braun3B-LF-RFresE-9CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Darrell PorterCstartE-4CD-4Th-A
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Gene TenaceC-1BresE-2CD-3Th-B
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Orlando SanchezCresE-2CD-3Th-C
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Glenn BrummerCresE-6CD-3Th-B
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Willie McGeeCF-LFstartE-9CD-1T-2
St. Louis Cardinals 1982David GreenCF-RF-LFresE-2CD-4T-4
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Lonnie SmithLF-CFstartE-6CD-5T-5
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Dane IorgLF-RF-1B-3BresE-5CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Joaquin AndujarPstartE-7CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Bob ForschPstartE-4CD-4 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Steve MuraPstartE-6CD-3 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982John StuperPstartE-6CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Dave LaPointPstartE-7CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Jeff LahtiPresE-4CD-2 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982John MartinPresE-10CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Doug BairPresE-5CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Bruce SutterPresE-5CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Jim KaatPresE-9CD-1 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982George HendrickRFstartE-3CD-1T-1
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Tito LandrumRF-LF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Ozzie SmithSSstartE-2CD-5 
St. Louis Cardinals 1982Kelly ParisSS-3BresE-10CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Carlos Pena1B-DHstartE-1CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Dan Johnson1B-LF-DHresE-2CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Akinori Iwamura2BstartE-1CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Evan Longoria3B-SS-DHstartE-4CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Willy Aybar3B-1B-2B-SS-DHresE-2CD-4 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Dioner NavarroCstartE-2CD-5Th-A
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Mike DifeliceCresE-2CD-3Th-A
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Shawn RiggansC-LFresE-4CD-1Th-C
Tampa Bay Rays 2008B.J. UptonCF-DHstartE-4CD-5T-5
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Fernando PerezCF-LF-RFresE-2CD-4T-5
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Cliff FloydDHstartE-10CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Carl CrawfordLF-CF-DHstartE-4CD-5T-5
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Justin RuggianoLF-RF-CF-DHresE-4CD-4T-4
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Andy SonnanstinePstartE-0CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008James ShieldsPstartE-3CD-3 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Edwin JacksonPstartE-4CD-2 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Scott KazmirPstartE-10CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Matt GarzaPstartE-8CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Dan WheelerPresE-10CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Jason HammelPresE-2CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Grant BalfourPresE-2CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Trever MillerPresE-2CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Troy PercivalPresE-2CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008J.P. HowellPresE-6CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Gabe GrossRF-CF-DHstartE-1CD-5T-5
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Eric HinskeRF-LF-1B-3B-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Nathan HaynesRF-CF-LF-DHresE-4CD-3T-3
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Rocco BaldelliRF-LF-DHresE-10CD-1T-3
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Jonny GomesRF-LF-DHresE-3CD-1T-1
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Jason BartlettSS-DHstartE-3CD-1 
Tampa Bay Rays 2008Ben ZobristSS-LF-2B-CF-RF-3B-DHresE-4CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Mitch Moreland1B-RF-DHstartE-2CD-2 
Texas Rangers 2011Chris Davis1B-3B-DHresE-6CD-3 
Texas Rangers 2011Ian Kinsler2B-DHstartE-2CD-5 
Texas Rangers 2011Adrian Beltre3B-DHstartE-4CD-5 
Texas Rangers 2011Michael Young3B-1B-2B-SS-DHstartE-2CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Mike NapoliC-1B-DHstartE-1CD-5Th-A
Texas Rangers 2011Yorvit TorrealbaC-DHstartE-3CD-3Th-A
Texas Rangers 2011Taylor TeagardenCresE-2CD-4Th-A
Texas Rangers 2011Endy ChavezCF-RF-LF-DHstartE-2CD-3T-3
Texas Rangers 2011Craig GentryCF-RF-LF-DHresE-4CD-4T-5
Texas Rangers 2011Julio BorbonCFresE-3CD-2T-2
Texas Rangers 2011Josh HamiltonLF-CF-DHstartE-5CD-3T-3
Texas Rangers 2011David MurphyLF-RF-CF-DHstartE-4CD-1T-1
Texas Rangers 2011Alexi OgandoPstartE-0CD-2 
Texas Rangers 2011C.J. WilsonPstartE-4CD-2 
Texas Rangers 2011Matt HarrisonPstartE-10CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Colby LewisPstartE-10CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Derek HollandPstartE-8CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Darren OliverPresE-10CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Yoshinori TateyamaPresE-2CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Mark LowePresE-2CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Neftali FelizPresE-8CD-1 
Texas Rangers 2011Nelson CruzRF-LF-DHstartE-3CD-3T-3
Texas Rangers 2011Elvis AndrusSS-DHstartE-4CD-5 
Texas Rangers 2011Omar QuintanillaSS-2B-3BresE-2CD-3 
Texas Rangers 2011Andres BlancoSS-2B-3B-RFresE-5CD-3 
TOR Blue Jays 1993John Olerud1B-DHstartE-2CD-4 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Paul Molitor1B-DHresE-3CD-3 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Roberto Alomar2BstartE-2CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Ed Sprague3BstartE-5CD-4 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Pat BordersCstartE-3CD-1Th-B
TOR Blue Jays 1993Randy KnorrCresE-2CD-3Th-B
TOR Blue Jays 1993Devon WhiteCFstartE-2CD-5T-5
TOR Blue Jays 1993Darnell ColesLF-3B-RF-1B-DHstartE-10CD-1T-1
TOR Blue Jays 1993Turner WardLF-RF-CF-1BresE-2CD-3T-3
TOR Blue Jays 1993Rickey HendersonLFresE-5CD-3T-3
TOR Blue Jays 1993Dave StewartPstartE-0CD-2 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Pat HentgenPstartE-3CD-2 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Todd StottlemyrePstartE-4CD-2 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Juan GuzmanPstartE-4CD-2 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Jack MorrisPstartE-9CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Danny CoxPresE-10CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Mark EichhornPresE-2CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Duane WardPresE-2CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Al LeiterPresE-6CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Mike TimlinPresE-6CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Tony CastilloPresE-8CD-1 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Joe CarterRF-LF-DHstartE-3CD-3T-3
TOR Blue Jays 1993Darrin JacksonRF-CFresE-2CD-3T-3
TOR Blue Jays 1993Tony FernandezSSstartE-2CD-4 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Dick SchofieldSSresE-3CD-4 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Domingo CedenoSS-2BresE-2CD-3 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Alfredo GriffinSS-2B-3BresE-4CD-3 
TOR Blue Jays 1993Luis SojoSS-2B-3BresE-4CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Matt Adams1BstartE-2CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Ryan Zimmerman1B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Howie Kendrick1B-2B-3B-DHresE-2CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Brian Dozier2B-PstartE-2CD-2 
Wash Nationals 2019Asdrubal Cabrera2B-1B-3BresE-2CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Anthony Rendon3B-2BstartE-4CD-5 
Wash Nationals 2019Adrian Sanchez3B-1B-2B-SS-LFresE-6CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Yan GomesC-1BstartE-1CD-5Th-A
Wash Nationals 2019Kurt SuzukiCstartE-1CD-1Th-C
Wash Nationals 2019Victor RoblesCF-RFstartE-4CD-3T-3
Wash Nationals 2019Michael A. TaylorCF-RFresE-6CD-2T-2
Wash Nationals 2019Juan SotoLFstartE-2CD-3T-3
Wash Nationals 2019Stephen StrasburgPstartE-5CD-4 
Wash Nationals 2019Patrick CorbinPstartE-0CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Max ScherzerPstartE-5CD-2 
Wash Nationals 2019Anibal SanchezPstartE-10CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Erick FeddePresE-2CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Austin VothPresE-2CD-2 
Wash Nationals 2019Joe RossPresE-7CD-2 
Wash Nationals 2019Javy GuerraPresE-10CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Wander SueroPresE-10CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Matt GracePresE-10CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Sean DoolittlePresE-10CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Tanner RaineyPresE-2CD-1 
Wash Nationals 2019Adam EatonRF-LFstartE-3CD-3T-3
Wash Nationals 2019Gerardo ParraRF-1B-CF-LF-2B-3B-PresE-2CD-4T-4
Wash Nationals 2019Trea TurnerSSstartE-3CD-3 
Wash Nationals 2019Wilmer DifoSS-3B-2BresE-2CD-2 
Wash Nationals 2019Carter KieboomSSresE-10CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Joe Judge1BstartE-2CD-5 
Wash Senators 1924Mule Shirley1BresE-4CD-4 
Wash Senators 1924Bucky Harris2BstartE-4CD-5 
Wash Senators 1924Ossie Bluege3B-2B-SSstartE-6CD-4 
Wash Senators 1924Doc Prothro3BresE-9CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Tommy Taylor3B-2B-CFresE-9CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Muddy RuelCstartE-4CD-3Th-A
Wash Senators 1924Bennie TateCresE-10CD-1Th-C
Wash Senators 1924Nemo LeiboldCF-RF-LFstartE-2CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924Wid MatthewsCF-LFresE-3CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924Earl McNeelyCF-RFresE-4CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924Goose GoslinLFstartE-9CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Tom ZacharyPstartE-0CD-5 
Wash Senators 1924Walter JohnsonPstartE-0CD-5 
Wash Senators 1924Firpo MarberryPstartE-5CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924Joe MartinaP-SSstartE-5CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924George MogridgePstartE-4CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Curly OgdenPresE-2CD-4 
Wash Senators 1924Paul ZahniserPresE-2CD-2 
Wash Senators 1924Allen RussellPresE-10CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924By SpeecePresE-5CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Sam RiceRF-CFstartE-4CD-1 
Wash Senators 1924Roger PeckinpaughSSstartE-4CD-1