Monday, June 29, 2020

Braves Add Puig, then Hand Astros 1st Series loss of Season

The actual 2020 All-Star Game was officially cancelled, but our Statis-Pro All-Star game (click for play-by-play) just concluded just as our Value Add Basketball March Madness (click for play-by-play) was also played out after the actual March Madness was cancelled.

These were the standings at the 72-game mark. We switched to easier to read score sheets with free new game cards for all pitchers based on new Zips projects, which you can see here.

AL "East"WLDivWCStill to PlayIf playoffs today
NYY442805LAA, Min, SD, Mil (4) 2-Bye
TB.  442805CWS, LAA, Sea, StL (4)3 vs 6-Oak
Tor. 3537-9-4Cle, Hou, Min, Tex (4)Out
Cle3537-9-4Hou, Oak, Tor, Mia (4)Out
Bost3339-11-6Hou, Oak, Det, Pit (4)Out
AL "West"WLDivWCStill to PlayIf playoffs today
Hou472508Bos, Cle, Tor, CWS (4)1-Bye
Oak. 3933-80Bos, Cle, CWS, CHC (4)  6 vs 3-TB
Min4131-62NYY, Tor, Bal, LAD (4)4 vs 5-LAA
LAA4032-71NYY, TB, Phi, Arz (4)5 vs 4-Min
CWS3834-9-1TB, Hou, Oak, Was (4)Out

Once thehthe schedule above is done the strength of schedule will be balanced and all 10 teams will have played 6 games against each other, as well as the same number of relegated teams (5 from each league that did not make the cutoff for the top 10) and NL teams who did advance. You can print out projected player cards for all 30 teams by scrolling down to May 24, 2020 on and use them with free instructions by clicking here. All you need is a few dice. However, while we don't sell anything, we do recommend once you try out the game you order your own playing cards and game by clicking hereThe only adjustments I make to those cards is to create a deep range for ball parks based on this chart, and I still use the Clutch Defense Ratings of 1-5 I calculated on these team scoresheets. My guidelines are a player needs to be on the 40-man roster any pitcher projected to pitch at least 120 innings (before shortened season) can start, 80 innings can pitch up to 2 innings or 8 batters every other game, and 40 innings up to 1 inning or 4 batters every other game.

Rays crush Royals 12-2 and 7-5 to tie Yankees for 1st at 72-game mark

schedule The Rays caught the Yankees for 1st in the East with a 5 games to 1 series win. All teams now have 72 games played - tand both the Yankees and Rays have closed the gap for the overall AL lead to only 3 games behind the Astros. The Rays and Yankees also have one more 6-game series against a relegated team, and the Astros have the tougher schedule with none.

Torres 4-HR game propels Yankees 7-5, 9-7

schedule Yanks closed to within 3 games of the Astros and 2 ahead of the Rays in the East behind Torre historic 4 HR game with the ball flying out of Coors Field. Both Chapman and Green had saves, and Judge added 3 HR and threw out two runners from right field.

Reminder of 1990 World Series - Reds Crush A's

The Reds crushed the A's to drop them to just one game ahead of the White Sox for the last playoff spot.

AL Qualifiers vs. Relegating Teams

To balance out the Strength of Schedule, we balanced the schedule by allowing each team to end up with five  of their series for the season against teams relegated in either the AL or NL (not finishing in the top 10 to advance). After these games, each team will still have their match-ups against other qualifying teams from the AL or NL. The AL East teams were a a disadvantage at the 66-game mark because they only had 3 series each against relegated teams to 4 or 5 series from each AL West, team, but at the end of these games all will have 5 series against relegated teams (in below under "Still to Play.") The record of the 10 relegated teams against the AL qualifiers are:

Balt 12-24, Col 8-10, Det 7-17, KC 9-15, Mia 5-13, Pit 16-14, SD 16-14, SF 7-17, Sea 7-17, Tex 5-13.

Braves 5-2 and 8-7 in 10 innings over Astros

We took a break from the AL games against relegated teams due To excitement over the Atlanta Braves picking up Yasiel Puig as a Free agent. Puig delivered immediately as a cleanup hitting to help
Cool the Astros with their first series loss of the season. The Braves Trailed 7-5 going to the bottom of the 10th. Using new MLB rules the Next batter up Freeman automatically was given second base, and
Then Puig hit a 2-run Homer and Ozuna followed with a solo shot To tie it and the Braves went on to add a walkoff single.

Ace Soroka made it easier in the first game, holding the Astros to 2 runs in 7.1 innings pitched. The Braves are now 9-3 against the AL qualifiers, while the Astros still have the best record but drop to
47-24. The Braves just missed three additional home runs in the series. Twice on Clutch Batting (BD) chances the Random Number was just 2 or 3 numbers out of the Home Run range, and on a third chance
a Deep Drive resulted in a 72 (in games in Atlanta, an 11-68 is a home run and a 71-88 is a deep fly out). Both the Astros and Braves have a reading of 2 HR and 1 K on their team deep range, meaning the highest
4 hits numbers (mainly home runs) and first 2 strikeout numbers on each batter's card are changed to DEEP drives and then a second number is drawn for the ballpark result. See this chart, 

San Diego won 7-4 and 7-6 vs Blue Jays

The relegated Padres scored walk-off wins in both games to push the Blue Jays to 5 games behind the last wild
card spot. In both games the Jays rallied to tie the game in the top of the 9th, but Pham took one of the best
closers in the game (Giles) deep for a 3-run walkoff in the first game, then Cordero's 2-out double was followed by
Myers Texas League bloop single for a walk off in game 2.

The rallies ruined 4-hit series with home runs for both Craig Biggio's son Cavan and Vlad Guerrero's son with
the same name.

Ohtani, Rendon, Teheran crush Giants - Angels securing playoff spot with 7-6 win and 10-7 sweep

The new and returning arms of Teheran and Ohtani gave the Angels
Just enough starting pitching, and the returning bat of Ohtani and
New bat of Rendon provided 10 of the 31 hits as the Angels surged
Two games ahead if the White Sox for the last playoff spot and
Within 2 games of the top wild card spot. They may have added just
Enough to make the playoffs in a shortened season.

Indians hopes for playoffs gets blow with 3-6 and 7-8 losses to last place Orioles

The Indians dropped to 35-37 and three games out of the last playoff spot with two costly upsets at the hands of the Orioles, who entered the series 8-22.

White Sox win 1-0 then sweep 9-4 at Mets

Despite the best pitching outing of any pitcher this season, deGrom on a 9th inning bloop single to finish with 8 2/3rds innings, 15 strikeouts, and only two hits allowed through 8 innings (both by Abreu). Big series for White Sox since their game against a "relegated" team was actually against the Mets (technically the 10th place team of the 10 that made it) as they added Cespedes as a pinch hitter.

AL Qualifiers vs. Other AL Qualifiers

The series of games below are games between the 10 AL Qualifiers.

Red Sox win 8-5, then Twins sweep 10-2

Yankees win 1-0, then A's win 7-4

Rays swept Astros 9-1, then Astros won 8-7

Red Sox won 6-2 then White Sox won 2-1

Twins 4, Angels 2 then Twins 7, Angels 5

Twins rallied twice - the teams came in tied.

Blue Jays 7, A's 5, then A's 12, Blue Jays 10 in 10 innings (series split)

The new Major League Baseball extra innings came into play for the first time. Under the 2020 rules, the player who would lead off every extra inning instead starts on second base. This worked out perfectly for both teams as their No. 9 hitters were due up to start the 10th inning of Game 2, with Drury leading off for the Blue Jays and then Allen for the A's.

It was shocking this game went extra innings, as the A's led 7-3 when Semien's line drive in the bottom of the 7th with two on would have expanded the lead - but Biggio not only made a diving catch on a clutch defensive play, but then hit a 3-run homer in the top of the 8th to tie the score 7-7.

It was deja vu all over again when an A's line drive down the third base line might have won the game in the bottom of the 9th, but Guerrero made a diving grab and turned it into a double play - then amazingly Guerrero also followed the defensive gem with a 3-run homer in the top of the 10th to make it 10-7 Blue Jays.

However, Canha's walk off grandslam in the bottom of the 10th kept the A's as the top wild card spot by salvaging a series split to end the game at 35-25 - in second place in the AL "West" of the 10 teams who made the first season cut.  They still trail the Astros by 8 games for the Division title and first round bye.

Angels lost 5-7 the swept Indians 8-4

The Indians bullpen put up 5 scoreless innings culminating with Brad Hand's save to catch the Angels for the last playoff spot.

However, the Angels moved back ahead for the last playoff spot in a second game sweep (8-2 after 8 innings makes it a sweep even though the Indians got with 2 runs in the 9th). Trout's Homer was his 4th hit of the series and Upton's Homer was his third HR of the series.

Angels 6, White Sox 2, then sweep Angels 15, White Sox 6

The White Sox retainer their early season explosiveness behind 30 hits in two games. Rookie All-star Luis Roberts went 5 of 9 with a HR, Tim Anderson added three homers and Jose Abreu added two HRs and 7 RBIs.

All four White Sox 2-8 relievers registered a scoreless inning. (We play relievers can only pitch to one inning or 4 batters unless they pitched more than 1 inning let every 2 games their team played).

Shohei Ohtani hit 2 HRs and will pitch the next game, but the Angels dropping the series 5 games to 1 leaves them only 1 game ahead of the Indians for the last playoff spot.

Twins lose 1-3 and 3-5 at A's

This was the first game played with the new Statis-Pro cards after the All-Star game was the last to use the old cards.

Oakland rallied in the 8th to sweep the Twins and move into the top wildcard spot (3-seed) and knock the Twins down to the final 6-seed. Davis had the game winning 2-run Homer in the 1st game and game winning in the second game.

The Twins Kepler had a drive that would have been out of any other AL park, but in Oakland only an 11-13 is a home run and 14-88 is a flyoutout on the deep drive.

League rules for using pitchers:

All of our league series are 2-game series.

To be a Starter or Long Reliever, a pitcher must be on the 40-man roster and projected to pitch at least 81 innings before the season was started. Any other reliever on the 40-man roster projected to pitch at least 40 innings is considered a short reliever.

Four starters form the rotation, and each series either the No. 1 and No. 4 starters pitch, or the No. 2 and No. 3 starters (so that one team doesn't have the advantage of their No. 1 and No. 2 Starters going against another team's No. 3 and No. 4 starters.

Each reliever can pitch one of the two games in each series.

A Long Reliever can pitch up to 2 full innings no matter how many he faces, or if he comes in during an inning can pitch to 8 total batters.

A Short Reliever can pitch a complete inning, or if he comes in during an inning he can either finish the inning or pitch up to 4 batters.

If a Reliever pitches to more batters than allowed above, then for every additional batter he faces his PB drops by 1, in the following order from here he starts; 2-9, 2-8, 2-7, 4-7, 2-6, 2-5, 2-4, 2-3, 2, go straight to batters card.

The starter runs out of energy once his SR drops below 1 (one is subtracted for any hit allowed, walk, hits batter or any run who scores as a result of one of those runners then scoring, or at the end of every inning pitched). When a starter runs out of stamina, then for every additional SR reduction his PB drops in the same order as the previous paragraph.

Friday, June 26, 2020

NL wins Statis-Pro All-Star Game; Rays Upset Astros to pull within game of Yankees

The following is the play-by-play of the 2020 Statis-Pro All-Star Game. The inning is always listed down the left column, then the position and player, then the result of the play for personnel change.

While we don't sell anything, you can order your own playing cards and game by clicking here - we just shifted to these cards which are the top of each game. Updates on our regular season are here - where the Rays just upset the Astros to move within a game of the Yankees for the AL East and ahead of the A's for the top wildcard spot.

1SPMax Scherzer (Nats) Pitching for NL
1CFMike Trout (Angels) Strikeout
1LFLuis Robert (WhiteSox) Triple to centerfield
12BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Grounder to 2b, Robert thrown out at home 4-2 (K Marte defensive gem)
12BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Steals second base
13BJose Ramirez (Indians) Popout to C
1Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 1
1SPCharlie Morton (Rays) Pitching for AL
1SSTrevor Story (Rockies) Popout to C
13BJustin Turner (Dodgers) Flyout to CF
1RFChristian Yelich (Brewers) Single to rightfield
1DHEugenio Suarez (Reds) Walked
11BPete Alonso (Mets) Strikeout
1Game tied 0-0 end of inning 1
2SPMax Scherzer (Nats) Still pitching for NL
2RFMax Kepler (Twins) Flyout to centerfield
2SSJose Iglesias (Orioles) Flyout to leftfield
21BC.J. Cron (Tigers) grounder to SS (0 for 1)
2Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 2
2SPCharlie Morton (Rays) Still pitching for AL
22BKetel Marte (Dbacks) Strikeout
2LFJuan Soto (Nats) Strikeout
2CFRonald Acuna Jr (Braves) Flyout to leftfield
2Game tied 0-0 end of inning 2
3RPJack Flaherty (Cardinals) Pitching for NL
3DHYoshitomo Tsutsugo (Rays) Liner to 3b
3CChristian Vazquez (RedSox) Single to centerfield
3CFMike Trout (Angels) Popout to pitcher
3LFLuis Robert (WhiteSox) Flyout to left field (1 for 2)
3Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 3
3RPJustin Verlander (Astros)
3COmar Narvaez (Brewers) Grounder to 1b
3DHEugenio Suarez (Reds) Home Run, NL Leads 1-0
3SSTrevor Story (Rockies) Grounder to 3b (0 for 2)
33BJustin Turner (Dodgers) Strikeout (0 for 2)
3Game tied 0-0 end of inning 3
4RPMike Soroka (Braves) Pitching for NL
42BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Single to leftfield
42BCavan Biggio (BlueJays) Steals second base finishes 1 for 2, 2 stolen bases)
43BJose Ramirez (Indians) Grounder to SS, Biggio advances to 3B (0 for 2)
4RFMax Kepler (Twins) Popout to 2b (0 for 2)
4SSJose Iglesias (Orioles) Popout to 3b (0 for 2)
4Game tied 0-0 middle of inning 4
4RPHyun-Jin Ryu (BlueJays)
4RFChristian Yelich (Brewers) Bunt for hit to pitcher, out 1-3 (1 for 2)
41BPete Alonso (Mets) Single to rightfield (1 for 2)
42BKetel Marte (Dbacks) Strikeout (0 for 2)
4LFJuan Soto (Nats) Flyout to rightfield (0 for 2)
4NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 4
5RPWill Harris (Nats) Pitching for NL
5PHShohei Ohtani (Angels) Flyout to rightfield (0 for 1)
5DHYoshitomo Tsutsugo (Rays) Grounder to shortstop (0 for 2)
5CChristian Vazquez (RedSox) Grounder to pitcher (0 for 2)
5NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 5
51BDaniel Vogelbach (Mariners) Defensive replacement, 1st base (no at bats)
5RPTyler Glasnow (Rays)
5CFRonald Acuna Jr (Braves) Popout to SS
5COmar Narvaez (Brewers) Grounder to C Vazquez, Vasquez bobbles for error, safe at 1st base (0 for 2)
5CJT Realmuto (Phillies) pinch run for Narvaez
5SSTrea Turner (Nats) Popout to 3b
53BEduardo Escobar (Dbacks) pinchhit for J Turner, double to CF, Realmuto thrown out 8-6-2 by Trout (1 for 1, double)
5NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 5
6RPKirby Yates (Padres) Pitching for NL
6CFMike Trout (Angels) Grounder to SS (0 for 3, one defensive gem, threw out runner at home)
6LFJoey Gallo (Rangers) pinch hit for Robert; Single to leftfield (1 for 1)
62BDJ LeMahieu (Yankees) Pinchhit for Biggio; popout to 2b
63BRafael Devers (RedSox) Flyout to left field
6NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 6
6RPKen Giles (BlueJays)
6RFBryce Harper (Phillies) pinchhit for Yelich; strikeout
61BMarcus Thames (Nats) pinchhit for Suarez; single to centerfield (1 for 1)
61BJosh Bell (Pirates) Strikeout
62BOzzie Albies (Braves) pinchhit for K Marte; walk
6CFCody Bellinger (Dodgers) pinchhit for Soto; Strikeout (0 for 1)
6NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 6
7RPJosh Hader (Brewers) Pitching for NL
7RFAaron Judge (Yankees) Strikeout
7SSGleyber Torres (Yankees) Strikeout
73BAnthony Rendon (Angels) Pinchhit for Vogelbach; Grounder to 2B
7NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 7
7RPLiam Hendriks (Athletics)
71BJose Abreu (WhiteSox) Defensive Replacement at 1st base
7LFMike Yastremski (Giants) Popout to 1B (0 for 1)
7CJT Realmuto (Phillies) Strikeout (0 for 1, thrown out at plate after PR)
7SSTrea Turner (Nats) Flyout to CF (0 for 2)
7NL Leads 1-0 end of inning 7
8RPWill Smith (Braves) Pitching for NL
8SSAdalberto Mondesi (Royals) Pinch hit for Tsutsugo; Single to Centerfield
82BDJ LeMahieu (Yankees) Popout to 1b
8SSAdalberto Mondesi (Royals) Stole 2nd base (1 for 1, one stolen base)
8PHJose Altuve (Astros) Strikeout (0 for 1)
8LFJorge Soler (Royals) pinch hit for Trout; Popout to pitcher (0 for 1)
8PHVladimir Guerrero Jr. (BlueJays) pinchhit for Gallo, ground out to 3b
8NL Leads 1-0 middle of inning 8
8RPNick Anderson (Rays)
8CFJaCoby Jones (Tigers) Defensive replacement, centerfield (0 at bats)
8CYasmani Grandal (WhiteSox) defensive replacement at catcher
83BNolan Arenado (Rockies) pinchhit for Escobar, strikeout (0 for 1)
8RFBryce Harper (Phillies) Grounder to pitcher (0 for 2)
83BJD Davis (Mets) pinchhit for Thames, single to centerfield (1 for 1, run scored)
81BJosh Bell (Pirates) 3-run Home Run, NL Leads 3-0
8RPAroldis Chapman (Yankees)
82BOzzie Albies (Braves) Strikeout (0 for 1, walk)
8NL Leads 3-0 end of inning 8
9RPScott Oberg (Rockies) Pitching for NL
93BRafael Devers (RedSox) Single to centerfield (1 for 2)
9RFAaron Judge (Yankees) Flyout to centerfield
9SSGleyber Torres (Yankees) Strikeout (0 for 2, game over, NL wins 3-0)
9NL Wins 3-0

The American League put speed on the bases early, getting three fast baserunners into scoring position in the first four innings - but they failed to score the the National League eventually won the Statis-Pro All-Star game 3-0 with two home runs.

The second batter of the game, White Sox Cuban rookie Luis Robert drove a triple into centerfield, to threaten to score early. The NL infield was drawn in, and Cavan Biggio's grounder to second baseman Ketel Martel was fired home to nail Robert. The AL kept the pressure up immediately when Biggio then stole second base but Ramirez fouled out to the catcher.

Biggio then led off the fourth inning with a single to leftfield, stole second, and went to third on a grounder to third base to again put the potential go-ahead run 90 feet away with one out. Howeve,r Kepler and Iglesias popped out to end the threat.

MVP Suarez homered in the bottom of the fourth inning, then in the eight inning Bell provided insurance with a 2-run homer for the final 3-0 margin.

Max Scherzer (Nats) 210001
Jack Flaherty (Cardinals) 110000
Mike Soroka (Braves) 110000W1-0
Will Harris (Nats) 100000H1
Kirby Yates (Padres) 110000H1
Josh Hader (Brewers) 100002H1
Will Smith (Braves) 110001H1
Scott Oberg (Rockies) 110001S1
NL Total960005
Charlie Morton (Rays) 210003
Justin Verlander (Astros) 100000
Hyun-Jin Ryu (BlueJays) 121100L 0-1
Tyler Glasnow (Rays) 110000
Ken Giles (BlueJays) 110003
Liam Hendriks (Athletics) 100001
Nick Anderson (Rays) 0.220001
Aroldis Chapman (Yankees) 0.100001
AL Total871109

The set up for the NL Commissioner to sit on the left with his team, and the AL Commissioner on the right for his team is in place. This will be the final game with this design of cards as the AL will move to new projected cards for the second half of the season.

A closer shot of the NL team features the bullpen on the left, then the starters on top with reserves at their position under them.

Likewise the closer shot of the AL player cards. HEB, one if the Astros top TV sponsors, features a bag behind the AL team.

Results once the game is complete!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Final NL and AL All-Star Teams Announced for Sunday Statis-Pro Game

The 2020 Statis-Pro All-Star Game is scheduled for Sunday, June 28. The final line-ups and reserves are listed below. Players who made the squad in their final games included the White Sox' Yasmani Grandal (3 hits including 3-run HR), Red Sox' Rafael Devers (4 of 9), Blue Jays Vlad Guerrero Jr. (double and HR in final game), Indians Francisco Lindor (4 of 9 HR), Blue Jays Hyun-Jin Rye (8 scoreless innings in win) and Rays Tyler Glasnow (5 innings, 1 run and win).

The current AL Standings appear here, while the NL Standings appear here. While we don't sell anything, you can order your own playing cards and game by clicking here.

The following are the starting line-ups for both teams:

PosNL StartersTeamAL StartersTeam
SPMax ScherzerWshCharlie MortonRays
COmar NarvaezMilChristian VazquezRedSox
1BPete AlonsoNYC.J. CronTigers
2BKetel MarteArzCavan BiggioBlueJays
3BJustin TurnerLAJose RamirezIndians
SSTrevor StoryColJose IglesiasOrioles
OFChristian YelichMilMike TroutAngels
OFJuan SotoWshMax KeplerTwins
OFRonald Acuna JrAtlLuis RobertWhiteSox
DHEugenio SuarezCinYoshitomo TsutsugoRays

The bench of all other batters, including the Angels' Shohei Ohtani who can pinch hit or pitch, are listed by position below:

PosNL BenchTeamAL BenchTeam
CJT RealmutoPhlYasmani GrandalWhiteSox
CKurt SuzukiWshMike ZuninoRays
1BJosh BellPitJose AbreuWhiteSox
1BPaul GoldschmidtStlDaniel VogelbachMariners
1BMarcus ThamesWsh
2BOzzie AlbiesAtlJose AltuveAstros
2BDJ LeMahieuYankees
3BNolan ArenadoColRafael DeversRedSox
3BJD DavisNYVladimir Guerrero Jr.BlueJays
3BEduardo EscobarArzAnthony RendonAngels
SSTrea TurnerWshXander BogaertsRedSox
SSFrancisco LindorIndians
SSAdalberto MondesiRoyals
SSGleyber TorresYankees
OFCody BellingerLAJoey GalloRangers
OFBryce HarperPhlJaCoby JonesTigers
OFStarling MarteArzAaron JudgeYankees
OFMike YastremskiSFJorge SolerRoyals
DH-PShohei OhtaniAngels

Finally the bullpens for both teams are as follows:

PosNL BullpenTeamAL BullpenTeam
RPMadison BumgarnerArzNick AndersonRays
RPJack FlahertyStlAroldis ChapmanYankees
RPJarlin GarciaMiaMike ClevingerIndians
RPJosh HaderMilGerrit ColeYankees
RPWill HarrisWshKen GilesBlueJays
RPWill HarrisWshTyler GlasnowRays
RPKyle HendricksChiChad GreenYankees
RPKenley JansenLALiam HendriksAthletics
RPHector NerisPhlHyun-Jin RyuBlueJays
RPScott ObergColJustin VerlanderAstros
RPWill SmithAtl
RPMike SorokaAtl
RPSteven StrasburgWsh
RPKirby YatesSD

The following is a picture of the AL's starters as well as their two top relievers:

The NL Leaders in various categories appear below:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

NL All-Stars Announced for Sunday's Game; Statis-Pro Standings and Leaders

After announcing the AL All-Star starters, and tracking the Astros and Yankees moving to the top of the Statis-Pro AL standings, we turn our attention to the NL just three days before the Statis-Pro All-Star game in Salt Lake City.

First, we announce the NL All-Stars, and then we will update on the NL season going into the All-Star Break, and finally we close with end of season awards:

The Washington Nationals lead the way with seven selections. [4 players, 3 pitchers]
The Atlanta Braves are next with four named to the team.
The main controversy is the fans voting in Christian Yelich despite a sub-par first half. J
I think with reserves I have maybe 35-36 players on the roster.

SP-Max Scherzer, Wsh
  C-Omar Narvaez, Mil
1B-Pete Alonso, NY
2B-Ketel Marte, Arz
SS-Trevor Story, Col
3B-Justin Turner, LA
OF-Juan Soto, Wsh
OF-Ronald Acuna Jr, Atl
OF-Christian Yelich, Mil
DH-Eugenio Suarez, Cin

  C-JT Realmuto, Phl
  C-Kurt Suzuki, Wsh
1B-Marcus Thames, Wsh
1B-Paul Goldschmidt, Stl
1B-Josh Bell, Pit
2B-Ozzie Albies, Atl
SS-Trea Turner, Wsh
3B-JD Davis, NY
3B-Nolan Arenado, Col
3B-Eduardo Escobar, Arz
OF-Bryce Harper, Phl
OF-Cody Bellinger, LA
OF-Mike Yastremski, SF
OF-Starling Marte, Arz

RP-Steven Strasburg, Wsh
RP-Madison Bumgarner, Arz
RP-Jack Flaherty, Stl
RP-Kyle Hendricks, Chi
RP-Mike Soroka, Atl
RP-Kenley Jansen, LA
RP-Josh Hader, Mil
RP-Kirby Yates, SD
RP-Scott Oberg, Col
RP-Jarlin Garcia, Mia
RP-Will Smith, Atl
RP-Will Harris, Wsh
RP-Hector Neris, Phl

As for the 10 NL teams which made the cut to compete for the playoffs:

Well, we anticipated a very competitive Statis-Pro NL race and we’ve got it heading into the All-Star break.

The streaky Nationals won six straight to start, then dropped six of eight, before winning three straight.

Meanwhile at the bottom, the Reds lost 7 of 9 to start and have gotten back in the race by winning 6 of their last 8.

Even the Mets have won 4 of 5 to keep their wildcard hopes alive.  A lot to be decided in the next nine games.

2020 Statis-Pro
National League Standings

NL “East”            W-L                      RS-RA
Washington       11-6                     96-76
Atlanta                  9-8                   103-82
Chicago                 7-9                     47-62
Philadelphia        7-10                   78-97
New York             6-11                   74-88

NL “West”          W-L                      RS-RA
Los Angeles        11-6                     86-60
Arizona                 9-7                     95-72
St. Louis                9-8                     78-76
Cincinnati             8-9                     76-79
Milwaukee           7-10                   75-98

Here are the cards for the leaders (available here, we bought them and had a local Fedex print them on card stock and cut them in black and white to save money), with details on their stats to date below.

Mid-Season Awards
Cy Young
Max Scherzer, Wsh  [5 starts, 4-0, 0.69, 39 IP, 3 ER, 2 CG sho]

Ronald Acuna, Jr  Atl  [17 games/ .353 avg, 6 HR, 16 RBI, 15 runs scored]

Team Stats:
Atlanta continues to lead the league in runs scored. (17 games/103 runs/6.1 avg)
Chicago remains the weakest offense. (16 games/47 runs/2.9 avg)
Los Angeles pitching stands out allowing the fewest runs. (17 games/60 runs allowed/3.5 avg)
The Dodgers also have the top run differential. (+26)

Individual Stats:

Justin Turner, LA             [25-69/.362]
Marcel Ozuna, Atl           [27-75/.360]
Ronald Acuna, Atl            [24-68/.353]
Starling Marte, Arz         [24-70/.343]

Home Runs
Juan Soto, Wsh                8
Eugenio Suarez, Cin        6
Bryce Harper, Phl            6

Runs Batted In
Ronald Acuna, Atl            16
Four tied at                      15

Runs Scored
Starling Marte, Arz         19
Five tied at                       15

Earned Run Average
Max Scherzer, Wsh                       4-0, 0.69   [39 IP, 3 ER]
Madison Bumgarner, Arz             3-0, 1.36
Walker Buehler, LA                       2-1, 1.86