Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Missouri Valley All-Conference Team Based on Value Add Ratings Through January 17

We updated the Value Add Basketball All-Conference teams initially posted at Christmas. Note that we list the number of games played and started for each player, so you know if a particular game performance was included, and find all 4000+ players listed at www.valueaddbasketball.com

The Missouri Valley Conference features three players in the top 2% of all players - and any future March Madness foe may be scared that two of them play for conference favorite Loyola of Chicago. We did a double take when noticing this is the only conference with a Value Add Basketball Player of the Year who does not start, but when we looked closer at Drake's Garrett Sturtz does play 68% of the minutes, and was strong in last year's win against Missouri State in the tournament that probably got them into the tournament and the win over Wichita state in the tournament and during their 4-1 conference start. The only loss was an overtime game at Missouri State in which www.kenpom.com rated him the MVP in the loss.

Still a tough task for him to hold off the two players right behind him from Loyola for Player of the Year, or to pull an upset conference title run to go back to March Madness.

Click on Top 25 Value Add Basketball Players & Top 15 in Each Conference to see the top 25 players in the country and links to the other 31 conference lists like the one below.

RnkMVC All-ConferenceTeamValueHtClAdjOAdjDGms, Starts
1Garrett Sturtz #3Drake7.376'3"Sr5.52-1.86GP,GS: 15, 4
2Lucas Williamson #1Loyola Chicago6.996'4"Sr3.56-3.44GP,GS: 14, 14
3Aher Uguak #30Loyola Chicago6.646'7"Sr4.13-2.50GP,GS: 14, 14
4Nate Heise #0Northern Iowa6.036'4"Fr5.23-0.80GP,GS: 15, 15
5Marcus Domask #1Southern Illinois5.876'6"Jr5.55-0.32GP,GS: 15, 15
6Gaige Prim #44Missouri St.5.656'9"Sr4.11-1.54GP,GS: 18, 18
7Isiaih Mosley #1Missouri St.5.656'5"Jr5.01-0.64GP,GS: 18, 17
8Terry Roberts #0Bradley5.366'3"Jr3.81-1.55GP,GS: 17, 17
9Malevy Leons #14Bradley5.076'9"Jr4.20-0.87GP,GS: 17, 16
10Braden Norris #4Loyola Chicago4.846'0Jr4.50-0.34GP,GS: 14, 14
11AJ Green #4Northern Iowa4.776'4"Jr4.38-0.39GP,GS: 15, 15
12Josiah Strong #2Illinois St.4.636'4"Sr4.58-0.04GP,GS: 15, 10
13Marquise Kennedy #12Loyola Chicago4.546'1"Jr2.76-1.78GP,GS: 14, 14
14Antonio Reeves #12Illinois St.4.036'6"Jr4.01-0.02GP,GS: 15, 15
15Tucker DeVries #12Drake3.906'7"Fr2.92-0.99GP,GS: 15, 9

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