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Thriller for All-Time Women's Title - TN vs La Tech Final Revealed Below

The previous blog detailed the first half of our All-Time Women's great championship using the Value Add Basketball Game. Our first men's all-time 96 team tournament concluded with Bill Walton's UCLA defeating Michael Jordan's UNC, 66-58 (see men's game log here). 

The championship was a thriller. We will post the score at the bottom, in case you want to go through the back-and-forth possession-by-possession below. If not, just skip to the bottom to see our all-time women's champ.

While our all-time bracket yielded this championship of Pat Summitt's 1998 Tennessee team against the first ever NCAA Women's national champs Louisiana Tech from 1982, we believe UConn 2016 actually has the best player cards in the game and would still be the favorite if you start a new tournament. Other teams that would also have a decent shot to win if you played your own tournament would be UConn 2010, Baylor 2012 and 2019, USC 1983 with Cheryl Miller and Notre Dame 2018. 

Here is the game log. Louisiana Tech led the game 33-31 entering the second half:
PossTennessee ActionLouisiana Tech 1982ActionTennLT
33Tamika Catchings missJanice Lawrence rebound3133
33  Kim Mulkey 23135
32Kellie Jolly 2  3335
32  Janice Lawrence 23337
31Tamika Catchings 3  3637
31Chamique Holdsclaw reboundAngela Turner miss3637
30Tamika Catchings missAngela Turner rebound3637
30Kristen "Ace" Clement FoulPam Kelly 23639
30  Pam Kelly 13640
29Chamique Holdsclaw 2  3840
29  Pam Kelly 23842
28Tamika Catchings 1Janice Lawrence Foul3942
28Tamika Catchings 1  4042
28Tamika Catchings BlockJanice Lawrence miss4042
28Chamique Holdsclaw rebound  4042
27Kellie Jolly turnoverAngela Turner Steal4042
27  Angela Turner Turnover4042
26Tamika Catchings missPam Kelly rebound4042
26Chamique Holdsclaw FoulPam Kelly 14043
26  Pam Kelly 14044
25Chamique Holdsclaw missAngela Turner rebound4044
25  Pam Kelly Turnover4044
24Tamika Catchings 1Janice Lawrence Foul4144
24Tamika Catchings 1  4244
24  Lori Scott Turnover4244
23Tamika Catchings missJanice Lawrence block4244
23  Kim Mulkey rebound4244
23Kristen "Ace" Clement  Janice Lawrence miss4244
22Chamique Holdsclaw missPam Kelly rebound4244
22  Janice Lawrence Turnover4244
21Kellie Jolly 2  4444
21Tamika Catchings BlockJanice Lawrence miss4444
21Chamique Holdsclaw rebound  4444
20Tamika Catchings missJanice Lawrence block4444
20Kristen "Ace" Clement Off Reb  4444
20Chamique Holdsclaw 2  4644
20Chamique Holdsclaw FoulPam Kelly 14645
20  Pam Kelly 14646
19Semeka Randall missPam Kelly rebound4646
19  Kim Mulkey 34649
18Kellie Jolly turnoverAngela Turner Steal4649
18Chamique Holdsclaw BlockPam Kelly miss4649
18Semeka Randall rebound  4649
17Semeka Randall 2  4849
17Chamique Holdsclaw BlockPam Kelly miss4849
17Semeka Randall rebound  4849
16Kellie Jolly 3  5149
16Chamique Holdsclaw stealPam Kelly Turnover5149
15Tamika Catchings missJanice Lawrence rebound5149
15Kristen "Ace" Clement stealKim Mulkey Turnover5149
14Chamique Holdsclaw turnover  5149
14  Janice Lawrence 25151
13Kristen "Ace" Clement turnoverKim Mulkey Steal5151
13  Pam Kelly 25153
12Tamika Catchings 3  5453
12Tamika Catchings BlockPam Kelly miss5453
11Kristen "Ace" Clement missJanice Lawrence rebound5453
11  Lori Scott Turnover5453
10Chamique Holdsclaw miss  5453
10Chamique Holdsclaw Off Reb  5453
10Kellie Jolly turnoverAngela Turner Steal5453
10Kristen "Ace" Clement stealKim Mulkey Turnover5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw miss  5453
9Semeka Randall Off Reb  5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw missPam Kelly block5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw Off Reb  5453
9Tamika Catchings miss  5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw Off Reb  5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw missPam Kelly block5453
9  Kim Mulkey rebound5453
9Chamique Holdsclaw reboundPam Kelly miss5453
8Kellie Jolly 2  5653
8  Angela Turner 35656
7Chamique Holdsclaw missPam Kelly rebound5656
7  Janice Lawrence 25658
6Chamique Holdsclaw ft missPam Kelly foul5658
6Chamique Holdsclaw ft missJanice Lawrence rebound5658
6Tamika Catchings stealJanice Lawrence Turnover5658
5Semeka Randall miss ftLori Scott foul5658
5Semeka Randall 1  5758
5Tamika Catchings foulJanice Lawrence ft miss5758
5  Janice Lawrence 15759
5aTamika Catchings 1Janice Lawrence foul5859
5aTamika Catchings 1  5959
5aTamika Catchings 1  6059
5aTamika Catchings BlockAngela Turner miss6059
5a  Janice Lawrence Off Reb6059
5a  Janice Lawrence 26061
4Kellie Jolly 3  6361
4Chamique Holdsclaw foulPam Kelly 16362
4  Pam Kelly 16363
4aChamique Holdsclaw 2  6563
4aSemeka Randall reboundAngela Turner miss6563
3Semeka Randall 3Lori Scott foul6863
3Semeka Randall 1  6963
3  Pam Kelly 26965
3aKristen "Ace" Clement turnoverKim Mulkey steal6965
3a  Lori Scott Turnover6965
2Chamique Holdsclaw ft missPam Kelly foul6965
2Chamique Holdsclaw ft missPam Kelly rebound6965
2Tamika Catchings foulJanice Lawrence 16966
2Chamique Holdsclaw reboundJanice Lawrence ft miss6966
2aChamique Holdsclaw missPam Kelly rebound6966
2aTamika Catchings foulJanice Lawrence ft miss6966
2a  Janice Lawrence 16967
1Chamique Holdsclaw 1Kim Mulkey foul7067
1Chamique Holdsclaw ft miss  7067
1Chamique Holdsclaw stealJanice Lawrence Turnover7067
1aKristen "Ace" Clement turnoverKim Mulkey Steal7067
1a  Angela Turner Turnover7067

Not possessions 5a, 4a, 3a, 2a and 1a all occurred because in the last nine possessions (5 minutes) a foul or a steal and fast break create an extra possession, and fouls occurred on all five of the last possessions.

Tennessee 1998 All-Time Women's Champ - 70-67

Kim Mulkey's third steal of the game in the closing seconds gave Louisiana Tech a final shot at a 3-pointer to force overtime, and she got it to Angela Turner whose 3-point range was 1-4, since they were playing for a 3-point shot, but Tennessee pressured a turnover to end the game with the 70-67 win.

2-point shooting. Looking at the stats below, Pam Kelly (5 of 7) and Janice Lawrence (5 of 8) led a dominant inside scoring performance by Louisiana Tech as the team his 65% of all 2-point shots (22 of 34).

Offensive Rebound. While La Tech was forcing missed 2-pointers by Tennessee, Chamique Holdsclaw grabbed 6 offensive rebounds among her 14 rebounds to help Tennessee secure 34% of all their missed shots (13 of 38) to score on second chance points.

3-point shooting. The real equalizer though was 3-point shooting, where Tamika Catchings let the way with 3 of 6 three-pointers as the team also hit a great 50% with 7 of 14 to score 12 more points from deep than Louisiana Tech since Pam Kelly and company were simply not letting them score inside.

La Tech 1982 PlayersPtsReb   2pt2ptA     3pt3ptA   FTFTA        OrebDrebStlTOBlFoul
Kim Mulkey 73221100034402
Angela Turner 73241200034301
Janice Lawrence 137580236250324
Lori Scott22120000110204
Pam Kelly 178570077170233
Julie Wilkerson 52121100111201
Jennifer White 21120000010001
Pam Grant52220011110101
Tia Sossamon 21120100010102
Debra Rodman 72230033020012
Louisiana Tech67312234371417625918621
    65% 43% 82%23%     
Tennessee 1998 Players              
Kristen "Ace" Clement 22130100114402
Kellie Jolly 141452200011401
Tamika Catchings 182163677111004
Semeka Randall 116231245240001
Chamique Holdsclaw 9144140016682241
Laurie Milligan 51131200011301
Brynae Laxton 21130100010001
Niya Butts 21120000010002
LaShonda Stephens 33130012210001
Teresa Geter 42130022110003
    38% 50% 68%34%    

On the stats note that in addition to the stats in the running score, each player gets the following stats at the beginning to account for the 20-20 score before we play the final 44 possessions.

All 10 players start with:

2 points on 1 of 2 shooting.

1 defensive rebound.

1 foul

Plus certain players get extras at the start:

The two starting guards get a steal and a turnover committee.

The backup point guard gets a turnover.

The starting center gets a blocked shot.

The starting center and two forwards get a offensive rebound in addition to the one defensive rebound all 10 players get.

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