Friday, March 10, 2023

Rule Change in Value Add Basketball re: Pass First Players

 Before the Women's All-Time championship game, we made one adjustment throughout our All-Time Great Men's Teams and Women's Teams

Through our men's and women's tournaments over the years we have noted one issue - the player who has very good shooting stats (the 1-20 results on their card) because they took very few shots - probably only lay-ups. The two point guards for our Women's championship, Kim Mulkey and Ace Clement - were among those who had tournament games in which they both took a lot more shots then they would have in a real game since they were both pass first players.

We finally calculated a solution.

For all players on these teams who got the ball on 8 percent or fewer possessions, we have added a line that you will see on those two cards and dozens of others men's and women's cards.

Since our two examples are point guards, when they are facing off in the championship game, either one would get the ball on a "1" roll on the 8-sided die. With the new line, if one of them gets the ball you still look at the 1-20 die, and if the result is an odd number (1,3,5,7 etc. to 19) then you use the result as usual. However, if the 20-sided roll is even (2, 4, 6 etc. to 20) then you roll the 8-sided die again and check to which player gets the ball - still keeping the 20-sided roll on the table. If the roll is a "1" again then Ace or Kim would have taken the shot, but if not then the ball goes to another player and look up their result for the 1-20 roll. 

The additional change not written out on the card, but which we will add to the instructions, regards if that player gets an offensive rebound or steal to start a fast break. Normally the player getting the steal or offensive rebound gets to then shoot on a 6, 7 and 8 in addition to their normal number, but if the player has this note then we will instead use the normal results of a 1-8 die.

Note that Kim Mulkey of Louisiana Tech now has the line, 8-sided die get ball on 1* If 20-sided die is even number, re-roll 8-sided die for player.

Note that Ace Clement of Tennessee now has the line, 8-sided die get ball on 1* If 20-sided die is even number, re-roll 8-sided die for player.

Results of the championship game to follow:

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