Saturday, March 11, 2023

1st Half Game Log - All-Time Women's Title Game Tennessee 1998 vs. La Tech 1982

The day before Selection Sunday, we wrap up our first all-time Women's great championship using the Value Add Basketball Game. Our first men's all-time 96 team tournament concluded with Bill Walton's UCLA defeating Michael Jordan's UNC, 66-58 (see men's game log here). 

On the women's side it is Pat Summitt's 1998 Tennessee team against the first ever NCAA Women's national champs Louisiana Tech from 1982. The game starts with a 20-20 tie with all 10 players on each team starting with 10 points. Here is the game log for the first half of the title game. The reserves play the first seven possessions (44 to 38 on the sheet) then the starters enter and play the rest of the game (37 to 1).

PossTennessee  Louisiana Tech 1982 TennLa Tech
 Laurie Milligan enterJulie Wilkerson enter2020
 Brynae Laxton enterJennifer White enter  
 Niya Butts enterPam Gant enter  
 LaShonda Stephens enterTia Sossamon enter  
 Teresa Geter enterDebra Rodman enter  
44LaShonda Stephens miss    
44LaShonda Stephens Off Reb    
44  Tia Sossamon Foul  
44LaShonda Stephens ft miss    
44LaShonda Stephens 1  2120
44Teresa Geter FoulDebra Rodman 22122
44  Debra Rodman 12123
43Brynae Laxton missDebra Rodman rebound2123
43  Tia Sossamon miss  
43  Julie Wilkerson Off Reb  
43  Tia Sossamon Turnover  
42Teresa Geter missDebra Rodman block  
42  Debra Rodman rebound  
42  Pam Gant Turnover  
41Laurie Milligan turnover    
41Teresa Geter FoulDebra Rodman 12124
41  Debra Rodman 12125
40Laurie Milligan miss    
40LaShonda Stephens Off Reb    
40Laurie Milligan miss    
40Teresa Geter Off Reb    
40Teresa Geter 1Debra Rodman Foul2225
40Teresa Geter 1  2325
40  Debra Rodman miss  
40  Pam GrantOff Reb  
40Niya Butts FoulPam Grant22327
40  Pam Grant12328
39Laurie Milligan turnoverJulie Wilkerson Steal  
39  Julie Wilkerson 32331
38Brynae Laxton missPam Grantrebound  
38Laurie Milligan stealJulie Wilkerson Turnover  
37Laurie Milligan 3  2631
37Kristen "Ace" Clement enterKim Mulkey enter  
37Kellie Jolly enterAngela Turner enter  
37Tamika Catchings enterJanice Lawrence enter  
37Semeka Randall enterLori Scott enter  
37Chamique Holdsclaw enterPam Kelly enter  
37Kristen "Ace" Clement stealKim Mulkey Turnover  
36Chamique Holdsclaw miss    
36Chamique Holdsclaw Off Reb    
36Semeka Randall 1Lori Scott Foul2731
36Semeka Randall 1  2831
36Chamique Holdsclaw reboundJanice Lawrence miss  
35Tamika Catchings 3  3131
35  Angela Turner 23133
34Kristen "Ace" Clement miss    
34Chamique Holdsclaw Off Reb    
34Chamique Holdsclaw turnover    
34Chamique Holdsclaw BlockPam Kelly miss  
34Chamique Holdsclaw rebound    
34Halftime   3133

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