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ALL-TIME HOOPS CHAMPION CROWNED - Play-by-Play of all-time Final Four: Bill Walton's UCLA, Michael Jordan's UNC, Draymond Green's Mich St., Jalen Brunson's Villanova

On previous games we took photos of the score sheet with the running score for games. However, for the Final Four (see game summaries here) we actually tracked the play-by-play on this google sheet and then cleaned it up to put in the table below. Remember the game starts at 20-20 with 44 possessions (about 7:17 to play in the 1st half) then played out with the free Value Add Basketball Game.

Semifinal: Michigan State 2009 vs. UNC 1982

First up was the surprising Michigan State 2009 vs. Michael Jordan's 1982 UNC. You can click here for the previous games that took us from 96 teams down to this Final 4.

ClockMichigan St. 2009ActionScoreUNC 1982Action/ScoreScore
44Dunk Range 51-5320No Score 5120
Korie LuciousEnter PG20Jimmy BlackEnter PG20
Marquise GrayEnter SG20Chris BrustEnter SG20
Chris AllenEnter SF20Matt DohertyEnter SF20
Draymond GreenEnter PF20James WorthyEnter PF20
Delvon RoeEnter C20Sam PerkinsEnter C20
44Korie Lucious22220
Delvon RoeFoul22Sam Perkins222
Draymond GreenRebound22Sam PerkinsFT missed22
43Draymond GreenMissed FG22Sam Perkinsrebound22
22Jimmy Black224
42Kalin LucasEnter PG2224
Marquise Gray22424
Draymond GreenFoul24James Worthy125
24James Worthy126
4124Michael JordanEnter SG26
Draymond GreenTurnover24James WorthySteal26
Draymond GreenFoul24James Worthy228
Draymond GreenRebound24James WorthyFT missed28
40Chris AllenMissed FG2428
Marquise GrayOff Reb24Michael JordanFoul28
Marquise Grayft missed2428
Marquise Gray12528
25Matt DohertyTurnover28
39Korie LuciousEnter SG2528
Korie Luciousattempt 325Michael JordanBlock28
25Sam Perkinsrebound28
Delvon RoeSteal25Sam PerkinsTurnover28
38Delvon RoeTurnover25Sam PerkinsSteal28
Delvon RoeFoul25Sam PerkinsFT missed28
Draymond GreenRebound2528
37Korie LuciousMissed FG25Michael JordanBlock28
25Matt Dohertyrebound28
25Jimmy BlackMissed FG28
Chris AllenRebound2528
36Draymond GreenMissed FG25James WorthyBlock28
25Michael Jordanrebound28
25James Worthy230
35Travis WaltonEnter SG2530
Draymond Greenft missed25James WorthyFoul30
ft missed25Jimmy Blackrebound30
25Michael Jordan232
34Travis Walton227Michael JordanFoul32
Travis Waltonft missed27Matt Dohertyrebound32
Delvon RoeFoul27Sam Perkins133
27Sam Perkins134
33Chris Allen128Matt DohertyFoul34
Chris Allen12934
Kalin LucasFoul29Jimmy Black135
29Jimmy Black136
32Kalin Lucas33236
Delvon RoeRebound32Sam PerkinsMissed FG36
31Travis Walton23436
Travis WaltonFoul34Michael Jordan137
34Michael Jordan138
30Draymond GreenTurnover3438
34Michael Jordan341
29Kalin Lucasattempt 334Sam PerkinsBlock41
34Sam Perkinsrebound41
Delvon RoeBlock34Sam PerkinsMissed FG41
28Chris AllenMissed FG3441
Kalin LucasOff Reb34Jimmy BlackFoul41
Kalin Lucas13541
Kalin Lucas13641
36James Worthy243
27Delvon RoeTurnover3643
Chris AllenRebound36Jimmy Blackattempt 343
26Goran SutonEnter C3643
Goran Suton23843
Kalin LucasSteal38Jimmy BlackTurnover43
25Kalin Lucas34143
Travis WaltonRebound41Matt DohertyMissed FG43
24Durrell SummersEnter SF
Kalin LucasMissed FG41Matt Dohertyrebound43
Goran SutonFoul41Sam PerkinsMissed FG43
41Sam Perkins144
23Raymar MorganEnter PF
Travis Walton24344
43Jimmy Black347
22Kalin LucasMissed FG43Sam PerkinsBlock47
Durrell SummersOff Reb4347
Durrell Summers24547
45Jimmy Black350
21Goran SutonTurnover45Sam PerkinsSteal50
45Michael Jordan252
20Raymar Morgan24752
Raymar MorganFoul47James Worthy153
Goran SutonRebound47James WorthyFT missed53
19Raymar Morgan24953
Goran SutonRebound49James WorthyMissed FG53
18Durrell SummersTurnover4953
49James Worthy255
17Kalin Lucasft missed49Jimmy BlackFoul55
ft missed49Matt Dohertyrebound55
Travis WaltonSteal49Michael JordanTurnover55
16Kalin Lucas25155
51Matt DohertyMissed FG55
Durrell SummersFoul51Matt Dohertyoff rebound55
51Matt Doherty156
Raymar MorganRebound51Matt DohertyFT missed56
15Raymar Morgan253James WorthyFoul56
Raymar Morganft missed53Jimmy Blackrebound56
Kalin LucasRebound53Jimmy Blackattempt 356
14Travis WaltonTurnover53Michael JordanSteal56
Goran SutonRebound53Michael Jordanattempt 356
13Goran SutonMissed FG53Sam Perkinsrebound56
Goran SutonRebound53Matt DohertyMissed FG56
12Durrell Summersft missed53Matt DohertyFoul56
Durrell Summers15456
Kalin LucasFoul54Jimmy Black157
54Jimmy Black158
11Travis WaltonTurnover5458
Raymar MorganRebound54Michael JordanMissed FG58
10Kalin Lucas25658
56Sam Perkins260
9Durrell Summers35960
59James Worthy262
8Kalin Lucasattempt 359Sam Perkinsrebound62
59Michael Jordan264
7Travis WaltonMissed FG59Matt Dohertyrebound64
Raymar MorganBlock59James WorthyMissed FG64
Durrell SummersRebound5964
6Kalin Lucas26164
61James Worthy266
5Raymar MorganMissed FG61Michael Jordanrebound66
Raymar MorganBlock61James WorthyMissed FG66
4Durrell SummersMissed FG61James Worthyrebound66
61Jimmy BlackMissed FG66
61James Worthyoff rebound66
61James Worthy268
3Durrell Summers26368
63Michael Jordan371
2Durrell SummersTurnover63Michael JordanSteal71
Travis WaltonFoul63Michael JordanMissed FG71
63Michael Jordan172
2aDurrell SummersTurnover63Michael JordanSteal72
63Michael JordanMissed FG72
63James Worthyoff rebound72
63James Worthy274
1Travis WaltonTurnover6374
63Hold Ball, no last shot74

UNC defeats Michigan State 74-63 to advance to face UCLA vs. Villanova winner for all-time National Championship.

I do not usually keep the detailed stats such as who misses shots, but decided to do it for these Final 4 games. Both teams shot very well, particularly in light of how strong both defenses were (Michigan State's defense is excellent and resulted in UNC actually having a "negative" dunk range meaning now rolls in the 50s or 60s were actually dunks and a 51 roll was a "stop"). I light of this, UNC's 50% on 2-pointers along with hitting 4 of 7 three-pointers was a great offensive performance.

James Worthy had a game-high 23 points, followed by Michael Jordan with 19 and Kalin Lucas 16 to lead the Spartans. Lucas would have had 20 but Perkins rejected two of his show that we know from the dice would have gone in. Players typically steal and blocked shots by the player they are guarding, but because Jordan's steal range is 11-20, he not only steals on all six steal roles (11-16) on his man, but can steal on a 31 when any opposing player has the ball, which he did twice. Also, since Perkins block range is beyond the max 21-26 range (21-27) his one extra number is used to block the shot of the opposing PG (Lucas in this case, see advanced rules in the game for how players use extra numbers).

Michigan State did have 3 rolls in their dunk range of 51-53 during the 44 possessions of the game, and those helped them shoot higher than 50% as well, however they went only 6 of 12 from the line.

UNCPosFTMFTA2ptM2ptA3-pt M3-pt A20-20 PtsPtsBlock
Sam PerkinsC3525004113
James WorthyPF35811004231
Jimmy BlackPG4413242140
Matt DohertySF120300450
Chris BrustSG000000230
Michael JordanSG3336234192
Michigan St.PosFTMFTA2ptM2ptA3-pt M3-pt A20-20 PtsPtsBlock
Delvon RoeC000000222
Goran SutonC001200240
Draymond GreenPF010200220
Raymar MorganPF013400282
Kalin LucasPG2335242160
Chris AllenSF220200240
Durrell SummersSF1223112100
Korie LuciousSG001202240
Marquise GraySG121100250
Travis WaltonSG013400280

Both teams protected the ball well, though with Michigan State trying to cut UNC's 56-53 lead with 14 possessions to play, Michael Jordan came up with his first of three late steals to help UNC pull away. Even the missed free throws were usually the first of two shots, so there were very few rebounds to go around, and something I've never seen before - each team limited the other to only three offensive rebounds during our 44 possessions. Keep in mind that 13 rebounds (as well as 2 steals, 1 blocked shot and 20 points) are divided up before the game, so typically each team would have about 4 offensive rebounds during the 20-20 beginning of the game we play out. However, in this game both teams held the other to grabbing only 3 of 18 rebounds on the offensive side, half of the normal rate of roughly 1-3rd.

James Worthy was the only player on either team to grab two offensive rebounds. Matt Doherty led the game with 9 overall rebounds, Sam Perkins had a game high 3 blocked shots, and Jordan led with 4 steals.

UNCPosOff RebDef RebTot RebBlockStealFoulTO
Sam PerkinsC0583211
James WorthyPF2161131
Jimmy BlackPG0230132
Matt DohertySF1590031
Chris BrustSG0010010
Michael JordanSG0242432
UNC Totals3153168147
Michigan St.PosOff RebDef RebTot RebBlockStealFoulTO
Delvon RoeC0132142
Goran SutonC0460021
Draymond GreenPF0350230
Raymar MorganPF0232020
Kalin LucasPG1130231
Chris AllenSF0230010
Durrell SummersSF1130024
Korie LuciousSG0010110
Marquise GraySG1020110
Travis WaltonSG0120234
Michigan St. Totals31531492212

Semifinal UCLA vs. Villanova

The second semifinal game featured Bill Walton and his 1972 undefeated national champions from UCLA, against the 2018 Villanova team that lit up 3-pointers to dominate the tournament including a blowout of Michigan in the title game.

ClockVillanova 2018ActionScoreUCLA 1972Action/ScoreScore
44No Dunk Range20Dunk Range 51-5620
Phil BoothEnter PG20Andy HillEnter PG20
Donte DiVincenzoEnter SG20Jon ChapmanEnter SG20
Mikal BridgesEnter SF20Larry FarmerEnter SF20
Colin GillespieEnter PF20Larry HollyfieldEnter PF20
Dhamir Cosby-RoundtreeEnter C20Swen NaterEnter C20
44Dhamir Cosby-Roundtreeturnover2020
20Swen Nater222
43Team Shot Clock Violationturnover2022
20Team Shot Clock Violationturnover22
42Donte DiVincenzoturnover2022
20Swen Nater224
41Jalen BrunsonEnter SG2024
Phil BoothMoved SG2024
Donte DiVincenzo22224
Colin Gillespierebound22Swen NaterMissed FG24
40Colin Gillespie325Larry Hollyfieldfoul24
Colin Gillespie12624
26Larry Farmer226
39Mikal Bridgesattempt 326Swen NaterRebound26
26Larry Hollyfield329
38Phil Booth32929
29Swen Nater231
3729Greg LeeEnter PG31
29Henry BibbyEnter SG31
29Tommy CurtisEnter SF31
29Jamaal WilkesEnter PF31
29Bill WaltonEnter C31
Mikal BridgesMissed FG29Bill Waltonblocked31
29Tommy CurtisRebound31
29Henry Bibby233
36Omari SpellmanEnter C
Eric PaschallEnter PF
Jalen Brunsonturnover29Greg LeeSteal33
29Greg LeeMissed FG33
29Tommy Curtisoffensive reb33
29Tommy Curtis336
35Jalen Brunsonattempt 329Greg LeeRebound36
Jalen Brunsonrebound29Bill WaltonMissed FG36
34Donte DiVincenzoEnter SG2936
Jalen BrunsonMoved SF2936
Phil Boothattempt 329Jamaal WilkesRebound36
Eric Paschallsteal29Jamaal Wilkesturnover36
33Start of 2nd Half29Start of 2nd half36
Jalen Brunsonturnover2936
Omari Spellmanrebound29Tommy CurtisMissed FG36
32Phil BoothMoved PF2936
Mikal BridgesEnter SF2936
Mikal BridgesMissed FG2936
Omari Spellmanoffensive reb2936
Omari SpellmanMissed FG2936
Omari Spellmanoffensive reb2936
Omari SpellmanMissed FG2936
29Jamaal WilkesRebound36
Mikal Bridgessteal29Tommy Curtisturnover36
31Phil BoothMoved C2936
Eric PaschallEnter PF2936
Mikal Bridgesturnover29Tommy CurtisSteal36
29Bill Walton238
30Omari SpellmanEnter C2938
Jalen BrunsonMissed FG29Bill Waltonblocked38
Eric Paschalloffensive reb2938
Eric PaschallMissed FG2938
Mikal Bridgesoffensive reb2938
Mikal BridgesMissed FG2938
29Bill WaltonRebound38
29Jamaal Wilkesattempt 338
29Bill Waltonoffensive reb38
29Bill WaltonMissed FG38
29Bill Waltonoffensive reb38
29Bill WaltonMissed FG38
29Bill Waltonoffensive reb38
29Bill Walton240
29Jalen Brunsonattempt 329Bill WaltonRebound40
29Jamaal Wilkes242
28Mikal Bridgesattempt 32942
Jalen Brunsonsteal29Greg Leeturnover42
27Jalen BrunsonMissed FG2942
Omari Spellmanoffensive reb2942
Omari SpellmanMissed FG2942
29Bill WaltonRebound42
29Bill Walton244
26Mikal BridgesMissed FG29Bill WaltonRebound44
29Jamaal Wilkes246
25Donte DiVincenzoturnover2946
29Jamaal Wilkes349
24Eric Paschallattempt 32949
29Henry Bibby251
23Donte DiVincenzoattempt 329Henry Bibbyblocked51
Omari Spellmanrebound29Henry Bibbyattempt 351
22Mikal Bridges23151
Mikal Bridgesrebound31Henry BibbyMissed FG51
21Donte DiVincenzoturnover3151
Eric Paschallfoul31Jamaal Wilkes152
31Jamaal Wilkesft missed52
Eric Paschallrebound31Jamaal Wilkesft missed52
20Jalen BrunsonMissed FG31Bill WaltonRebound52
Donte DiVincenzosteal31Henry Bibbyturnover52
19Donte DiVincenzo23352
33Greg Lee254
18Donte DiVincenzoattempt 333Bill WaltonRebound54
Omari Spellmanblocked33Bill WaltonMissed FG54
Mikal Bridgesrebound3354
17Eric Paschall235Jamaal Wilkesfoul54
Eric Paschall13654
Mikal Bridgesrebound36Tommy Curtisattempt 354
16Donte DiVincenzoturnover3654
36Bill Walton256
15Omari SpellmanMissed FG36Bill Waltonblocked56
36Greg LeeRebound56
Mikal Bridgessteal36Tommy Curtisturnover56
14Mikal Bridgesturnover3656
36Bill WaltonMissed FG56
36Bill Waltonoffensive reb56
36Bill Walton258
13Jalen BrunsonMissed FG36Greg Leeblocked58
Omari Spellmanrebound36Henry BibbyMissed FG58
12Omari Spellman137Bill Waltonfoul58
Omari Spellman13858
Omari Spellman13958
39Tommy Curtis260
11Eric Paschall241Jamaal Wilkesfoul60
Eric Paschall14260
Eric Paschallrebound42Tommy CurtisMissed FG60
10Donte DiVincenzoattempt 34260
Omari Spellmanoffensive reb4260
Omari SpellmanMissed FG42Jamaal WilkesRebound60
42Bill Walton262
9Omari Spellmanattempt 342Bill Walton62
42Bill Walton264
8Eric Paschallattempt 34264
Omari Spellmanoffensive reb4264
Omari Spellman34564
Donte DiVincenzosteal45Henry Bibbyturnover64
ExtraDonte DiVincenzoattempt 345Tommy CurtisRebound64
45Bill Walton266
7Jalen Brunsonattempt 345Greg Leefoul66
46Bill Walton268
Jalen Brunsonattempt 346Bill WaltonRebound68
46Greg LeeMissed FG68
5Jalen Brunson34968
Mikal Bridgessteal49Tommy Curtisturnover68
4Mikal Bridges35268
52Henry Bibby270
3Eric Paschallattempt 352Bill WaltonRebound70
Donte DiVincenzosteal52Henry Bibbyturnover70
ExtraDonte DiVincenzoattempt 352Bill WaltonRebound70
Eric Paschallblocked52Jamaal WilkesMissed FG70
Omari Spellmanrebound5270
2Donte DiVincenzo25470
Jalen Brunsonfoul54Greg Lee171
54Greg Lee172
1Mikal Bridges35772
57Ball held, no final shotNo shot72

UCLA and Bill Walton won their first 4 games in less than dominant fashion, despite of a lot of bad dice rolls. However, they were dominant against Villanova, leading 64-42 with 8 possessions left before Nova's explosive offense finally broke through to close on a 15-8 run to make the final score respectable.

Bill Walton Shot 9 of 14 (64%) and grabbed a game-high 15 rebounds, and UCLA dominated by hitting a sizzling 23 of 39 shots (59%) as a team.

Villanova actually got up three more shots (42 to 39) than UCLA due to Donte DiVincenzo 4 steals and Mikal Bridges 3 steals, while Omari Spellman crashed the boards for 6 offensive rebounds. However, a day after hitting 3-pointers to rally against Virginia in the elite 8, they could not solve UCLA's defense, making just six 2-pointers and six 3-pointers on 12 of 42 shooting.

(Keep in mind that in addition to the stats during the 44 possessions played out, each team is credited with an extra 20 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 foul per player and 5 turnovers per team.)

The composite team statistics:

17 of 7100%3 of 560%
26 of 2030%20 of 3361%
36 of 2227%3 of 650%
Total FG12 of 4229%23 of 3959%
offensive reb729%531%
Total Reb181331221335

Box to follow, and Bill Walton's UCLA will face Michael Jordan's UNC in the all-time title game.

All-Time National Championship: UCLA 1972 vs. UNC 1982

The 95th of 95 games pitting the final two still standing of the 96 teams in the tournament; Bill Walton's 1972 team against Michael Jordan's title team from 10 years later. Because neither team played with a 3-point line there will be no 3-point shots in the championship game. When a team played before the 3-point line their team cards calculate 20% of their made fields goals were 3-pointers and 30% of their missed 3-pointers were 3-point attempts to put them on equal footing when playing a team from the 3-point era. However, when two teams play from the early 1980s or earlier then we do not use 3-pointers for either team.

Here is the play-by-play.

ClockUNC 1982ActionScoreUCLA 1972Action/ScoreScore
44No Score 51-5520Dunk Range 51-5420
Jimmy BlackEnter PG20Andy HillEnter PG20
Chris BrustEnter SG20Jon ChapmanEnter SG20
Matt DohertyEnter SF20Larry FarmerEnter SF20
James WorthyEnter PF20Larry HollyfieldEnter PF20
Sam PerkinsEnter C20Swen NaterEnter C20
StartChris BrustTurnover20Jon ChapmanSteal20
20Jon Chapman222
43Chris Brust22222
Sam Perkinsblocked22Swen NaterMissed FG22
Sam Perkinsrebound2222
42Jimmy BlackTurnover2222
22Shot clock violationturnover22
41Michael JordanEnterSG2222
Sam Perkinsmissed fg22Larry Hollyfieldrebound22
Sam Perkinssteal22Swen Naterturnover22
40Michael Jordan224Jon ChapmanFoul22
Michael Jordan12522
Sam Perkinssteal25Swen Naterturnover22
39Jimmy Blackft missed25Greg Leefoul22
25Swen Naterrebound22
Sam Perkinsrebound25Swen NaterMissed FG22
38Sam Perkinsmissed FG25Swen Naterrebound22
Michael Jordanfoul25Jon Chapman224
25Jon Chapman125
3725Greg LeeEnter PG25
25Henry BibbyEnter SG25
25Tommy CurtisEnter SF25
25Jamaal WilkesEnter PF25
25Bill WaltonEnter C25
Sam Perkinsmissed FG25Tommy Curtisrebound25
25Henry Bibby227
36Jimmy Blackft missed25Greg Leefoul27
Jimmy Blackft missed2527
James Worthyoff rebound2527
James Worthymissed FG2527
25Tommy Curtisrebound27
Michael Jordansteal25Bill Waltonturnover27
35Michael Jordanmissed FG25Greg Leerebound27
Michael Jordanblock25Henry Bibbymissed FG27
Jimmy Blackrebound2527
Half Time25Halftime27
34Sam Perkinsmissed FG25Bill Waltonrebound27
Michael Jordanrebound25Henry Bibbymissed FG27
33Matt Dohertymissed FG25Tommy Curtisrebound27
25Tommy Curtis229
32Jimmy Blackmissed FG25Greg Leeblock29
Sam Perkinsoff rebound2529
Sam Perkins22729
27Bill Waltonmissed FG29
27Bill WaltonOff rebound29
27Bill Waltonmissed FG29
27Bill WaltonOff rebound29
27Bill Walton231
31Sam Perkins22931
Michael Jordanfoul29Henry Bibby233
29Henry Bibby134
30Sam Perkins23134
James Worthyrebound31Greg Leemissed FG34
29Sam Perkinsmissed FG31Bill Waltonblocked34
31Bill Waltonrebound34
James Worthyfoul31Jamaal Wilkes135
31Jamaal Wilkes136
28Sam Perkinsmissed FG31Bill Waltonfoul36
Sam Perkinsmissed FG31Tommy Curtisrebound36
31Bill Waltonmissed FG36
31Greg Leeoff rebound36
31Greg Lee238
27Sam Perkinsmissed FG31Bill Waltonblock38
31Tommy Curtisrebound38
31Greg Lee240
26Michael Jordanmissed FG3140
Sam Perkinsoff rebound3140
Sam Perkinsmissed FG3140
31Bill Waltonrebound40
31Bill Walton242
25James Worthy23342
Sam Perkinssteal33Bill Waltonturnover42
24Michael Jordanmissed fg33Bill Waltonrebound42
33Greg Leemissed fg42
33Jamaal Wilkesoff rebound42
33Jamaal Wilkesmissed fg42
33Tommy Curtisoff rebound42
33Tommy Curtismissed fg42
33Henry Bibbyoff rebound42
33Henry Bibbymissed fg42
33Bill Waltonoff rebound42
33Bill Walton244
23Michael Jordanturnover33Henry Bibbysteal44
33henry Bibbysteal44
33Jamaal Wilkes246
22Michael Jordanmissed fg33Greg Leerebound46
33henry Bibbymissed fg46
33Bill Waltonoff rebound46
33Bill Waltonmissed fg46
33Bill Waltonoff rebound46
Sam Perkinsfoul33Bill Walton147
33Bill Walton148
21James Worthymissed fg33Jamaal Wilkesblock48
33Jamaal Wilkesrebound48
Sam Perkinssteal33Bill Waltonturnover48
20Jimmy Black134Greg Leefoul48
Jimmy Blackft missed34Bill Waltonrebound48
James Worthyrebound34henry Bibbymissed FG48
19Sam Perkinsturnover34Bill Waltonsteal48
34Bill Walton250
18James Worthy135Jamaal Wilkesfoul50
James Worthy13650
36Greg Leeturnover50
17Michael Jordan23850
38Bill Walton252
16Michael Jordan24052
Michael Jordanfoul40Henry Bibby254
40Henry Bibby155
15Jimmy Blackmissed fg40Greg Leerebound55
40Jamaal Wilkesturnover55
14Michael Jordanmissed fg40Bill Waltonrebound55
40Greg Lee257
13Sam Perkinsmissed fg40Bill Waltonrebound57
40Jamaal Wilkes259
12Sam Perkinsmissed fg40Bill Waltonrebound59
40Henry Bibbyturnover59
11Sam Perkins24259
James Worthyblock42Jamaal Wilkesmissed fg59
James Worthyrebound4259
10Matt Doherty24459
Sam Perkinsfoul44Bill Waltonft missed59
44Bill Walton160
9James Worthy24660
46Bill Walton262
8Sam Perkinsmissed46Bill Waltonblock62
Michael Jordanoff rebound4662
Michael Jordan24862
Michael JordanSteal48Tommy Curtisturnover62
extraMichael Jordan25062
50Henry Bibbyturnover62
7Sam Perkins25262
52Henry Bibby264
6James Worthy25464
Michael Jordanblock54Tommy Curtismissed fg64
James Worthyoff rebound5464
5Matt Dohertyturnover54Tommy Curtissteal64
James Worthyfoul54Jamaal Wilkes165
54Jamaal Wilkes166
4Michael Jordanmissed fg54Henry Bibbyrebound66
Michael Jordanblock54Tommy Curtismissed fg66
54Bill Waltonoff rebound66
54Bill Waltonmissed fg66
54Henry Bibbyoff rebound66
Jimmy Blackrebound54Henry Bibbymissed fg66
3Sam Perkinsturnover54Bill Waltonsteal66
54Greg Leeturnover66
2Jimmy Blackmissed fg5466
Sam Perkinsoff rebound5466
Sam Perkins155Bill Waltonfoul66
Sam Perkins15666
Sam PerkinsSteal56Bill Waltonturnover66
1Matt Doherty258Held ballNo shot66
Final UNC58Final UCLA66

After a tournament of so many close games, including UCLA being tied late twice and UNC needing to win on a last second shot twice, UCLA was dominant for the second straight game in the Final Four. UNC's late rally actually gave them the closet margin against UCLA in the whole tournament, but the game was in double figures up until the final shot by Matt Doherty to provide the final 66-58 losing margin.

UNC just could not get the ball to their hottest shooter James Worthy, who went 8 of 11 in the semifinal but only got free for fives shots, hitting 3 of the 5 and both free throws to finish with a very efficient 12 points.

Jimmy Black had a horrible night missing all five shots and making only 1 of 3 free throws.

Michael Jordan and Sam Perkins combined for 8 steals but the shots and got free for shots, but Jordan hit 5 of 11 and Perkins was bothered by one of the great defenders of all time in Bill Walton, and went just 5 of 17 including missing several shots after fighting for offensive rebounds. All-in-all UNC shot just 38% for the game.

However, Perkins also played great defense against Walton, holding him to 6 of 11 shooting. In actual basketball Walton shot above 65% for his career and capped UCLA's second straight undefeated championship team in 1973 by going 21 of 22 from the field, resulting in ESPN calling that team the 3rd greatest team ever and the 1972 squad we played in the game the best team ever. While UCLA hit 10 of 11 free throws, UNC's tough defense held them to 47% shooting, however the next box shows the problem ...

UNCPosFTMFTA2ptM2ptA20-20 PtsPts
Sam PerkinsC22517416
James WorthyPF2235412
Jimmy BlackPG150523
Matt DohertySF002348
Chris BrustSG001124
Michael JordanSG11511415
Michigan St.PosFTMFTA2ptM2ptA20-20 PtsPts
Andy HillPG000022
Jon ChapmanSG112227
Larry FarmerSF000022
Larry HollyfieldPF000022
Swen NaterC000222
Greg LeePG003528
Henry BibbySG22410212
Tommy CurtisSF001424
Jamaal WilkesPF4424210
Bill WaltonC34611217

With five steals from Perkins and three from Jordan UNC won the turnover ball the turnover battle 15-9. However, UCLA dominated the board 45-27 including 17 offensive boards to just 18 defensive boards for UNC, meaning when UCLA did miss they were almost as likely to grab the miss as UNC was - thus getting 2nd, 3rd and even 4th shots.

UNCPosOff RebDef RebTot RebBlockStealFoulTO
Sam PerkinsC4482532
James WorthyPF4481030
Jimmy BlackPG0330112
Matt DohertySF0330012
Chris BrustSG0110011
Michael JordanSG1343342
UNC Totals9182769139
UCLAPosOff RebDef RebTot RebBlockStealFoulTO
Andy HillPG0110010
Jon ChapmanSG0110120
Larry FarmerSF0110010
Larry HollyfieldPF1120010
Swen NaterC1230012
Greg LeePG1451143
Henry BibbySG3140313
Tommy CurtisSF2680112
Jamaal WilkesPF2241021
Bill WaltonC79164234
UCLA Totals172845681715

Thus wraps up the All-Time tournament, with us crowning the 1972 UCLA Bruins as the greatest team in history - but play off your own tournament to get your own champion.

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