Sunday, February 24, 2019

Value Add Basketball Board Game Debuts

The playing cards for the first eight teams we created are here. The actual game board and quick start instructions are here.

We will add more in depth instructions in the blog below as we go.

On a challenge from a friend, I invented a dice basketball game to go with my Value Add Basketball player ratings, so you can find the Value Add Basketball dice game here. The quick start instructions are below. You need one 8-sided die which indicates who gets the ball, two traditional 6-sided dice of different colors to match the top line of that players card against the top defensive line of the opposing player at the same position, and finally a 20-sided die to determine what happens if the player gets off a shot. See below for a sample of Zion Williamson getting the ball for Duke with Joey Hauser of Marquette as the defending power forward.

One of the tabs gives cards for the leading teams in the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big East and Big 12 as well as three other top teams as of February 24.

You will see that sheet includes eight current college teams.

I also went ahead and played a 20 possession inaugural game and Kentucky was red hot with a 30-19 win over Gonzaga (a real game has around 70 possessions). Virginia then beat UNC 24-14 in a game I tracked here. A scoresheet to use to play and track your own games here. Duke then beat Marquette 25-22 when Tre Jones stole the ball from Markus Howard (who had hit four 3-pointers) and Zion Williamson then scored to wrap up the win. Michigan State vs. K-State will be the next game.

Here is a snap shot of the first game for me to keep for history if I stick with this, however I found a 20 possession game with me writing out every line like this took 90 minutes, while simply writing in baskets by the player who scored made it a 20-minute game. The next photo is the complicated line-by-line I tried, while the bottom photo is all I wrote down for the 20-minute game.


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