Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Lady Trojans Crush South Carolina for Final all-time Elite 8 Spot, 79-59.

 The Lady Trojans (1983) struggled through the opening round of our all-time great women's team, but dominated South Carolina (2017) in the second round in perhaps the matchup of the two greatest players of all time. This tournament is being played using the Value Add Basketball Game.

Cheryl Miller hit a 3-pointer to close out the first half and start an incredible 51-30 run to win going away 79-59. USC won in a block party - 12 blocked shots spread out over every starter except the point guard. While the underdog moving forward, USC next faces a UConn 2010 that struggled to a single digit opening round win.

The all-time Elite 8 is now set:

#12 Notre Dame 2018 vs #1 UConn 2016

#4 La Tech 1982 vs #5 Baylor 2019

#7 USC 1983 vs #2 UConn 2010

#3 Tennessee 1998 vs #6 Baylor 2012

Miller (16 points, 8 rebounds) hit four 3-pointers, while twins Paula McGee (11, 9 and 4 blocks) and Pam McGee (22, 7 and drew 5 fouls on South Carolina Center Alaina Coates) combined for multiple traditional 3-point plays. They even did one backward, with Pam hitting one free throw but missing the second one, but Paula grabbing the rebound and getting it back to her for a bucket.

USC advances to the All-Time Elite 8.

The 2017 South Carolina was not a dominant champ like the current team. They ended up not playing another top 5 team in the tournament due to upsets by eventual runner up Mississippi State and others. However they may have had the best player ever in A'ja Wilson - though USC could make the same claim with Cheryl Miller.

Wilson single handedly destroyed Ohio State 2016 in the opening round, but was held to 12 points and 9 rebounds against the Lady Trojans four dominant bigs.

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