Saturday, March 25, 2023

Atlantic 10 All-Time Great Basketball Team Player Cards

The following is our suggested conference seeding based on the Value Add Basketball Game player cards, followed by a team. We based the seeding on the cards in our game and these results in games we played so far, but reserved the top spots for any team that won the national title followed by any team that was a runner-up. 

Any conference with at least eight teams in our all-time great game has their own conference in the game - and that meant the Power 6 as well as the American Athletic Conference and this Atlantic 10.

On the sample team we run at the bottom of each of these - of course I am including Stephen Curry's Davidson team. However, you get a second team here, Shake Smart's most stunning of several stunning A10 teams in VCU and the graduate of my alma mater Benedictine High School in Richmond, Virginia, Bradford Burgess.

 More details to follow:

Seed. Atlantic 10 Teams, Best Player Card, Did they win title?

1. La Salle - 1954 - Tom Gola. Champs

2. Dayton - 1967 - Don May. Runner-up

3. Dayton - 2020 - Obi Toppin.

4. St. Joe's - 2004 - Jameer Nelson.

5. St. Bonaventure - 1970 - Bob Lanier.

6. Davidson - 2008 - Stephen Curry.

7. George Mason - 2006 - Jai Lewis.

8. VCU - 2011 - Bradford Burgess.

We include a bracket, player cards and a summary for all conferences with at least eight all-time great teams in the game, or for any other team not in one of those eight conferences click on this "Mid-Major" bracket to see where they are in that bracket. Click for the ACCAtlantic 10American AthleticBig 10, Big 12, Big EastPac-12 or SEC, or back to this master list of all teams here or the game itself with the playing cards at our All-Time Value Add Basketball Game. 

To go straight to the player cards for the team you want, click on the alphabetic list by team and scroll to find the player cards for your team:

List A - Alabama 1977 to Georgia Tech 2004

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