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ACC All-Time Great Basketball Team Player Cards

The following is our suggested conference seeding based on the Value Add Basketball Game player cards, followed by a team. We based the seeding on the cards in our game and these results in games we played so far, but reserved the top spots for any team that won the national title followed by any team that was a runner-up.  

Who would have thought it would be the Miami Hurricanes carrying the ACC banner to the Final Four this season - but really since realignment all the titles are being won by the Big East, Big 12 and ACC - with no titles for the SEC since Anthony Davis' Kentucky 2012 and no titles this century for the Big Ten or Pac-12.

The all-time great teams in the game shows just how dominance the conference has been. They have the most great teams in the game - 28 - and amazingly half of them won the national title in their actual season. We had not added any teams in two years until this new batch, which included both Coach Ks last National Title team from 2015, and last year's UNC team that beat Duke in the Final Four.

We list the seeding at the bottom with a link to the best player on each team. In the game, we tried not to have teams from the same school within several years of each other in order to include at least one team from more schools - so North Carolina and Duke could have many other teams included, but so could UCLA, Kentucky and Kansas.

One interesting note a year after Coach K retired - now coach Jon Scheyer. actually edges out Anthony Davis as the most valuable college player of the 21st century at our site. That site covers the last 22 seasons, and during that time Duke has by far the most players in the top 1% (top 40 players each year) with 35 to Kansas 21 - and the ACC easily leads all conferences in top 40 players.

The four of those 14 national championships in the game with the highest ranking in our game so far receive first round byes in our suggested bracket below.

Seed. ACC Teams, Best Player Card, Did they win title?

1. Duke - 2001 - Shane Battier. Champs

2. North Carolina - 2005 - Sean May. Champs

3. Virginia - 2019 - Kyle Guy. Champs

4. Duke - 2015 - Justise Winslow. Champs

5. Duke - 2010 - Jon Scheyer. Champs

6. Louisville - 2013 - Russ Smith. Champs

7. Duke - 1992 - Christian Laettner. Champs

8. North Carolina - 1982 - Michael Jordan. Champs

9. NC State - 1974 - David Thompson. Champs

10. Syracuse - 2003 - Carmelo Anthony. Champs

11. Syracuse - 1987 - Rony Seikaly. Champs

12. Duke - 1986 - Johnny Dawkins. Champs

13. North Carolina - 1957 - Lennie Rosenbluth. Champs

14. Louisville - 1980 - Darrell Griffith. Champs

15. Georgia Tech - 2004 - Jarrett Jack. Runner-up

16. North Carolina - 2022 - Armando Bacot. Runner-up

17. Wake Forest - 1996 - Tim Duncan.

18. North Carolina - 1998 - Vince Carter.

19. Duke - 2022 - Wendell Moore.

20. Pittsburgh - 2009 - DeJuan Blair.

21. Miami - 2023 - Norchad Omier.

22. Georgia Tech - 1990 - Dennis Scott.

23. Miami - 2013 - Shane Larkin.

24. Virginia - 1981 - Ralph Sampson.

25. Notre Dame - 1981 - Orlando Woolridge.

26. Notre Dame - 1970 - Austin Carr.

27. Wake Forest - 2005 - Chris Paul.

28. Miami FL - 1965 - Rick Berry.

We include a bracket, player cards and a summary for all conferences with at least eight all-time great teams in the game, or for any other team not in one of those eight conferences click on this "Mid-Major" bracket to see where they are in that bracket. Click for the ACCAtlantic 10American AthleticBig 10, Big 12, Big EastPac-12 or SEC, or back to this master list of all teams here or the game itself with the playing cards at our All-Time Value Add Basketball Game. 

To go straight to the player cards for the team you want, click on the alphabetic list by team and scroll to find the player cards for your team:

List A - Alabama 1977 to Georgia Tech 2004

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