Monday, March 13, 2023

Bracket VII - KenPom Plus Location/Venue of Game - Texas beats Purdue for Title

 Note: click here for the bracket results for all 8 methods.

The 7th Factor to consider in brackets is factoring in the venue of where the game is played. Long travel hurts teams, and also having already played in an arena in conference play to have conference fans on your side can help.

This table starts with "how good," or how much better or worse a team is than the average team in the tournament. Then we rank if each of their first two venues should make them a bit better or a bit worse. Houston would be at home for the Final Four, but this table just covers the first two weekends.

For example, Alabama is about 22 points better than the average team, but playing in Birmingham is worth an extra three points to them, so make the 25 better than the field there.

Gm Team                      Region    Seedhow goodFirst weekendVenue1st 2 RSweet 16VenueS16,E8
1Southeast Missouri St.South16-22Birmingham -22Louisville1-21
1Texas A&M Corpus ChrisSouth16-22Birmingham -22Louisville -22
2MarylandSouth8-2Birmingham-2-4Louisville -2
2West VirginiaSouth92Birmingham-20Louisville24
3San Diego St.South55Orlando-41Louisville-23
4VirginiaSouth45Orlando 5Louisville16
4FurmanSouth13-5Orlando -5Louisville1-4
5N.C. StateSouth11-6Denver-1-7Louisville1-5
6UC Santa BarbaraSouth14-11Denver1-10Louisville-2-13
7Utah St.South102Sacramento24Louisville-11
9PurdueEast118Columbus321New York119
9Fairleigh DickinsonEast16-18Columbus -18New York -18
9Texas SouthernEast16-18Columbus-2-20New York-2-20
10MemphisEast82Columbus24New York 2
10Florida AtlanticEast9-2Columbus -2New York -2
11DukeEast57Orlando18New York18
11Oral RobertsEast12-7Orlando -7New York -7
12TennesseeEast411Orlando213New York-110
12LouisianaEast13-11Orlando1-10New York -11
13KentuckyEast64Greensboro15New York15
13ProvidenceEast11-4Greensboro-1-5New York3-1
14Kansas St.East38Greensboro-17New York-26
14Montana St.East14-8Greensboro-2-10New York-2-10
15Michigan St.East72Columbus35New York13
15USCEast10-2Columbus-1-3New York-2-4
16MarquetteEast211Columbus213New York213
16VermontEast15-11Columbus1-10New York1-10
17HoustonMidwest120Birmingham-218Kansas City121
17Northern KentuckyMidwest16-20Birmingham1-19Kansas City1-19
18IowaMidwest8-1Birmingham-1-2Kansas City21
18AuburnMidwest91Birmingham45Kansas City-10
19Miami FLMidwest53Albany-12Kansas City-12
19DrakeMidwest12-3Albany -3Kansas City -3
20IndianaMidwest44Albany 4Kansas City26
20Kent St.Midwest13-4Albany -4Kansas City1-3
21Iowa St.Midwest66Greensboro 6Kansas City28
21Mississippi St.Midwest11-6Greensboro2-4Kansas City -6
21PittsburghMidwest11-6Greensboro -6Kansas City -6
22XavierMidwest312Greensboro113Kansas City214
22Kennesaw St.Midwest14-12Greensboro -12Kansas City -12
23Texas A&MMidwest73Des Moines14Kansas City25
23Penn St.Midwest10-3Des Moines2-1Kansas City -3
24TexasMidwest214Des Moines216Kansas City216
24ColgateMidwest15-14Des Moines-1-15Kansas City-1-15
25KansasWest122Des Moines325Las Vegas123
25HowardWest16-22Des Moines -22Las Vegas -22
26ArkansasWest83Des Moines25Las Vegas 3
26IllinoisWest9-3Des Moines2-1Las Vegas -3
27Saint Mary'sWest53Albany-30Las Vegas14
27VCUWest12-3Albany1-2Las Vegas-2-5
28ConnecticutWest410Albany313Las Vegas-19
28IonaWest13-10Albany2-8Las Vegas-1-11
29TCUWest66Denver28Las Vegas17
29Arizona St.West11-6Denver1-5Las Vegas3-3
29NevadaWest11-6Denver2-4Las Vegas3-3
30GonzagaWest317Denver219Las Vegas320
30Grand CanyonWest14-17Denver1-16Las Vegas1-16
31NorthwesternWest7-1Sacramento-2-3Las Vegas -1
31Boise St.West101Sacramento12Las Vegas12
32UCLAWest219Sacramento322Las Vegas221
32UNC AshevilleWest15-19Sacramento-2-21Las Vegas-2-21

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