Friday, March 3, 2023

Maya Moore's UConn Survives Cheryl Miller's USC 74-72

While Cheryl Miller (19 points, 3 steals and 4 blocks) and Maya Moore (13 points, 3 steals and drew 4 fouls on Miller), this came down to Tina Charles rebounding. 

It was not only an exciting Elite 8 game, but many aspects of the Value Add Basketball Game played out and will be explained as we recount the last moments of the game. But first, here is how we got to the Final 4 out of the 20 great All-Time teams in the Value Add Basketball Game.

After Miller scored to pull USC within 73-71 with 37 seconds left (last possession), USC had to go for a turnover or steal to get the extra possession. They got a "4" on the 8-side die to send the ball to UConn's Kalana Greene, and a "41" on the 11-66 roll that is a turnover for almost every player. However, Greene has not turnovers on her card, so it was a foul.

Greene hit the first free throw to make it 74-71 with a chance to wrap up the game. The next roll on the 20-sided die was a "15," rattling out as a barely missed free throw die to her 1-14 made free throw range.

Needing a 3-pointer to force overtime, reserve Jamaiia Bond (1-3 made three-pointers) replaced Pam McGee (only Lady Trojan with no made three-pointers on her card).

The ball did go to Bond, but the 11 on the 1-20 die resulted in her being fouled to go to the line for two shots. She made the first to make it 74-72. In our game players can intentionally miss their last free throw in this situation, when only a miss, offensive rebound and made bucket can force overtime.

On free throws in the game, the only way and offensive player gets the rebound is if rebound chart yields a 1-5 on the 20-sided die (the power forward or center) and the rebound is in their offensive rebound is in their range - or if a 10 or 20 comes up meaning the high rebounder in the game gets the rebound regardless of position.

If the rebound chart ends up indicating a rebound by the one shooting the free throws or a guard or small forward on offense, then the defensive center gets the ball. However if a center or power forward is shooting the free throw then the offense designators their "biggest" remaining player as the center and moves the small forward to power forward for the shot.

USC had Cheryl Miller as power forward (1-5 offensive rebound 1-5, and up to 12 to score or be fouled if she went up) and Pam McGee back in at center (1-5 on rebound, up to 14 fouled or scored).

In the intentional miss a "10" came up on the rebound chart meaning high in Game, and UConn's center Tina Charles was by far the best range with a 1-10.defensive rebound to finish the game as clearly the MVP (19 points, 15 rebounds, 4 blocked shots). Pam McGee's 7 rebounds was second highest.

It was the second straight close call for UConn 2010, but the advance to the Final Four to chase Tennessee 1998 in one semifinal.

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