Friday, March 10, 2023

Defensive Wizard Stevie Mitchell After Marquette Thriller Over UConn

After Marquette's truly masterful defensive effort to upset UConn in the Big East semifinal I talked to the defensive wizard, Stevie Mitchell. his quotes and my game main game story here,  but in the meantime here are the 10 best at stealing the ball from opponents. The percentage calculates what percent of the time the other team comes down the court and this player steals the ball from them.

The quote in the story is a response to UConn coach Danny Hurley saying during a timeout early on the the face of Marquette's defensive barrage that there was no way Marquette could sustain that level of defense. You are incorrect Mr. Hurley, it was sustained right up until the final UConn shot fell five feet short of the rim for the Marquette win.

Most Steals per Possession in Power 6
1 , Myles Burns, Mississippi, % Steals 5.4
2, D'Moi Hodge, Missouri, % Steals 5.25
3, Jaylen Clark, UCLA, % Steals 5.09
4, Jahmai Mashack, Tennessee, % Steals 4.94
5, Caleb McConnell, Rutgers, % Steals 4.62
6, Tamin Lipsey, Iowa St., % Steals 4.52
7, Kobe Johnson, USC, % Steals 4.51
8, Stevie Mitchell, Marquette, % Steals 4.32
9, Chase Audige, Northwestern, % Steals 4.26
10, Kadary Richmond, Seton Hall, % Steals 4.2

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