Monday, March 6, 2023

Texas Sweeps Fast Central Americans 5-4 (10 innings) and 3-0

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The powerful Texas Statis-Pro All-Time World Baseball Classic team could not have started any better against Central American ace Julio Urias. The bottom of the first started with Joe Morgan drawing a walk and stealing second (as a rare AA speech player), then Tris Speaker doubling him home. Eddie Mathews then homered and it was 3-0 after three batters.

However, Urias steadied for 5 inning performance, and the Central Americans speed was almost enough to pull the upset. Tony Avila's 2-run homer gave the Central Americans a lead, and after Trevor Story (the only non-Hall of Famer in the Texas line-up since he is not eligible yet) homered to tie it, the game turned to speed. Ben Oglivie singled and Omar Moreno, one of the only AAA speed base stealers in history, pinch ran and stole second. Vinny Castilla then walked, and the Central Americans sent in the almost as fast Evereth Cabrera (AA) and they stole second and third. They pinch hit Rennie Stennett because he never strikes out - and his sac fly gave Central America a 4-3 lead in teh top of the 8th.

Texas did score in the 9th when Ernie Banks was able to single to lead off against Mariano Rivera and eventually score to force extra innings, where Joe Morgan would score in the bottom of the 10th for a 5-4 Texas win.

Clayton Kershaw won a pitching duel of great lefties over Fernando Valenzuela in the second game for a 3-0 victory and sweep.

StandPacific (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
4Central America0248
StandSouth (top 3 adv)WLRSRA
3Dominican Republic0215
StandNorth (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
1Puerto Rico2084
3New York0248

1st Tiebreaker is head-to-head, followed by runs allowed, then runs scored. 

If 6-game first round ended today, California, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Pennsylvania would form new group for 6-game round robin. The team that finished in 1st in that pool would then join the three first place teams they would form the final championship round robin.

That poll would be the winner of the poll above along with Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, if the first round ended today.

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