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Bracket I - KenPom minus Injured Players - UConn beats Alabama for Title

Note: click here for the bracket results for all 8 methods.

The following is the bracket calculated by adjusting the ratings at by any injured players. The longer explanation and notes on specific injuries are below the bracket.

Below is a cheat sheet I put together in which I rank the top six players for all 68 teams in March Madness in order. I also note if the most important player on each team – the point guard – is in the top six because often they aren’t because many have a lot of turnovers because the defense is so intense against point guards.

I also note the percent chance I give each player of playing in the NBA in the next couple of years if I believe they have at least a 35% chance to play in the NBA. On this table we also focus on experience – with a 0 meaning a freshman, a 1 a sophomore etc. We will refer back to this table for other factors – but for this blog we are focusing on one of the most important factors – how healthy each team is. We will focus on hot teams, which are often the result of players coming back from injuries (e.g. Duke), but this is the flip side – a team with one of their top six players injured.

Most Hurt by Injuries

1.       UCLA is the team most hurt by injuries for the tournament is UCLA, with their top player Jaylen Clark out for the season with an Achilles and their 5th best player Adem Bona who is battling with a shoulder.

2.       Tennessee is the 2nd most hurt team with their 2nd best player Zakai Zeigler who is out for the season.

3.       Xavier is hurt tremendously by one of their two dominant big men, Zach Freemantle, being out for the season after breaking his foot – but the have adjusted since the injury and continued to play at a high level.

4.       Texas A&M Corpus Christi lost their 2nd best player Terrion Murdix for the season.

5.       Northwestern could win with fantastic point guard play, but they did lose their 5th best player Luke Hunger for the season.

6.       Indiana’s 2nd best player Logan Duncomb is out indefinitely with illness.

7.       Baylor is missing their 6th best player Langston Love indefinitely.

8.       Missouri is missing their top player indefinitely illness, so look for Kobe Brown updates, and their 6th best player Tre Gomillion is questionable with a groin injury.

9.       Kansas’ 3rd best player Kevin McCullar is questionable with a back injury.

10.   Memphis’ 3rd best player Keonte Kennedy is out indefinitely with a hand injury.

11.   Princeton’s 6th best player Deven Austin is out indefinitely with a lower back injury.

12.   West Virginia’s 4th best player Mohamed Wague is out indefinitely with a foot injury.

13.   Miami’s best player Norchad Omier is questionable with an ankle injury.

14.   N.C. State’s 6th best player Dusan Mahorcic is excepted back at some point with a knee injury.

15.   Texas’ 5th best player Timmy Allen is questionable for Thursday with a knee injury.

Team                                  Rnk         Player                             NBA?InjPG?Exp   Ht
Alabama1Brandon Miller 20.99  06'9
Alabama2Noah Clowney0.85  06'10
Alabama3Mark Sears   26'1
Alabama4Charles Bediako   17'0
Alabama5Nick Pringle   26'9
Alabama6Jaden Bradley0.75  06'3
Arizona1Azuolas Tubelis 70.58  26'11
Arizona2Oumar Ballo   27'0
Arizona3Pelle Larsson   26'5
Arizona4Courtney Ramey   36'3
Arizona5Henri Veesaar0.7  07'0
Arizona6Cedric Henderson   36'6
Arizona St.1Desmond Cambridge   36'4
Arizona St.2Warren Washington   37'0
Arizona St.3Devan Cambridge   36'6
Arizona St.4Frankie Collins  PG16'1
Arizona St.5DJ Horne   26'1
Arizona St.6Duke Brennan   06'10
Arkansas1Makhi Mitchell   36'9
Arkansas2Anthony Black0.97 PG06'7
Arkansas3Joseph Pinion   06'5
Arkansas4Ricky Council0.53  26'6
Arkansas5Jordan Walsh0.64  06'7
Arkansas6Nick Smith0.98  06'5
Auburn1Johni Broome   16'10
Auburn2Jaylin Williams   36'8
Auburn3Wendell Green  PG25'11
Auburn4Dylan Cardwell   26'11
Auburn5Allen Flanigan   36'6
Auburn6Chris Moore   26'6
Baylor1Adam Flagler   36'3
Baylor2Jalen Bridges   26'7
Baylor3Keyonte George0.94  06'4
Baylor4LJ Cryer0.55  26'1
Baylor5Josh Ojianwuna   06'10
Baylor6Langston Love Maj.  06'5
Boise St.1Tyson Degenhart   16'7
Boise St.2Max Rice   36'5
Boise St.3Marcus Shaver  PG36'2
Boise St.4Naje Smith   36'7
Boise St.5Chibuzo Agbo   26'7
Boise St.6Lukas Milner   36'10
Charleston1Ante Brzovic   16'10
Charleston2Ryan Larson  PG36'1
Charleston3Pat Robinson   36'3
Charleston4Ben Burnham   16'7
Charleston5Dalton Bolon   36'4
Charleston6Reyne Smith   16'2
Colgate1Keegan Records   36'10
Colgate2Ryan Moffatt   36'7
Colgate3Tucker Richardson   36'5
Colgate4Braeden Smith  PG06'0
Colgate5Jeff Woodward   26'11
Colgate6Oliver Lynch-Daniels   36'2
Connecticut1Adama Sanogo0.52  26'9
Connecticut2Richie Springs   26'9
Connecticut3Jordan Hawkins   16'5
Connecticut4Donovan Clingan   07'2
Connecticut5Tristen Newton  PG36'5
Connecticut6Andre Jackson0.57  26'6
Creighton1Ryan Kalkbrenner   27'1
Creighton2Baylor Scheierman   36'7
Creighton3Trey Alexander   16'4
Creighton4Ryan Nembhard  PG16'0
Creighton5Zander Yates   06'7
Creighton6Fredrick King   06'10
Drake1Tucker DeVries   16'7
Drake2Garrett Sturtz   36'3
Drake3Roman Penn  PG36'0
Drake4Darnell Brodie   36'10
Drake5Nate Ferguson   26'8
Drake6Okay Djamgouz   26'5
Duke1Kyle Filipowski0.82  07'0
Duke2Ryan Young   36'10
Duke3Dereck Lively0.68  07'1
Duke4Mark Mitchell0.71  06'8
Duke5Tyrese Proctor0.81  06'5
Duke6Dariq Whitehead0.76  06'7
Fairleigh Dickinson1Grant Singleton   35'9
Fairleigh Dickinson2Demetre Roberts  PG35'8
Fairleigh Dickinson3Ansley Almonor   16'6
Fairleigh Dickinson4Sean Moore   26'4
Fairleigh Dickinson5Joe Munden   26'3
Fairleigh Dickinson6Heru Bligen   36'2
Florida Atlantic1Johnell Davis   16'4
Florida Atlantic2Vladislav Goldin   17'1
Florida Atlantic3Alijah Martin   16'2
Florida Atlantic4Tre Carroll   06'7
Florida Atlantic5Nick Boyd   06'3
Florida Atlantic6Giancarlo Rosado   16'8
Furman1Jalen Slawson   36'7
Furman2Mike Bothwell   36'3
Furman3Tyrese Hughey   16'6
Furman4Garrett Hien   26'9
Furman5Marcus Foster   26'4
Furman6Alex Williams   16'5
Gonzaga1Drew Timme 4   36'10
Gonzaga2Anton Watson   36'8
Gonzaga3Julian Strawther0.6  26'7
Gonzaga4Malachi Smith   26'4
Gonzaga5Ben Gregg   16'10
Gonzaga6Rasir Bolton   36'3
Grand Canyon1Ray Harrison  PG16'4
Grand Canyon2Gabe McGlothan   26'7
Grand Canyon3Noah Baumann   36'6
Grand Canyon4Chance McMillian   16'3
Grand Canyon5Walter Ellis   36'5
Grand Canyon6Kobe Knox   06'5
Howard1Shy Odom   06'6
Howard2Elijah Hawkins  PG15'11
Howard3Marcus Dockery   16'2
Howard4Bryce Harris   16'4
Howard5Jelani Williams   36'5
Howard6Reece Brown0.38  26'9
Illinois1Terrence Shannon  PG36'6
Illinois2Matthew Mayer   36'9
Illinois3Dain Dainja   16'9
Illinois4Coleman Hawkins0.54  26'10
Illinois5Luke Goode   16'7
Illinois6Jayden Epps   06'2
Indiana1Trayce Jackson-Davis 3   26'9
Indiana2Logan Duncomb Med.  16'10
Indiana3Miller Kopp   36'7
Indiana4Race Thompson   36'8
Indiana5Trey Galloway   16'4
Indiana6Jalen Hood-Schifino0.84 PG06'6
Iona1Walter Clayton   16'2
Iona2Nelly Junior Joseph   26'9
Iona3Daniss Jenkins  PG26'3
Iona4Osborn Shema   37'0
Iona5Berrick JeanLouis   36'4
Iona6Anton Brookshire   16'1
Iowa1Kris Murray0.61  26'8
Iowa2Filip Rebraca   36'9
Iowa3Payton Sandfort   16'7
Iowa4Tony Perkins   26'4
Iowa5Connor McCaffery   36'6
Iowa6Patrick McCaffery   26'9
Iowa St.1Osun Osunniyi   36'10
Iowa St.2Tamin Lipsey  PG06'1
Iowa St.3Aljaz Kunc   36'8
Iowa St.4Hason Ward   36'9
Iowa St.5Gabe Kalscheur   36'4
Iowa St.6Caleb Grill   36'3
Kansas1Jalen Wilson 60.59  26'8
Kansas2Gradey Dick0.95  06'8
Kansas3Kevin McCullar Min.  36'6
Kansas4Dajuan Harris  PG26'1
Kansas5KJ Adams   16'7
Kansas6Ernest Udeh   06'11
Kansas St.1Markquis Nowell  PG35'8
Kansas St.2Keyontae Johnson   36'6
Kansas St.3Nae'Qwan Tomlin   26'10
Kansas St.4David N'Guessan   26'9
Kansas St.5Desi Sills   36'2
Kansas St.6Ismael Massoud   26'9
Kennesaw St.1Chris Youngblood   26'4
Kennesaw St.2Demond Robinson   36'8
Kennesaw St.3Brandon Stroud   26'6
Kennesaw St.4Terrell Burden  PG35'10
Kennesaw St.5Spencer Rodgers   36'4
Kennesaw St.6Kasen Jennings   26'3
Kent St.1Chris Payton   36'7
Kent St.2Sincere Carry  PG36'1
Kent St.3Cli'Ron Hornbeak   16'9
Kent St.4Miryne Thomas   36'8
Kent St.5Malique Jacobs   36'3
Kent St.6Jalen Sullinger   15'10
Kentucky1Oscar Tshiebwe   36'9
Kentucky2Cason Wallace0.9 PG06'4
Kentucky3Jacob Toppin   26'9
Kentucky4Antonio Reeves   36'5
Kentucky5Ugonna Onyenso   06'9
Kentucky6Chris Livingston0.63  06'6
Louisiana1Terence Lewis   36'7
Louisiana2Greg Williams   36'3
Louisiana3Jordan Brown   26'11
Louisiana4Joe Charles   16'7
Louisiana5Kentrell Garnett   16'1
Louisiana6Themus Fulks  PG16'1
Marquette1Tyler Kolek  PG16'3
Marquette2Oso Ighodaro   16'9
Marquette3Kam Jones   16'4
Marquette4Olivier-Maxence Prosper   16'8
Marquette5Stevie Mitchell   16'2
Marquette6David Joplin   16'7
Maryland1Jahmir Young  PG36'1
Maryland2Hakim Hart   36'8
Maryland3Julian Reese   16'9
Maryland4Donta Scott   36'8
Maryland5Ian Martinez   26'3
Maryland6Don Carey   36'5
Memphis1DeAndre Williams   36'9
Memphis2Kendric Davis  PG36'0
Memphis3Keonte Kennedy Med.  36'5
Memphis4Chandler Lawson   36'7
Memphis5Elijah McCadden   36'5
Memphis6Alex Lomax   36'0
Miami FL1Norchad Omier Min.  16'7
Miami FL2Jordan Miller   36'7
Miami FL3Isaiah Wong   26'4
Miami FL4Wooga Poplar   16'5
Miami FL5Nijel Pack  PG16'0
Miami FL6Bensley Joseph   16'2
Michigan St.1Joey Hauser   36'9
Michigan St.2AJ Hoggard  PG26'4
Michigan St.3Tyson Walker   36'1
Michigan St.4Jaden Akins   16'4
Michigan St.5Mady Sissoko   26'9
Michigan St.6Malik Hall   36'8
Mississippi St.1Tolu Smith   36'11
Mississippi St.2Cameron Matthews   26'7
Mississippi St.3Dashawn Davis  PG36'2
Mississippi St.4DJ Jeffries   36'7
Mississippi St.5Shakeel Moore   26'1
Mississippi St.6Kimani Hamilton   06'7
Missouri1Kobe Brown Med.  36'8
Missouri2D'Moi Hodge   36'4
Missouri3Noah Carter   36'6
Missouri4Nick Honor   35'10
Missouri5Sean East  PG36'3
Missouri6Tre Gomillion Min.  36'4
Montana St.1Darius Brown  PG26'2
Montana St.2Jubrile Belo   36'9
Montana St.3RaeQuan Battle   26'5
Montana St.4Great Osobor   16'8
Montana St.5Caleb Fuller   36'5
Montana St.6Sam Lecholat   16'7
N.C. State1Jarkel Joiner   36'1
N.C. State2Jack Clark   36'8
N.C. State3Casey Morsell   36'3
N.C. State4DJ Burns   36'9
N.C. State5Terquavion Smith  PG16'4
N.C. State6Dusan Mahorcic Med.  36'10
Nevada1KJ Hymes   36'10
Nevada2Darrion Williams   06'6
Nevada3Will Baker   27'0
Nevada4Jarod Lucas   36'4
Nevada5Kenan Blackshear  PG36'6
Nevada6Nick Davidson   06'9
Northern Kentucky1Chris Brandon   36'8
Northern Kentucky2Marques Warrick   26'2
Northern Kentucky3Sam Vinson   16'5
Northern Kentucky4Xavier Rhodes  PG36'1
Northern Kentucky5Trevon Faulkner   36'4
Northern Kentucky6Trey Robinson   26'6
Northwestern1Boo Buie  PG36'2
Northwestern2Matthew Nicholson   27'0
Northwestern3Brooks Barnhizer   16'6
Northwestern4Chase Audige   36'4
Northwestern5Luke Hunger Maj.  06'10
Northwestern6Ty Berry   26'3
Oral Roberts1Max Abmas   36'0
Oral Roberts2Connor Vanover   37'5
Oral Roberts3Kareem Thompson   36'5
Oral Roberts4DeShang Weaver   36'7
Oral Roberts5Issac McBride  PG26'1
Oral Roberts6Patrick Mwamba   26'7
Penn St.1Jalen Pickett 9  PG36'4
Penn St.2Seth Lundy   36'6
Penn St.3Andrew Funk   36'5
Penn St.4Camren Wynter   36'2
Penn St.5Evan Mahaffey   06'6
Penn St.6Michael Henn   36'8
Pittsburgh1Jamarius Burton   36'4
Pittsburgh2Blake Hinson   26'7
Pittsburgh3Greg Elliott   36'3
Pittsburgh4Federiko Federiko   16'11
Pittsburgh5Nelly Cummings  PG36'0
Pittsburgh6Nike Sibande   36'4
Princeton1Tosan Evbuomwan   36'8
Princeton2Matt Allocco  PG26'4
Princeton3Caden Pierce   06'6
Princeton4Keeshawn Kellman   36'9
Princeton5Blake Peters   16'1
Princeton6Deven Austin Maj.  06'6
Providence1Ed Croswell   36'8
Providence2Bryce Hopkins   16'7
Providence3Devin Carter   16'3
Providence4Jared Bynum  PG35'10
Providence5Clifton Moore   36'11
Providence6Noah Locke   36'3
Purdue1Zach Edey 10.51  27'4
Purdue2Braden Smith  PG06'0
Purdue3Caleb Furst   16'10
Purdue4Mason Gillis   26'6
Purdue5Fletcher Loyer   06'4
Purdue6Trey Kaufman-Renn   06'9
Saint Mary's1Logan Johnson  PG36'2
Saint Mary's2Mitchell Saxen   26'10
Saint Mary's3Alex Ducas   36'7
Saint Mary's4Kyle Bowen   36'8
Saint Mary's5Aidan Mahaney0.77  06'3
Saint Mary's6Harry Wessels   07'1
San Diego St.1Jaedon LeDee   36'9
San Diego St.2Nathan Mensah   36'10
San Diego St.3Matt Bradley   36'4
San Diego St.4Keshad Johnson   36'7
San Diego St.5Aguek Arop   36'7
San Diego St.6Micah Parrish   26'6
Southeast Missouri St.1Phillip Russell  PG15'10
Southeast Missouri St.2Chris Harris   36'3
Southeast Missouri St.3Nate Johnson   36'9
Southeast Missouri St.4Dylan Branson   16'5
Southeast Missouri St.5Josh Earley   26'7
Southeast Missouri St.6Adam Larson   06'9
TCU1JaKobe Coles   16'7
TCU2Emanuel Miller   36'7
TCU3Mike Miles0.49  26'2
TCU4Damion Baugh  PG36'4
TCU5Chuck O'Bannon   36'6
TCU6Shahada Wells   26'0
Tennessee1Santiago Vescovi  PG36'3
Tennessee2Zakai Zeigler Maj.  15'9
Tennessee3Julian Phillips0.67  06'8
Tennessee4Olivier Nkamhoua   36'9
Tennessee5Tobe Awaka   06'8
Tennessee6Josiah-Jordan James   36'6
Texas1Marcus Carr  PG36'2
Texas2Sir'Jabari Rice   36'4
Texas3Brock Cunningham   36'6
Texas4Dylan Disu   36'9
Texas5Timmy Allen Min.  36'6
Texas6Dillon Mitchell0.65  06'8
Texas A&M1Wade Taylor  PG16'0
Texas A&M2Tyrece Radford   36'2
Texas A&M3Dexter Dennis   36'5
Texas A&M4Henry Coleman   26'8
Texas A&M5Julius Marble   26'9
Texas A&M6Andersson Garcia   26'7
Texas A&M Corpus Chris1Isaac Mushila   36'5
Texas A&M Corpus Chris2Terrion Murdix Maj. PG36'1
Texas A&M Corpus Chris3Trevian Tennyson   36'4
Texas A&M Corpus Chris4Ross Williams   35'10
Texas A&M Corpus Chris5Jordan Roberts   16'4
Texas A&M Corpus Chris6De'Lazarus Keys   36'8
Texas Southern1Davon Barnes   16'5
Texas Southern2John Walker   36'9
Texas Southern3Joirdon Karl Nicholas   36'9
Texas Southern4Zytarious Mortle   06'2
Texas Southern5Kolby Granger   06'5
Texas Southern6PJ Henry0.36 PG35'10
UC Santa Barbara1Ajay Mitchell  PG16'5
UC Santa Barbara2Miles Norris   36'10
UC Santa Barbara3Andre Kelly   36'9
UC Santa Barbara4Calvin Wishart   36'2
UC Santa Barbara5Josh Pierre-Louis   36'4
UC Santa Barbara6Cole Anderson   16'4
UCLA1Jaime Jaquez 5   36'7
UCLA2Jaylen Clark0.37Maj.  26'5
UCLA3David Singleton   36'4
UCLA4Tyger Campbell  PG35'11
UCLA5Adem Bona0.74Min.  06'10
UCLA6Amari Bailey0.66  06'5
UNC Asheville1Drew Pember   36'11
UNC Asheville2Tajion Jones   36'5
UNC Asheville3Nick McMullen   26'8
UNC Asheville4Fletcher Abee   26'3
UNC Asheville5Jamon Battle   36'5
UNC Asheville6Alex Caldwell   36'0
USC1Boogie Ellis  PG36'3
USC2Kobe Johnson   16'6
USC3Drew Peterson   36'9
USC4Tre White   06'7
USC5Joshua Morgan   26'11
USC6Reese Dixon-Waters   16'5
Utah St.1Steven Ashworth  PG26'1
Utah St.2Dan Akin   36'9
Utah St.3Taylor Funk   36'9
Utah St.4Max Shulga   26'4
Utah St.5Trevin Dorius   37'1
Utah St.6Sean Bairstow   36'8
VCU1Adrian Baldwin  PG26'1
VCU2Jalen DeLoach   16'9
VCU3Brandon Johns   36'8
VCU4Jayden Nunn   16'4
VCU5Jamir Watkins   16'7
VCU6Nick Kern   16'6
Vermont1Robin Duncan   36'5
Vermont2Matt Veretto   36'8
Vermont3Dylan Penn   36'3
Vermont4Finn Sullivan   36'4
Vermont5Aaron Deloney  PG36'0
Vermont6Kam Gibson   36'3
Virginia1Kadin Shedrick   26'11
Virginia2Jayden Gardner   36'6
Virginia3Reece Beekman0.5  26'3
Virginia4Armaan Franklin   36'4
Virginia5Kihei Clark  PG35'10
Virginia6Ben Vander Plas   36'8
West Virginia1Erik Stevenson   36'4
West Virginia2Tre Mitchell   36'9
West Virginia3Kedrian Johnson  PG36'3
West Virginia4Mohamed Wague Maj.  16'10
West Virginia5Emmitt Matthews   36'7
West Virginia6Joe Toussaint   36'0
Xavier1Jack Nunge   37'0
Xavier2Souley Boum  PG36'3
Xavier3Colby Jones0.56  26'6
Xavier4Zach Freemantle Maj.  36'9
Xavier5Jerome Hunter   36'8
Xavier6Adam Kunkel   36'4

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