Sunday, March 5, 2023

Acuna Homers Twice to Lead Venezuela to Sweep of Cuba, 2-1 and 9-5

Ron Acuna Jr. homered in both games of our Statis-Pro baseball all-time World Baseball Classic to lead Venezuela to 2-1 and 9-5 wins against Cub to move into second place in our Southern Division.

In the opening pitchers' duel featuring the two aces, Johan Santana went six innings allowing only one run for the win, while Ranger Suarez (Hold, 2 innings only 1 walk allowed) and closer Francisco Rodriguez (Save, 1 inning 2 hits allowed). 

While we are still in all basketball mode, we resumed with a series two days before FS1 begins airing the World Baseball Classic on this week. These games are played using Statis-Pro Baseball, and we also have player cards for current players (based on projections) and 60 all-time great teams. The WBC team includes 12 teams or world countries, regions or US states. The only two teams that still need to play a series are Texas and Central America.

StandPacific (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
4Central America0000
StandSouth (top 3 adv)WLRSRA
3Dominican Republic0215
StandNorth (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
1Puerto Rico2084
4New York0248

After each team has played six games (series against the other three), the three division winners get a bye through the second round to the championship round robin.

The other teams to advance (all 2nd place teams plus the third place team in the south) form a new 4-team playoff division and go through the same round robin of doubled headers in that playoff division. Only the team that wins that round robin advances to the championship round with the three division winners.

The tiebreakers in order are; 1) head-to-head, 2) lowest runs allowed, 3) most runs scored, 4) fewest innings at bat.

If you want to play any WBC games, follow these steps. First open the pitchers sheets, choose your team and define them like in the photo. Then do the same with the batters cards and the pitcher at bat cards. Here is the picture of the game with sheets for players. The number in each range represents the last number of each range for singles, doubles, triples, homers, deep drives that might be homers, strikeouts, etc.

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