Sunday, March 26, 2023

Player Cards for the Final Four Teams

 Here are the Value Add Basketball Game player cards for the Final Four teams. We also are printing any other great teams in the game from the same school in past seasons. We will list them alphabetically, starting with Connecticut (as well as their 2004 and 1999 national champs), then Florida Atlantic making their first appearance in the game, then unbelievably from only 50 miles south Miami (with their 2013 team as well), and concluding with San Diego as well as their 2011 team.

Connecticut (UConn) Final Four 2023 Team

Here are the favorites, the UConn Huskies who have now beaten all 15 non-Big East foes by double figures, including Alabama during the season and the entire tournament.

The second of three UConn teams we include are the 2004 national champs.

Here are the first national champions from UConn, the 1999 squad.

Florida Atlantic Final Four 2023 Team

Here is the Final Four Florida Atlantic team, the first from the school to make our great teams collection.

Miami FL Final Four 2023 Team

Here are the Final Four Miami Hurricanes.

Miami had one previous team in the game - the 2013 ACC regular season and tournament champion team led by Shane Larkin, son of the great Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin.

San Diego State Final Four 2023 Team

And here is the 2023 San Diego State team.

The one previous San Diego State team included in our great teams features Kawhi Leonard from 2011.

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