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College Basketball Player Cards for 16 New Teams from March Madness

You can click on the Value Add Basketball Game to pull up everything you need to simulate games between the all-time great men’s and women’s college teams. We played them out and Bill Walton’s UCLA beat Michael Jordan’s UNC for the men’s all-time title, and Pat Summitt’s Tennessee beat the first women’s national champs from Louisiana Tech.

Below you will find 16 new men’s teams. We calculated them first in sheet form and later will merge them into cards like the ones you find in the game. Our top priority is to find teams from a school we do not yet feature in the game, or pick teams from colleges that have not had a team in many years. We had not added any teams from the 2022 season yet, so we first looked at teams from this year and last – but then we also checked to see if a team we were adding had a better season than this year, and we do also always look for All-Americans.

Here are the teams we are adding – with a screen shot every few games which you can print out to play the game using the instructions. We also do look for great all-time players, and added Murray State to get Ja LaMont in our game, and added Seton Hall to get Myles Powell. 

1.       Alabama 2023 – the second Sweet 16 run in three years and still going after dominating Maryland. Charles Bediako blocks shots on any roll of 32 because of his "21-26, 32 all" reading under blocks. That means he blocks the shot of the player he is guarding on rolls of 21-26, but if the roll is a 32 he blocks a shot from whichever opposing player has the ball. There -4 dunk adjustment is the best defensive team rating of the 16 new teams in teh game. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – 1977. 

2.       Arkansas 2021 – had not made a Sweet 16 this century, but then went Elite 8 in this 2021 (the season we are adding below), repeated Elite 8 in 2022, and stunned Kansas in second round in 2023 to take a shot at a third straight. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – 1994. 

3.       Florida Atlantic 2023 – The 2022 season was their best kenpom rating ever until then at 129th, but they then jumped another 100+ stops to 22nd in 2023 before the opening round thriller over Memphis. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None. 

Houston 2021 – Marcus Sasser led them to the Final 4 in 2021, then Elite 8 in 2022, and at least to the Sweet 16 in 2023. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – 1968 and 1983. 

5.       Iowa St. 2014 - first of three Sweet 16 teams in a decade looks like their best. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None. 

6.       Marquette 2023 – When Marquette rose to No. 6 in the AP poll to end the season, this became Marquette’s highest ranked team since 1978. Whether they have their first or second team in the game, Marquette steals the ball on all opposing rolls of 31, because  starter Stevie Mitchell and reserve Chase Ross both have the "11-16, 31 (all)" line that means either player steals the ball from the player he is guarding on rolls of 11-16, but on rolls of 31 he would steal the ball from whoever has the ball for the opposing team. TEAMS ALREADY IN GAME –  1971, 1977, 2003, 2011. 

7.       Miami 2013  - looked even better at 29-7 before losing in Sweet 16, then went on an Elite 8 run in 2022 and they hope to repeat this year. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – 1965. 

8.       Murray State 2019 – The 2012 team was even better at 31-2, but Ja Morant was on the 2019 team and we opted for the All-American. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None. 

9.       Penn State 2018 – while 2023 was the first tournament win this century, and 2020 team looked good enough to be a 6-seed before the tournament was scheduled during Covid, we choice the 2018 that was shockingly not put in the tournament and then won the NIT and finished ranked as the 19th best team by kenpom.  Shep Garner's 1-7 3-point field goal made on the 20-sided die is the best range of any of the players on the new 16 teams. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None.


10.   Princeton 2023 – The game already features Bill Bradley’s 1965 team, but this is the first Princeton team to win an NCAA Tournament game since 1998. They have had a couple of teams finish ranked higher at kenpom in the last decade, but no tournament wins. This year’s upset of Yale 74-65 in the Ivy League title, followed by the opening round 59=55 shocker of Pac-12 champion Arizona and then 78-63 blowout of Missouri leaves them in the Sweet 16. ALREADY IN GAME – 1965. 

11.   Saint Mary’s 2023 – The opening round win over VCU gave Saint Mary’s first round wins in two straight tournaments for the first time in history. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None. 

12.   Seton Hall 2020 – All-American Myles Powell looked ready to make a run when Covid cancelled the season. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME –1989.


13.   Saint Peter’s 2022 – The Cinderella tournament took them all the way to the Elite 8. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None. 

14.   TCU 2023 – Jamie Dixon delivered TCU’s first tournament win of the century, and his first tournament win in more than a decade in a come from behind from way down against Arizona State in the opening round. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – None.


15.   Tennessee 2023 – True national contender, but late season injury to Zakai Zeigler seemed to make that a long shot. However, even without him they just destroyed Duke in the second round to go Sweet 16. TEAM ALREADY IN GAME – 1977. 

16.   UCLA 2021 – Tyger Campbell brought it up the court and Johnny Juzang dominated to take them to the Final 4, and they followed with a Sweet 16 in 2022. They could go even further in 2023 after two dominant performances to make the Sweet 16, but with Jaylen Clark out injured for the last weeks of the season, we went with the 2021 team at full strength. TEAMS ALREADY IN GAME – 1967, 1972, 2006.

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