Saturday, April 1, 2023

Caitlin Clark Leads Iowa to Final - and 4 New Value Add Basketball Women's All-Time Great Team

Caitlin Clark became the first woman to score 40 points in consecutive March Madness games to toppled a South Carolina team some thought rivaled the great UConn teams of 2010 and 2016 for best ever. We already featured 20 all-time great women's teams in the Value Add Basketball Game.

This tournament gave us four first time teams to add to the game and bring us to a round 24. We haven't completed the complete cards yet, but we calculated the first part and have laid out those numbers below. On the 8-sided die Clark gets the ball on a 3, 6 or 7. If the ball is not stolen or shot blocked by the opposing small forward, On the 20-sided die, Clark hits a 3-pointer on a 1-3 (below we just list the top number in the range), then a 2-pointer on a 4-8, gets fouled and takes two free throwsn on a 9-11, misses a 3-pointers on a 12-26 and misses a 2-pointer on a 17-20. The number to the far right indicates that once he goes to the line on  a 9-11 on the first roll, then the two free throws are good on a 1-17 or she misses on an 18-20.

We will calculate the other parts of the card - rebounds, steals, etc. and add to the set of cards, but wanted to preview these.

In addition to Iowa, we will add LSU, Maryland and Virginia Tech 2023 squads.

Iowa 2023                      Pos       Extra    3pt   2pt   FT    3 miss   2 miss    FT
Gabbie Marshall1-PG 588172011
Kate Martin2-SG 4810162017
Caitlin Clark3-SF6,73811162017
McKenna Warnock4-PF 4911172016
Monika Czinano5-C801214152016
Molly Davis1-PG63711162018
Taylor McCabe2-SG 78818200
Sydney Affolter3-SF 1812162017
Hannah Stuelke4-PF70101414209
Addison O'Grady5-C 01113132010
LSU 2023PosExtra3pt2ptFT3 miss2 missFT
Alexis Morris1-PG62810142016
Jasmine Carson2-SG 489172015
LaDazhia Williams3-SF 01012122010
Flau'jae Johnson4-PF72710142014
Angel Reese5-C80813132014
Kateri Poole1-PG6369142013
Last-Tear Poa2-SG 1510132018
Amani Bartlett3-SF 0814142012
Sa'Myah Smith4-PF70812122011
Alisa Williams5-C 07992010
Maryland 2023PosExtra3pt2ptFT3 miss2 missFT
Abby Meyers1-PG63910142015
Shyanne Sellers2-SG71811142016
Brinae Alexander3-SF 5810162017
Diamond Miller4-PF81812142016
Lavender Briggs5-C 278122018
Elisa Pinzan1-PG6288132018
Bri McDaniel2-SG 2710132013
Gia Cooke3-SF 049112014
Faith Masonius4-PF71911122015
Mila Reynolds5-C 06892017
Virginia Tech 2023PosExtra3pt2ptFT3 miss2 missFT
Taylor Soule1-PG60912132014
Kayana Traylor2-SG 2710152016
Cayla King3-SF 679192015
Georgia Amoore4-PF7479172016
Elizabeth Kitley5-C801012132014
Charlise Dunn1-PG 268202020
Taylor Geiman2-SG 67720200
Ashley Owusu3-SF6279112015
D'asia Gregg4-PF73810152016
Clara Ford5-C 01013132020

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