Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Women's Basketball increasing Popularity Shown in Unique Visitors

We hoped to play Cheryl Miller and the 1983 USC squad against the 2017 South Carolina national champs to see which advanced to our All-Time Elite 8 in the Value Add Basketball Game - but too much work to finish tonight.. 

However, a good sign for the popularity of women's basketball was the 1,484 unique visitors on this page on Tuesday - easily the highest of the last three months and one of the highest since the huge audiences when we first released the game in 2019.  

This occurred after a stretch of posts on our first women's basketball tournament using the game - which now features 20 of the greatest women's teams of all-time. As shown on the blogger graph below, generally 100 to 200 unique visitors come to the page. The vast majority go straight to www.pudnersports.com, and we will hit a few hundred when someone takes an interest and reposts the page.

The other thing we cannot ignore is the impact of Notre Dame on the popularity of all sports. In our tournament, the Irish have pulled off the two big upsets to date to become the surprise team of the tournament.

This is just one of many good signs for women's basketball, which had five million viewers for their final last year (best since 6 million for Tennessee vs. UConn in 2004), several recent TV games have shown sell out arenas, and South Carolina coach Dawn Staley noted tickets for their visit to UConn were going for $700.

Here are the stats on the 15,800 unique visits the last three months, led by the 990 who clicked on the Value Add Basketball Game to bring that all-time total to 64,000 to date.

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