Saturday, October 1, 2022

Top 18 Statis-Pro Pitcher Cards for 2022 Season

We presented the 10 most improved Statis-Pro batter cards, and today we present two sheets of the top 18 Statis-Pro pitcher cards based on this season's stats. All of these pitchers have the highest PB (Pitcher or Batter) rating of PB: 2-9, meaning they control the action 83% of the time on rolls of 2-9 and only allows it on the batter's card on 10-12. 

While PB is determined by ERA or FiPs, we only considered players that either qualified with enough innings pitched, or had at least 20 saves. We will still use all of the 2022 Project Cards as we finish up our regular season, but will insert these cards and the 10 most improved cards for teams who make our playoffs.

Aaron Judge is obviously the most improved card with an 24-36 home run range on his card. 

The best pitcher card below is either Paul Sewald, who allows hits only on an 11-17 and walks only on a 43-47, or the Mets Edwin Diaz who allows one more hit but then has an incredible 22-61 strikeout range and then a 62-66 for a walk. Of course he is a reliever so can only pitch one inning, so the most valuable card is likely Justin Verlander, who can go up to 7 innings with hits only allowed on 11-22 and a 45-47 for walks. The most valuable player in this stack overall however is Ohtani, who adds his PB 2-9 pitching card to go along with one of the best hitting cards.

The cards are alphabetical by team, so you can look to see if your team has one of the top pictures.

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