Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Statis-Pro All-Time 50 Great Teams Coming Soon

 Years ago, I invented a game of 36 all-time great teams and played off a season. The 1927 Yankees defeated the 1954 Cleveland Indians in my World Series. As this Statis-Pro season concludes, I decided to create 50 all-time great teams and put them in five divisions.

There is one team for each city in which a franchise played - so a Boston Braves, Milwaukee Braves and Atlanta Braves. I tried not to do more than two from each - but did end up with four Yankees teams. Here is the rough map of divisions, then list of all teams below.

By the list of teams I list the League ERA that year, then home run adjustment info. From 2017 to 2021 the average Statis-Pro Cards had just over 4 home run numbers for the first time in history. From 1907 - 1918 half the seasons the average batter had no home run numbers.

The deep range (where a ball can be a homer or can be caught for a deep fly out) balances that out. A player from one of the homer years has 3 of his homers taken away and turned to DEEP, while a player in one of those early dead ball years gets all his homers plus the next three numbers after his hits as DEEP.

When playing with deadball as the home park-era, only 11-18 on a deep drive is a homer, while in a recent homer era a 11-78 leaves the park - which pretty much balances out the edge the live ball era team would have and gives you an idea of how good a player was no matter the era.

Here are the teams by division.

TeamYearDivisionLg. ERACalculate card then:If home, deep=
Cleveland Indians1954East3.90subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
Cleveland Indians1995East4.45subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Detroit Tigers1968East2.98subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
Detroit Tigers1984East3.81subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
Montreal Expos1994East4.50subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Philadelphia Athletics1910East2.77subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
Philadelphia Athletics1929East4.54subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
Philadelphia Phillies2008East4.32subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Pittsburgh Pirates 2002East4.27subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Toronto Blue Jays1993East4.18subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Chicago Cubs1907Midwest2.50subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
Chicago White Sox2005Midwest4.28subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Kansas City A's1966Midwest3.52subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Kansas City Royals1985Midwest3.89subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Milwaukee Braves1957Midwest3.83subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Milwaukee Brewers1982Midwest3.85subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Minnesota Twins1991Midwest3.91subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
St Louis Browns1922Midwest4.15subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
St Louis Cardinals1942Midwest3.54subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
St Louis Cardinals1967Midwest3.30subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
Boston Braves1914NY-Boston2.91subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
Boston Red Sox2007NY-Boston4.46subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Brooklyn Dodgers 1954NY-Boston3.90subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
New York Giants 1954NY-Boston3.90subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
New York Mets1969NY-Boston3.61subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
New York Mets1986NY-Boston3.96subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
New York Yankees1927NY-Boston4.02subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
New York Yankees1939NY-Boston4.27subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
New York Yankees1998NY-Boston4.42subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
New York Yankees2022NY-Boston3.96subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
Atlanta Braves1995South4.45subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Baltimore Orioles1970South3.88subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Baltimore Orioles1983South3.86subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Cincinnati Reds1975South3.70subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
Houston Astros2022South3.96subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
Miami Marlins1997South4.38subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Tampa Bay Rays2008South4.32subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Texas Rangers2011South3.94subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Washington Nationals2019South4.49subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
Washington Senators1924South4.10subtract 0 HR11-18 HR
Anaheim Angels2002West4.27subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Arizona Diamondbacks2001West4.41subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
Colorado Rockies2007West4.46subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Los Angeles Dodgers1963West3.46subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Los Angeles Dodgers2017West4.35subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
Oakland A's1973West3.74subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Oakland A's1989West3.70subtract 1 HR11-38 HR
San Diego Padres2022West3.96subtract 3 HR11-78 HR
San Francisco Giants2012West4.01subtract 2 HR11-58 HR
Seattle Mariners2001West4.41subtract 3 HR11-78 HR

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