Monday, October 10, 2022

Orioles blast injured Twins to sneak into playoff longshot

 Well that's a twist. The Orioles 13-5 blasting of a Twins team that has lost its two top hitters Sano and Buxton eliminates the Twins to pass the Yankees for a bye.

That "sweep" pulls the Orioles to within a sweep of finishing .500 - as they are now 18-21. The Twins actually need to get to 31-29 to guarantee the playoffs, and if they were swept again to finish 30-30 which would create a 3-way tie for the final two playoff spot with the Orioles and White Sox. We thought game 2 of this and the first game of the Orioles and Indians would likely end our season, but the Orioles could be extending.

Game 2

Night and day. Twins start with 2 homers and sweep 9-1 to split the series with Orioles and catch the Yankees at 33-27 in their finale.

Mullins crashed into wall for an injury on a z-play, perez, moncastle and rutchman we're all thrown out in the old z-play 14 - so the top 3 Orioles batters and a reliever all lost for the game. 

Math is simple now - Cleveland at Orioles. If Cleveland wins the series at least 4 games to 2 then they get the second bye based on either a 3-way tie with the Yankees and twins and having the overall head with a 5-1 series win over the twins and 3-3 split with the Yankees. If they win 3 or fewer the twins get the bye.

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