Saturday, October 1, 2022

Z-play wild throw on bunt single jump starts Mariners

 In nightcap, the ChiSox shelled Luis Castillo to take a 6-2 lead after 3 inning on the verge of a sweep, but blew it for an 8-7 lead.

One of the few A/AA super fast players in the league dropped down a bunt with runners on first and second, and a wild through by Grandal lead to the first 2 Mariners runs.

With the split, the Blue Jays, Yankees and Astros clinch playoff spots because the best case for the White Sox is 31 wins, and they Yankees and Blues already have 31 wins and the tie-breaker against the White Sox, and the Astros have 32 wins.

The White Sox still are a longshot to catch the Red Sox, Twins or Guardians for the last playoff spot.

The Angels are technically alive to catch the Red Sox, but Boston would have to go 1-11 and the Angels go 6-0, or Boston go 0-12 and the White Sox go 5-1.

Statis-Pro StandingsWLGBWin%Final Wins
Toronto - clinched311750.64631 to 43
NY Yankees - clinched312320.57431 to 37
Boston272110.56327 to 39
Minnesota302410.55630 to 36
Cleveland292500.53729 to 35
Houston - clinched322800.53332 to 32
Chicago White Sox2529-40.46325 to 31
LA Angels2331-60.42623 to 29
Seattle - elim2535-70.41725 to 25 
Tampa Bay - elim2337-90.38323 to 23 
Baltimore - as needed612-50.333

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