Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Statis-Pro Ball Park Factors and if Pitchers Hit

 Once our 50 All-Time great Statis-Pro teams are posted, you can pick two teams to play and choose who will be the home team. 

Refer to the table below at the beginning of each game to determine if the pitcher should hit in that ballpark in that year. If pitcher's are supposed to hit and you do not have a batter card for that pitcher, then use the standard pitchers hitting card, which is an 11-14 is a single, 15-48 is a strikeout, 51 is a walk, 52 is a hit by pitch, 53-54 is a CD-C and 55-88 is an out.

Pitchers do get a Sac: BB in case they choose to bunt.

Also, if a DEEP range comes up during the game, look at the home run range on this table to see which numbers result in a homer, and which numbers result in a deep drive with all runners advancing.

TeamYearIf home, deep=Do pitchers hit if home?DivisionLg. ERA
Chicago Cubs190711-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest2.50
Pittsburgh Pirates190911-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast2.53
Philadelphia Athletics191011-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast2.77
Boston Braves191411-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston2.91
St Louis Browns192211-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest4.15
Washington Senators192411-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth4.10
New York Yankees192711-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston4.02
Philadelphia Athletics192911-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast4.54
New York Yankees193911-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston4.27
St. Louis Cardinals194211-18 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest3.54
Cleveland Indians195411-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast3.90
New York Giants195411-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston3.90
Brooklyn Dodgers195511-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston3.90
Milwaukee Braves195711-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest3.83
Los Angeles Dodgers196311-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest3.46
Detroit Tigers196811-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast2.98
St Louis Cardinals196811-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest2.98
New York Mets196911-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston3.61
Baltimore Orioles197011-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth3.88
Oakland A's197211-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest3.74
Cincinnati Reds197511-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth3.70
Milwaukee Brewers198211-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherMidwest3.85
St Louis Cardinals198211-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsMidwest3.85
Baltimore Orioles198311-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherSouth3.86
Detroit Tigers198411-38 HRDH hits, not pitcherEast3.81
Kansas City Royals198511-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherMidwest3.89
New York Mets198611-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsNY-Boston3.96
Los Angeles Dodgers198811-38 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest3.72
Oakland A's198911-38 HRDH hits, not pitcherWest3.70
Minnesota Twins199111-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherMidwest3.91
Toronto Blue Jays199311-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherEast4.18
Montreal Expos199411-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast4.50
Atlanta Braves199511-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth4.45
Cleveland Indians199511-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherEast4.45
Florida Marlins199711-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth4.38
Houston Astros199811-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth4.42
New York Yankees199811-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherNY-Boston4.42
Arizona Diamondbacks200111-78 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest4.41
Seattle Mariners200111-78 HRDH hits, not pitcherWest4.41
Anaheim Angels200211-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherWest4.27
Chicago White Sox200511-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherMidwest4.28
Boston Red Sox200711-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherNY-Boston4.46
Colorado Rockies200711-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest4.46
Philadelphia Phillies200811-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsEast4.32
Tampa Bay Rays200811-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherSouth4.32
Texas Rangers201111-58 HRDH hits, not pitcherSouth3.94
San Francisco Giants201211-58 HRYes, Pitcher hitsWest4.01
Washington Nationals201911-78 HRYes, Pitcher hitsSouth4.49
New York Yankees202211-78 HRDH hits, not pitcherNY-Boston3.96
San Diego Padres202211-78 HRDH hits, not pitcherWest3.96

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