Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Statis-Pro Batters Home Run Ranges Calculated for 50 All-Time Great Teams

Here are the Statis-Pro Home Run ranges and stolen base ratings (E = never steals, a few AAA is the best). If the pitcher fails to keep the action on his card through his PB rating (see previous post), then the batters card is used for the 11-88 result.

The range that will appear on each batters' card of the Statis-Pro great team is show here, and if the player does not have any homers on his card then we note if the range is a triple, double or single. Note that the next three numbers after each players hit range is the DEEP range and is always 3 numbers. For Example, the first player listed is Bengie Molina, and with his 25-25 home run range you know that 26-28 is a deep drive that could turn into a homer. 

As a recent post outlined, the DEEP range is used to set up the game so that a player from a dead ball year will hit and allow more homers if playing in a live ball era park, and a team from a live ball era will hit fewer homers if playing at a dead park.

As with pitchers we did limit how good a batter with fewer than 150 plate appearances could be. A batter with 49 or fewer plate appearances could go not higher than 11-24 on hits, a player with up to 99 could go up to 11-25 on hits, and a player with up to 149 plate appearances could go up to 11-31 on hits.

* = left handed batter
# = switch hitter
RkPosTeamyearNameHR RANGESteal
1CAnaheim Angels2002Bengie Molina25 to 25E
21BAnaheim Angels2002Scott Spiezio#28 to 32C
32BAnaheim Angels2002Adam Kennedy*37 to 38B
4SSAnaheim Angels2002David Eckstein33 to 33B
53BAnaheim Angels2002Troy Glaus21 to 26B
6LFAnaheim Angels2002Garret Anderson*31 to 36C
7CFAnaheim Angels2002Darin Erstad*32 to 33A
8RFAnaheim Angels2002Tim Salmon26 to 32C
9DHAnaheim Angels2002Brad Fullmer*28 to 34B
10OFAnaheim Angels2002Orlando Palmeiro*28-34=2BC
112BAnaheim Angels2002Benji Gil27 to 31C
12DHAnaheim Angels2002Shawn Wooten27 to 31C
13MIAnaheim Angels2002Jose Nieves33 to 32D
14CAnaheim Angels2002Jorge Fabregas*21=2BE
15CAnaheim Angels2002Jose Molina21-25=2BE
16OFAnaheim Angels2002Alex Ochoa23 to 25D
1CArizona Diamondbacks2001Damian Miller26 to 31E
21BArizona Diamondbacks2001Mark Grace*28 to 32C
32BArizona Diamondbacks2001Jay Bell22 to 24E
4SSArizona Diamondbacks2001Tony Womack*28 to 28A
53BArizona Diamondbacks2001Matt Williams25 to 31C
6LFArizona Diamondbacks2001Luis Gonzalez*23 to 34D
7CFArizona Diamondbacks2001Steve Finley*27 to 31C
8RFArizona Diamondbacks2001Reggie Sanders19 to 27C
9IFArizona Diamondbacks2001Craig Counsell*28 to 28C
10RFArizona Diamondbacks2001David Dellucci*25 to 31C
11OFArizona Diamondbacks2001Danny Bautista33 to 35C
121BArizona Diamondbacks2001Erubiel Durazo*21 to 27E
132BArizona Diamondbacks2001Junior Spivey23 to 25C
14CArizona Diamondbacks2001Rod Barajas11 to 13E
15CIArizona Diamondbacks2001Greg Colbrunn25 to 31E
16CArizona Diamondbacks2001Chad Moeller23 to 24E
1CAtlanta Braves1995Javy Lopez34 to 38E
21BAtlanta Braves1995Fred McGriff*25 to 32D
32BAtlanta Braves1995Mark Lemke#27 to 27D
4SSAtlanta Braves1995Jeff Blauser18 to 22C
53BAtlanta Braves1995Chipper Jones#24 to 28C
6LFAtlanta Braves1995Ryan Klesko*28 to 35C
7CFAtlanta Braves1995Marquis Grissom26 to 28A
8RFAtlanta Braves1995David Justice*21 to 26C
9CAtlanta Braves1995Charlie O'Brien17 to 23E
10MIAtlanta Braves1995Rafael Belliard22=3BD
11LFAtlanta Braves1995Mike Kelly16 to 18C
12OFAtlanta Braves1995Dwight Smith*25 to 27E
133BAtlanta Braves1995Jose Oliva11 to 15E
14IFAtlanta Braves1995Mike Mordecai22 to 25E
15OFAtlanta Braves1995Mike Devereaux26 to 27C
16OFAtlanta Braves1995Luis Polonia*15-25=2BC
17OFAtlanta Braves1995Brian Kowitz*11-15=2BE
22PAtlanta Braves1995Tom Glavine*16 to 17E
24PAtlanta Braves1995Steve Avery*13 to 16E
1CBaltimore Orioles1970Elrod Hendricks*23 to 26C
21BBaltimore Orioles1970Boog Powell*24 to 32D
32BBaltimore Orioles1970Davey Johnson31 to 32C
4SSBaltimore Orioles1970Mark Belanger23=3BB
53BBaltimore Orioles1970Brooks Robinson28 to 32D
6LFBaltimore Orioles1970Don Buford#24 to 26B
7CFBaltimore Orioles1970Paul Blair25 to 28B
8RFBaltimore Orioles1970Frank Robinson27 to 34C
9OFBaltimore Orioles1970Merv Rettenmund32 to 37B
10CBaltimore Orioles1970Andy Etchebarren26 to 27C
11UTBaltimore Orioles1970Terry Crowley*23 to 25C
12SSBaltimore Orioles1970Chico Salmon23 to 27D
13LFBaltimore Orioles1970Curt Motton17 to 22D
14MIBaltimore Orioles1970Bobby Grich21-24=3BD
15CBaltimore Orioles1970Clay Dalrymple*17 to 21E
16RFBaltimore Orioles1970Dave May*15 to 18E
17CBaltimore Orioles1970Johnny Oates*18-24 = 3BE
18OFBaltimore Orioles1970Don Baylor11-24=1BD
1CBaltimore Orioles1983Rick Dempsey24 to 24D
21BBaltimore Orioles1983Eddie Murray#27 to 34C
32BBaltimore Orioles1983Rich Dauer25 to 25D
4SSBaltimore Orioles1983Cal Ripken Jr.34 to 38E
53BBaltimore Orioles1983Todd Cruz21 to 22D
6LFBaltimore Orioles1983John Lowenstein*25 to 31C
7CFBaltimore Orioles1983Al Bumbry*33 to 33B
8RFBaltimore Orioles1983Dan Ford31 to 33B
9DHBaltimore Orioles1983Ken Singleton#25 to 28E
10OFBaltimore Orioles1983Gary Roenicke22 to 28D
11CFBaltimore Orioles1983John Shelby#28 to 31B
12RFBaltimore Orioles1983Jim Dwyer*27 to 32D
133BBaltimore Orioles1983Leo Hernandez25 to 28C
14CBaltimore Orioles1983Joe Nolan*31 to 33E
152BBaltimore Orioles1983Lenn Sakata25 to 27C
16LFBaltimore Orioles1983Benny Ayala21 to 24E
1CBoston Braves1914Hank Gowdy27 to 27B
21BBoston Braves1914Charles Schmidt*33-34=3BB
32BBoston Braves1914Johnny Evers*31=3BB
4SSBoston Braves1914Rabbit Maranville28 to 28A
53BBoston Braves1914Charlie Deal24=3BC
6OFBoston Braves1914Larry Gilbert*31 to 32C
7OFBoston Braves1914Les Mann31 to 31B
8OFBoston Braves1914Joe Connolly*35 to 36B
9OFBoston Braves1914George Whitted31 to 31B
103BBoston Braves1914Red Smith35 to 36C
11CBoston Braves1914Bert Whaling21-24=2BC
12OFBoston Braves1914Herbie Moran*32=3BC
13OFBoston Braves1914Ted Cather36 = 3BB
14OFBoston Braves1914Josh Devore*25 to 25C
15OFBoston Braves1914Jim Murray26-27=3BC
16UTBoston Braves1914Oscar Dugey23 to 23B
173BBoston Braves1914Jack Martin23-25=2BE
1CBoston Red Sox2007Jason Varitek#23 to 26D
21BBoston Red Sox2007Kevin Youkilis28 to 32C
32BBoston Red Sox2007Dustin Pedroia36 to 37B
4SSBoston Red Sox2007Julio Lugo25 to 26A
53BBoston Red Sox2007Mike Lowell35 to 38C
6LFBoston Red Sox2007Manny Ramirez28 to 33E
7CFBoston Red Sox2007Coco Crisp#31 to 31A
8RFBoston Red Sox2007J.D. Drew*26 to 28C
9DHBoston Red Sox2007David Ortiz*29 to 35C
10MIBoston Red Sox2007Alex Cora*23 to 24D
111BBoston Red Sox2007Eric Hinske*16 to 21C
12RFBoston Red Sox2007Wily Mo Pena21 to 24E
13CBoston Red Sox2007Doug Mirabelli16 to 22E
14OFBoston Red Sox2007Jacoby Ellsbury*27 to 31B
15OFBoston Red Sox2007Bobby Kielty#23 to 24E
1CBrooklyn Dodgers1955Roy Campanella29 to 36D
21BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Gil Hodges27 to 33C
32BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Jim Gilliam#27 to 27C
4SSBrooklyn Dodgers1955Pee Wee Reese31 to 32C
53BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Jackie Robinson24 to 26B
6LFBrooklyn Dodgers1955Sandy Amoros*25 to 27C
7CFBrooklyn Dodgers1955Duke Snider*26 to 34C
8RFBrooklyn Dodgers1955Carl Furillo33 to 38C
93BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Don Hoak24 to 25C
102BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Don Zimmer22 to 27C
11CBrooklyn Dodgers1955Rube Walker*26 to 27C
121BBrooklyn Dodgers1955Frank Kellert18 to 25E
13OFBrooklyn Dodgers1955George Shuba*24 to 25E
15OFBrooklyn Dodgers1955Walt Moryn*18 to 24E
18PBrooklyn Dodgers1955Don Newcombe*23 to 31C
19PBrooklyn Dodgers1955Carl Erskine17 to 18E
20PBrooklyn Dodgers1955Johnny Podres*15-18=2BE
1CChicago Cubs1907Johnny Kling32-35=3BB
21BChicago Cubs1907Frank Chance34 = 3BAA
32BChicago Cubs1907Johnny Evers*31=3BAAA
4SSChicago Cubs1907Joe Tinker26=3BA
53BChicago Cubs1907Harry Steinfeldt32=3BA
6OFChicago Cubs1907Jimmy Sheckard*24-28=3BAA
7OFChicago Cubs1907Jimmy Slagle*28=3BA
8OFChicago Cubs1907Frank Schulte*34 to 34B
9UTChicago Cubs1907Solly Hofman33=3BA
10CChicago Cubs1907Pat Moran26 to 26C
111BChicago Cubs1907Del Howard*25-26=3BC
12OFChicago Cubs1907Newt Randall22-24=3BC
18PChicago Cubs1907Orval Overall#18-22=3BE
19PChicago Cubs1907Mordecai Brown#11 to 11E
22PChicago Cubs1907Ed Reulbach15 to 16E
1CChicago White Sox2005A.J. Pierzynski*24 to 28E
21BChicago White Sox2005Paul Konerko23 to 32E
32BChicago White Sox2005Tadahito Iguchi28 to 32B
4SSChicago White Sox2005Juan Uribe24 to 27C
53BChicago White Sox2005Joe Crede23 to 28D
6LFChicago White Sox2005Scott Podsednik*28-34=2BAA
7CFChicago White Sox2005Aaron Rowand27 to 31B
8RFChicago White Sox2005Jermaine Dye25 to 33B
9DHChicago White Sox2005Carl Everett#23 to 27C
103BChicago White Sox2005Pablo Ozuna31=3BB
11OFChicago White Sox2005Timo Perez*24 to 24D
12CChicago White Sox2005Chris Widger25 to 27E
132BChicago White Sox2005Willie Harris*27 to 27B
14DHChicago White Sox2005Frank Thomas11 to 22E
15IFChicago White Sox2005Geoff Blum#25 to 25E
1CCincinnati Reds1975Johnny Bench26 to 33B
21BCincinnati Reds1975Tony Perez31 to 34D
32BCincinnati Reds1975Joe Morgan*32 to 34AAA
4SSCincinnati Reds1975Dave Concepcion33 to 33A
53BCincinnati Reds1975Pete Rose#37 to 37E
6LFCincinnati Reds1975George Foster31 to 36C
7CFCincinnati Reds1975Cesar Geronimo*31 to 31B
8RFCincinnati Reds1975Ken Griffey*35 to 35B
9UTCincinnati Reds1975Dan Driessen*27 to 32B
10RFCincinnati Reds1975Merv Rettenmund25 to 25C
11CCincinnati Reds1975Bill Plummer17 to 17C
12SSCincinnati Reds1975Darrel Chaney#25 to 25C
13IFCincinnati Reds1975Doug Flynn31 to 31C
14UTCincinnati Reds1975Terry Crowley*24 to 25E
15OFCincinnati Reds1975Ed Armbrister18-21=2BC
163BCincinnati Reds1975John Vukovich14-22=2BE
19PCincinnati Reds1975Gary Nolan15-16=3BE
21PCincinnati Reds1975Don Gullett22-23=3BE
1CCleveland Indians1954Jim Hegan24 to 26E
21BCleveland Indians1954Vic Wertz*26 to 32E
32BCleveland Indians1954Bobby Avila37 to 41C
4SSCleveland Indians1954George Strickland21 to 22C
53BCleveland Indians1954Al Rosen27 to 33C
6LFCleveland Indians1954Al Smith28 to 31D
7CFCleveland Indians1954Larry Doby*24 to 31C
8RFCleveland Indians1954Dave Philley#23 to 25D
9LFCleveland Indians1954Wally Westlake25 to 31E
103BCleveland Indians1954Rudy Regalado27 to 27E
11SSCleveland Indians1954Sam Dente31 to 31E
121BCleveland Indians1954Bill Glynn*27 to 31C
13IFCleveland Indians1954Hank Majeski27 to 31E
14LFCleveland Indians1954Dave Pope*26 to 31C
15CCleveland Indians1954Hal Naragon*26-27=3BE
16LFCleveland Indians1954Dale Mitchell*24 to 25E
23PCleveland Indians1954Bob Lemon*22 to 23E
24PCleveland Indians1954Early Wynn#15-18=2BE
26PCleveland Indians1954Art Houtteman24 to 25C
27PCleveland Indians1954Bob Feller17-18=2BE
1CCleveland Indians1995Tony Pena28 to 31C
21BCleveland Indians1995Paul Sorrento*15 to 24D
32BCleveland Indians1995Carlos Baerga#36 to 38B
4SSCleveland Indians1995Omar Vizquel#28 to 28A
53BCleveland Indians1995Jim Thome*26 to 33C
6LFCleveland Indians1995Albert Belle27 to 36C
7CFCleveland Indians1995Kenny Lofton*36 to 37AA
8RFCleveland Indians1995Manny Ramirez26 to 34C
9DHCleveland Indians1995Eddie Murray#33 to 38C
10CCleveland Indians1995Sandy Alomar26 to 33C
11OFCleveland Indians1995Wayne Kirby*23 to 23B
121BCleveland Indians1995Herbert Perry35 to 36D
13IFCleveland Indians1995Alvaro Espinoza25 to 26E
14DHCleveland Indians1995Dave Winfield17 to 18C
15OFCleveland Indians1995Ruben Amaro#18 to 21D
1CColorado Rockies2007Yorvit Torrealba26 to 27C
21BColorado Rockies2007Todd Helton*31 to 33E
32BColorado Rockies2007Kazuo Matsui#33 to 33A
4SSColorado Rockies2007Troy Tulowitzki27 to 33C
53BColorado Rockies2007Garrett Atkins28 to 34C
6LFColorado Rockies2007Matt Holliday33 to 38B
7CFColorado Rockies2007Willy Taveras37 to 37A
8RFColorado Rockies2007Brad Hawpe*24 to 31E
9CFColorado Rockies2007Ryan Spilborghs27 to 33C
102BColorado Rockies2007Jamey Carroll22 to 22C
11CColorado Rockies2007Chris Iannetta18 to 21E
12UTColorado Rockies2007Jeff Baker21 to 23E
13CFColorado Rockies2007Cory Sullivan*32 to 33C
14CFColorado Rockies2007Steve Finley*17 to 17E
152BColorado Rockies2007Omar Quintanilla*18-25=2BE
1CDetroit Tigers1968Bill Freehan24 to 28E
1CDetroit Tigers1968Lance Parrish21 to 27D
21BDetroit Tigers1968Norm Cash*24 to 32D
21BDetroit Tigers1968Dave Bergman*27 to 31D
32BDetroit Tigers1968Lou Whitaker*32 to 34C
32BDetroit Tigers1968Dick McAuliffe*25 to 27C
4SSDetroit Tigers1968Alan Trammell35 to 37B
4SSDetroit Tigers1968Ray Oyler13 to 13E
53BDetroit Tigers1968Howard Johnson#25 to 28C
53BDetroit Tigers1968Don Wert21 to 23E
6LFDetroit Tigers1968Larry Herndon33 to 34C
6LFDetroit Tigers1968Willie Horton26 to 34E
7CFDetroit Tigers1968Chet Lemon31 to 34C
7CFDetroit Tigers1968Mickey Stanley31 to 32C
8RFDetroit Tigers1968Kirk Gibson*26 to 33A
8RFDetroit Tigers1968Jim Northrup*27 to 32C
9UTDetroit Tigers1968Al Kaline28 to 32C
9DHDetroit Tigers1968Darrell Evans*21 to 24D
10SSDetroit Tigers1968Tommy Matchick*21 to 222E
11SSDetroit Tigers1968Dick Tracewski14 to 15C
12CDetroit Tigers1968Jim Price16 to 18E
13LFDetroit Tigers1968Gates Brown*23 to 31E
14CIDetroit Tigers1968Eddie Mathews*16 to 24E
19PDetroit Tigers1968Denny McLain11=3BE
20PDetroit Tigers1968Earl Wilson14 to 23E
101BDetroit Tigers1984Barbaro Garbey34 to 35C
11IFDetroit Tigers1984Tom Brookens25 to 27C
12OFDetroit Tigers1984Ruppert Jones*27 to 34D
13DHDetroit Tigers1984Johnny Grubb*23 to 27C
14RFDetroit Tigers1984Rusty Kuntz31 to 32D
15UTDetroit Tigers1984Marty Castillo25 to 27C
16SSDetroit Tigers1984Doug Baker#21=3BC
1CFlorida Marlins1997Charles Johnson22 to 26E
21BFlorida Marlins1997Jeff Conine21 to 25C
32BFlorida Marlins1997Luis Castillo#23-26=2BB
4SSFlorida Marlins1997Edgar Renteria32 to 32A
53BFlorida Marlins1997Bobby Bonilla#31 to 33C
6LFFlorida Marlins1997Moises Alou27 to 33C
7CFFlorida Marlins1997Devon White#25 to 26B
8RFFlorida Marlins1997Gary Sheffield17 to 23C
9UTFlorida Marlins1997Jim Eisenreich*32 to 32E
102BFlorida Marlins1997Kurt Abbott31 to 33C
11OFFlorida Marlins1997John Cangelosi#22-26=2BC
122BFlorida Marlins1997Craig Counsell*34 to 34D
13CFlorida Marlins1997Gregg Zaun#33 to 33C
14LFFlorida Marlins1997Cliff Floyd*17 to 23C
151BFlorida Marlins1997Darren Daulton*24 to 26C
16IFFlorida Marlins1997Alex Arias25 to 25E
1CHouston Astros1998Brad Ausmus28 to 31B
21BHouston Astros1998Jeff Bagwell24 to 32B
32BHouston Astros1998Craig Biggio35 to 37AAA
4SSHouston Astros1998Ricky Gutierrez28=3BB
53BHouston Astros1998Bill Spiers*31 to 31B
6LFHouston Astros1998Moises Alou29 to 35B
7CFHouston Astros1998Carl Everett#32 to 35C
8RFHouston Astros1998Derek Bell34 to 37B
93BHouston Astros1998Sean Berry32 to 36C
10CFHouston Astros1998Richard Hidalgo33 to 36C
11CHouston Astros1998Tony Eusebio28 to 28C
12SSHouston Astros1998Tim Bogar15 to 15C
13OFHouston Astros1998Dave Clark*15-22=2BD
14UTHouston Astros1998J.R. Phillips*15 to 18E
15CIHouston Astros1998Jack Howell*22 to 24E
16LFHouston Astros1998Pete Incaviglia11-12=1BE
21PHouston Astros1998Shane Reynolds11=2BE
23PHouston Astros1998Mike Hampton21-25=3BC
1CKansas City Royals1985Jim Sundberg25 to 27E
21BKansas City Royals1985Steve Balboni21 to 27D
32BKansas City Royals1985Frank White23 to 27B
4SSKansas City Royals1985Onix Concepcion21 to 21C
53BKansas City Royals1985George Brett*31 to 36B
6LFKansas City Royals1985Lonnie Smith27 to 28AA
7CFKansas City Royals1985Willie Wilson#33 to 33AA
8RFKansas City Royals1985Darryl Motley18 to 24C
9DHKansas City Royals1985Hal McRae23 to 27E
10DHKansas City Royals1985Jorge Orta*31 to 32C
11RFKansas City Royals1985Pat Sheridan*23 to 24B
12OFKansas City Royals1985Lynn Jones16-22=2BE
13CKansas City Royals1985John Wathan25 to 25D
14SSKansas City Royals1985Buddy Biancalana#17 to 17D
15OFKansas City Royals1985Dane Iorg*25 to 25E
16IFKansas City Royals1985Greg Pryor24 to 24E
17OFKansas City Royals1985Omar Moreno*23 to 25E
18CKansas City Royals1985Jamie Quirk*31-32=3BE
1CLos Angeles Dodgers1963John Roseboro*25 to 26C
21BLos Angeles Dodgers1963Ron Fairly*27 to 31C
32BLos Angeles Dodgers1963Jim Gilliam#32 to 32B
4SSLos Angeles Dodgers1963Maury Wills#36 = 3BA
53BLos Angeles Dodgers1963Ken McMullen25 to 26D
6LFLos Angeles Dodgers1963Tommy Davis36 to 38C
7CFLos Angeles Dodgers1963Willie Davis*26 to 27B
8RFLos Angeles Dodgers1963Frank Howard23 to 32D
9OFLos Angeles Dodgers1963Wally Moon*25 to 27C
101BLos Angeles Dodgers1963Bill Skowron22 to 23E
11SSLos Angeles Dodgers1963Dick Tracewski25 to 25D
122BLos Angeles Dodgers1963Nate Oliver27 to 27D
13CLos Angeles Dodgers1963Doug Camilli13 to 15E
14UTLos Angeles Dodgers1963Lee Walls22 to 25E
1CLos Angeles Dodgers1988Mike Scioscia*31 to 31E
21BLos Angeles Dodgers1988Franklin Stubbs*22 to 25B
32BLos Angeles Dodgers1988Steve Sax34 to 34AA
4SSLos Angeles Dodgers1988Alfredo Griffin#22=3BC
53BLos Angeles Dodgers1988Jeff Hamilton26 to 27E
6LFLos Angeles Dodgers1988Kirk Gibson*27 to 33A
7CFLos Angeles Dodgers1988John Shelby#31 to 32B
8RFLos Angeles Dodgers1988Mike Marshall28 to 33C
9SSLos Angeles Dodgers1988Dave Anderson27 to 27C
10OFLos Angeles Dodgers1988Mike Davis*22 to 22C
113BLos Angeles Dodgers1988Pedro Guerrero33 to 35C
12UTLos Angeles Dodgers1988Mickey Hatcher28-35=2BE
13CLos Angeles Dodgers1988Rick Dempsey23 to 27C
143BLos Angeles Dodgers1988Tracy Woodson27 to 28D
15UTLos Angeles Dodgers1988Danny Heep*26=3BC
1CMilwaukee Braves1957Del Crandall24 to 28D
21BMilwaukee Braves1957Frank Torre*28 to 31E
32BMilwaukee Braves1957Red Schoendienst#36 to 37D
4SSMilwaukee Braves1957Johnny Logan31 to 32C
53BMilwaukee Braves1957Eddie Mathews*26 to 33C
6LFMilwaukee Braves1957Wes Covington*25 to 33C
7CFMilwaukee Braves1957Bill Bruton*32 to 33B
8RFMilwaukee Braves1957Henry Aaron31 to 38D
9OFMilwaukee Braves1957Andy Pafko28 to 32C
101BMilwaukee Braves1957Joe Adcock26 to 34E
112BMilwaukee Braves1957Danny O'Connell25 to 25C
12SSMilwaukee Braves1957Felix Mantilla24 to 26C
13CMilwaukee Braves1957Del Rice16 to 24E
14LFMilwaukee Braves1957Bobby Thomson24 to 26C
15RFMilwaukee Braves1957Bob Hazle*42 to 47D
16CMilwaukee Braves1957Carl Sawatski*18 to 26E
171BMilwaukee Braves1957Nippy Jones27 to 31E
18LFMilwaukee Braves1957Chuck Tanner*23 to 25E
1CMilwaukee Brewers1982Ted Simmons#26 to 32E
21BMilwaukee Brewers1982Cecil Cooper*33 to 38D
32BMilwaukee Brewers1982Jim Gantner*35 to 35C
4SSMilwaukee Brewers1982Robin Yount35 to 41B
53BMilwaukee Brewers1982Paul Molitor33 to 35AA
6LFMilwaukee Brewers1982Ben Oglivie*21 to 26D
7CFMilwaukee Brewers1982Gorman Thomas17 to 25D
8RFMilwaukee Brewers1982Charlie Moore28 to 31D
9DHMilwaukee Brewers1982Roy Howell*28 to 31E
10DHMilwaukee Brewers1982Don Money24 to 32E
11RFMilwaukee Brewers1982Marshall Edwards*25 to 26B
122BMilwaukee Brewers1982Ed Romero28 to 28E
13RFMilwaukee Brewers1982Mark Brouhard26 to 31E
14CMilwaukee Brewers1982Ned Yost31 to 31C
1CMinnesota Twins1991Brian Harper35 to 37D
21BMinnesota Twins1991Kent Hrbek*26 to 32C
32BMinnesota Twins1991Chuck Knoblauch33=3BA
4SSMinnesota Twins1991Greg Gagne28 to 31C
53BMinnesota Twins1991Mike Pagliarulo*33 to 34D
6LFMinnesota Twins1991Dan Gladden26 to 27B
7CFMinnesota Twins1991Kirby Puckett36 to 38B
8RFMinnesota Twins1991Shane Mack32 to 36C
9DHMinnesota Twins1991Chili Davis#23 to 28C
10UTMinnesota Twins1991Gene Larkin#33 to 33D
11MIMinnesota Twins1991Al Newman#17-18=2BC
123BMinnesota Twins1991Scott Leius28 to 32C
13RFMinnesota Twins1991Randy Bush*31 to 34E
14RFMinnesota Twins1991Pedro Munoz27 to 34C
15CMinnesota Twins1991Junior Ortiz22=3BE
1CMontreal Expos1994Darrin Fletcher*25 to 28E
21BMontreal Expos1994Cliff Floyd*33 to 33B
32BMontreal Expos1994Mike Lansing31 to 31C
4SSMontreal Expos1994Wil Cordero31 to 34B
53BMontreal Expos1994Sean Berry27 to 32B
6LFMontreal Expos1994Moises Alou34 to 41C
7CFMontreal Expos1994Marquis Grissom32 to 34AA
8RFMontreal Expos1994Larry Walker*32 to 36B
9CMontreal Expos1994Lenny Webster26 to 31E
10LFMontreal Expos1994Lou Frazier#31=3BA
112BMontreal Expos1994Juan Bell#28 to 31C
12LFMontreal Expos1994Rondell White28 to 31D
131BMontreal Expos1994Randy Milligan21 to 23E
142BMontreal Expos1994Freddie Benavides18 = 3BE
1CNew York Giants1954Wes Westrum15 to 17E
21BNew York Giants1954Whitey Lockman*26 to 28D
32BNew York Giants1954Davey Williams24 to 25D
4SSNew York Giants1954Al Dark31 to 34C
53BNew York Giants1954Hank Thompson*22 to 27C
6LFNew York Giants1954Monte Irvin24 to 28C
7CFNew York Giants1954Willie Mays33 to 42C
8RFNew York Giants1954Don Mueller*41-42 = 3BD
9CNew York Giants1954Ray Katt24 to 28C
10LFNew York Giants1954Dusty Rhodes*31 to 42C
11IFNew York Giants1954Bobby Hofman16 to 24E
123BNew York Giants1954Billy Gardner25 to 25E
13OFNew York Giants1954Bill Taylor*14 to 17E
1CNew York Mets1969Jerry Grote27 to 28C
21BNew York Mets1969Ed Kranepool*23 to 26C
32BNew York Mets1969Ken Boswell*32 to 32C
4SSNew York Mets1969Bud Harrelson#25-26=3BD
53BNew York Mets1969Wayne Garrett*23=3BC
6LFNew York Mets1969Cleon Jones36 to 38B
7CFNew York Mets1969Tommie Agee25 to 31C
8RFNew York Mets1969Ron Swoboda23 to 25D
9RFNew York Mets1969Art Shamsky*28 to 34D
10MINew York Mets1969Al Weis24 to 24C
11RFNew York Mets1969Rod Gaspar#24 to 24C
121BNew York Mets1969Donn Clendenon21 to 27C
133BNew York Mets1969Bobby Pfeil18-24=2BE
14CNew York Mets1969J.C. Martin*21 to 23E
153BNew York Mets1969Ed Charles21 to 22C
16OFNew York Mets1969Amos Otis14=3BC
1CNew York Mets1986Gary Carter22 to 26C
21BNew York Mets1986Keith Hernandez*32 to 34C
32BNew York Mets1986Wally Backman#37 = 3BB
4SSNew York Mets1986Rafael Santana22-24=2BE
53BNew York Mets1986Ray Knight33 to 35C
6LFNew York Mets1986George Foster17 to 25D
7CFNew York Mets1986Lenny Dykstra*32 to 33A
8RFNew York Mets1986Darryl Strawberry*22 to 27A
9OFNew York Mets1986Mookie Wilson#32 to 34A
10UTNew York Mets1986Kevin Mitchell28 to 33C
112BNew York Mets1986Tim Teufel25 to 26D
12IFNew York Mets1986Howard Johnson#22 to 26B
13LFNew York Mets1986Danny Heep*28 to 32D
14CNew York Mets1986Ed Hearn27 to 31E
15UTNew York Mets1986Lee Mazzilli#22 to 25D
16SSNew York Mets1986Kevin Elster14-16=2BE
1CNew York Yankees1927Pat Collins27 to 31E
21BNew York Yankees1927Lou Gehrig*34 to 43C
32BNew York Yankees1927Tony Lazzeri35 to 37B
4SSNew York Yankees1927Mark Koenig#35 to 35C
53BNew York Yankees1927Joe Dugan34 to 34D
6OFNew York Yankees1927Bob Meusel42 to 43B
7OFNew York Yankees1927Babe Ruth*24 to 38C
8OFNew York Yankees1927Earle Combs*45 to 45B
92BNew York Yankees1927Ray Morehart*28 to 28C
10CNew York Yankees1927Johnny Grabowski32-33=3BE
113BNew York Yankees1927Mike Gazella26-28=3BC
12OFNew York Yankees1927Cedric Durst*26-27=3BE
13CNew York Yankees1927Benny Bengough22-25=3BE
14OFNew York Yankees1927Ben Paschal23 to 25E
1CNew York Yankees1939Bill Dickey*28 to 34C
21BNew York Yankees1939Babe Dahlgren24 to 26D
32BNew York Yankees1939Joe Gordon26 to 33C
4SSNew York Yankees1939Frankie Crosetti25 to 26C
53BNew York Yankees1939Red Rolfe*38 to 41C
6OFNew York Yankees1939Charlie Keller*34 to 36C
7OFNew York Yankees1939George Selkirk*26 to 32B
8OFNew York Yankees1939Joe DiMaggio38 to 46C
9OFNew York Yankees1939Tommy Henrich*28 to 32B
10CNew York Yankees1939Buddy Rosar31=3BC
11OFNew York Yankees1939Jake Powell25 to 25D
12OFNew York Yankees1939Joe Gallagher21 to 25C
131BNew York Yankees1939Lou Gehrig*11-13=1BE
16PNew York Yankees1939Red Ruffing31 to 31C
17PNew York Yankees1939Lefty Gomez*13-15=2BE
18PNew York Yankees1939Bump Hadley15-18=2BC
19PNew York Yankees1939Atley Donald*31-32=3BE
20PNew York Yankees1939Monte Pearson24-25=3BE
21PNew York Yankees1939Steve Sundra12-25=2BE
1CNew York Yankees1998Jorge Posada#25 to 31E
21BNew York Yankees1998Tino Martinez*25 to 32C
32BNew York Yankees1998Chuck Knoblauch26 to 28A
4SSNew York Yankees1998Derek Jeter35 to 38A
53BNew York Yankees1998Scott Brosius31 to 34C
6LFNew York Yankees1998Chad Curtis24 to 25A
7CFNew York Yankees1998Bernie Williams#33 to 38B
8RFNew York Yankees1998Paul O'Neill*33 to 37B
9DHNew York Yankees1998Darryl Strawberry*18 to 26C
10DHNew York Yankees1998Tim Raines#31 to 32C
11CNew York Yankees1998Joe Girardi32 to 32D
12IFNew York Yankees1998Luis Sojo23=3BC
13DHNew York Yankees1998Chili Davis#27 to 31E
1CNew York Yankees2022Jose Trevino23 to 26C
21BNew York Yankees2022Anthony Rizzo*14 to 22C
32BNew York Yankees2022Gleyber Torres24 to 28C
4SSNew York Yankees2022Isiah Kiner-Falefa28 to 28A
53BNew York Yankees2022Josh Donaldson17 to 22D
6LFNew York Yankees2022Aaron Hicks#18 to 21B
7CFNew York Yankees2022Aaron Judge18 to 32B
8RFNew York Yankees2022Joey Gallo*11 to 13C
9DHNew York Yankees2022Giancarlo Stanton11 to 21E
10IFNew York Yankees2022DJ LeMahieu24 to 26C
11CNew York Yankees2022Kyle Higashioka17 to 23E
12UTNew York Yankees2022Marwin Gonzalez#14 to 17C
13RFNew York Yankees2022Oswaldo Cabrera#23 to 26C
14DHNew York Yankees2022Matt Carpenter*26 to 32E
15LFNew York Yankees2022Andrew Benintendi*25 to 26C
16LFNew York Yankees2022Miguel Andujar23 to 23C
1COakland A's1972Dave Duncan18 to 24E
21BOakland A's1972Mike Epstein*23 to 28E
32BOakland A's1972Tim Cullen27=3BE
4SSOakland A's1972Bert Campaneris26 to 26AA
53BOakland A's1972Sal Bando22 to 24C
6LFOakland A's1972Joe Rudi33 to 36D
7CFOakland A's1972Reggie Jackson*23 to 28C
8RFOakland A's1972Angel Mangual27=3BE
9COakland A's1972Gene Tenace23 to 24E
102BOakland A's1972Larry Brown17-18=2BE
11RFOakland A's1972Matty Alou*31 to 31C
12CFOakland A's1972George Hendrick13 to 16C
13OFOakland A's1972Bill Voss*24 to 24E
142BOakland A's1972Ted Kubiak#17 = 3BE
1COakland A's1989Terry Steinbach33 to 34D
21BOakland A's1989Mark McGwire16 to 24D
32BOakland A's1989Tony Phillips#28 to 28D
4SSOakland A's1989Mike Gallego28 to 28C
53BOakland A's1989Carney Lansford35-42=2BA
6LFOakland A's1989Rickey Henderson28 to 32AAA
7CFOakland A's1989Dave Henderson26 to 28C
8RFOakland A's1989Stan Javier#28=3BB
9DHOakland A's1989Dave Parker*27 to 33E
10COakland A's1989Ron Hassey*25 to 26C
11SSOakland A's1989Walt Weiss#26 to 26C
12RFOakland A's1989Jose Canseco23 to 32C
13LFOakland A's1989Luis Polonia*33-34=3BB
142BOakland A's1989Glenn Hubbard17 to 21C
15UTOakland A's1989Lance Blankenship27 to 27C
1CPhiladelphia Athletics1910Jack Lapp*26-27=3BE
21BPhiladelphia Athletics1910Harry Davis28=3BA
32BPhiladelphia Athletics1910Eddie Collins*41 to 41AAA
4SSPhiladelphia Athletics1910Jack Barry31 to 31B
53BPhiladelphia Athletics1910Home Run Baker*32-35=3BA
6OFPhiladelphia Athletics1910Topsy Hartsel*23=3BB
7OFPhiladelphia Athletics1910Rube Oldring38 to 38A
8OFPhiladelphia Athletics1910Danny Murphy38 to 38A
9OFPhiladelphia Athletics1910Bris Lord31-34=3BB
10CPhiladelphia Athletics1910Ira Thomas33 to 33C
11CPhiladelphia Athletics1910Paddy Livingston21-23=3BC
12OFPhiladelphia Athletics1910Heinie Heitmuller28-31=3BB
1CPhiladelphia Athletics1929Mickey Cochrane*38 to 38C
21BPhiladelphia Athletics1929Jimmie Foxx33 to 41C
32BPhiladelphia Athletics1929Max Bishop*23 to 23D
4SSPhiladelphia Athletics1929Joe Boley31 to 31C
53BPhiladelphia Athletics1929Sammy Hale32 to 32C
6OFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Al Simmons42 to 48C
7OFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Bing Miller42 to 43B
8OFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Mule Haas*36 to 38E
9IFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Jimmy Dykes36 to 38C
10OFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Homer Summa*18-25=2BD
11CPhiladelphia Athletics1929Cy Perkins18-25=2BE
12IFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Jim Cronin#25-26=3BE
13OFPhiladelphia Athletics1929Ossie Orwoll*31-32=3BE
1CPhiladelphia Phillies2008Carlos Ruiz23 to 23D
21BPhiladelphia Phillies2008Ryan Howard*16 to 26D
32BPhiladelphia Phillies2008Chase Utley*26 to 33B
4SSPhiladelphia Phillies2008Jimmy Rollins#31 to 32AAA
53BPhiladelphia Phillies2008Pedro Feliz25 to 28E
6LFPhiladelphia Phillies2008Pat Burrell17 to 25E
7CFPhiladelphia Phillies2008Shane Victorino#33 to 35A
8RFPhiladelphia Phillies2008Jayson Werth24 to 31A
9RFPhiladelphia Phillies2008Geoff Jenkins*24 to 27D
10CPhiladelphia Phillies2008Chris Coste26 to 31E
113BPhiladelphia Phillies2008Greg Dobbs*32 to 36C
12SSPhiladelphia Phillies2008Eric Bruntlett23 to 23B
1CPittsburgh Pirates1909George Gibson32-33=3BB
21BPittsburgh Pirates1909Bill Abstein28-31=3BA
32BPittsburgh Pirates1909Dots Miller34 to 34B
4SSPittsburgh Pirates1909Honus Wagner41 to 41AA
53BPittsburgh Pirates1909William Barbeau25=3BA
6OFPittsburgh Pirates1909Tommy Leach31 to 31A
7OFPittsburgh Pirates1909Fred Clarke*33 to 33AA
8OFPittsburgh Pirates1909Owen Wilson*32 to 32A
93BPittsburgh Pirates1909Bobby Byrne27=3BB
10CIPittsburgh Pirates1909Alan Storke28-31=3BC
11SSPittsburgh Pirates1909Ed Abbaticchio24 to 24C
1CSan Diego Padres2022Austin Nola26 to 26C
21BSan Diego Padres2022Eric Hosmer*27 to 31E
32BSan Diego Padres2022Jake Cronenworth*22 to 24C
4SSSan Diego Padres2022Ha-Seong Kim25 to 26B
53BSan Diego Padres2022Manny Machado27 to 34B
6LFSan Diego Padres2022Jurickson Profar#23 to 25C
7CFSan Diego Padres2022Trent Grisham*13 to 16B
8RFSan Diego Padres2022Juan Soto*18 to 22E
9DHSan Diego Padres2022Luke Voit16 to 22D
10UTSan Diego Padres2022Wil Myers26 to 28C
11CSan Diego Padres2022Jorge Alfaro23 to 25C
12OFSan Diego Padres2022Jose Azocar27-28=3BC
13DHSan Diego Padres2022Josh Bell#15 to 16E
141BSan Diego Padres2022Brandon Drury17 to 24E
15RFSan Diego Padres2022Nomar Mazara*31 to 31E
16SSSan Diego Padres2022CJ Abrams*18 to 21D
1CSan Francisco Giants2012Buster Posey34 to 38D
21BSan Francisco Giants2012Brandon Belt*28 to 31B
32BSan Francisco Giants2012Ryan Theriot26-32=2BB
4SSSan Francisco Giants2012Brandon Crawford*28 to 28D
53BSan Francisco Giants2012Pablo Sandoval#31 to 33D
6LFSan Francisco Giants2012Melky Cabrera#41 to 43B
7CFSan Francisco Giants2012Angel Pagan#33 to 34A
8RFSan Francisco Giants2012Hunter Pence18 to 23C
9OFSan Francisco Giants2012Gregor Blanco*26 to 26A
10IFSan Francisco Giants2012Joaquin Arias28 to 31C
112BSan Francisco Giants2012Marco Scutaro44 to 44C
12CSan Francisco Giants2012Hector Sanchez#28 to 31E
13RFSan Francisco Giants2012Nate Schierholtz*25 to 27C
142BSan Francisco Giants2012Emmanuel Burriss#23=2BC
151BSan Francisco Giants2012Brett Pill18 to 23C
16UTSan Francisco Giants2012Aubrey Huff*17 to 17E
1CSeattle Mariners2001Dan Wilson26 to 28C
21BSeattle Mariners2001John Olerud*27 to 32C
32BSeattle Mariners2001Bret Boone32 to 38C
4SSSeattle Mariners2001Carlos Guillen#26 to 26C
53BSeattle Mariners2001David Bell25 to 28C
6LFSeattle Mariners2001Al Martin*22 to 24B
7CFSeattle Mariners2001Mike Cameron23 to 27A
8RFSeattle Mariners2001Ichiro Suzuki*41 to 41AAA
9DHSeattle Mariners2001Edgar Martinez25 to 31C
10UTSeattle Mariners2001Mark McLemore#28 to 28AA
11LFSeattle Mariners2001Stan Javier#31 to 32B
12CSeattle Mariners2001Tom Lampkin*21 to 23C
13UTSeattle Mariners2001Ed Sprague28 to 31E
14UTSeattle Mariners2001Charles Gipson18-22=3BD
1CSt Louis Browns1922Hank Severeid41-42 = 3BD
21BSt Louis Browns1922George Sisler*54 to 55AA
32BSt Louis Browns1922Marty McManus38 to 41C
4SSSt Louis Browns1922Wally Gerber31-32=3BC
53BSt Louis Browns1922Frank Ellerbe28=3BD
6OFSt Louis Browns1922Ken Williams*33 to 41A
7OFSt Louis Browns1922Baby Doll Jacobson37 to 38B
8OFSt Louis Browns1922Jack Tobin*41 to 42C
93BSt Louis Browns1922Eddie Foster33-35 = 2BC
10OFSt Louis Browns1922Chick Shorten*32 to 33E
11CSt Louis Browns1922Pat Collins23 to 31E
123BSt Louis Browns1922Herman Bronkie24-25=3BE
1CSt Louis Cardinals1968Tim McCarver*32 to 32C
21BSt Louis Cardinals1968Orlando Cepeda27 to 31C
32BSt Louis Cardinals1968Julian Javier32 to 32B
4SSSt Louis Cardinals1968Dal Maxvill28=3BE
53BSt Louis Cardinals1968Mike Shannon31 to 33D
6LFSt Louis Cardinals1968Lou Brock*35 to 35AAA
7CFSt Louis Cardinals1968Curt Flood36 to 36C
8RFSt Louis Cardinals1968Roger Maris*28 to 31E
9RFSt Louis Cardinals1968Bobby Tolan*24 to 26C
10CSt Louis Cardinals1968Johnny Edwards*26 to 27D
11MISt Louis Cardinals1968Dick Schofield#25 to 25D
12UTSt Louis Cardinals1968Phil Gagliano25-26=3BE
13OFSt Louis Cardinals1968Ron Davis16-18=3BC
1CSt Louis Cardinals1982Darrell Porter*21 to 23D
21BSt Louis Cardinals1982Keith Hernandez*32 to 32B
32BSt Louis Cardinals1982Tom Herr#28=3BB
4SSSt Louis Cardinals1982Ozzie Smith#22-26=2BA
53BSt Louis Cardinals1982Ken Oberkfell*34=3BC
6LFSt Louis Cardinals1982Lonnie Smith34 to 35AAA
7CFSt Louis Cardinals1982Willie McGee#33 to 33B
8RFSt Louis Cardinals1982George Hendrick28 to 33C
9MISt Louis Cardinals1982Mike Ramsey#25=3BC
10LFSt Louis Cardinals1982Dane Iorg*26-34=2BE
11CFSt Louis Cardinals1982David Green33 to 33B
12CSt Louis Cardinals1982Gene Tenace17 to 23D
133BSt Louis Cardinals1982Julio Gonzalez25 to 25D
1CSt. Louis Cardinals1942Walker Cooper35 to 36C
21BSt. Louis Cardinals1942Johnny Hopp*32 to 32B
32BSt. Louis Cardinals1942Jimmy Brown#32=3BC
4SSSt. Louis Cardinals1942Marty Marion33 = 3BB
53BSt. Louis Cardinals1942Whitey Kurowski27 to 31B
6OFSt. Louis Cardinals1942Stan Musial*37 to 38C
7OFSt. Louis Cardinals1942Enos Slaughter*37 to 38C
8OFSt. Louis Cardinals1942Terry Moore35 to 35B
92BSt. Louis Cardinals1942Frank Crespi28=3BC
101BSt. Louis Cardinals1942Ray Sanders*27 to 28C
11CSt. Louis Cardinals1942Ken O'Dea*26 to 28E
12OFSt. Louis Cardinals1942Harry Walker*41 = 3BC
13OFSt. Louis Cardinals1942Coaker Triplett34 to 34C
1CTampa Bay Rays2008Dioner Navarro#34 to 35E
21BTampa Bay Rays2008Carlos Pena*16 to 24D
32BTampa Bay Rays2008Akinori Iwamura*32 to 32C
4SSTampa Bay Rays2008Jason Bartlett33 = 3BB
53BTampa Bay Rays2008Evan Longoria23 to 31B
6LFTampa Bay Rays2008Carl Crawford*32 to 33A
7CFTampa Bay Rays2008B.J. Upton27 to 28A
8RFTampa Bay Rays2008Gabe Gross*22 to 26D
9DHTampa Bay Rays2008Cliff Floyd*24 to 28C
10OFTampa Bay Rays2008Eric Hinske*21 to 26B
11CITampa Bay Rays2008Willy Aybar#24 to 27D
12SSTampa Bay Rays2008Ben Zobrist#21 to 27C
13DHTampa Bay Rays2008Jonny Gomes12 to 17B
14CTampa Bay Rays2008Shawn Riggans18 to 24E
1CTexas Rangers2011Yorvit Torrealba31 to 32E
21BTexas Rangers2011Mitch Moreland*26 to 31D
32BTexas Rangers2011Ian Kinsler21 to 26A
4SSTexas Rangers2011Elvis Andrus32 to 32A
53BTexas Rangers2011Adrian Beltre28 to 35D
6LFTexas Rangers2011Josh Hamilton*30 to 35B
7CFTexas Rangers2011Endy Chavez*33 to 34C
8RFTexas Rangers2011Nelson Cruz24 to 32C
9DHTexas Rangers2011Michael Young41 to 42C
10OFTexas Rangers2011David Murphy*31 to 33C
11UTTexas Rangers2011Mike Napoli27 to 35C
12CFTexas Rangers2011Craig Gentry31 to 31A
13CFTexas Rangers2011Julio Borbon*22-25=3BC
14SSTexas Rangers2011Andres Blanco#22 to 24E
15CITexas Rangers2011Chris Davis*21 to 25E
1CToronto Blue Jays1993Pat Borders26 to 27D
21BToronto Blue Jays1993John Olerud*34 to 38E
32BToronto Blue Jays1993Roberto Alomar#34 to 36AAA
4SSToronto Blue Jays1993Tony Fernandez#36 to 36B
53BToronto Blue Jays1993Ed Sprague27 to 31C
6LFToronto Blue Jays1993Rickey Henderson17 to 21A
7CFToronto Blue Jays1993Devon White#28 to 32AA
8RFToronto Blue Jays1993Joe Carter23 to 28C
9DHToronto Blue Jays1993Paul Molitor35 to 38A
10UTToronto Blue Jays1993Darnell Coles26 to 27D
11OFToronto Blue Jays1993Turner Ward#15 to 17C
12RFToronto Blue Jays1993Darrin Jackson18 to 22E
13SSToronto Blue Jays1993Dick Schofield17-18=3BC
14CToronto Blue Jays1993Randy Knorr23 to 27E
1CWashington Nationals2019Yan Gomes18 to 23C
21BWashington Nationals2019Matt Adams*15 to 24E
32BWashington Nationals2019Brian Dozier18 to 24D
4SSWashington Nationals2019Trea Turner31 to 34AA
53BWashington Nationals2019Anthony Rendon26 to 34C
6LFWashington Nationals2019Juan Soto*21 to 27B
7CFWashington Nationals2019Victor Robles23 to 26A
8RFWashington Nationals2019Adam Eaton*26 to 28B
9IFWashington Nationals2019Howie Kendrick34 to 41C
10CWashington Nationals2019Kurt Suzuki22 to 28E
11UTWashington Nationals2019Gerardo Parra*23 to 27C
121BWashington Nationals2019Ryan Zimmerman24 to 27E
132BWashington Nationals2019Asdrubal Cabrera#25 to 31E
14SSWashington Nationals2019Wilmer Difo#26 to 27E
1CWashington Senators1924Muddy Ruel27-33=2BC
21BWashington Senators1924Joe Judge*38 to 38C
32BWashington Senators1924Bucky Harris28-31=3BB
4SSWashington Senators1924Roger Peckinpaugh32=3BC
53BWashington Senators1924Ossie Bluege33 to 33C
6OFWashington Senators1924Goose Goslin*41 to 42C
7OFWashington Senators1924Nemo Leibold*34 to 33C
8OFWashington Senators1924Sam Rice*41-43 = 3BB
9OFWashington Senators1924Wid Matthews*36-37=3BD
10OFWashington Senators1924Earl McNeely35-38 = 3BC
113BWashington Senators1924Doc Prothro41 = 3BC

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