Sunday, October 23, 2022

Phillies Added to All-Time Great 60 Teams After Making World Series Sunday

We will be adding the 2022 Phillies will be one of the 10 teams added to the All-Time Great Statis-Pro baseball teams after rallying in the 8th inning to beat the Padres 4-3 to win four games to one. 

Click here for the pitchers, and click here for the batters on each of the first 50 great teams we created. Bryce Harper ranks in the top 100 players of all time, and we tried to pay special attention to teams with top 100 players in adding 2 teams to each of our five divisions. Below we list the teams in each division, and if any of top 100 players from this ESPN list are on their team.

Despite the 2022 Yankees being one game from being swept in the ALCS, we added them to the game partly on the basis of Aaron Judge having one of the 25 greatest WAR seasons in the history of baseball.  Like in my Value Add Basketball Game, I decided to go from 10 to 12 teams in each of my five divisions mainly by adding teams that did not make the all-time great team lists but had one of the greatest players of all time. We have not created the extra teams, which all have a (will add) to indicate the cards are not there yet. The next blog will be on the last Phillies World Series team (2008) debuting in our game against a team that played across the state from them 99 years ago - Honus Wagner's 1909 Pirates.

Division openers:

East Division - 1909 Pirates vs 2008 Phillies

New York-Boston Division - 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers vs. 1927 Yankees

Midwest Division - St. Louis Browns 1922 vs KC Royals 1985

South Division - Atlanta Braves 1995 vs. Washington Senators 1934.

West Division - 1972 Oakland A's vs. 2001 Seattle Mariners

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