Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Alternate Reality - White Sox chance to catch Red Sox

Our alternate reality 2022 AL MLB season already produced the Dodgers as NL champs using the Statis-Pro baseball game using these 2022 Protected Batters, and 2022 Projected Pitchers for Arizona to Miami and then Milwaukee to Washington

We played the NL out a few months ago with the Braves stunning the Mets to make it to the NL series before falling to the Dodgers - at the time seeming Statis-Pro alternate reality was way off since the Mets had a 10 game lead. However tonight in real baseball the Braves did in fact match their Statis-Pro feat by clinching against the Mets to match their Statis-Pro success.

On the AL side nether the Red Sox or White Sox made the playoffs in the real MLB. They are also both below .500 in Statis-Pro, but tonight the Red Sox continues their collapse, losing two games.to the Orioles to finish 29-31. That gives the White Sox a chance to pass them and make the playoffs (in all likelihood) if they beat the Orioles 5 games to 1 to finish 30-30.

The Orioles projected as a basement dweller and this not included in my 10 team league, but their stunning regular season success led us to make them an 11th team to give each of the other teams an 10th series.

Cedric Mullins continued to star with a 5 of 8 series, 2 walks, a homer and a double to stun the Red Sox 8-7 and 8-6 in Fenway to be a solid 10-14 in their series so far.

If the White Sox can blitz two PB 2-5 starters Orioles starters for at least one sweep (win after leading by at least 5 runs after 8 innings) and win the other game of the 2-game series, they pass the Red Sox. Anything less and they are eliminated and the Red Sox grab the last playoff spot.

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