Sunday, September 25, 2022

Aaron Judge Chases Maris' 61st HR Tonight, Most Improved Statis-Pro Card Includes 24-36 Statis-Pro HR Range

As Aaron Judge chases Roger Maris' 61st Home Run tonight, his new Statis-Pro card was releases with his incredible 24-36 home run range. This 2022 Act (based on Actual stats) has four more home run numbers then his already incredible 2022P (based on pre-season Projected Stats) card, which had a 25-33 Home Run range and calculated to a 0.907 OPS. The actual card is based on his 1.116 OPS.

He also improved his OBR/STL (speed when running the bases and stealing basis from the C/D on his projected card. After stealing 16 of 19 bases this year he is now a B/B.

Judge is one of just 10 batters who will receive an improved card based on regular season stats that showed more than a 0.060 improvement in OPS and the player being in the top 100 overall in the MLB. The other nine improved cards are shown further down.

To play, you can print the free Statis-Pro Baseball Game and PDFs of Judge and all the 2022 Batters, 2022 Pitchers from Arizona to Miami, and 2022 Pitchers from Milwaukee to Washington.

The other 9 batters who get an improved card for their regular season stats are:

Andres Gimenez - CLE 2022 Act

Brandon Drury - SD 2022 Act

Eugenio Suarez - SEA 2022 Act

Jose Altuve - HOU 2022 Act

Manny Machado - SD 2022 Act

Nolan Arenado - STL 2022 Act

Paul Goldschmidt - STL 2022 Act

Starling Marte - NYM 2022 Act

Yordan Alvarez - HOU 2022 Act

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