Wednesday, October 19, 2022

1st All-Time Great Teams Cards- Image of the 1927 Yankees and link to all others

 The batters for the 50 great teams are calculated and available in sheet form here. The following is a screen shot of the 1927 Yankees from the sheet.

Notice how rarely players struck out then. Lou Gehrig hits a homer on a 34-43 and only strikes out on a 47 or 48. Babe Ruth hits homer on a 24-38, still the best range in the game since the 41-43 Deep drives that were almost all caught for outs playing in 1927 will turn into home runs when these Yanks are playing at a modern team.

Also most players had more triples then homers back then, including Earl Combs nice 41-44 triple range. The last team to have more triples than homers was the 1979 Astros.

I did add one ratings - and AA+ for sacrifice bunts. I have not used the bunt for hit chart in the past, but believe I will moving forward to an AA+ Sac player, saying he can use the regular bunt chart but beats it out for a single on 11-28, and if he uses the bunt chart a second time in the same game then he is only safe on 11-18.

I decided to just use the Speed stolen base rankings as the OBR ranking as well for now.

The players are laid out by position, and the first player listed at each position is actually the player who played the most innings at that position.

Obviously need the sheets for the pitchers before any games will be played, so those will be next. I usually start with sheets to catch any mistakes after playing them a bit, but these will all be converted to downloadable cards.

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