Friday, October 7, 2022

Games for Byes - Orioles Slam Yankees

 Well, the Yankees won't clinch a bye in their 2-game Statis-Pro finale with the Orioles. Aaron Judge homered twice to make it 4-0, but another Orioles rally led by Cedric Mullins gave the Yankees 3 losses on their record for a sweep, meaning the Indians or Twins could still catch them for the 2nd bye.

We are playing the Orioles as our 11th team and going through only the 2 game series that could determine if a team gets one of the two byes (Toronto already clinched one bye so won't play) or who makes the playoffs (the 6 teams are set for the playoffs unless the Orioles make an incredible run and could bump the White Sox from the last spot.

In reverse order - the Yankees came back to salvage a 2-4 series against the Orioles. That leaves the door open for Minnesota to snatch the second bye if they go at least 3-3 against the Orioles because they own the tie-breaker against the Yankees.

Cleveland would need to go 5-1 against the Orioles to pass the Yankees.

Game 2

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