Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Reminder of all-time World Baseball Classic Statis-Pro Players

As we hit a break in the Statis-Pro games of our current players, a reminder of the option to play all-time national players in our sheet of World Baseball Classic Players. When using a sheet, the ranges go up to the number listed under each result, rather than the whole range being shown like on the Statis-Pro cards. Our last games were in early March, when Texas swept Central America after Venezuela swept Cuba - leaving all 12 teams with two of their six opening round games complete.

2nd Series of 1st Round

Texas 2-0 vs. Asia 1-1

California  1-1 vs. Central America 0-2

Florida 2-0 vs. Venezuela 2-0

Dominican Republic 0-2 vs. Cuba 0-2

Puerto Rico 2-0 vs. Pennsylvania 2-0

New York 0-2 vs. Canada 0-2

3rd Series 1st Round

Puerto Rico vs. Canada

Pennsylvania vs. New York

Florida vs. Cuba

Venezuela vs. Dominican Republic

Texas vs. California

Asia vs. Central America

Playoff Round 1

All three second place teams make Round 1 Playoffs.

3rd place team in Pacific vs. 3rd place team in South in 1 game playoff using 7th best starter - winner joins Round 1 Playoff.

Championship Round

The winner of Round 1 joins the winner of the three divisions for the all-time World Baseball Classic Round Robin.

StandPacific (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
4Central America0248
StandSouth (top 3 adv)WLRSRA
3Dominican Republic0215
StandNorth (top 2 adv)WLRSRA
1Puerto Rico2084
4New York0248

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