Wednesday, May 3, 2023

20 California Hall of Famers vs. 2 Central American HOFs

 Hall of Famer Rod Carew will lead off for Central America in our next Statis-Pro game, played in Mexico City. The only other HOF player is closer Mariano Rivera. Starting pitchers Jesse Flores and Dennis Martinez will try to contain the loaded California for at least one upset.

California features 20 Hall of Famers, and others who would be based purely on their career cards. Game 1 starter Garrit Cole will be in the Hall of Fame after his career ends, and Barry Bonds is one of the top few players in history but not enough writers are willing to list him.

Cole and Don Drysdale will start the two games for California. In addition to their dominance on the mound, they are among select pitchers who can hit home runs when batting. When a pitcher is at bat, you skip the PB 2-12 number and just use the 11-88 on the pitcher at bat card - and Cole hits a home run on a 21 with hits on 11-18, and Don Drysdale a home run on 22 and other hits on 11-21. Their batting averages are both below .200 like most pitchers, but a 1 in 64 chance they hit a homer.

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